Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 61

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Chapter 61

Chapter 61 – A Simple Fireball

The explosion and the commotion of the stolen truck also caught the attention of the players who were busy shooting at zombies .

Dove looked back at the flame and the smoke from the wreckages . Curious, he used his [Sage Eyes] to examine the scenes from afar .

A runaway truck with a trailer of weaponry and five pursuing APCs came to his vision . As he zoomed in further, he could see the face of the truck driver and the name indicator of the person .

Misha .


Dove was astonished . Her red name revealed that she was an outlaw, and the government soldiers were chasing after her!

"Did she join the rebels!? Wait, this is a game for the education, right? How did the government allow her to join? Is there even such a feature!?"

Puzzled, confused, and shocked, Dove opened the ranking menu by instinct .

In the level ranking, Dove found his rank fell to second place as Misha overtook him by 10 levels .

<<Combat Class Level Ranking>>

1 . Hunter Division Trainee - Level 52 – Misha

2 . Psychic Trainee - Level 42 – Dove

3 . Psychic Trainee - Level 25 – Pioneer King

4 . Psychic Trainee - Level 24 – Homeless Billionaire

5 . Psychic Trainee - Level 24 – DaVinci

Dove was confident that he gained a couple of levels from killing the zombies, and nobody should be able to pass his level within today . On the contrary, Misha's level increased many times in a short period by destroying missile trucks .

Furthermore, her class changed from Air Force Trainee to Hunter Division Trainee! This was enough to confirm that Misha switched sides .

"Is this how you grind your EXP, Misha? Well, good! Challenge accepted!"

His competitive spirit rose . He broke away from the zombie fighting teams and ran back toward the nearest supply trailer .

Judging that ordinary rifle and Anti-Hydra bullets would not be enough in a fight against mech units, Dove took an additional weapon which was similar to what Misha was carrying, a rocket launcher .

He packed two more spare rockets and dashed toward the frontline where the mechs were fighting . With the mindset of a gamer, Dove did not fear death in the game .

The situation on the frontline was not favorable to the government army . Because of Crystal's coordination and their satellite real-time view, the rebels dominated the battle as they could see everyone while the government army could not .

At this moment, the Tautog mechs wiped out 12 out of 20 government robots and had deleted all light tanks . On the other hand, the government army only managed to disable five mechs of the rebel's robots .

It showed that if the players did not contribute to this battle enough, the local government would naturally lose .

Dove got closer to one of the government's broken tank to get proper cover . As he observed the situation around him, he found a crippled robot of the rebels .

The chest hatch of the cockpit had opened, and the pilot inside jumped out of the mech .

'If I destroy this mech, will I get more EXP?'

Dove aimed the rocket launcher at the mech . Unlike the sometimes-derpy Misha, he locked on the target before he pulled the trigger .


The rocket flew toward the disabled mech and headed toward the cockpit .


<<You have completely destroyed Tautog Twelve . >>

<<You have gained 20,000 EXP . >>

<<You have reached level 47 . >>

Dove clenched his fist . His tuition was the correct choice .

Killing a green zombie at his current level yielded only 50 EXP . Moreover, he had to compete with other players and the local reserve troops to get the kills .

On the other hand, if he took the risk and jumped into the frontline, he could get the bigger fishes .


Dove could feel that something burning went through his left chest and his heart . Upon looking in front of him, a mutant who looked like a lizardman pointed a pistol at his direction . The bullet should have come from that muzzle with a smoke .

That was the last thing Dove saw today .

<<You have been killed by the Tautog Twelve pilot . >>

<<Respawning …>>

Dove reopened his eyes again and found himself in a white room . He was lying on a bed naked .

"Wow . That was quick . "

Dove did not expect that he would get killed in an instant that he blew up the rebel's mech . He rechecked his status again to see if there was a death penalty .

His level went down to 46, and five of his status went down according to the reduced level .

"Figured . But man, this game is harsh . One death and the event is over . "

As Dove was complaining, he looked around him to see where he could exit this room . The opened door was in the corner of the room, and several empty beds had been arranged in rows like in a hospital ward .


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Strange sounds came from another hospital bed on the right side of Dove's bed . A neighbor manifested out of thin air, and a naked body of a player appeared on the bed .

It was Pioneer King . He widened his eyes in horror as if he had experienced a terrible death .

"Damn that stupid monster! It ate me!"

Dove had a wry smile on his face . He felt that it was fortunate that he died by a bullet instead of being eaten alive by a monster .




Several players respawned in the hospital at once . They sat up and screamed .

"What the hell is this Zeris One!?"

"Dafuq is this Zeris One!?"

All of them seemed to have died by something called Zeris One .

Meanwhile, Misha was driving the missile truck with a solemn expression .

The wasteland geography was never a paved road suitable for any vehicle . It was a bumpy and unleveled terrain that Misha felt like she was driving on a rocky mountain .

Behind Misha's truck and her trailer, five APCs were chasing after her . Fortunately, they wanted the vehicle back in one piece, so they had not fired their main 30mm barrel cannons yet .

Although they did not harm the truck, it did not stop them from shooting at Misha . Soldiers mounted the secondary gun on the top of their APCs and aimed their machine guns at the driver seat .

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Bullets hit the aluminum door and the front hood of the truck . A bullet went penetrated the metal frame of the truck and went through under her seat, which she could even feel that something had moved under her butt .

'Oh shit . Oh shit . Oh shit!'

Misha sweated bullets as she glanced at the side mirrors . The speed of these vehicles could easily surpass 200km/hour, which she had experienced driving one of those APCs before . Thus, she knew that they would catch up to her and get into the position to snipe the driver in a matter of time .

"Tama, hold your breath and grit your teeth!"

*Mew?* (What is breath?)

Misha transformed to Mia and pointed his palm at the oncoming APC at the side of his truck .


Although the branching skill of Mia's Pyrokinesis was named [Fireball], the manifested flame coming from his palm was a magma boulder or a burning meteor at the same size as the APC instead of a common small fireball .

As Mia had once trained in the military for two years, the control of his fire type psychic abilities had been honed . The game system also evaluated that his Pyrokinesis: Fireball was at the max level!

The APC's driver's eyes almost ejected out of the sockets as he was shocked by the sudden large flame .


The fireball meteor collided with the vehicle . The impact of the fire boulder flipped the vehicle 360 degrees in mid-air, and the fire engulfed the APC and the people inside . The burning APC rolled and crashed on the ground before it exploded from the delayed effect of the fireball .

The other four drivers of the vehicles behind the truck steered their wheels, avoiding the destroyed APC .

"What the hell!?"