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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 52

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:04:23 AM

Chapter 52

Chapter 52 – Job Seeking

Misha left her resident as she did not like staying idle in the game .

She followed the map that Thorn had given her, which was the town hall for people who was looking for a job to earn some jellies or food .

As she entered the building, hundreds of people with tentacles wriggling around on their back gathered inside . Over a hundred chairs were arranged inside the lounge as their waiting seats, which none of them was free .

In front of the waiting areas, ten workers behind a long counter with were sorting their documents . Before the counter, several mutants were lining in the queues, waiting for their turn .

Misha blinked several times in confusion . This place was busier than she had thought, and it looked more like an official bank than a job-seeking center .

A female reception at the door noticed Misha's reaction . She walked to her and greeted her .

"Are you new here? Is this your first time?"

"Ah, yes . "

"Then, could you please fill in this form? Make sure that you write everything about your specialties, interests, levels, and your current class . We'll assign tasks base on your abilities . "

"Oh, okay . "

Misha filled in the form even though she did not understand how this place operated . She filled everything, including her status attributes and her current skill levels . However, she did not include her [Polymorph] skill as she thought it might be too risky to expose her identity as a player .

"I've filled the form . What should I do next?"

"May I look?"

Misha passed the paper to the staff, who read through the form in every line . Upon getting to the specialty section and status attribute, she giggled .

"Are you sure about the intelligence part? Is it really 500? WIS is also 375?"

"Yes, what's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing . Well, do you know that ordinary human can have only 150 to 200 INT and WIS?"


"You might want to correct this . It's good that you have enthusiasm, but an obvious lie can ruin the first impression on the employers . "

Misha frowned . Though she did not like it when the staff underestimated her, she complied with the request and changed it to 200 .

The staff glanced at the fixed attribute, but she still had that grin on her face .

"Okay, 200 it is . Be careful when any potential employer asks you about technical questions in the interview . Also, do you have any preference about your job?"

"Which job is available at the moment?"

"As usual, wasteland expedition and new militia recruitment . For the domestic jobs, we still …"

"Can you tell me more about the expedition and the recruitment, please?"


The staff was confused . Usually, everyone in this bunker was picky when it came to choosing a job as people wanted to work inside the shelter and avoided going out in the wasteland . Most of them suffered from PTSD because of the infection while the rest did not like going out there to face zombies or monsters again .

Though they had a partner inside their body, each of them had a different personality like real humans . Moreover, most of the eggcats were cowardly by nature, so they also influenced their host not to participate in any risky activity .

However, the demands for volunteers who could join the wasteland expedition were endless because the base always required more resources .

Because of such unbalanced demand and supply, everyone was waiting in the lounge, hoping for a risk-free job to arrive .

"Come this way, please . "

Anyone who asked for a risky job was rare, so the reception guided Misha to the VIP lounge inside the building .

Before they could get into another room, a woman in her 50s up and protested .

"Hey! I've been waiting here all day . How come that girl gets the job first!?"

All eyes were on Misha and the reception . Instead of getting flustered, the staff turned around and smiled back at the woman and the angered crowd .

"She asked for an expedition job . Do any of you want to join her as well?"

The woman shrunk and sat down immediately, "N-N-No . You go girl . "

All staffs behind the counter sneered at the woman as they looked down on the cowards who only asked for a carefree desk job .

Misha got inside the VIP lounge . It was smaller than the front waiting area, but it was more decorated .

Instead of having plastic chairs in rows, sofas with armrest and a coffee table set were everywhere .

The staff guided Misha to one of the sofas, and the other receptionist served her a cup of coffee .

Misha blinked in confusion . She wanted a simple job of any kind to learn the rope about this base . Why were they treating her as a VIP?

'Well, let's try this world's coffee . Want to taste it, Tama?'

