Long Live Summons! - Chapter 153

Published at 18th of March 2016 10:33:34 PM

Chapter 153

Chapter 153 – Learning [Space Teleportation]

Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Yue Yang really wanted to ask who this mysterious beauty was in his heart . Why did she follow him? Why did she save him? Even if it was a battle to her death, why did she still help him to fight the Marquis of Zi Jin? Who was she exactly?

This girl was simply too mysterious .

She made him feel a kind of tickling curiosity . He really wanted to expose her and examine her clearly .

This mysterious beauty was different from Yi Nan . Although Yi Nan, that girl, was also a little mysterious, Yue Yang could still guess her identity a little . This mysterious beauty in front of him, on the other hand, he couldn’t figure her out even a single bit . As for why she wanted to help him, Yue Yang really couldn’t understand at all . Normally, for someone like the pitiful guy who was not close to his uncles nor grandma and was not cared by anyone other than Fourth Mother, he couldn’t possibly have luck with the ladies . As for him, although he had already caused chaos in the Yue Clan Castle only a few months after he came to this world, he hadn’t done anything too drastic, so why would she take notice of him?

She was even familiar with his usual attitude, behaviour, words and actions .

This was simply too strange…

“I have to go now, you should ask your Brother Yi Nan for comfort!” The mysterious beauty even knew about Yi Nan . This caused Yue Yang to break out in sweat secretly .

“Brother Yi Nan is a guy, he wouldn’t be able to comfort me!” Yue Yang would obviously not admit that he was a womanizer who had decided to set his foot down on a number of ships .

“Who are you trying to trick!” The mysterious beauty rolled her eyes adorably . That sort of girlish and pouty gesture immediately scored a homerun at Yue Yang’s heart, making his heart thump wildly . In that thousandth of a second, he found that he seemed to have taken a liking to this mysterious beauty, whose face he had not even seen before . Furthermore, this ‘like’ was not the like the normal ‘like’ . Although it wasn’t much, his feeling towards the mysterious beauty was definitely not less than his feeling towards Yi Nan . Yue Yang really wanted to reach his hands out and pull her face scarf to see her face . Even more, he wanted to embrace her and fiercely kiss her cherry lips… His desire to subdue her surged high up .

Yue Yang really wanted to face upwards and gave a loud, wolfy howl, then push her down right at this place .

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Of course, that was only his imagination .

In the first place, don’t even think about whether the mysterious beauty would retaliate or not, this place was still right in front of Grandma Chi’s house . If Yue Yang pushed this mysterious beauty down, he was afraid that Grandma Chi would pretend to pass by and watch them excitedly .

“I’m really going now…” The mysterious beauty said this on her mouth, but her legs didn’t move a single inch .

“I’ll send you off!” Yue Yang was particularly attentive to her .

“Send your head off . Your glib tongue doesn’t work on me at all!” The mysterious beauty suddenly laughed . Her laughter sounded very unique . To Yue Yang, Luo Hua City Mistress’ laughter showed off her personality, sounding bold and unconstrained . When she laughed, her whole delicate shoulders would tremble uncontrollably, and she would also move her body animatedly . Yi Nan’s laughter, on the other hand, was lovely and reserved; she always covered her little mouth when she laughed . This mysterious beauty’s laughter was even more unique than the both of them . She laughed with her eyes . Her eyebrows revealed a smiling expression that was unique to her own . It didn’t look like she was laughing out loud on the outside, but her smiling expression gave him the feeling that she was smiling directly from the bottom of her heart . Her smile particularly warmed his heart .

As she opened her teleportation scroll, Yue Yang suddenly had an impulse to shout at her, “Stay here with me . I will make sure to treat you well all my life!”

The mysterious beauty waved her hand that was holding her Ancient Book a few times to bid him farewell .

Yue Yang watched her leaving him with reluctance in his heart .

He really wanted to run towards her and embrace her tightly, stopping her from leaving him . However, he also understood that if he wanted to attain her heart, he couldn’t show his anxiousness for her . Even more, he couldn’t be too aggressive or he would definitely scare her off .

Chasing girls require patience .

He had to go about it slowly . This was a war of attrition with the goals of pushing her down forever and obtaining all of her body and soul . It would be impossible if he didn’t spend some time for this . Besides, it was fine this way too . As long as she continued to follow him, he would have many chances in the future . He believed that after this battle, she would have a favourable impression on him… Yue Yang changed his hand that was about to grab her into a wave, bidding her farewell freely and easily .

