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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 48

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:04:27 AM

Chapter 48

Chapter 48 – Mia's Status In-Game

The flagship of Holy Saber Space Fleet .

Mia got to his grandmother's battleship for the first time, and he was welcomed by her subordinates . More than 30 soldiers greeted Mia in a friendly manner without minding their social status or his grandmother .

It seemed that she was not very strict with her soldiers .

After the reception, they brought Mia to the infirmary for a quick health check-up . Upon arriving, a female doctor and a nurse ordered Mia to strip on the spot .

"It was for the thorough psyche scan, so please rest assured . And by the way, we need you to switch to the other form as well, so we can check both bodies of yours within today . "

"O-Okay …"

The scan took them an hour to complete .

The result was as they had expected, Mia still had the hydra virus within his system . Instead of harming his body, the virus drastically improved his blood circulation and muscle efficiency . The body of Misha was also the same .

Then, the nurse guided Mia to test his in-game skills in a prepared training room . In there, Mia discovered that he in Misha form could not use his psychic power when the doctor ordered him to use an ability that Misha did not have in-game .

On the contrary, Mia could not use the [Acidic Fluid] and [Pheromone] that Misha had learned in the game by using his male form . Only the [Self-Regeneration] that had the same fundamental as MBR psychic skill could be used in both bodies .

"You're like Tiffany . She can use her power when she was in her original form but could not do the same with her game character . "

"Eh? Isn't her usual skill [Doppelganger]?"

"She learned the polymorph from the game, and she has been customizing her look with that skill . Did you know that she spent a year worth of her salary on buying a DNA license from a retired model, so she could use her new look as her official form?"

The face of Mia twitched . Tiffany really invested in her false identity instead of getting proper gender-change surgery .

'Maybe she wanted to keep that intimidating look?'

At night, Mia could finally rest . To his surprise, his grandmother prepared a game capsule for him within his resting quarter . She also left a note .

[Avoid contact with the local army in the game world . Join the yellow-eye rebel faction if you can . I want you to infiltrate their country and learn about their culture and lifestyle . Make sure you record all your game footage using the capsule, so we can analyze the rebels and learn about the viruses . ]

[Also, because of your contract, the MWG will likely to increase your account privilege, and you'll see more things in your game menu . The contract you signed doesn't include any term that you have to work with the local military, so leave them alone for now and enjoy yourself . ]

[By the way, I've transferred the contract signing bonus to your account . Think of it as an extra allowance . ]

Mia stopped reading and checked his bank balance right away . As his grandmother told him, there was an extra billion MWD on top of his 150 million .

He choked as it was his first time having over a billion MWD .

'Oh, my banana goddess . I praise thee . Wait, can I buy a DNA of an elite psychic with this?'

In this age, elites and veterans in all fields could sell their genes or DNA license to others at a high price, especially the psychics with rare powers .

Wealthy parents usually bought these DNAs to implant them to their children, enhancing their physical and their overall performance in the specific fields . Old people searched for the healthy genes to extend their longevity while the young interested in the DNA of elite psychics . Middle-age civilians also did not stop dreaming of acquiring the right DNA as a shortcut to pursue their goal .

Even soldiers and military personnel always looked for genes of top rank soldiers to help them improve their psychic abilities . Furthermore, they could learn a new psychic skill in an instant by integrating the new DNA into their body .

It was a lucrative market that the price of the DNA could go from 1,000 MWD to several billion!

Right now, Mia also wanted to buy something to support himself in both worlds .

Mia searched to DNA Bank Market using the online platform . It took less than five seconds for the quotation price to show .

Psychic's genes with [Space Inventory] – Market price: 450 Billion MWD

Mia almost spat a mouthful of blood . It was too expensive .

He needed this skill to test something in the game world if he could bring something out using the space inventory . Unfortunately, the dream was still too far .

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"I guess I can't take the shortcut . I'll just learn it naturally . "

Giving up the DNA, Mia looked at the clock . It was already 9 PM . He only had roughly 8 to 9 hours to play, which translated to 8 to 9 days of in-game time .

"Joining the rebel? Okay, grandma . I'll try . "

Mia entered the game and appeared as himself . When he came to his sense, he found that he was in the middle of wasteland outside of the Scorpion Base .

Without further ado, he checked his in-game status in his current form .




Name – Mia

Class – Unassigned Combat Class

Level – 35

EXP – 305/4,000

Free Attribute – 55


STR – 151/1,007 (68 . 58%)

VIT – 200/1,022 (14%)

AGI – 198/1,005 (41 . 43%)

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DEX – 166/1,005 (85 . 18%)

INT – 501/1,005 (0%)

WIS – 376/1,005 (31 . 61%)

Luck – 19/105

STM - 157/1005 (14 . 19%)


Polymorph – 2/100

Manual Body Regeneration – 93/100

Telekinesis: Lesser Object Control – 100/100 (MAX)

Telekinesis: Medium Object Control – 25/100

Telekinesis: Flight – 79/100

Electrokinesis: High Voltage Resistance – 100/100 (MAX)

Electrokinesis: Barrier – 100/100 (MAX)

Electrokinesis: Force Field – 69/100

Electrokinesis: Zap – 52/100

Pyrokinesis: Burning Resistance - 59/100

Pyrokinesis: Fireball – 100/100 (MAX)

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Pyrokinesis: Flame Field - 25/100



"They're here!"

Mia's original abilities in the real world had appeared in the game, which caused him to jump in excitement . Although the overall status was the same, he did not mind it as the psychic abilities mattered the most .


Tama also sensed the overwhelming forces within Mia's current body, and it shivered in fear .

Mia realized what was wrong and consoled Tama, "It's okay! I'll never hurt you or harm you . Let's find something that you can eat again, alright? I need to find those condensed milk to test this body, too . So let's work together again . "


Tama understood Mia's word, but it was still reluctant . All movements from Tama stopped, and it hid inside Mia's body, trembling .

Mia sighed . It might be a bad idea if he used this body all the time while Tama had not fully trusted him yet . If Tama were to burst out of his chest and abandon him, he wondered what would happen to his body .

Not taking any risk, Mia immediately transformed to Misha .

"Is this body alright with you now, Tama?"


Tama could sense that the overwhelming electricity and the burning temperature in the body disappeared . It poked out its eyeball out of Misha's chest to look around again .


The voice showed that it liked this body more .

"You didn't make a fuse in the real world, but you are scared of me in this world . Seriously, Tama . You're hard to please . "