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Little Purple - Chapter 93

Published at 20th of March 2019 09:05:04 PM

Chapter 93

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"Did… Did the young master just speak?" Fa Sui gasped . Hu Xiang Yi's expression was like always, half-opened eyes and bored look, but there seemed to be a small frown on his brows . He stared at Jin Tao, demanding an answer .

Hu Zi looked at her nephew with wide eyes, this nephew of hers was a unique one . He almost never cried, never speak, but once he spoke, his voice was clear . His age barely reached two years old but was able to speak like that, Hu Zi wondered whether he was actually a genius or something . Both his father and mother could fight before they even reached four years old, so it wasn't weird if Hu Xiang Yi could do this .

"Which road?" The boy looked straight at Jin Tao who seemed to lose the colors on his face due to shock .

"The… The young master of Hu . . . Does that mean that the demon is here too?" Jin Tao drew a short sharp breath . He looked to the red table Hu Xiang Yi crawled from, his face horrified as he gulped . "What are they doing here?"

Behind the red table, Zhi Shao Yao dropped her jaws . "Xiao Yi, what are you doing ah? You aren't supposed to go out!" Zhi Shao Yao threw a tantrum, making the table shook .

She fumed but he didn't heed her . Hu Xiang Yi knew that this problem might not just be important, but also urgent .

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"Answer me, we don't have much time . " Hu Xiang Yi frowned .

"That's… This I—" Just before Jin Tao could finish his answer, someone shouted and cut his speech .

"Hold on!" The voice came from the voluptuous young lady that stood near Jin Min and Jin Lei . "What is that kid doing here? A child like him shouldn't have attended this party ah! Miss Hu, I demand an explanation!"

Hu Zi had no idea why they were here too . Since she gained her eyesight, she slowly not as dependable at her wind as she used to anymore . She preferred to save up her energy, so she didn't use her power when they were still inside the carriage .

Hu Xiang Yi raised an eyebrow at Qing Li, he looked up and told her in her face . "Excuse me, I don't mean to offend the prince's consort, but don't you think you should get a mirror or something? Are those clothes appropriate to wear at this kind of party?"

Qing Li was wearing beautiful green clothes that barely covered the upper part of her chest, exposing a bit of her cleavage and a lot of her curves .

Qing Li eyes widened . His way of speaking to her resembled the way his mother speak, that 'do you think I am you? Think again, I am not as foolish' phrase . She felt incensed that a child was criticizing her and at such a big event!

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Qing Li gritted her teeth, she was about to say something again, but Jin Min stopped her .

Jin Min looked at Hu Xiang Yi, he thought that the boy might've known something about Jin Lan's whereabouts .

"Cousin Lan…" Jin Min and Jin Lan's age was only five years apart . He could still remember how Jin Lan took his hand and guided him through the serene palace's garden when they were young . He was also the one who taught him how to read .

A flash of memory appeared, shaking his head so he could get rid of it, Jin Min clenched his fist . He looked to the emperor, he shouldn't go soft now, not after all of the hard work he did all these years .

But, if Jin Lan really met a mishap along his way here, he didn't deserve to be scammed like this . He immediately told Hu Xiang Yi . "From his courtyard to the grand hall, the road beside the lotus pond is the fastest way . "

Hu Xiang Yi looked up to Jin Min, he understood that Jin Min indicated that it was likely for Jin Lan to use that road but there's also a possibility he didn't .

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Hu Xiang Yi would buy the highest possibility . He ran to the middle of the hall and grabbed Hu Zi's hand . "Huh?" Hu Zi gasped, she didn't resist Hu Xiang Yi's little hand though . She let him guide her out of the hall .

"Ay, Xiao Yi?" Zhi Shao Yao finally got out of the table and shouted at him . "Wait… Wait for me!"

Zhi Shao Yao abruptly ran out of the hall, followed by Jin Tao and Ten .

"Your… Your Highness!" Lu Wei panicked .

Tora wondered if he should go too, he looked down on Fa Sui . "Sui, aren't you going to follow your master? That Jin Lan might need some medical help you know . " He recalled Fa Sui called the boy 'young master' .

"Ah, uh…" Fa Sui finally grasped what might have happened . He didn't know what Hu Xiang Yi knew but they did say that the prince was sick as his face was pale . Fa Sui chased after the other five .

As far as Hu Xiang Yi knew, Hu Zi was the strongest person in the hall, she should've been able to help the little prince . Hu Xiang Yi totally forgot that he was about to ruin Zhi Shao Yao's plan .

They went out of the hall and passed through the side garden of the grand courtyard . There was a round-shaped gate on the right side of the square-shaped courtyard . The door was smaller than the main grand gate .

They didn't have time to get a lantern so Hu Xiang Yi could only depend on the moon to see the road ahead he opened the gate's wooden door and arrived at the road he and Zhi Shao Yao took before . After he ran a bit more, he could finally see the lotus pond .

The moon shone on the calm pond surface, creating glitters and . In the middle of the pond was a pavilion with a bridge that connected it to the stone-paved road .

Hu Xiang Yi looked down on the pond, but it was too deep, he couldn't see the bottom of it . He frowned, just when he was taking another step forward to see the pond clearer, he slipped . "Ah!"

Before Hu Zi could act, Jin Tao who had arrived with Ten and Zhi Shao Yao ran forward first and pushed Hu Xiang Yi to the side so he wouldn't fall to the pond .

"Oh heaven . . . " Jin Tao gasped . Because he wasn't careful when he pushed him, he was the one who fell instead . "Damn it!"

He fell to the pond with a loud splash .

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