Long Live Summons! - Chapter 152

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Chapter 152

Chapter 152 – Medicine Encyclopedia Acquired

Translated by: Augere, Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Just as Yue Yang was reaching his greedy hands out towards the mysterious beauty, the skies rumbled with a blast of thunder .

Following that, a dragon’s roar resounded through the air .

On the surface of the tranquil hot springs, countless waves raged around, creating a huge whirlpool .

Yue Yang was stunned as he looked upwards and realized that unknowingly, a silver colored dragon-like creature that was coiling in the air had appeared, undulating its elegant long body through the skies… Ten seconds afterwards, the silver-coloured dragon-like creature dove into the center of the whirlpool in the lake, without a single splash or sound .

“My god, there are really dragons in this world?” YueYang hesitated for a while, not knowing how to react .

“Human child, I’m not a dragon, I’m a Jiaolong . It’s very close to a dragon, but a little different . ” A lady wearing a white robe, with a head decorated with silver rings ornaments and a silver silk mask that covered her face, appeared in front of Yue Yang, startling him yet again .
(TLN: Some kind of water dragon with the ability to control rain and floods )

Her face was smooth as jade, however, her head was filled with neatly combed silver strands of hair .

A venerable feeling was present, but she didn’t look old .

She had a mysterious air, with an uniquely classical and elegant look that gave people a very pleasant feeling .

Yue Yang hurriedly retracted his perverted hands while putting up an innocent appearance and asked, “You are?”

The lady whose head was filled with silver hair but didn’t look old at all created a hand gesture . Yue Yang completely didn’t understand what she meant, but he felt that it would be useful and remembered it deep within his heart . The lady then started speaking softly, “Human boy, you can call me Grandma Chi . I was originally this lake’s mistress . However, the Marquis of Zi Jin had come suddenly with the intention to steal the Medicine Encyclopedia that I possessed . He didn’t even try to negotiate and started attacking me immediately . In the end, he even used a Artifact to confine me inside a dimensional space . If it wasn’t for the fact that he left the Soaring Dragon Continent and caused the Artifact to disappear without his presence, I wouldn’t have been able to come out of my confinement! Young little Innate human, I thank you for saving me . I don’t have anything to show my appreciation, but please drink this Dragon Fruit Elixir!”

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The masked lady who called herself Grandma Chi summoned a Platinum Grimoire .

She then summoned a ball of the holy, pure light that enveloped Yue Yang and the mysterious beauty’s body .

Yue Yang felt a warm feeling seeping through his Bai Hui acupoint and then flowing through his blood channels . He also felt an uncomfortable feeling coming from both his outer skin layer and the bones inside his body as he was immersed in the holy light, and he groaned in pain . With a kind of rebirth radiance, the holy light melted into his body very quickly .
(Shiro: Bai Hui, an acupoint at the top of the head)

The wounds on his skin recovered with a speed that could be seen with naked eyes .

The bruises and demonic flames burns on his body also take turn for the better constantly . His swellings were reduced, and his dead skins fell off as new skin regenerated, with an elasticity as soft and supple as a baby’s .

Other than the tiredness from the battle that couldn’t be removed, even his body’s spiritual qi had recovered a lot .

Yue Yang jumped up from the ground . Until now, he still couldn’t believe that his serious injuries could heal so quickly .

The mysterious beauty who had fainted from her serious injuries also slowly opened her eyes . However, because her body was still very weak, she still couldn’t move her body very much .

“Seems like your Thorny Flower will require more time to end the battle . Maybe you can bring your comrade to my domain to rest for a while . It’s not too late to go back after you have recovered!” The masked lady turned her body after she had finished speaking, walking towards the lake .

Yue Yang immediately turned and carried the mysterious beauty before quickly following closely behind the masked lady .

His wolfy paws had pretended to be unaware and secretly touched the mysterious beauty’s snowy peaks, which were still standing tall even after they were tightly bound . Obviously, on the outside, he pretended an appearance of “I’m a good boy who has never done anything” . When he was carrying her up and picking up her Ancient Book that had dropped to the ground, he also took the opportunity to sniff at her body . Her fragrant smell assailed his nose and went straight to his heart, almost melting his heart away .

The mysterious beauty rolled her eyes in rebukement . She had truly never seen such a person before . It was obvious that he was a pervert, yet he pretended to be a good boy . She really had enough of him!

