Long Live Summons! - Chapter 150

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Chapter 150

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Chapter 150 – Little Thorny Flower Demoness
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

The Demon King Trident pierced through Yue Yang’s left arm easily .

In the instant when it was about to penetrate through his chest, Yue Yang turned his arm, bringing the force of the trident outward . At the same time, he turned his body, narrowly dodging the deadly blow aimed squarely at his heart . His body rubbed against the side of the Demon King Trident, coldly ducking and bolting forward . His right hand’s Innate Sword Qi flared, its aim locking on the Marquis of Zi Jin’s eyes .

“Howl…… ”

The Marquis of Zi Jin received the blow fully with his right hand . The Innate Qi cut the meat of his palm, blood splashing everywhere .

His attempts to receive blows fully had blocked Yue Yang’s counterattacks .

One move after another .

One blow after another .

The outcome of both sides’ competition of wit, brawn and ruthlessness was still an evenly matched one . Both Yue Yang and the Marquis of Zi Jin’s arms were injured .

The Marquis of Zi Jin suddenly opened his mouth and puffed out a raging flame, burning Yue Yang who was close at hand . He was not human, and hence had more attack moves up his sleeve . Yue Yang could not have expected that he would breathe out demonic flames, hence this was also a trick he had in scheming against Yue Yang . However, Yue Yang, who had instantly become engulfed in flames, did not move back even for one inch of a step . When talking about competing how ruthless and cunning one could be, human beings have never been inferior to the Demon Clan . How would Yue Yang’s attack strategy just consist of one sole attack? He lifted his leg and trampled with all his might on the Marquis of Zi Jin’s chest . His boots smashed into pieces, and at the same time, a beam of golden sword Qi passed through, penetrating The Marquis of Zi Jin’s demon heart .

When the [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi entered its second stage, it could emit sword Qi from the hundred acupuncture points of the human body . Now that Yue Yang had already reached [Innate]’s third stage, he could use it with both hands and feet, and had already become adept at employing it .

Hit squarely in the heart by the sword, the Marquis of Zi Jin let loose screams of despair and pain in a bloodcurdling scream that shattered the heavens and earth . His large arm swept across, knocking Yue Yang away .

Behind him, the mysterious beauty appeared in a flash, one hand equipped with her ice and the other with her lightning ability .

Her two hands struck at Marquis of Zi Jin’s two ears respectively .

There was a loud rumbling sound .

The Marquis of Zi Jin who, on top of an injured heart, continuously endured these heavy attacks, had half his body scorched black and the other half frozen .

This was Yue Yang and the mysterious beauty’s best coordinated attack after he had deliberately attacked the Marquis of Zi Jin with considerable force and successfully distracted him . This was also the mysterious beauty’s most powerful attack .

But the heavily injured Marquis of Zi Jin was still standing strong . He brandished his Demon King Trident madly, and even managed to blast the mysterious beauty away .

“I am going to kill you!!!!” The severely injured Marquis of Zi Jin had gone entirely mad with rage .

After suffering severe injuries and completely losing his mind, he had also lost his ability to control space . As he chased after Yue Yang, he could no longer use his teleportation skills . Strongly affected by the electrocution and freezing, his blow had missed Yue Yang . Instead, his face was struck by Yue Yang’s spiralling Hui Jin Magic Blade . This drove him even madder, flying into berserk mode . The demonic flames on his body soared into the sky . On seeing that his opportunity had arrived, Yue Yang raised his Hui Jin Magic Blade and wildly hacked at the completely mad and roaring Marquis of Zi Jin as if he was beating a drowning dog .

Aren’t you always acting cool?

The one I am chopping at is you!

The special-type demonic flames which the Marquis of Zi Jin summoned were originally supposed to serve as a magical armour for defense . However, he did not expect that before it could complete its transformation into armour, Yue Yang’s swift chopping attacks had smashed it to smithereens . Contrary to what he thought, this actually gave Yue Yang a chance to work the situation to his advantage and launch unrestrained attacks at him .

The extremely furious Marquis of Zi Jin immediately returned the blows with heavy fists .

He pummelled Yue Yang’s chest with punches, while Yue Yang also brandished his blade and wildly chopped at the Marquis without taking a single step back .

Using his blade to counter against the Marquis’ fists … Why should he be afraid of him?

Yue Yang also become more ruthless in his attacks . Previously, the Hui Jin Magic Blade was not able to inflict any injuries on the Marquis, but now, for every chop endured by the severely injured Marquis, a deep and bloody cut is produced .

Similarly, the frightening strength of this fellow’s punches had also made Yue Yang so disoriented that he saw stars .