The mysterious beauty glanced back and gazed upon Yue Yang with her especially clear and bright doe eyes before stepping into the teleportation gate and left .

Those pair of eyes had sent a strong jolt of electricity through Yue Yang’s body .

“Heavens, beauties are really creatures that can send out electric currents!” Yue Yang realised that he felt like he had just been struck with lightning . He felt uncomfortable yet extremely comfortable at the same time, and he felt an indescribable feeling of parchness in his heart . He couldn’t help but to give a loud wolfy howl .

He then looked at the Blood Scythe Demon who was still struggling . Although it couldn’t escape, the Little Thorny Flower Demoness also had a hard time to swallow it .

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Yue Yang had wanted to use his Hui Jin Magic Blade to hack at it wildly, chopping the Blood Scythe Demon to 18 pieces for better digestion… However, he changed his mind . Maybe he could use some other special ways .

For example, the Fragrant Sleeping Flower .

Indeed, when Yue Yang poured the Fragrant Sleeping Flower Perfume to the top of Blood Scythe Demon’s head, the originally beaten and exhausted Blood Scythe Demon showed a peculiar reaction . Its body lost its control! As sleepiness came over it, the Blood Scythe Demon’s struggles became slower with time . No matter how it tried to resist its sleepiness with all of its strength, the effects of the Fragrant Sleeping Flower finally overcame it .

As its resistance became weaker, countless Thorny Flowers immediately seized the opportunity to absorb its body’s energy .

Two Thorny Flower Demons enveloped the Blood Scythe Demon’s whole body, digesting it slowly in the Blood Scythe Demon’s dreams . At long last, the super strong Gold-ranked Level 7 Blood Scythe Demon met its tragic end!

At this time, the Little Thorny Flower Demoness who was sleeping on her flower terrace had actually woken up without Yue Yang realising it .

She kept on observing Yue Yang, her master, as if she was extremely curious about him .

Yue Yang didn’t pay attention to her, instead, he scooped the blood scythe out from the bottom of the lake, and started to search through the whole battle area for loots . At the same time, he also thought about his battle and even tried to copy the Marquis of Zi Jin’s [Space Teleportation] technique . He was extremely envious of the [Space Teleportation] ability . When the Marquis of Zi Jin executed it just now, he had especially used his level 3 [Divine Vision] to observe it clearly . He wanted to secretly learn the shameless [Space Teleportation] technique, so that it could be his trump card when he mounted a sneak attack in the future .

In reality, Yue Yang, who had long realised the [Nature’s Heart], had an indescribable sense of clarity with nature, space, and other elements .

He also had this special feeling when he used teleportation scrolls normally . When he had entered the Battlefield of Certain Death and the Demon Abyss, Yue Yang had already had the determination to unravel the secret of spaces . Previously, when he was tricked by the cunning old fox and entered the Dimension of Test that he had created, Yue Yang’s interest towards space and dimensions had greatly increased . Entering Grandma Chi’s Underwater Dimension just now had also allowed him to realise that it was not that it was impossible to master dimensions, he only needed to execute the right method to master it! Hence, Yue Yang gathered all his body’s awareness and realizations, including the information he gathered from observing the Marquis of Zi Jin’s [Space Teleportation] skill, and started to try mastering spaces and teleportation…

It even need more attention to detail and care to be executed than his Twin Fish [Spherical Beheader] .

He first created a sphere with Innate Qi in the space, allowing the space to take a physical form of a vortex, a passageway .

Yue Yang calmed his excited heart and continued to train . He failed again and again, tried again and again, and improved a little with every try… Every time he failed, he gained a new understanding of space, a new feeling of space…

After countless number of failures, right before Yue Yang’s last bit of spiritual qi was exhausted, he finally created a Space Vortex .

His Space Vortex wasn’t as big as the Marquis of Zi Jin’s, its revolving speed was also faster, hence the time it could be sustained was extremely short .

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But Yue Yang had succeeded .

He couldn’t wait and leapt into it, trying to teleport . As a result, as he teleported out after passing through the space passageway, he found that his body had re-appeared right above the water… His teleportation had failed, he had missed his teleportation target that was 10 meters away by a few dozen meters, teleporting right into the middle of the lake .


Yue Yang plunged into the lake, his whole body completely drenched .

“Nn?” Waiting for Yue Yang to swim back miserably to the edge, the Little Thorny Flower Demoness was engrossed in watching his movements . However, her expression seemed to show her confusion, as if she didn’t understand why her master had purposely jumped into the lake on his own .

