Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 93

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Chapter 93

Chapter 93 – IT'S YOUR FAULT, CYKA!!

Among mutant societies, they separated themselves into five sub-races;

The Demi-Humans,

The Demi-Hydras,

The Dragonewts,

The Scalesmen,

And the Overminds .

The scalesmen were the people like Crystal and Dolphin who had lost their partner, which caused a second mutation and turned their skins into scales .

On the other hand, the Overminds were the elite soldiers from the 21st-century anti-hydra war . They were a part of human's frontiers who succeeded in taking down multi-headed hydras with difficulties .

The secret for their success was their adaptability to the mutation within their bodies . Unlike other races, which connected with an eggcat parasite, a human could evolve into an overmind by consuming of a hydra core without a prior parasite hosting .

Not everybody could survive the mutation as each of these cores housed a soul of a hydra . They always retaliated and attempted to control the consumer's body .

Although the risk was high, the rewards were astronomical . Overminds were the only race among five races that could use the psionic abilities .

Secondly, their growth was as fast as the Demi-Hydras, and their potential was on par with the Dragonewts . Also, they retained their human's intelligence and human conscience .

Because of their superiority in intelligence and prowess, these people became mankind's keymen for civilization restoration .

Unfortunately, not every overmind could resist the temptation of controlling others . Corruption and power exploitation became issues, hindering mankind from reclaiming the wastelands for 200 years .

As the overminds thought of themselves as the lords of this new world, they gathered all Dragonewts to their side and hired tamable Demi-Hydras as their assassins or soldiers, becoming an independent organization . Some found new countries on top of the old ones and reigned as Kings .

Mafdet Federation and Mafdet City were also founded by an overmind .


The elder on a wheelchair, who used to contact with Joan, watched the chaos in the city via the broadcasting CCTV from the city's camera drones .

Carlos Gagoa, the founder and the governor of Mafdet City, hid a secret .

He was one of the surviving overminds from the 21st-century!

Unfortunately, overminds did not have the same extended youth as dragonewts or other races . At best, it extended Carlos Gagoa's lifespans enough to live for another hundred years .

Although he had the potential of living for another hundred years, his physical body did not agree with him . His body aged, and his skins withered as ordinary elders did .

Carlos did not worry about this issue . As he could use psionic possession to steal another body, his soul could jump from this aging body to another body at any time .

Currently, he rested in a casino hotel in the red-light district . As this place buzzed with many old men and hoodlums, no one would have thought that someone with his status would be there .

Watching the live-streaming, he muttered in nostalgia, "A hydra, eh? It's been a while, indeed . "

From the beginning of the siege to the point where Prometheus slashed Amro in half, Carlos watched the broadcast without blinking .

"This future technology is promising . Too bad, it's resource consuming . "

Carlos turned to his retainers behind him, "Get someone to collect the hydra core and the corpse . Make sure you kill both of its heads, or it will keep reviving itself . Also, contact the otherworld agent Joan . Tell her to come here . "


"Since when did you unlock the VIP system?"

Because of messages from his grandma and the fleet admiral Gabriel Lobmak, Mia thought that VIP mode could only be used by government workers .

Shurka was a civilian, so she should not have it .

"Oh, this? My uncle is working for the government, and he has this family welfare . All our relatives get many benefits like we are government workers . That may be why? But, Mia . How did you know this? Are you also working for the MWG?"

"My grandmother is in the military . "

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"Oh, that explains it . Still, I'm surprised you're a pilot! Since when do you have this mech? Hey, I don't see your name in the level ranking . Tell me your avatar name, so I can add you in my friend list . "

*MYA!* (Silence, cyka! We're busy here!)

"Ahaha, your kitten is getting angry . Where are you hiding your cat, Mia?"

Mia did not know how to handle the bombarded questions . He sighed and changed the subject, "Let's talk about those later . I'm running a quest, and I need to kill this monster ASAP . "

"Oh, sure . "

Shurka closed her mouth as she stared into Mia's eyes . Currently, Mia forgot about his shame and focused on operating the mech . However, his pitched tent still poked her butt .

Shurka glanced at the bulging leather suit part . She gulped and restrained her drools .

After rubbing her butt against Mia's tent for a while, Shurka had a dirty thought .

'If we do it in-game, I won't get pregnant in real life, right?'

In her mind, this world was a game, and their avatars were not their real body .  

Shurka kept glancing at Mia's face . Since he had a feminine look of a cute girl, it turned her off a bit . However, she did not hate it either .

As a 16-year-old sheltered maiden from an elite family, Shurka had never experienced any sexual relationship with someone from the opposite gender . She was tempted to try it with Mia as she wanted to exploit this VR experience without using their real body .

Shurka opened her setting menu, adjusting her options . Although her pain sensitivity bar was set at one percent, there were other bars for other sensitivity .

Below the pain option, a flashy pink bar with the description 18+ sensitivity could be adjusted from zero to three hundred percent .

With chaotic and bold thought, Shurka slid it to 300!

Her body behaved more honest as she adjusted her position again, rubbing the bulging region with her thighs . Then, she lowered her hands to touched it .

While Shurka had her dirty plan, Mia ignored everything else in the cockpit and focused on the hydra .

"Tama, last shot award! Take it!"

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*Mew* (Roger that!)

*MYA!* (By the way, this cyka is acting weird!)

*Mrrr?* (What is she doing? A courting dance? She's rubbing your wee-wee . )


Mia did his best not to think about it even though his lower region started to get more stimulated by Shurka's fingers .

"Umm, Shurka . I'm busy . "

Shurka's face was as red as tomatoes . Her hands stopped, but she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him, "A-After this, c-can I?"

*Meh* (Can I eat this cyka? She's getting annoying now . )

"N-No, Tama . She's my friend . "

*Meh* (More like she wants to mate you . What a cyka!)


Although Mia's concentration continued to get disrupted, he moved his legs and his feet to control the mech forward to the half-dead hydra to finish him off .

As his legs moved, his thigh also moved . Unintended, Mia's region rubbed Shurka's private part .

Shurka's body shook in surprise, and her hug tightened .  

"S-Shurka, please . Another time …"

She did not hear Mia's voice anymore . Her panting became rough and short while her trembling lips nibbled Mia's neck . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

'How did she turn into this!? I haven't done anything!'

As Mia was struggling to pilot the mech, something entered his sight .

An APC arrived at the scene, and a young driver jumped down from the vehicle . It was Dove .

He took out a 50cal rifle and aimed at Krastel's head, which was struggling in pain with his severed body .


The bullet penetrated his skull, and Krastel stopped moving .

Dove shifted his aim and targeted Amro, who was also in the same condition .


This time, Amro could not dodge . The AR shell entered his brain, which stopped him from moving .




<<The World Boss, Amro, has been killed by Dove>>

<<Player Misha is the MVP in this battle>>

<<All quest rewards will be distributed accordingly to your performance>>

<<You have gained 125,000 EXP>>

<<You have reached level 106!>>

<<Quest completed . You have gained 600 diamonds>>

<<Your STM and VIT status caps have increased by 200>>


"O-Our last shot award …"

*MYAAAAA!!* (CYKA BLYAT!! It's your fault!)