Both of them were enduring each other’s blows, hoping to persevere till the time of conclusive victory……

At times like these, battle strength was no longer important . What was most important were determination and resilience . Whoever could persevere to the last moment would be able to achieve victory .

The tip of Yue Yang’s blade and strength of the Marquis’ fists intertwined with each other, creating loud rumbling sounds .

Fresh blood was flying and splashing everywhere . It was hard to differentiate whose blood it was .

Amidst the chaos, both of them tangled with each other like lunatics, attacking each other like mad people without caring about their lives . Neither of them dodged each other’s attacks or defended themselves .

If one’s concentration laxed even by a little, he would fall down and then be killed by his opponent, becoming the ultimate loser in this battle … One must grit his teeth and press on, and press on further, until the other party collapsed in defeat .

The mysterious beauty crawled to her feet . Her shivering little hands clutched at her ancient book as she staggered over, readying herself to lend a helping hand to Yue Yang with her final bit of strength . The Blood Scythe Demon which was similarly covered in cuts and bruises had also recovered its strength by now . It ran over with big steps, brandishing its scythe and fiercely attacking the mysterious beauty who had already completely exhausted her spiritual qi after releasing many attacks and had reached her physical limit . More than a few times, she fell into perilous situations and was almost chopped off at her waist .

Yue Yang was greatly alarmed . He abandoned the Marquis of Zi Jin whom he was concentrating his attacks on, and rushed over urgently to help .

The blood scythe was raised highly in the air, chopping down in vehemence .

The mysterious beauty lifted her ancient book, her lily-white hands trembling as she opened a page in the book . A specter-like girl darted out from it . Opening her mouth, a ball of ice-cold air sprayed towards the body of the Blood Scythe Demon, before she immediately disappeared into thin air .

The Blood Scythe Demon froze rigidly for a few seconds . However, the demonic flames on its body started to burn again very quickly, and as before, the blood scythe slashed downwards with force fit to tear the heavens and split the skies .

All the spiritual qi in the mysterious beauty’s body had already been used up . She no longer had any more energy to continue battling .

She slowly closed her eyes which were clear as a spring, waiting for death to arrive .

However, at the instant when the blood scythe slashed downwards, Yue Yang had managed to reach her in time . He hugged her close to him with one hand while his other hand waved his blade to reduce the force of the blow .

A tearing sound resonated in the air .

The blood scythe which had not been completely neutralised cut a deep wound on Yue Yang’s shoulder and his back, unfurling his skin and flesh, splattering fresh blood in all directions…… The mysterious beauty and Yue Yang fell down onto the ground heavily, both of their streams of fresh blood flowing and converging together, and forming a very strange bright red colour . However, the two of them did not notice the strange colour as they were both utterly beaten and gasping for their breaths .

The consecutive tough battles had entirely exhausted their strength .

Let alone the two of them, even the Marquis of Zi Jin, whose power was so mighty that he induced despair in his opponents, also needed time to recover his strength for now .

The Blood Scythe Demon took wide steps towards them, brandishing its terrifying blood scythe as it tried to attack Yue Yang relentlessly .

However, its body had also suffered multiple injuries and was greatly affected by them . Before it even managed to take two steps forward, it stumbled and lost its footing, sliding and falling noisily down the slope for a dozen metres . It only managed to break its fall by hooking onto a rock with its blood scythe .

The Blood Scythe Demon struggled to get up . Its talons wildly clawed at the crushed rock on the ground . It struggled a few times but still did not manage to get up, looking battered and exhausted .

The Marquis of Zi Jin hastened the recovery of his bodily injuries while picking up his Demon King Trident, preparing to give Yue Yang and the mysterious beauty his final blow .

“If we don’t have plant-type beasts, we won’t be able to win him … … I can still use ‘Breeze’ for the last time to send you away . You might not be able to defeat him now, but after a few years, you definitely would be able to . When that time comes, take revenge on my behalf . ” Blood continuously seeped out of the mysterious beauty’s purple-red mouth, which was hidden under her face scarf . She then pulled Yue Yang’s face scarf down and looked at his face . Suddenly, a serene and calm glint of a smile surfaced in her eyes . “Your looks are above average and you are also glib-tongued, no wonder so many girls are smitten with you … ”

“Beautiful lady, it’s okay to flirt with me, but remember that you must take responsibility for it . ” Yue Yang was totally exhausted except for his mouth .

If his naughty hands could actually move, he would definitely reach his wolfy paws out and molest the mysterious beauty .

But he no longer had any strength now .

