Long Live Summons! - Chapter 147

Published at 18th of March 2016 10:33:55 PM

Chapter 147

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Chapter 147 – I’m sorry, it’s my natural reflex!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango, Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Yue Yang pointed his [Supreme Sword] at the Marquis of Zi Jin’s forehead . His Innate [Invisible Sword Qi] exploded with a burst .

In that instant, a bloody hole appeared on the Marquis of Zi Jin’s forehead .

In that instant before the effects of [Binding Chains] wore off, Yue Yang had even grabbed the Marquis of Zi Jin’s head with his fastest speed and greatest strength, twisting it in another direction, breaking the bones in his neck .

When the effects of [Binding Chains] wore off, the Marquis of Zi Jin’s fist still attacked Yue Yang with a devastating amount of strength .

However, this punch, couldn’t cause any damage to Yue Yang anymore . This is because when Yue Yang’s surprise attack succeeded, he had already soared up into the sky .

“Phew, that was a close one . ”

Yue Yang’s nervously beating heart that he had tried to forcefully calm all this while started to thump wildly suddenly .

The Marquis of Zi Jin was definitely the strongest enemy that he had seen in his life . Fortunately he didn’t see through his capabilities, and he could successfully kill him instantly with his surprise attack comprising of his [Binding Chains] and Innate [Invisible Sword Qi] skills .

If not for that, Yue Yang really didn’t know who would emerge as victor .

He had mounted a sneak attack on his enemy’s weakest point with his strongest attack .

In the end, he had finally succeeded with his gamble .

Although Yue Yang had definitely killed the Marquis of Zi Jin, his heart was still beating hard . He was still shouting about his luck for that sneak attack just now . Had the Marquis of Zi Jin summoned his strongest beast right from the beginning, or had he unleashed his maximum power, his body wouldn’t be so easily exposed to the Sword Qi . Then his sneak attack would not even have been successful! The Marquis of Zi Jin was definitely not a careless person, but his deducing capabilities was limited by his knowledge… He would never have thought that Yue Yang was an Innate Ranker . He had even thought that he could kill him off easily any time . This was his reason for failure .


As Yue Yang finished calming his breath in the air was about to drop down onto the ground, unexpectedly, he found that the Marquis of Zi Jin, who should have died and fallen into the lake, had instead stood on top of the lake surface in a strange manner .

His neck had already been broken by Yue Yang’s twist .

His forehead was drenched with fresh blood, as it continued to spurt out .

However, something absolutely horrifying had happened, making Yue Yang’s head hurt .

The Marquis of Zi Jin had actually not died from these attacks, and he could even stand on top of the lake without falling in…

This, how could this be?

The Marquis of Zi Jin, who had his neck twisted off and a hole in his forehead had actually instantly summoned his Platinum Grimoire, without waiting for Yue Yang to snap out of his shock . As his protective shield rose up, he first summoned a flaming strengthening-type beast to fuse with his body, then he raised his hands slowly and twisted his neck back . Re-connecting his spinal cord with his head, he then took out a golden headband and bound the hole in his forehead that was bleeding profusely tight .

Yue Yang watched, dumbstruck . His whole soul had almost become frozen . Is this fellow still human?

How could he not die from such an attack?

“From my childhood until now, in all the 1328 big or small battles that I have fought in, no one has ever managed to injure my face . No one ever did . You are the first . ” The Marquis of Zi Jin slowly took off his top garment and revealed a body full of scars . there were hundreds of scars on his body overlapping on top of each other . However, compared to his body, there was not a single scar on his face . The Marquis of Zi Jin pointed at five of the scars on his chest that had already healed, “This was left by Ye Hou during our battle that time . She had almost killed me, but fortunately, I managed to escape quickly . But even at that time, the situation wasn’t as dangerous as today… You are the first person that could threaten my life to such an extreme . I would never have thought that I could die by your hands… Just a little, if you were stronger by just a little bit more, I would definitely be in danger today . ”

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“Are you not human?” Yue Yang was 90% sure in his heart that this person was not a human being . That was why the method that he had used to counter against human would not work on him .