“This [Space Teleportation] was indeed more difficult to master than the average skills!” Yue Yang heaved a sigh .

If the Marquis of Zi Jin heard his words, he would probably threw up blood .

The Marquis of Zi Jin, who regarded himself as an unparalleled genius and was born with [Dimension Control] Inherent Skill, had trained for many years before he could even learn his teleportation skill . He even spent a full 50 years to train before finally having such a mastery in teleportation today . However, Yue Yang managed to secretly learn the skill from him although he had only fought him for a while . This matter… it was fortunate that the Marquis of Zi Jin didn’t know about this matter, otherwise, he would probably die immediately out of anger and vomiting blood .

As Yue Yang trained his teleportation ability, the Little Thorny Flower Demoness watched him excitedly with great interest .

Of course, watching Yue Yang did not stop her from eating her snack .

The Silver-ranked Level 6 ugly beast was like a snack to her . She extended her secondary stalk that was as thick as a bucket and swallowed it whole, even inclusive of its greatsword .

“What are you looking at? Little kids should sleep early!” Yue Yang realized that this naked Little Thorny Flower Demoness had been watching him non-stop without lifting her gaze off him even a single moment . Yue Yang became flustered as he had accidentally let her saw his embarrassing moment, hence he immediately brought out his might as her master . The Little Thorny Flower Demoness was indeed afraid that he would get angry the moment she heard him . She immediately retracted her flower terrace and covered herself, comfortably sleeping inside .

By the time she finally woke up again, the Thorny Flower Demons would probably have finished digesting the Gold-ranked Level 7 Blood Scythe Demon .

At that time, she would probably be able to evolve into a Gold-ranked Level 1 Thorny Flower Demoness . Yue Yang reckoned that she would probably grow up a little more and become a beautiful lady… Could it be that she would be a beautiful, mature oneesan when she became a Golden Crown Thorny Queen?

Yue Yang’s mind started to wander .

Other than the Hard-shelled Dragon Fruit that the mercenaries picked, the other two were still unripe . They were useless even if he plucked them, so after Yue yang created a Teleportation Point at this place with his teleportation scroll, he decided to return back to the Settlement Camp and reunite back with Yue Bing . He would come here again in the future to pluck those fruits when he had the time .

With the Medicine Encyclopedia, Yue Yang had decided to make studying Medicine Refining as his short term goal right now . At the same time, he had also wanted to learn about [Space Teleportation] from the old cunning fox .

He realized that there were still a lot of things that he could learn from his school .

Yue Yang who had now upheld the model student’s attitude towards learning had a new direction and a new goal to work hard on .

Yue Yang, who was joyful and pleased after winning a huge victory from a great battle, recalled the Little Thorny Flower Demoness and opened his teleportation scroll, teleporting back to the Settlement Camp . However, before he even had the time to stand upright, a sword blade suddenly swung down upon him right on his face . Behind him, an axe was sweeping towards him horizontally, giving him a fright . With a swing of his Crescent blade, he swept away the two weapons that were endangering his life and quickly turned around, kicking with lightning speed and sending his sneak attacker away with a loud boom .

Just as he was about to ask why the opponent had launched a sneak attack on him, Yue Yang suddenly realized that the whole Settlement Camp had turned into a holocaust .

Corpses were strewn all over the ground .

There were chopped heads of mercenaries everywhere around, and bloody weapons filled the whole place .

There was a large fire on the Main Camp . Countless mercenaries acted like wild, insane beasts, killing everyone within their sight .

Yue Yang was greatly shocked . A feeling of uneasiness crept up to him . Could it be that the mercenary group that owned Golden Ant Eggs had returned and started a mercenaries’ war with other mercenaries who wanted to steal those eggs?

Looking at the situation right now, it seemed like every single person in the Settlement Camp had participated in this looting massacre . No one had self-control on themselves anymore . In this place, those who didn’t want to kill would be killed . No one was spared… When Yue Yang thought about how Yue Bing, who was standing right outside the Ant Hole, might be implicated too, he immediately became anxious . He roared loudly and flew towards the entrance of the Ant Hole with the speed of light .

If something were to happen to Yue Bing, how could he explain it to Fourth Mother?

No, she must definitely not be injured even a little bit . She was his smartest and most obedient little sister!

“Whoever blocks my path will die!” Yue Yang thought . He anxiously held his Crescent Blade on his left hand and Hui Jin Magic Blade on his right as he passed through the crowd of people, his body moving like a purple flame tornado . Every single mercenary who tried to attack him or blocked his way was immediately killed on the spot…