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'I guess that's a no . '

Soon, a man in a similar uniform as Thorn came . He was an elder who looked like a Daoist in wuxia movies rather than in this post-apocalypse world . Furthermore, an elder in his 90s with long white beard, white long hair tied in ancient Chinese topknot, and a green camouflage uniform did not go well together .

Furthermore, an eyeball poked out of his chest, peeking at Misha .

"Greetings, young Daoist . I am Padawan Igor Shang Shifu . I'm the HR manager here . "

Misha's face twitched .

'Are you a Jedi, a Slavic, or a Daoist? Make up your mind!'

"You can call me Mr . PISS for short . "

Misha almost spat the coffee and dropped the cup . Is this person sane?

"First, let's take a look at your status and level . You have never taken any job or a class change before, am I correct?"

"Y-Yes . "

"What did you do before you were infected?"

"I was a military trainee at Mafdet Federation . "

"Oh, that's rare . So, are you looking for a military job or something similar?"

"Yes, please . Preferably, I wish to join the pilot division if there is any . "

Mr . PISS laughed as he stroked his beard, "Good . Good . Well, you're hired . "

"Huh? That easy?"

The elder laughed again, "We accept all volunteers who wish to join the army . We're short on hands at the moment, and you're coming at a good time . "

"… Okay . "

"Well, you didn't laugh at my name, so you pass!"


"Here are the details of your work . You can pick one of the four options here in the paper . Be warned that all divisions have a high mortality rate . "

"May I ask, how high?"

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"10% at the lowest . Check the details yourself . "

[Hunter Division]


- Scavenging for supplies .

Employees will be dispatched on the wastelands to search for newborn queen eggs or green zombies .

- Hunting wandering local military units for weapons and spare parts .

Employees will occasionally be dispatched if the base locates a group of preys on the wastelands .

- Combating as reserves .

In the case of emergency, all hunters will be dispatched along with the main forces of the base to fight any adversary .

Mortality Rate: 37%

Payment: One red gel per month .

[Logistic Department]


- Deploying on the wasteland to collect loots .

Employees will be sent out to collect the spoils whenever the hunters are not capable to bring them back .

- Rescuing the hunters .

As hunters sometimes face difficulty outside of the base, employees must be able to deploy and bring back the hunters, dead or alive . Should the situation is unfavorable, the base can order the logistic employees to fight as reserve forces .

Mortality Rate: 25%

Payment: Fifty yellow gels per month

[Harvester Department]

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- Cleaning green zombies and baby queen eggs .

Occasionally, the hunters bring back living loots, which can potentially cause damages within the base . As the last line of peacekeeper division, employees will deal with the collected living green zombies and queen eggs before they can infiltrate the resident areas .

- Diving into matured queen eggs .

Employees are responsible for diving into wombs of matured queen eggs to collect fresh jellies, crippled baby eggs, and all eggs from the inside . All employees are required to go into hand-to-hand combat with the baby eggs inside the wombs . Be warned that you can only exit the womb by allowing the queen to shoot you outside . Any attempt to force your way out is considered a suicide .

Mortality Rate: 15%

Payment: Thirty yellow gels per month .

[Breeder Department]


- Organizing newborn baby eggs from the green zombies .

As dead green zombies eventually burst out newborn eggs, employees of this department must separate and filter the eggs from the zombies before they eat each other to the last egg .

- Rearing newborn eggs .

Employees have to feed and tame newborn eggs with care . At least a thousand newborn eggs will be under the responsibility of one employee .

Mortality Rate: 10%

Payment: Twenty yellow gels per month

Reading all job description, Misha gazed at the payment differences between divisions . It seemed that the riskier the job was, the higher the pay .

But she still did not understand the currency system of the base .

"Can you tell me about the currency in the base? How much is a red gel or a yellow gel?"

"Red gel has the most value . One red gel equals 100 yellow gel, and one yellow gel equals 100 green gel . "

"Huh? Why are they so different?"

"Yes . Well, if you have ever eaten a red gel, you will know why . "