“I admit that I have wrongfully underestimated you . That’s why I was almost killed . But fortunately, you have also underestimated me . ” The Marquis of Zi Jin’s voice was gentle, as if he was speaking to a friend, completely without a trace of anger .

Yue Yang’s heart froze, he immediately summoned his Silver Grimoire and erected his shield .

This Marquis of Zi Jin was really too abnormal .

In this kind of situation, he should never be careless .

Just as his shield was erected, Yue Yang found that in that split second when his shield rose up, a bloodied scythe that was ignited in flames was about to slash at his back mercilessly . However, in that thousandth of a second, the attack was blocked by his shield . If he was late by even a tenth of a second, his soul would probably have ended up in another place . Yue Yang turned around and saw that there was a Blood Scythe Demon wielding a bloodied scythe ignited in flames, standing more than five metres tall and glaring at him with an extremely vicious look… This Marquis of Zi Jin… When did he summon this Blood Scythe Demon?

When Yue Yang observed the demon closely with his [Divine Vision], his heart beat soared up to three hundred beats per minute .

Gold-ranked Level 7 .

This Blood Scythe Demon whose whole body was ignited in flames was actually an extremely high levelled Gold-ranked Level 7!

This, this was already the limit of the beasts in the Soaring Dragon Continent… Before this, Yue Yang had heard about different versions of beasts’ levels . Most mercenaries believed that normal-ranked beasts wouldn’t be able to rise above level 8 and only elite beasts could . Ye Kong and the others had also misunderstood this belief . This was because a normal-ranked level 9 and level 10 was not something that could be ‘seen’ by the common folks… Ten Thousand Year Ancient Tree looked like a forest on the outside, but it was actually a single large, old tree; The Ocean King Whale lived deep in the vast ocean, so no one could see it; As for the other level 10 beast, the Island Tortoise, its shell looked exactly like a small island . It was said that it wouldn’t be crowded even if a city was build on top of the shell .

All these beasts were not beasts that were normally seen by mercenaries . Even if they had seen one, they might not realise it .

Normal mercenaries wouldn’t even think that they were beasts .

However, under Grandma Wu Teng’s proper teaching, Yue Yang’s knowledge had changed beyond recognition, and experienced a 180 degrees change .

She had clearly pointed out that normally, in Soaring Dragon Continent, the beasts over level 10 wouldn’t exist . Grandma Wu Teng didn’t say it out, but Yue Yang knew the hidden meaning behind her words . She meant that under normal circumstances, in Soaring Dragon Continent, there wouldn’t be beasts over level 10 that came into being naturally .

However, if beasts wanted to exceed this limit, they would only need to follow 1 point; that was – Transform into humans .

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As they transform into humans, beasts would be able to learn and improve like human beings, breaking through new limits each time . They could only surpass level 10 this way… Otherwise, level 10 was a beast’s maximum limit . Those who did not conform to the requirement of ‘transforming into humans’ would be limited at level 10, existing as a colossal beast and becoming a peerless existence in an area of Soaring Dragon Continent .

Transforming beasts into human had always been the secret amongst the deepest secrets .

Only the truly strong Rankers would be allowed to know these secrets that normal people wouldn’t be able to access .

Yue Yang suspected that the Marquis of Zi Jin in front of him was actually an extremely high levelled strong beast who had transformed into human and had this human appearance now…

Otherwise, a normal human’s body wouldn’t possibly still be alive under the circumstances of having their brains destroyed and spinal cord detached . Most importantly, the Marquis of Zi Jin’s words had also hinted on admitting this point .

This Marquis of Zi Jin was definitely not a human being .

Could it be that he was that Giant Dragon that the mercenaries had said before?

Yue Yang didn’t think about it that much, he immediately took out a Teleportation Scroll, channelled his Spirit Qi into it and prepared to teleport away . Why would he fight with a Giant Dragon who could already evolve into a human? Why would he fight with such a powerful entity who wouldn’t die even after his forehead was pierced through and his neck twisted off? Yue Yang wouldn’t bother with such a pain in the ass . Such a meaningless fight was not something that Yue Yang was seeking . Furthermore, the Marquis of Zi Jin even had a Gold-ranked Level 7 Blood Demon Scythe as his beast . Who would still want to fight with him?

