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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 84

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:03:49 AM

Chapter 84

Chapter 84 – VIP5

"Trap me? Yeah right, you don't need to trap me here . My existence is a trap itself, you wet banana!"

*Mew* (Oh boy, Misha has gone banana again . )

Mia laughed as he rescanned his surroundings, checking B3 floor and B4 floor's layout .

'Eh, this isn't the only exit . Why do I have to bother getting out of here with this route?'

Searching for a while, Mia spotted a shut elevator door on B7 . The door was the same size as the massive frame of the fallen lift, the five-meter height door .

"Tama, take Brim . We'll head down a few more levels . "

*Meh* (Wow . Such abuse, very labor, much tired . )

Mia frowned . This spoiled parasite used a doge meme at the wrong time . They were not out of danger yet, so she should not be playing around .

"I have an eatable red gel . "

*Mew Mew!* (So generous . 10/10, I'll work hard again!)

Mia rolled his eyes and tossed a red gel to one of Tama's tentacles . She caught it, and the entire limb disappeared into Mia's body .

Five tentacles grabbed the confused Brim and carried him on Mia's back .

*Mew* (Let's go! I'm ready!)

Mia launched another fireball and detonated it at B7, creating a hole in the wall .

He climbed the ladder down to B7 and leaped into the hole . Upon entering the floor, more prison cells awaited them .

"Why the heck are they keeping so many prisoners down here!?"

The one floor on B11 was enough to house over 1,000 prisoners, but there were more rooms on this B7 level . It baffled Mia why the government built so many prison rooms .

However, Mia got an answer once he saw what inside the room were .

Inside the prison cells, there was no prisoner . Instead, they stored crates and boxes inside . Each room contained at least ten one-meter cubic craters .

Curious, Mia broke one of the cells and opened a crate .

Gold bars lined in rows and columns within the cubic box . These were probably the hidden stash of a big shot or a collection of dirty money .

*Meh* (Lame . No food . )

Mia sighed . Even if he could steal these gold bars in the game, he could not bring them out to the real world .

Then, he recalled a few words from his grandmother .

The government had already discovered this feature a decade ago, and they have been mining it like mad .

Those were the quote of his grandmother's slipped words when she told Mia about the game .

'Mining? Then, the government has a method to bring out these objects to the real world? But what method are they using?'

He remembered that there was a psychic ability that worth 450 billion MWD, the space inventory . The rich government might have used this skill to take something out from this game .

Mia explored his status menu and options while he was thinking . As he searched around, his eyes stopped at the VIP privileges .

'There's no way that the VIP here can have a special space inventory, right?'


<<VIP3 Tier>>

- EXP acquired from monsters increase by 15%

- EXP acquired from humanoids increase by 5%

- Items in privilege shops are 15% cheaper .

- No penalty upon resurrection .

- You can buy a daily VIP3 gift box from the shop .

- Possess all perks from the lower VIP tiers .


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<<VIP4 Tier>>

- EXP acquired from monsters increase by 20%

- EXP acquired from humanoids increase by 10%

- Items in privilege shops are 20% cheaper .

- You can access regional HUD map .

- You can buy a daily VIP4 gift box from the shop .

- Possess all perks from the lower VIP tiers .

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<<VIP5 Tier>>

- EXP acquired from monsters increase by 25%

- EXP acquired from humanoids increase by 15%

- Items in privilege shops are 25% cheaper .

- You can access the VIP Space Inventory .

- You can buy a daily VIP5 gift box from the shop .

- Possess all perks from the lower VIP tiers .


There was one in the VIP5 perks!

Mia spat blood as he noticed that this game slowly unlocked a new feature for each VIP level increased . Also, the bonuses from the shop discount and EXP on the higher level did not stack . Instead, they appeared to override the previous value .

'Greedy devs!'

Although he dissed the developers of this unlikely game, Mia's brain calculated how much money he could gain if he sold these gold bars in the real world .

One gram of gold could be sold for 500 Milky Way Dollars .

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Each of these gold bars weighed about 10kg .

Therefore, one bar translated to 500,000 MWD in the real world .

Mia counted the number of these bars . Each crate contained exactly a hundred .

'50 Million per crate . '

Now, Mia's eyes darted around the prisons, counting all the crates . Finished with the counting, there were a total of 800 containers and 1,000 small boxes .

Not including the small boxes, the value of all gold crates here reached 40 billion MWD .

Mia's breathing became rough as he imagined a scenario which he could steal all of these gold using a space inventory . Unfortunately, Mia did not have enough money to buy VIP5, nor he had a related psychic skill .

'I'll remember all of you . I'll be back one day!'

As Mia was about to take Brim to the other elevator, a notification message from his grandmother in the real world arrived .

[Mia, what the banana did you do in the game? Your body has turned into something from a cartoon!]

"Uh …"

Mia figured that it might have been his mutation in the game . If he could bring Tama and the virus to the real world, then the evolution process might have been carried over with his real body as well .

[We'll take about your transformation later . I said before that the MWG will rig something and unlock a few features for you . Once you work for the MWG, they will add a special VIP system feature into your account, and they will unlock VIP10 for you once you handed them the hydra virus sample . For now, they are giving you a VIP5 authority in exchange for your cooperation, so you can use their space inventory feature . ]

[Oh, this is the most important feature . If you store a non-living-being inside, you can bring them out to the real world . I'll tell you about the process of bringing the items in-and-out later . For now, log out of the game when you can . We have a lot to talk about . ]

The message ended .

Mia's face distorted as he realized that he did not have to invest in the game from the very beginning .

"I want a refund, damn it! AHHHHHHH"

Brim and Tama were confused by Mia's sudden outburst . None of them had an idea of what was in Mia's mind .

*Mew* (Ah, 110% banana mode, I see . )

Brim tilted his head, "What's wrong with bananas? Why are you all obsess with bananas!?"

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A few seconds after Mia's mental screaming, another notification arrived .

They were the messages from the game staffs .


[Dear MR . Uriel Mia,

Our game administrators have noticed that you have a hostile relationship with our Milky Way Government Agency . We would like you to cease your action at once .

Although we are aware that our agents are at fault for causing you inconvenience, we hope that you can pardon their immoral acts and work together with us .

In exchange, we shall compensate you with the perks that we give to all our government agents . As for the money that you had transferred to us, we shall refund them back to your bank account .

Another note, we have contacted the responsible agent who is currently harassing you . She will also cease her actions at once .

Again, we sincerely apologize for our rude agents . We are looking forward to co-operating with you in the future .

Fleet Admiral Gabriel Lobmak, Head Developer of Lilim Heritage Online]


Mia clicked his tongue in an annoyance the moment he saw the name of the sender . Although he did not know about this Gabriel Lobmak, his guts told Mia that he could not trust this person .


<<The Milky Way Government has transferred 300,000,000 MWD to your bank account . >>

<<You are now VIP5>>




Meanwhile, Amro had reached the city perimeter . The tall wall of Mafdet Capital City was in his sight .

However, he did not look at the wall or the city itself .

Amro stared at a figure above the city, Sebastian .

"Strong, I want . "