“You want to leave? There’s only one path left for both of you: death . ” The Marquis of Zi Jin had already recovered a part of his physical strength . He leapt over into the air, raising his Demon King Trident high up with both of his hands . He ruthlessly slashed it down, preparing to penetrate through both Yue Yang and the mysterious beauty .

“Just when we were having a little romantic moment … ” Yue Yang wished for this Marquis of Zi Jin’s penis to rot since he had interrupted his sexual bliss at this crucial time . Hugging the mysterious beauty to himself tightly, he started to roll away, dodging the Marquis of Zi Jin’s attack . However, he did not think that that damned Blood Scythe Demon would actually throw its Blood Scythe at them . The mysterious beauty gave a delicate shout as she turned over, pushing Yue Yang down beneath her . The blood scythe penetrated her frail shoulder easily, stabbing a little into Yue Yang’s chest .

“What I owed you just now, I have now returned you . ” The mysterious beauty was already at her last gasp of breath, but a smiling expression had crept into her eyes .

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“Let me send you both on your way…… ” The Marquis of Zi Jin laughed maliciously, stabbing the Demon King Trident again in their direction . Though Yue Yang had used all of his effort to roll away, the Demon King Trident still pierced into his thigh, even penetrating the mysterious beauty’s calf .

Both of their fresh blood had flowed into each other’s again, creating a strangely bright coloured red .

Yue Yang smiled at the dying mysterious beauty . “Now, you owe me one yet again . ”

The light in the mysterious beauty’s eyes was starting to fade . She tried her best to raise the volume of her voice, but it still remained as weak as that of an ant . “Are you … . really willing …… to die together with me?”

Without even finishing her sentence, she had already fainted .

Yue Yang was almost scared to death . He reached his bloody hand out to sense her breath and found that she was still breathing . He also groped her developed, tightly bound chest, and found that her heart was still beating, although it was very weak . Sensing this, he heaved a sigh of relief . Yue Yang let go of the mysterious beauty lightly . Struggling to stand up with his entire body in a mass of cuts and bruises, he shook his head at the Marquis of Zi Jin, who was smiling maliciously and looking pleased with himself . “If I were only fighting by myself, I would perhaps have long been dead with so many injuries . But I have a beast whom I share my life with, so you are dreaming if you want to kill me . ”

On hearing this, the Marquis of Zi Jin was startled .

A beam of rainbow-coloured light floated out from Yue Yang’s body as Xiao Wen Li, whose face was pale and body was completely trembling, appeared in front of Yue Yang .

Once she appeared, she immediately swung her Dual Icicle Blades to attack the Marquis of Zi Jin .

The Marquis of Zi Jin’s Demon King Trident had just been raised when its movement was frozen by her Binding Inherent Skill . Xiao Wen Li’s Dual Icicle Blades deeply penetrated into the Marquis’ demon heart, as she poured boundless white light into it… In the sky, Yue Yang flew downwards like a blood-soaked dragon . His ten fingers combined into one sword . Aiming at the bloody hole on the Marquis of Zi Jin’s forehead that was previously opened by him, he superimposed on the sword injury previously inflicted, giving his brain another more ruthless bout of spiralling Sword Qi .

There was a loud rumble .

The Marquis of Zi Jin’s chest exploded . His head also smashed into a large bloody hole the size of a fist . Fresh blood and milky substances poured forth .

“Want to kill me? You are at most a bento guy . ” Yue Yang wanted to pick up his Hui Jin Magic Blade to behead the Marquis of Zi Jin, but Xiao Wen Li stopped him, seemingly worried that the severely injured him would be devoured by the Hui Jin Magic Blade instead . Also, she was especially wary of the Marquis’ collapsed corpse, as if still worried that he had not completely died . Yue Yang was astonished, he couldn’t be so abnormal, right?

Even with these injuries, he’s still not dead?

The Marquis of Zi Jin’s body slowly start to change its shape .

Multiple demonic flames started to burn in a raging manner . The Marquis of Zi Jin’s body instantly grew larger as bones and scales continuously sprouted in large numbers . Giant wings, bent horns and talons extended from his body . Within a minute, the Marquis of Zi Jin had transformed into a Demon Prince whose entire body was burning with the black flames of hell . His height was still shorter than Demon King Ha Xin, but he was taller than the Blood Scythe Demon by two meters, having a body that was seven meters tall… The Marquis of Zi Jin’s numerous body wounds had recovered completely . Except for the terrifying big hole on his chest that could not close, even the bloody hole on his forehead had shrunk to the size of an infant’s fist before it stopped shrinking further…… Looks like the wounds caused by Yue Yang’s Innate Sword Qi could not easily recover even for bodies as strong as the demons’ .