If she could move her hands and feets, she would have sent him flying with a slap of her Ancient Book .

As the masked lady who called herself Grandma Chi continued to walk forward, and the water in the lake suddenly started to slowly split apart . However, what was revealed wasn’t the lake’s bottom, instead, it was a wall made out of the lake’s water . Ahead, there was a blue-coloured Water Door .

Yue Yang curiously touched the walls of the lake water as he carried the mysterious beauty’s fragrant body .

His finger caused some ripples on the wall surface as he touched it…

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After passing through the Water Door, Yue Yang realized that he had entered into a strange dimension . It wasn’t very big, maybe as big as the lake, but it was completely different from the bottom of the lake . There was no water in this place . However, if he looked at the four walls of water surrounding the area, he could see fishes swimming around . There were also different kinds of plants and adorable little animals growing in this place, such as the slow-crawling tortoise and the fast-scampering little crab . This area was a separate dimension from the lake bottom, but it had the ability to observe every single thing that happened in the lake and above the lake . Even the Little Thorny Flower Demoness who had climbed up onto her flower terrace, falling into a peaceful sleep, and the different kinds of Thorny Flowers that were relentlessly absorbing the Blood Scythe Demon’s blood and energy, could be seen very clearly from this place .

Inside this dimension, the interior design was similar to a human’s dwelling .

The masked Grandma Chi invited Yue Yang and the mysterious beauty to sit . There was a cute beast that Yue Yang couldn’t recognise holding a silver tray on its little claws, serving two cups up to them .

Yue Yang observed it, but it seemed that it was scared of him and quickly turned into a ball of smoke and disappeared .

Grandma Chi pointed with her fingers and a white little jade pot appeared . Her movements was extremely graceful as she poured a fragrant, white-coloured Elixir into Yue Yang’s and the mysterious beauty’s cups .

At this time, the mysterious beauty’s stamina had recovered, and she pushed Yue Yang’s bad hand . which had been taking advantage of her all this while away and struggled to sit down herself . She also thanked Grandma Chi who was sitting on the other side . However, perhaps it was due to the fact that Yue Yang was present, the mysterious beauty didn’t reveal her name and clan . Instead, she formed a gesture with her ten snow white fingers, as if showing some kind of identity .

Yue Yang completely didn’t understand this gesture, but he decided to memorise it in his heart .

As long as he could find the right person, he should be able to guess the mysterious beauty’s identity… Yue Yang felt that maybe Luo Hua City Mistress would know what this hand gesture symbolize .

Compared to the mysterious beauty’s gentle sipping and careful tasting, Yue Yang was like Zhu Ba Jie* who found a ginseng, gulping the white-coloured Elixir in the little cup down into his stomach . He felt a kind of refreshed feeling oozing out from within his stomach, turning into spiritual qi and dispersing throughout his body . He also felt a kind of cleansing feeling in his body that seemed to widen his limits and potential capacity . The feeling was heavenly, just like the feeling he got when he drank a cold drink to satiate his thirst on a scorching summer day . He couldn’t help but to cry out: “Ah~”
(Shiro: Zhu Ba Jie, the pig on Journey to the West)

“Since you seemed to like it, please drink a little more . ” The masked Grandma Chi filled Yue Yang’s cup one more time . Shortly after, she also poured another cup for the mysterious beauty .

“Thank you, Grandma Chi…” The mysterious beauty was very polite, she immediately bowed down to show her appreciation .

However, as for the guy from another world, on the other hand, knowing that this Dragon Fruit Elixir was a good item, didn’t even bother to stand on ceremony and said, “It would be really great if I can have one more cup!” The mysterious beauty who was sitting on the side watched his greedy and sly ways and she really wanted to bash her Ancient Book on that guy’s head . He was fortunate that she didn’t have much strength right now to teach him a lesson .

The silver-silked masked Grandma Chi didn’t care about his manners at all and had instead taken a liking to Yue Yang’s honest and frank attitude . A smile bloomed on her face as she said, “If three cups of Dragon Fruit Elixir were enough to show my gratitude, I would be really happy to comply . ”

However, Yue Yang couldn’t bear to drink the third cup .

He decided to bring it back and save it for Yue Bing or Yue Shuang .

Yue Yang reckoned that this Elixir was the best feature of the Hard-shelled Dragon Fruit . Even he, who was an Innate ranker, felt that he had broken through new grounds and increased his potential capacity just by drinking it, let alone Yue Bing and Yue Shuang . Hence, he had set his heart on bringing back this Dragon Fruit Elixir and gave them to his two sisters .