Surprisingly, although the Marquis of Zi Jin should have hated Yue Yang to his every bones, he didn’t have any reaction when he saw Yue Yang teleporting away .

Yue Yang immediately felt that something was wrong when he entered into the teleportation pillar of light .

To his surprise, he found that the place he was teleported into was not the Settlement Camp at the bottom of the Abyss; it was right in front of the Marquis of Zi Jin .

In the air, it was as if the Blood Demon Scythe had known beforehand that the place where Yue Yang would teleport into was right in front of the Marquis of Zi Jin . His bloodied scythe split the air as it slashed down . Yue Yang was extremely shocked and hurriedly tried to avoid it . However, he found out that his body was moving right in the opposite direction to what he had intended, as if his body wanted to welcome the scythe and deliver his life on a silver platter . As a result, his final body’s movement and control had defeated his original purpose of trying to avoid the attack .

This must be the Marquis of Zi Jin’s doing . He must be able to manipulate space…

Yue Yang secretly cried, “It’s the end!”

In a span of less than a tenth of a second, he wouldn’t have the time to summon his Silver Grimoire and set up a shield .

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Could Xiao Wen Li withstand a Gold-ranked level 7 Blood Demon Scythe’s attack? Furthermore, there was still this Marquis of Zi Jin’s fellow heavy punches that could come at any time… In the brink of life and death, Yue Yang raised his arms and welcomed the frightening bloodied scythe coming down swiftly towards him with the Golden Beast, who had transformed into a wrist guard . His right hand executing [Binding Chains] again on the Marquis of Zi Jin, who was closing in for a sneak attack .

However, the ugly beast that was at the bottom of the lake suddenly burst out and flew towards Yue Yang . It thrusted its greatsword, looking as if it couldn’t wait to cleave Yue Yang into half .

There was a blood scythe above, greatsword below, and a palm behind, the most frightening one .

Yue Yang realized that he had never fallen into such a dangerous situation before, to the point that his life was on the line .

At that moment when the Marquis of Zi Jin’s eyes flashed with a cruel desire to kill, the Blood Scythe Demon exerted his utmost strength to slash down, and the ugly beast almost succeeded in mounting a sneak attack on Yue Yang, a protective shield started to spread around Yue Yang’s body suddenly, blocking every single attack, keeping the enemies out .

It was Xiao Wen Li who had managed to summon her Diamond Grimoire on time…

“My precious darling!” Yue Yang was moved beyond compare and immediately hugged the figure that had appeared in front of him . However, the moment he embraced the figure, he felt that there was something wrong . Xiao Wen Li was still a small girl, it would be strange if she had breasts . Why did this figure had two lumps in front?

Yue Yang was puzzled as he squeezed those lumps . The elasticity of those mounds shocked him . This obviously belonged to a big sister (oneesan) with an extremely hot and sexy body!

Could this be Luo Hua City Mistress? Had she came to save him?

Or was it Princess Qian Qian big sis (oneesan)?

The feeling on his hands were incredible . It seemed that it was much bigger than apples… Yeah, the only thing that he could be sure of was that this wasn’t Yi Nan’s . Yue Yang was still imagining things when that figure who had summoned her grimoire and saved his life turned around, her beautiful eyes glaring at Yue Yang icy cold . It was so cold, as if she wanted to freeze Yue Yang into an ice sculpture alive .

“Let go . ” The owner of those mesmerizing eyes was furious . Her anger was different from the ordinary ones, her expression was even more furious and colder .

“I’m sorry, that’s my natural reflex,” Yue Yang was so shocked that his heart almost jumped out of his mouth . This beautiful girl was neither Luo Hua City Mistress nor Princess Qian Qian; she was also most definitely not Yi Nan . She was that female thief who had watched him along his journey here . Even at this point of time, Yue Yang’s wolfy paws were still grabbing onto the girl’s chest . Looking at their positions right now, even Yue Yang himself looked down on his own actions… He was simply too rude and wretched .

“This is also my natural reflex . ” The female thief raised the Ancient Book in her hands and slapped it into Yue Yang’s face .