Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 62

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Chapter 62

Chapter 62 – Déjà vu, I've Just Been in This Place Before

Mia transformed back to Misha and focused on driving . With that fireball just now, the other APCs should be intimidated .

*Mrrr* (It hurts …)

Misha could sense that Tama trembled as if it was crying . It saddened her in many ways that she tormented Tama every time she used her male appearance .

"I'm so sorry, Tama . I won't transform again . "

*Mrrr* (It hurts . )

*Mrrr* (Bad body . )

Tama shrunk all tentacles that it had extended into Misha's muscular system and her skeleton system .

She had a bad omen . Tama was planning to pack and leave her body!

"Tama, I'll give you five yellow jellies as apologies when we get back, okay? Please forgive me!"

*Mew?* (Jellies?)

"Yes, the yellow one! The nom-nom jellies!"

*Nom-Nom?* (Delicious jellies?)

"Yup . The ones that we had inside that warehouse . "

Misha attempted to seduce Tama to continue staying in her body . If it decided to burst out of her chest or kill her, she did not know what kind of excuse she could explain it to her grandmother when she got out of the game .

'I shouldn't have logged into this game at all! Once I complete the tutorial, I'll just quit the game . '


*Mew?* (Can I have 50 instead of five?)

"If you take 50, I can't buy that tuna that we ate . Do you want to eat another tuna?"

*Mew Nom-Nom!* (Sure! I want 50 Yellow jellies and that big fish!)

Misha's face slammed on the wheel before her . This little bastard suddenly got smarter at a time like this .

While she was bargaining with Tama, the four APCs decided that the driver of this missile vehicle was a threat . They aimed their primary cannons at the front truck .





Four explosive sound came from the back of the truck, which alarmed Misha .


She glanced at the side mirror to see if the back trailer was destroyed from the explosion . To her relief, it was alright .

Behind her trailer, four vehicles turned into burning wreckages as they were hit by rockets from an unknown source . Furthermore, a few soldiers inside the APCs were players from Chula High . Only these players knew what killed them .

"Who shot them?"

Misha looked around, but she could not find any suspicious mech that should be the culprit that destroyed these pursuers .

*Meh-Heh Mew!* (50 Yellow jellies and one big fish for my service . Deal!)

"Wait a minute, Tama! I haven't agreed to this!"

In tears, Misha retorted Tama . She feared for her future as she did not know if this eggcat was an innocent baby or a cunning thief .

Through the chaos night, the missile truck and the back trailer entered the kill-zone, the middle of the mech battlefield . Smoke and fire from destroyed tanks and mechs were everywhere in front of the truck .

For the sake of their safety, she planned to step on the brake to slow down the vehicle .

Unfortunately, her road was not paved with roses . A government mech fired a HE round, the high-explosive incendiary bullet, at the ground 50-meters in front of her truck to stop the vehicle, causing an explosion and a sudden burst of fire .



In a panic, Misha stomped the brake . Meanwhile, Tama extended its tentacles out of Misha's back and took hold of the handbrake . It pulled the lever up without consulting her .

As a driver, Misha could feel that the truck's brake was unusual . She glanced at the handbrake and found that Tama pulled it up .

She widened her eyes in shock . In a reflex, she stepped the clutch to change the gears, hoping to control the traction of the truck .

A newbie driver's mistake!

Surprising Misha, Tama pushed down the lever . It extended two more tentacles from Misha's chest, grabbing the wheel .

"Tama, what are you!?"

Because of Tama's interference, Misha feet slipped and stepped on all pedals .

= 300 Meter toward the east of Misha's truck, on the truck's left side =

Water One was the one that fired an incendiary round in front of Misha's truck . He had been informed by the commander of the army that she was stealing their missile unit .

Seeing the explosion, the pilot grimaced .

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'I missed . Damnit! If it weren't because of that flying mech, I would have had a clean shot!'

The Water One dodge the bullet from a rusty mech in the sky, causing the pilot to miss the target . However, he did not worry . With the current speed of the truck and the trailer, the driver could not avoid the crater of fire .

'It's going too fast . The driver can't avoid this . It will crash!'

Then, a shocking scene happened .

The truck made a sharp left turn, sliding and drifting .


Carried by the momentum, the trailer and the missile launcher also turned with the front truck, swinging and sliding . It avoided the crater and slowed down, yet it continued moving toward his mech .

The entire turning and drifting were perfect!

'K-Kansei Dorifto!?' (A Perfect Drift!?)

Water One's pilot could see the expression of the driver inside the truck through the zoomed image from the cockpit monitor . The driver was glaring at his mech, and she had a hardened facial expression of an elite soldier!

'Not good! That is the look of a veteran . This is an elite agent of the mutant!'


As Water One's pilot having a bad omen, the missile launcher on the back of the truck sent out the engine sound of the hydraulic suspension .

The missile on the back of the truck was armed!

The cockpit of Water One sent out a repeated beep sounds in an alarm, telling the pilot that the mech was locked on!



The truck launched the missile, and its target was obvious!

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The pilot slammed his fist on the emergency eject button . His cockpit partially separated from the mech, launching backward and ejecting from the back of the mech .


Escaping just in time, the pilot looked at his exploded mech in an astonishment . As he was ejected into the air, he could see the truck again .

Running back to its side, it had turned right, avoiding his destroyed mech and heading south .

The pilot stared at the escaping truck with a face full of sweat . That drifting maneuvering and the missile timing was impeccable .

"That woman just now is definitely the top elite of the mutant!"

He glanced at his black-box under his parachute seat . The feed that Water One's pilot recorded was stored in there, and he planned to report this to the higher-up .

Meanwhile, Misha was also sweating bullets and her face hardened from the shock . She did not know what she would look like in the mirror at the moment .

Because of her panicking, she forgot what she did .

Misha remembered that she tried to get a firm footing, which she pressed and released the pedals under her feet randomly .

In the end, the truck somehow slid and dodged the crater by a hair breathe .

Moreover, Tama seemed to know what switches on the front console and the display on the front monitors was for . The tentacles of Tama pressed several buttons in succession like an expert, which it fired the missile at the mech without Misha's help .

Since when did it learn to shoot the missile?

*Mew Non-Nom Mew!* (That makes it 500 yellow jellies and ten big fishes!)

"Wait a minute, Tama! That's extortion!"

*Meh-Heh Mew!*