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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 87

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:03:44 AM

Chapter 87

Chapter 87 – Rampaging Hydra


Screams and panicking cries came from people behind the collapsed wall as a twin-headed hydra appeared .

Staring into the city and the chaotic scene, Amro hesitated if he should eat these people . They did not suit his appetite .

"So many foods, but they're too weak . "

Krastel had another idea, "Food . "

"Eat them if you want . I'll go after the strong one . "


Krastel drooled as he watched the crowd of soldiers gathering in front of them .

Unable to resist his glutton drive, Krastel activated his psychic skills, and his eyes glowed in red light .

Temperature drastically reduced from the 30 degree Celsius to minus 200 Celsius within a second, which turned all moisture and liquid in the radius of 100 meters into condensed glacial and snowflakes .

A team of soldiers, who stood within the range of Krastel's skill, stopped moving as their blood had been frozen .

Once the soldiers turned into ice statues, Krastel extended his long tongue, coiling one of the men and dragging him into his mouth . He chewed the solidified human as if he was eating ice cream .

Amro clicked his tongue as he disliked cold environment . His eyes ignited on fire as he activated his power, which he used to destroy the wall . It took him ten seconds to gather his strength into his eye to fire another [Blast] shot into the city .


Instead of hitting everything before him with an invisible flaming cannonball like Mia's [Blast] version, it was more like a short-range laser beam .

Everything in his line of sight disappeared and replaced with a sea of fire .

As the origin of Mia's "Blast" skill, Amro's firepower surpassed him by Miles!

"Now, I'm hungry . "

Amro strolled into the city, passing the glacial area which was on fire . Tentacles on his back began doing the work, collecting every living being . Within a minute, he rounded a total of eight soldiers with each of his back-arms .

"Food," Krastel looked at the struggling people, wanting to eat them .

"They're mine . Catch your own food . "


The hydra stopped proceeding into the city as they feasted on the captured humans .


The local military forces brought their mechs and their tanks to surround Amro .

20 Robots, armed to the teeth, and ten tanks positioned around Amro in a half-circle .

Another 15 mechs, which had exited the city through another gate, stationed behind Amro and kept the distance of 500 meters away .

They were getting ready to the assault on this intruder .


Meanwhile, Mia and Brim left the government house and were on their way to the recycling factory . Once they could get to the junkyard, aka the extraction point, Thorn and other Tautog mechs would escort them back to their base .

That was the plan .


<<A new quest has been initiated>>



<<World Boss Quest: Rampaging Hydra>>

In this apocalypse world, everyone understands how deadly mutated monsters are . Among the top of the food chain among beasts, one of them is the hydra race .

Now, Amro, the two-headed hydra, has breached the wall of Mafdet City . If no one can stop this monster, this Mafdet City will become another ruined city among the wasteland .

Hydras are the common enemy of mankind and mutants . Work together with them and eliminate this threat, or Shelter 88 can be its next target after this city fall .

<<Quest Objective>>

- Kill Amro, the first-head hydra

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- Kill Krastel, the second-head hydra

<<Quest Rewards>>

- 100 Diamonds for participating .

- 500 Diamonds for last shot award .

- 500 Diamonds for the MVP reward .



Because of the quest notification, Mia's concentration slipped for a few seconds .

That few seconds proved fatal . Over twenty flying drones at the size of a car, armed with 20mm cannons, dove down from the dark sky and surrounded them .

Both Mia and Brim had to stop their feet as a shell from these cannons could easily kill them .

Mia was frustrated . He had detected and tried to avoid these drones, but they seemed to know about his location .

*Mowow?* (Eh, little miss, did you have something against these locals?)

The corner of Mia's mouth twitched, "Maybe . Those bananas hate my family and me . "

The stalemate lasted for less than a minute as an APC came . The vehicle parked, and a familiar face female officer stepped out .

Joan took a loudspeaker and shouted, "Uriel Mia! You should have received the message from the higher-ups! Let's stop fighting and come with us! We wish to work with you!"

Mia frowned in disbelief .

'Is she drunk?'

The Joan Mia knew usually yelled at him in a forceful tone . However, her tone at this moment was different .

"We don't need that friend of yours . Your friend and go and leave the city, but we need you here!"

Now, Mia was surprised, "Wow, is that a new trick?"

Brim looked around in a panic, "M-Miss, do you know her?"

"Sort of, she was my trainer before I converted . "

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"Ah, she's quite kind, isn't she?"

"Will you say the same if I tell you that she's the one behind your abduction?"

"That bitch deserves a thousand butt slaps! That fat ass has to be shaken to the point they sagged like grand mamma's boobs!"


Sam used one of his tentacle mouths to bite Brim's butt .


*Meow!* (No vulgar words!)

Mia ignored Brim and Sam's bickering . Looking around and feeling everything with his sense, Mia believed that he could get away from the drones . However, he would be the only one surviving as Brim might not make it through the barrages of multiple cannons from all sides .

Judging from the changed attitude of Joan, Mia decided to take risks . If Brim could get away from the city, he could always fight and run away later .

Mia passed the earpod, his wristwatch and the bottle of potion, which had been unsealed, to Brim .

"Use the earpod and the wristwatch to ask for help . Also, take this medicine to Crystal . "

"Are you going to surrender!?"

"No . I'll be having a talk with that woman . You go back first, and I'll find my way home later . "

"Miss, you must not! They torture mutants like us like we're Frankenstein! You can't go with them!"

Mia took a deep breath, "Brim, I'll be frank . You're a dead-weight . I can always escape by myself, but you're dragging me down . Get your banana ass outta here when you have a chance!"

Without waiting for a response from the shocked Brim, Mia walked toward Joan with his hands above his head .

"Let him go, and I'll go with you . If you play a trick, I'll fOOking bitch slap you like a wet banana!"

Joan's face turned dark as Mia's words were too resemble Uriel Min . She was so furious that she wanted to kill him right now .

Unfortunately, Gabriel Lobmak forced her this duty .

With a cracked voice and a stiffed smile, Joan proceeded with her negotiation .

"Okay . He can leave . You definitely have to stay . "

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"Fine . Then what?"

Joan grinned as she fiddled with her transparent game panel, "Come closer . Don't worry, I won't bite . "

"Open a path for him first, then we talk . "

Thinking for a while, Joan waved her hands . The drones opened a path for Brim as they withdrew from the road .

Mia turned around to look at Brim, "Go . "

"Err …"

"Go NOW!"


*Mow* (We'll see you later, Miss . Take care . )

Brim ran away as he put Crystal's earpod on .

Looking at the running Brim, Mia was still concerned about Joan's scheme . He kept looking at Brim until he could not sense this clumsy pilot anymore .

"It's just us now . Get in the vehicle, and we'll talk . "

"Disarm your drones, and we'll talk . "

"Geez, you're a worrywart . Fine!"

All drones moved further away from their location as Joan signaled her soldiers in the APC .

Mia steeled his heart and followed Joan into the vehicle . Once they got inside the back seat of the APC, Joan displayed a picture of a mech with her game panel .

"Have you ever seen this?"

Mia's frown deepened . It was an ancient Prometheus-Series Armored Mech of the 30th-century, which was considered outdated in his world . However, its performance was still better than the local mechs in the game . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

"This is our Prometheus Prototype . It's a mech from the 30th-century . "

"And how does it have anything to do with me?"

"Here's the problem . We can't import everything from the original model because of the tech tree restriction . However, we created a pseudo robot by using a loophole in the game . "

Joan glared at Mia with jealousy and envy as she continued talking .

"Because of that loophole, no human can pilot this machine … but all members from the Golden Generation can . "