“This is the first time that I have been so thoroughly beaten by a human being that I have to return to my original body …… ” The Marquis of Zi Jin covered his head and groaned in pain . “Even if I kill you, it would be hard for me to recover my human body . This battle has been too disadvantageous for me, I hate battles like this! You loathsome human being, how should I put you to death so that my hate for you will subside?”

“I think that you can reflect on your life while being plant fertiliser . ”

Yue Yang summoned his grimoire out, and started to summon his thorny flower .

On the other hand, Xiao Wen Li had already summoned her Diamond Grimoire, summoning Stone Element Medusa and Storm Mermaid .

When Stone Element Medusa and Storm Mermaid appeared, a terrified expression immediately appeared on the Blood Scythe Demon’s face . It started to take small steps backwards .

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The Marquis of Zi Jin’s expression was also strained . He completely did not expect that at this point of the battle, Yue Yang still retained such power . He wanted to capture the mysterious beauty as his hostage, but this idea had barely formed in his head before Storm Mermaid had summoned a Water Dragon, smoothly sliding the mysterious beauty into her embrace easily and gently placing it under Xiao Wen Li’s diamond protective shield .

“I heard that the demons’ greatest nemesis are thorny flowers . What a coincidence, I also have one . ” Yue Yang had spent most of his time and effort in condensing a little spiritual qi to summon the Thorny Flower Demoness .

A beam of dark golden light flowed out from his fingertips, gloriously shining upon the entire volcano, casting a layer of dark gold on their surroundings .

Dozens of clusters of stalks that were thicker than the bowls crawled out from the ground .

Amongst them, there were Level One [Spitting Thorny Flowers] and Level Two [Carnivorous Thorny Flowers] . However, most of them were Level Three [Giant Thorny Flowers] and Level Four [Thorny Flower Overlords] which had flower faces as gigantic as a round table . Yet, these were only the stalk clusters . Subsequently, the secondary bodies that were as bulky as water buckets appeared .

Out of six secondary bodies, two of them had transformed into Thorny Flower Demons that were similar to human shapes… . . Their heads, faces and bodies were strikingly similar to women, but they had gigantic bodies that reached five or six meters in height, hence looking like green giants . Their hands and lower bodies consisted of long thorny tree trunks . The only feature that made them different from human beings was that these two Thorny Flower Demons’ eyes were closed, and their facial expressions were stiff and rigid . It looked like they had no soul or consciousness .

Finally, the main trunk burst out with a rumbling sound . What was different from the past was that now the main trunk looked more like a flower terrace or a gigantic ball of flowers, filled with green leaves and blood-red thorny flowers .

The giant green leaves and blood-red thorny flowers opened up as the flower terrace blossomed .

Dark golden light radiated all around .

A little girl with a petite and exquisite body lay quietly in the middle of the flower terrace . When she opened her eyes, an aura that was as bitingly cold as a Demon King’s immediately broke out … . . At the sight of this Level One Bronze-ranked Thorny Flower Demoness, the Level Seven Golden-ranked Bloody Scythe Demon actually started to shiver in fright .

Yue Yang noticed that this naked little Thorny Flower Demoness who didn’t have a shred of cloth on her was practically no different from a human little girl . She only had an extremely thin green stalk that was connected to the flower terrace on her little butt . As she flipped over and got up, she opened her eyes and looked towards Yue Yang with the green pupils of her eyes, seemingly extremely curious about him . She then looked towards Xiao Wen Li, and tilted her head . Finally, she looked towards Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, and the unconscious mysterious beauty .

Her little hand pointed towards the mysterious beauty .

All the secondary bodies and stalk clusters started to move without warning, as if getting ready to devour the unconscious mysterious beauty .

“Idiot, the enemy is over there . ” Yue Yang was not just a little angry, he had spent so much effort to nurture a Thorny Flower Demoness, yet it was a little dunce… Is it that hard for him to get an oneesan with a sexy figure? Yue Yang suspected that he was cursed by oneesans . Why did all the oneesans make life so difficult for him, while the little lolis were all competing with each other to assail such a perverted old man like him?


Looks like the Little Thorny Flower Demoness was still far below Xiao Wen Li . She was so muddle-headed that she could not even tell who the enemy was .

She looked towards the direction that Yue Yang pointed at with a dazed expression . However, when she saw the Blood Scythe Demon and the Marquis of Zi Jin, she immediately started to salivate .

She then sucked her thumb like a good-for-nothing .

Her excited expression was like a child who saw a sweet .