Little Purple - Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

"Where have you been, Big Brother?" Jin Lei said . "You missed three performances and one of them was the Qing Second Young Miss' too . " Jin Lei pouted .

They were in the VIP seating . Jin Min and Jin Lei came to watch the performances because the Emperor ordered them to come and oversee the event .

The VIP seating was located on a building especially made to view the stage . There was food and necessities prepared for them to enjoy at anytime .

"Apologies, one of the eunuchs came and brought orders from the palace . " Jin Min helplessly sighed .

"Oh well, I guess it is okay . " Jin Lei looked down and spotted Qing Li looking at them . "But that Qing First Young Miss's dance was so beautiful . You may want to meet her later, Big Brother . "

"Is that so? It is unfortunate that I did not see her dance . "

"The Qing Second Young Miss is on stage right now but she hasn't moved yet . Wonder if she has gotten stage fright . "

Jin Min went to his brother and also looked down . "Hmm…"


Almost instantly, she unsheathed the weapon in her hand, and the magnificent black spear was out . Qing Guang followed the music and moved swiftly . Like a raging dragon, she swung her spear on the stage .

Her movement was so elegant and sharp; it hypnotized the audience into thinking that she was really fighting a group of invisible people on stage . Throw, stab, pierce . With a twist, she finished the complicated round .

The dance she performed was a very special war dance that was usually performed by females of a tribe, the Kirin Tribe, in more ancient times . The overall dance consisted of five rounds: intro, complication, climax, solution, and outro .

When Qing Bo went out of the city a few weeks ago, he found a book that covered all about the dance and taught it to Qing Guang . He was very interested in the dance because it was inspired by a female warrior who used a spear as a weapon . She had not been a warrior before, but because her husband died in a war, she took his spear and swore that she would pierce the enemy who took her beloved's life .

This dance narrated the life of that female warrior after she lost her husband .

The complication round that Qing Guang was dancing right now narrated how the female warrior finally met her husband's killer . They fought a fierce battle and she was pierced in the stomach, making her movements somewhat rigid before she collapsed .

Qing Guang also did what the story told and kneeled down with her spear supporting her body . Her expression was a mix of fury and longing . She looked up with determination in her eyes and with all her strength, tried to get up .

The movement now told that the female warrior knew her enemy was also out of breath because he had fought so many people already . Both she and the enemy realized that this would be the final stand .

Hu Cheng Se, who was waiting for her turn to dance, was watching the performance from under the tree near the stage because she would feel suffocated if she were to watch from the audience seat . Her eyes glittered, she was amazed by Qing Guang's performance and could not help but get lost in the story . A voice suddenly came, someone calling her .

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"Second Young Miss!" Falcon suddenly appeared beside her .

"Brother Falcon? What are you doing here?"

"It's… It's the Fourth Young Master… His condition…" Falcon whispered to Hu Cheng Se .

On stage, Qing Guang's cold eyes flashed before she charged . She swung that black spear fiercely . Her movement was so fast, the audiences gasped . Their heart thumped tremendously, waiting for what would happen next .

Suddenly, Hu Cheng Se's eyes widened and she shouted . "Impossible!"

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Her voice was very loud that Qing Guang, who had a sharp hearing, could hear her perfectly .

Qing Guang instantly stopped dancing and glanced toward where Hu Cheng Se stood .

Everyone, including the audience and the two princes, heard Hu Cheng Se's shout and looked in her direction with gazes full of curiosity . Falcon had cold sweats all over as he slowly explained to Hu Chang Se . "Uh… Second Young Miss, I think we should get out of here first before I tell you the details . "

Falcon waited for Hu Cheng Se's response, but there was none . "Second Young Miss?" He looked at her face and realized that Hu Cheng Se's eyes were wet . He panicked and said, "Young Miss, forgive my rudeness . " He grabbed ahold of Hu Cheng Se and jumped onto the roof, heading back to the Hu Residence .

The music had stopped but Qing Guang did not care . She had a very bad feeling about the whole situation and decided to go down the stage, her spear left behind long forgotten .

Jin Min, who was still in the VIP seating, frowned when he was Qing Guang running from the stage . He decided to get down .

Qing Guang had not heard it that clearly because of the music, but she was sure that the masked guard said 'Fourth Young Master' just before Cheng Se screamed . "Ye . . . Has something happened to Ye?"

"Hold it, Qing Young Miss!" Someone blocked Qing Guang's way .