Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 47

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:04:28 AM

Chapter 47

Chapter 47 – Grandmother Min's Failure Past in the Game

Half a day had passed since the commotion in the morning .

Mia boarded his grandmother's private shuttle, heading to space .

It was a nostalgic feeling when he gazed through the window to see the cloud and the layers of the Earth atmosphere . The round blue world of Earth could be seen .

While Mia was looking at the blue planet in a daze, his grandmother briefed about his duties as a carrier of the lost hydra virus .

"We'll scan you from head to toes and settle down your lodge for today . In a few days, we will extract some of your blood and the yellow blood that the parasite is injecting into your vein . Also, I will have to visit the DNA bank after we got to our spaceship, so you will have to deal with the lodge by yourself . "

"Huh? You won't supervise me or guide me around?"

"No . I have to prepare a container for your blood sample . If I take your blood out, it will melt everything it touches . I need to synthesize your blood vessels or your intestines to be a material for the containers . "


Sometimes, Mia doubted his grandmother about why she knew so much .

"Grandma . "


"Why do you know about the content of my quest? Are you a part of the developers?"

"Oh, that? I and my subordinates joined the game last year during the alpha test . Some of us got the quest by chance . "

"Then, were you infected with the virus, too?"

"I didn't trigger the quest . It was Tiffany that completed the quest when she went on random adventuring and got the information about the skill selection reward in return . This quest only triggers when one has fallen into a half-death state for an hour without giving up living . "

"But, did she get infected with a virus?"

"Similar to you, yes . But Tiffany was infected by a green zombie on purpose . "

Hearing the word [On purpose], Mia guessed that they were trying to send the virus to the real world .

"The stupid game did not allow her to log out when she was infected with the virus, so she completed the quest and cured the virus in her system before she got out of the game . We complained this to the developers, but they said they could not do anything about the world setting and the restriction . It was a dilemma back then . Whenever someone was infected, the game disabled the log out button in an instant . When we had the virus sample in our possession as external items, we could not bring them out . Everything has to be united with the character body as one to get it out of the game, like drug smugglers in the ancient past . "

Grandma Min turned to Mia with a wry smile, "We tried our best to take the virus out, but we all failed . Some of my men were killed and eaten by the baby eggs inside the cocoon . Half of them died from the crash landing after the queen shot the cocoon out . And many of them died during their crippled state because of the wandering zombies and field bosses . "

She sighed, "All my subordinates failed to tame a baby queen egg inside the matured queen . No matter what we tried to seduce them, they always pretended to live inside the body, but they eventually ate the heart, burst out of the chest, and killed all the hosts . Then, one of the government agents found a reason why all egg parasite denied the body of all players . "

Listening to this point, Mia attempted to think what the differences that he and the others had . Mia's face turned grim as he recalled about the past years when he entered the child-soldier program of the government . Two years later after his enrollment, his parents and grandmother Min made a fuse with the government and dragged him out of the project before he could formally enlist into the military .

"Does the taming success rate have anything to do with the child soldier project I entered?"

Grandma Min laughed, "No, you green banana . Your training was two to three years ago, but the alpha test happened last year . Use your brain a bit . "

The space shuttle got closer to her fleet, which Mia could see a dozen of Colony-Class spaceships at a distance . Each was at the size of an entire Australia Continent, which was a magnificent sight to behold .

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"The reason why the parasites refused to merge with us because we entered the game using our real look . Because of that, our psychic power was too strong, and the parasite felt threatened by our existence . Then, the parasites killed all hosts to protect themselves . "

The eyes of Mia widened as he turned to his chest .

Tama's eyeball looked back at Mia and blink like an innocent child .


"Then, they released this game to the public for this reason? Do they want a weaker host so these parasites could live inside them?"

"To be honest, I don't know about it exactly . I'm still baffled why MWG released to the elite students first . If I were the board director of the government, I would have used the clueless commoners as test subjects and waited for a player to tame the virus before I kidnapped that sorry banana to my spaceship . Well, I think they want to cripple the next generation of the nobles or something by using this incomplete game? The big-wigs inside have been quarreling about the intervention of several rich noble clans and the mysterious appearance of donation money in bank accounts of several senates . It was a hell of politic infighting in there that I don't want to get involved . I'm a soldier, not a politician . "

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Meanwhile, Tiffany went to Mia's school to visit someone . She sent her selfie and her sexy photos to Dawson's SSN with a grin .

It took a few seconds for Dawson to reply .

"Hi! Are you on Earth already?"

"I've just arrived . Are you free today?"

"My school wants me to enter a VRMMO game, but I think I can make times for a date . "

"Oh, then instead of a date, how about we move to a private place to discuss about our [Adulthood] . "

Dawson stopped texting for a whole minute . No one knew what he was thinking or reacting .

"Sure! Let's meet outside of school . I know a good place!"

Tiffany laughed while she wiped her drools .

'Delicious cherry boy . Hohoho!'