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Taking the opportunity when the mysterious beauty and Grandma Chi were chatting, Yue Yang placed his cup on the table and secretly took out a small bottle from his Lich Ring . He filled the bottle with the contents in his cup, and even rinsed the cup with clear water twice and poured it inside so that nothing would be left behind . This little brat’s actions was extremely sneaky and secretive, causing the mysterious beauty who was watching on one side to be stunned speechless . He had already shamelessly drunk two cups, but he even thought of sneaking some back? Seemed like the word “shameless” had originally been created to describe this brat!

However, she had actually underestimated Yue Yang’s shamelessness .

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Jade Pot didn’t have much Elixir left, Yue Yang had even thought of stealing the whole pot back . Stealing one cup was just a child’s play to him .

“You guys are really amazing . You managed to defeat the Marquis of Zi Jin at such a young age . ” Grandma Chi started to speak . However, she smiled wryly and shook her head as she explained the result of the battle when Yue Yang pushed the Marquis of Zi Jin down to the volcano crater, “The Marquis of Zi Jin is an extremely sly person . He shouldn’t be dead, he only pretended to die falling into the lava as a ruse to trick you . This is because all of the Demon King Race had hellfire flowing through their blood channels, so intense flames and extremely high temperatures were actually advantageous to them instead of harmful to them… He didn’t actually die . He simply sustained too much serious injuries, hence he has to escape back to the Demon Abyss in the meantime to recover . He will definitely return back to the Soaring Dragon Continent when the time is right . You guys must be careful in case he want to take revenge in the future!”

“Ah!” Yue Yang could only stare like a fool when he heard this . How could he not die even after falling into a volcano crater? This Marquis of Zi Jin was simply even stronger and more resilient than a cockroach!

“I have finally understood now why the Marquis of Zi Jin had a hard time defeating us . Furthermore, he had only summoned a Gold-ranked Level 7 Blood Scythe Demon instead of his Guardian Beast . Seems like he had fought a hard battle with you, Grandma Chi, before fighting with us . Hence his battle power had significantly been reduced…” The mysterious beauty suddenly spoke after her realisation .

“Really?” Yue Yang started to sweat .

But thinking about it again, what the mysterious beauty said had indeed made sense .

If it wasn’t for the fact that Grandma Chi had fought a great battle with the Marquis of Zi Jin previously and reduced his battle power, their battle would probably be much harder to fight!

First of all, the Marquis of Zi Jin did not summon his Guardian Beast from the start to the end . Furthermore, as a high ranking Demon Abyss Prince, there was no reason for him to only possess a Gold-ranked Level 7 Blood Scythe Demon and a Silver-ranked Level 6 Ugly Beast . He must definitely have other stronger beasts in his arsenal .

Even when the Marquis of Zi Jin was in a dangerous situation, he didn’t summon any other beasts .

This showed that his powers had been severely reduced after his great battle with Grandma Chi . He had become so weak that even Yue Yang could kill him . That was why he had ended up in such a sorry state and even had to escape for his life . However, thinking about it in another perspective, Yue Yang started to break out in cold sweat . If the Marquis of Zi Jin hadn’t fought with Grandma Chi previously and had faced him with his full strength, it seemed like the mysterious beauty and him would have suffered a miserable defeat under that fellow’s horrifying attacks .

Even after defeating and confining Grandma Chi, he still had enough power left to fight him to such a bitter end . This Marquis of Zhi Jin was simply too powerful!

“Actually, most of the credit still goes to both of you . Most of my beasts are special-types, so I didn’t last very long fighting with the Marquis of Zi Jin . ” Grandma Chi was extremely humble, but Yue Yang wasn’t an idiot . Grandma Chi, a Jiaolong who could transform into human and was an entity that he couldn’t even begin to see through with his Level 3 [Divine Eyes], was definitely much stronger than him . She had definitely injured the Marquis of Zi Jin more than him .

“The Marquis of Zi Jin’s human body has been destroyed, and seems like he will require a long time to recover . We have time to train and improve ourselves in the meantime . ” The mysterious beauty’s words was actually meant for Yue Yang as a motivation .

