Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 86

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Chapter 86

Chapter 86 – Miracle of Healing Potion


<<You have received 75 Diamonds as a refunded discount . >>

Mia ignored the system message . At the moment, he was shocked by the sudden recovery and the resurrection of Brim's partner .

'Wow, that's super effective, way too effective!'

Mia had hoped for a bit of recovery, so Brim could walk and run on his own . However, the potion exceeded his expectation .

Furthermore, Brim's body began to change . His scales shone in luster while small horns grew from above his temples . A short lizard tail also pierced through the back of his pants .

Brim had just evolved into a dragonewt!

*Mew* (Well, that escalated quickly . )

The commotion did not escape Crystal's eavesdrop . She heard everything from Mia's earpod .

[What happened, Misha!?]

"Err, I'll explain later . To sum it short, Brim has evolved, and his partner has kinda revived . "


"I'll explain everything to you once we get back . Please continue being our eyes for now . "

[Fine . Don't waste too much time in there . Hurry and get out of there already . The hydra has already reached the city!]

"Welp, shit . Okay!"

Mia turned around and checked his surroundings . Although he had not looted everything on this floor, he already wasted too much time .

"Brim, catch!"

Mia tossed his rifle to Brim, so he could fight .

Brim caught it and looked at Mia's face for the first time .

Seeing that his rescuer was a cute girl, he had a wry smile on his face . He had many questions that he wanted to ask Mia, but he decided to keep quiet as it was not the right time .


Embarrassed, Brim shrunk back . He kept glancing at Tama's tentacles and Mia's tail as he compared them to his newly grown dragonewt tail .

*Mow Meow!* (Nice to meet you, friends . )

*Mew!* (Sup, mate!)

*Mow* (I sense great power coming from both of you . How old are you?)

*Mrrr? Mew* (I don't think I'm older than a-month old?)

*Mowow* (Holy Kitty! You are one freaking genius, I see . )

*Mew Mew* (Of course! Misha feeds me fishes!)

*Mah-Hah Mow!* (AHAHAHA! Well, let's get going . From what I see, we're running away from this place? Shouldn't we hurry?)

Sam slowly regrew his tentacle arms . Two of them bit through Brim's muscles and exited through his back . Afterward, they transformed into dragon wings .

Brim cried in pain as he had not felt this for a long time .


*Mow* (You slacking, brat . Your muscle tissues are softer than before . What were you doing during the time I was sleeping? Watching porn all day again!?)

"No! Heck, I don't have times! I'm a pilot now!"

*Meow* (Being a pilot doesn't mean you should skip the workout routine . )

*Mow Mow* (Now that I'm awake . I'll monitor your training schedule!)

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*Mowow!* (Now, move it, soldier! Get going! Little lady, little child, guide us, please . )

Mia had the urge to correct them that he was a man, but the conversation between Brim and Sam made him laugh .

Still giggling, Mia drew his pistol, "Let's go . We're done here . "

There were a few unopen crates and boxes, but Mia decided that he had looted enough .

Two dragonewts and two tentacle cats proceeded through the B7 floor . Using Mia's sense of direction, they arrived at another elevator .

Unlike the previous elevator, this one had a mark of E-3 . The elevator size was also the standard one instead of the other cargo lift .


It took a while, but the elevator got down from the surface to B7 .


In the elevator, Crystal asked Mia . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

[Misha, can you pass your earpod to Brim?]

"Huh? Okay . "

Mia thought that these two had something to catch up, so Mia gave his earpod to Brim as Crystal requested .

Brim took it and put the pod into his ear .

"This is Brim . "

[Crystal here . I heard another cat's voice during your conversation, and I can understand a few words . Who are you talking to?]

"Oh, that's my partner's voice . Sam, can you say something to our operator?"

*Mowow* (Mind your tone, Brim . I'm older than you, and I'm not your pet . )


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Crystal screamed from the other side, and there were noisy sounds of metallic clanking as if someone fell down from a chair .

"Are you alright?"

[@#%!%, I-I'm fine! Brim, aren't all Tautog members scalesmen? How did you get another partner?]

"Err, I didn't get another partner . My partner revived, and I evolved . "


"Miss Rescuer fed me liquid medicine, and my partner revived . "


[Please pass the earpod to Misha . I have many things I want to ask her . ]

"… Sure . "

Before Brim could return the earpod, the elevator reached the ground floor .


Different from the last time, Mia did not cause a scene nor got into a battle stance . Although he readied his pistol, he did not point it forward .

Upon getting out of the lift, they found themselves inside a luxurious white building . When Mia looked at the view outside a window, he noticed the collapsed building from afar .

'Isn't this the House of Parliament?'

Mia noticed that they were in the government house at the center of Mafdet City .


Crystal's scream came from the earpod . Fortunately, Mia had not worn it yet, or his eardrum would have been shattered by her high pitch voice .


Mia refused to put the earpod back as he cared about his hearing and his nervous system . As if he was using a walky-talky, Brim put the earpod close to his mouth and talked .

"I found a hidden stash within the underground prison, and one of them is a weird medicine bottle . It's labeled as a healing potion, so I tested it with myself first . It worked, so I fed it to Brim . Then, Sam came back to life . "


As usual, Mia created another false story to cover the VIP items . He did not want to reveal this secret to anyone, or troubles would come after him .

Mia was not afraid that Crystal and Thorn might be hostile against him . He was more wary of others in the base 88 and other mutant bases .

This healing potion was too valuable to the lizardmen . Not only it could revive the partner of the medicine consumer, but it could also evolve that person into a dragonewt .

Looking at Brim, Mia could tell that he was just a common dragonewt since he did not possess any elemental attribute within his breathing .

On the other hand, Sebastian's breath contained the smell of grass and nature, while Mia's was downright gasoline . Both Mia and Sebastian held their elemental power in their lung, and their overall potential was higher than a common dragonewt .

Still, a dragonewt was a rare race of the mutants, and they seemed to hold significant influences among their community . If this information about the potion leaked, all mutants would be in a frenzy .

Mia hesitated, but he whispered into the mic anyway .

"There is some medicine left in the bottle I looted . I'll give it to you . Don't tell anyone about this yet, or I'll be in trouble . "




Crystal's voice sounded erratic like someone who had just won a lottery . She seemed delighted by the news that she could revive her partner .

Listening to Crystal, Mia was happy for her too .

Unfortunately, their celebration was still too soon .


An earthquake followed after the grand explosion from the side of the outer wall .

Looking at the city wall from a distance, Mia saw a large hole, which he could see through to the wasteland .

The wall has been breached!