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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 9

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:05:07 AM

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Is This Really a Quest!?

An hour passed in-game .




Name – Misha

Class – Unassigned Combat Class

Level – 5

EXP – 189/1000

Free Attribute - 20


STR – 121/1,002 (23 . 00%)

VIT – 82/1,002 (76 . 98%)

AGI – 186/1,000 (40 . 27%)

DEX – 151/1,000 (34 . 49%)

INT – 500/1,000 (0%)

WIS – 375/1,000 (2 . 07%)

Luck – 17/100

STM - 80/1000 (54 . 08%)

(Author Note: Status - Current Value/Max Value (EXP Percentage))


Misha gazed at her status menu with a slight smile . Her progress last week improved a bit of her status .

In this game, many things could be grinded to increase its value, such as status attributes or skill mastery . Unfortunately, Misha had not obtained a skill yet, so she could not increase its EXP or level .

"I'll do my best again! I started at 2 PM, and the auto logout is the next day at 6 AM . I have 14 hours or 14 days in-game to grind today . "

Misha hummed as while she assembled a dummy rifle on the table in front of her . The drill sergeant gave her a quest that she had to be able to assemble and disassemble the rifle within the time limit before noon .

Had it been a new recruit, they would have stared at the gun manual in confusion, wondering where to start .

Misha's fingers pressed and pushed each part of the rifle together with leisure . She did not even glance at the gun manual, which displayed gun parts and its structure .

<<You have assembled a dummy rifle>>

<<Your time met the instructor's requirement>>

<<You have gained 100 EXP>>

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<<Your DEX has gained 500 EXP>>

<<Your WIS has gained 100 EXP>>

The female drill instructor, who had been standing and watching Misha from the very beginning to the end, picked the rifle that Misha assembled and inspected it .

"Well done . I don't think you should be wasting your time inside a barrack . Come with me to the field . "

The instructor guided Misha toward the firing range .

Misha thought that she would be at the normal range where she could take her time and enjoy the loud gunshots . Instead, she saw several zombies, who were trapped inside several cages .

The instructor grinned as she shoved the M-16A9 rifle to Misha, which was similar to the dummy rifle that Misha had been dissembling and assembling this morning .

She instructed Misha about cartridges loading, quick reloading, firing stances, trigger disciplinary, and tips about aiming in details .

"Actually, I should have brought you to a normal range with dummy targets . But since you are doing so well in the barracks, I think you can handle a bit of pressure . Try to aim and shoot a zombie in the cells . Aim for the head and fire one bullet . "

Misha's face almost distorted by the instruction of this drill sergeant . However, she gulped and retained her poker face as she remembered the unspoken rules in the military boot camp, "Never smile, cry, or laugh when the drill sergeant is teaching you!"

Misha raised the rifle, aiming at the nearest cage . Within the cells, several zombies were trying to break out from the cage by squeezing their body through the gap of the iron bars .



A bullet ricocheted the iron bar .

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"Try again . Don't fret if it misses the target . "


A bullet went through the head of a zombie .

<<You have gained 100 EXP>>

'I can finally kill something . '

Misha was ecstatic from the sensation of the gun recoil .

The drill sergeant had a wicked smile on her face, "Here is my challenge . Keep killing all the zombies in the cage with only remaining bullets in the clip . I won't allow a reload . There are a bit over 20 zombies in there so you have to kill each of them with one shot . Can you do it?"

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Good . Start shooting when you're ready . "

<<You have received a quest>>

<<Kill all zombies with the remaining bullets>>

<<Quest Reward: ???>>

Misha frowned stopped at the quest reward part . This challenge and the reward ratio was unusual as it was too easy .

'Is this a chain-quest?'

In every VRMMORPG, chain-quests were common as it gave players an immense feeling that they were part of the story .

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Motivated, Misha changed into the firing stance and aimed .




Three zombies fell down in succession, but it still failed to impress the sergeant .

The drill sergeant, however, still had a wicked grin on her face . She turned around and whispered to a clerk, who sat behind the counter in the staff office .

By the time Misha killed the 10th zombie, red light and loud alarm noise covered the entire range . The cells, which trapped zombies in several cages, snapped and fell on the ground . After which, zombies charged toward Misha's direction at the speed of 40 km/hour .

"Holy Shit!"

Misha screamed and sprayed bullets by instinct . She did not even turn back to seek help from her sergeant, but focusing on shooting .

The number of zombies was not only 20 as the instructor said . Because ten cells were opened at the same time, over 200 zombies were let loose .

In a few second, Misha ran out of bullets . She took a quick glance on the counter in front of her .

No spare bullet here!

Misha looked around to find her instructor .

She disappeared! Rather, she had left!

All doors and windows had been sealed, trapping Misha with a horde of zombie .

'What kind of quest is this!?'