“A year, or maybe he would only need around eight to nine months to fully recover his human body and return to the Soaring Dragon Continent . As for completely recovering his battle power, he would probably need around 1 . 5 years . In this one year, he would probably not think of seeking revenge but concentrate on hiding himself and recovering his battle power instead . ” After Grandma Chi stated her time estimation, which was a year, Yue Yang really had a headache .

A year . This was neither a long time nor a short time .

However, even if he tried to train his Innate Invisible Sword Qi quickly, there would still be limitations .

Unless he could drink precious concoctions like this Dragon Fruit Elixir frequently and increase his abilities boundlessly, he wouldn’t have hope to defeat such an abnormally strong entity like that Marquis of Zi Jin!

Grandma Chi suddenly took out a simple, ancient looking book and placed it in front of Yue Yang, smiling, “The Marquis of Zi Jin might come again in the future . I don’t like fighting, I prefer to avoid battles if possible . I think going out to travel might be a good idea, maybe I could even go to the Tong Tian Tower and find my old friends for a reunion . This ‘Medicine Encyclopedia’, it’s useless in my hands . I’ll leave it to you to safeguard it!”

Yue Yang looked at the Ancient Book in front of him . There was a bold and cursive calligraphy written in dark golden ink on the book cover . He guessed that that was “Medicine Encyclopedia” .

As he flipped it open and looked through the pages, he found that every single page was about Medicine Prescriptions and Methods of Refining Medicines .

However, there was a great portion of refining methods written that were not methods to refine mere ordinary medicines . They were even specifically marked as “Innate Refinement System” . Yue Yang immediately understood why Grandma Chi had given this book to him . No matter what, he was still an Innate, hence this Medicine Encyclopedia could only be useful to him .

However, he would think twice before receiving gifts from others . Yue Yang felt a little hesitation in his heart .

If Grandma Chi then asked for some strict terms and conditions, he wouldn’t feel good rejecting her request .

It was as if Grandma Chi had seen through Yue Yang’s thoughts . She revealed a meaningful smile and nodded, “I am already old . If you could find Lustrous Branch of Life, Undying Dark River Water, Regeneration Springwater, Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe, Dream Fruit and other herbs and concoct an “Immortal Pill”, can you give one to this Grandma?”

“Alright!” This was as simple as writing an empty check . Wasn’t that easy?

He immediately agreed, then hurriedly snatched and hugged the Medicine Encyclopedia tightly into his embrace . His hands had moved as fast as if he was stealing the book .

Seeing this, the mysterious beauty could only roll her eyeS at him in annoyance .

However, this gesture was useless towards Yue Yang . He even thought of her move as a flirtatious glance designed to entice him!

After bidding farewell to the hospitable Grandma Chi, Yue Yang and the mysterious beauty walked out of the Water Door and returned to the edge of the lake . The mysterious beauty then took out a teleportation scroll and prepared to leave . However, Yue Yang hurriedly stopped her, “Wait a minute, beautiful lady . I wouldn’t even start on how you played a trick on me or how you were rude to me, but you even kicked my butt . Are you thinking of shirking your responsibility?”

The mysterious beauty could only sweat in speechlessness, “Wasn’t that because there was a need to trick our opponent during the battle? Furthermore, afterwards, you have also kicked my butt, so doesn’t it balance out in the end? Hey, were you taking revenge on me when you kicked my butt afterwards?!”

When Yue Yang heard this, he quickly shook his hands, “No, it’s not revenge! I wanted to protect you and prevent you from getting injuries . That was a kick out of concern for you, it’s different from your kick that was designed to push me towards the enemy . My parents have told me before: Whoever kicked my butt must become their daughter-in-law as a compensation for my loss . Since you have kicked my butt, you must atone for your sins . This is our family’s rule that could not be broken!” Yue Yang blabbered shamelessly, causing the mysterious beauty to almost fall on the ground . She replied with a headache, “Then what were you thinking when you were kicking my butt? Do you think that you are the only one with parents? Don’t you think my body is also precious? You are practically making trouble without any reason! No, that’s wrong . You are practically shameless!”

“I’m not! I am speaking logically . I have decided that I will also compensate you for your loss, and be your husband if need be!” Yue Yang smiled widely showing his shiny teeth, his smile bright like the sun and easy like the spring breeze . Of course, his smile was also extremely pervertic .

“Stop acting cool! Who would want to be your wife!” The mysterious beauty raised the Ancient Book in her hands and sent Yue Yang flying with a slap .