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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 45

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:04:30 AM

Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 – Wet Banana!

"Tama!? How!?"


Mia was in shock . He looked at Tama and his grandma back and forth, waiting for the explanation .

Grandmother Min shrugged, "Did you know that 9 out of 10 people would have chosen to commit suicide over protecting that parasite? They would have jumped into the first option and start over with additional skills . "

"But you didn't tell me what would have happened if I pick the second choice! If you had explained what the [complication] was, I would have picked the first option!"

"So, you would have abandoned that thing if I had explained everything? It will die along with the character, you know?"


Tama whimpered in sadness as it understood the conversation . Dana and Mia's grandmother could even hear the sad cry of Tama .

Mia flinched . He gently rubbed the tentacle as if it was a furred kitten .

"I'm sorry . I didn't mean to . I will never abandon you, Tama . "

As he calmed his parasite pet, Mia glared at his grandmother .

Instead of getting intimidated, she chuckled, "I gave you a fair choice . Though I didn't give you all the info, I gave you enough hints . Are your 500 INT and 375 WIS for a decoration? You can enter an elite school, so you should have enough brain capability to analyze the limited information, right?"

Grandma Min's face right now was similar to a trolling meme . Her squinting eyes and her smile were obnoxious enough to make Mia's vein on his face bulge and reddened in anger .

"Forget it . What is this game, grandma?"

"The same with all other VRMMO games . A game prepared for the troublesome residents . "

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"Then, why can Tama appear in the real world?"

"Then, let me ask you back . Since we can transfer people's souls into the games, why can't we bring something back to the real world?"

"T-That's ridiculous! Everything is just a digitalized world! If that is true, it would have caused an uproar, and the government would have …"

Mia could not continue his words as he remembered how absurd the MWG tried to make him sign a slave contract . Did it connect to this discovery?

"The government had already discovered this feature a decade ago, and they have been mining it like mad . Those who discovered this feature were either silenced or transferred away . Mia, I'll explain everything to you in details later . But first things first, I need you to sign this paper right now before the central army comes knocking . Ancient mutated virus is not a joking matter . They will be here soon . "

"Do I have to really sign this?"

"Don't sign it if you want to be a slave in both worlds for the rest of eternity . If you sign this, at least I can use it to protect you . See the terms? It's a year-to-year contract, and both you and I have the right to refuse or bargain whenever the government wishes to renew another contract after it expired . "

"Meh, fine . "

Unlike the ancient time, all document signing in this world required a different kind of pen and ink, especially the army and government-related papers .

Mia took the special fountain pen with blue ink from Dana and signed his name onto the paper . As he signed the document, blue color on the paper flashed in bright light . The ink expanded and covered the entire signature box, hiding the signature from the onlookers .

This was the standard ink of this world, which was commonly used in official documents . It hid the signature from everyone . Only the officials who had the ink reader could see the real writing within the paper .

Furthermore, the ink contained the DNA of the owner of the signature which Mia had to donate his blood annually to create this kind of ink for his personal usage .

This protected the signature from being copied or from any attempt of fraudulence .

Grandma Min took the documents and examined it with her usual creepy grin . After she confirmed that everything was set, she laughed .

"Well done, Mia . With this, I can demand more budgets from the military!"

A sweat drop appeared on the face of Mia while Dana's glossy eyes shook . This white hair woman's personality was twisted as usual .

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"Are you selling me to the MWG or something, grandma?"

"Nope . You have to read the contract carefully, Mia . "

She pointed her index finger on a line on the paper .

"You will be working exclusively for my fleet . I will also act as your personal agent if the government requests your assistance, which I can bargain for conditions or demand remuneration for your troubles . Heck, I can even deny it if they don't give us crap . Don't worry, Mia . With me as your guardian, we can extort at least a hundred billion dollars from those greedy bastards, and we'll be trillionaires soon . "

More sweat appeared on Mia's face . He had confirmed that his grandmother was using him as a tool to bargain for her fleet budget, so she could embezzle a significant amount from that .

"What will happen if I picked the first option?"

"I'll be very disappointed that I have too smart of a grandson . I'll just cut your allowance and leave you to rot like a wet banana . "


Mia massaged his glabella to calm down and relieve his headache . He knew that his grandmother did not mean it, but her trolling attitude was still frustrating and annoying .

However, she still had not explained why the government wanted him so much .


'Maybe, is it because of this guy? What can it do?'


"Grandma, can you tell me now what they want from me? Tama and the virus?"

Min clapped, "Oh, sure! You've learned about the history of world war 3, right?"

"The war between yellow-eye mutant countries and the rest of the world, yes . "

"Okay, listen carefully now…"

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6 AM .

The army came as Mia's grandmother predicted . Five flying tanks, one destroyer-class spaceship, and sixteen police vehicles surrounded Mia's resort .

However, they did not dare to approach the house as a glittering silver hover jet was parking on the rooftop of the building .

Only an insane person would want to offend the owner of this jet .

The Silver Empress!

In front of the house, seven men were tied by electric chains on their ankles and their wrists . A message board hung on the neck of a prisoner's neck .

"I'm having a touching reunion time with my grandson . If any of you bananas create a noise, these handcuffs and chain will go KABOOM!"

Reading the message, everyone was sweating profusely .

While everyone was hesitating, Joan and Tiffany arrived at the resort on a pillar in the middle of the sea with their private jets . However, Tiffany's appearance was that of a sexy female idol instead of a monster of a man .

Tiffany leaped over to the front yard of the house, gracefully landing as she winked at the police officers and soldiers on the back .

Joan was disgusted by the sight of the current "fake" Tiffany . She also leaped from her jet to the front yard .

As soon as Joan stepped her feet on the grasses, she leaped backward .


Grandma Min kicked the door open, which broke the hinges and sent the door flying toward Joan .

Joan's eyes glowed in red light, and the flying door paused in mid-air . She raised her left hand to touch the floating metallic door, and it disintegrated into dust .

"Fleet Admiral Uriel Min! Hand over Uriel Mia or face the court martial!"

Mia's grandmother strolled outside of the house with the white admiral coat on her shoulder . While she gazed toward everyone around the house, she pulled out a pack of cigarette from her coat pocket and put one in her mouth .

Tiffany smiled as she snapped her fingers . Then, a small fireball floated in front of Min .

Min lighted the cigarette with the small fireball as she took a full lung of breath . White smoke came out of her nose after .

"Freaking Hell …"

Min muttered while her eyes and face did not reveal the trolling smile which she had shown to Mia . Instead, they petrified the surrounding soldiers and police officers .

Staring into Min's eyes, Joan felt a cold running down her spine . Yet, she mustered her courage and bellowed again .

"Uriel Min, hand over your grandson or …"


A hand made its way onto her face, sending her flying and falling into the sea .

Min had teleported to the front of Joan and gave her a full hand slap!

"Don't call me without an honorific, you, wet banana!"

Min raised her chin, staring at the onlooking crowd . Her eyes darted around, but she locked her sight at a flying ball of the camera drone .

The white hair woman grin before she announced, "Cadet Officer Uriel Mia has signed a contract with the Holy Saber Fleet! He will be working exclusively for us, and the Holy Saber Fleet will be in charge of cultivating the evolved hydra genes . If there is any dumb banana dares to lay a hand on my grandson …"

Min raised her right fist and her middle finger upward, a rude gesture for the camera drone .

"I swear I'll bitch-slap dafuq outta you like that little wet banana . "

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