Long Live Summons! - Chapter 154

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Chapter 154

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Chapter 154 – Fight then, Hero’s comrade!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Yue Yang had guessed right . At the entrance of the Ant Hole, there was indeed a massacre .

Countless mercenaries were hacking and slashing their blades blindly, tangled and bundled in a crowd . Some mercenaries were slaughtering others while some were merely defending themselves . They had also summoned their beasts who had started to bite and tear at each other . Every single person had gone stark, raving mad, wanting to kill all the enemies in front of them and carve a way out to survive for themselves . However, more people were killed, and even more were falling down . Chopped limbs and heads were strewn all over the ground . Beasts’ corpses laid in disorder, forming mountains of corpses everywhere and emitting a bloody smell that made Yue Yang feel like puking .

Amongst the fighting crowd, miserable cries resounded continuously as corpses fell to the bloodstained ground one after another .

Beasts roaring, blades striking, close combat noises resounded through the whole mountain .

“You guys have all gone mad . The Golden Ant Eggs are not with us at all . You guys have really gone mad!” There were a few mercenaries who were innocently dragged into battle .

Facing against the other mercenaries who had turned into mad slaughterers, they couldn’t help but to pick up their weapons and kill as a self-defense .

Yue Bing, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others were also the same .

A few hours ago .

The five of them were resting outside of the Ant Hole, quietly waiting for Yue Yang to return . Never would they thought that a moment later, there was a disturbance at the entrance of the Ant Hole . At first, mercenaries only started to curse at each other . However, a few minutes later, it was unknown who had started it, but a shocking, crazy news had suddenly exploded . It was said that in the bags of three mercenaries, there was a Golden Ant Egg each… Hence, every single mercenary who carried a backpack became a target for greedy mercenaries, causing a bloody war to explode immediately . The fire of the war ignited in every single mercenary soldier, and not even a single one was spared . Yue Bing, Ye Kong and the others had initially avoided the battle and was climbed up to a high mountain cliff, unwilling to fight a deadly battle with these mercenaries . However, before 10 minutes even passed, they were found out by the mercenaries below . Some devilish and monstrous mercenaries with fierce appearances started to charge towards them .

They had already become mad from the killing, turning into a killing machine that would kill anyone within their sight .

In order to create more disorder, there were even some mercenaries with a hidden intention to provoke other mercenaries, who started to point towards Yue Bing and shouted loudly, “The Golden Ant Egg is on that little lady!”

Thus, mad, violent mercenaries started racing their way towards her . Their beasts also climbed along .

It was impossible to avoid the battle again .

Yue Bing and Ye Kong had initially wanted to teleport back to Hope Town, but found that their teleportation scroll failed when they opened it .

Seemed like there was a dimensional disturbance in the Settlement Camp and Hope Town . The purpose for this disturbance was to prevent anyone from teleporting away from this place . In the sky, countless mercenaries riding their flying beasts descended on the ground .

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It was evident that these were the mercenaries from Hope Town who had heard about the news and decided to come over .

Even if they were to teleport to Hope Town, it seemed like it wouldn’t be safe anymore!

Previously, they had never thought that something like this would happen . All the teleportation scrolls on Yue Bing, Ye Kong and the others had all recorded Hope Town or the Settlement Camp as their Teleportation Point . Only Yue Yang had a teleportation scroll to Shang Jing… Furthermore, Yue Bing was also not willing to abandon her brother and flee . If his brother who had entered the Ant Hole didn’t return for one whole day, she would also not leave this place for one whole day .

No matter what, she would wait for her brother to return .

“Don’t force me to kill you!” Yue Bing had a kind heart, in the beginning, she only summoned two Hundred Year Old Treant Defender to threaten the mercenaries . She only sent those mercenaries climbing up towards her flying away, but she didn’t hit them very hard . However, slowly, the stronger Mercenary Commanders amongst the mercenaries realized that this little lady’s abilities were really powerful and started to believe that she truly had a Golden Ant Egg in her backpack . Hence, under that misconception and the influence of their greed, the mercenaries’ attacks became even more crazed .

From the ground and the sky up above, countless attacks came down on them like heavy rain .

Arrows, rocks, poisonous powders, flammable smoke, fire, ice, lightning and all other kinds of attacks poured down . There was not even a single kind of attack that wasn’t used .

There were archers shooting arrows and crossbows with accurate aims, there were berserkers throwing rocks, there were assassins throwing poisonous powders and flammable smoke, and there were also beasts shooting flames, ice and lightning attacks… Under the rain of all these attacks, the Bronze-ranked Level 5 Hundred Year Old Treant Defenders’ bodies were all covered in cuts and bruises . However, they still continued to fight relentlessly . With the two Treants guarding in front of Yue Bing, no mercenaries managed to take a step closer .

Yue Bing couldn’t afford to be merciful to these people anymore . Neither being nice nor denying the possession of Golden Ant Eggs had any effect on these crazed mercenaries . She ordered her Hundred Year Old Treant Defender’s [Tree’s Thorns and Brambles] and [Coiling Roots] to shoot out, killing every single beast that had come close to attack her .

In 30 minutes, over dozens of greedy mercenaries and almost a hundred of beasts were pushed down the mountain cliff and died a violent death, all under the power of the Hundred Year Old Treant Defender … The mercenaries’ endless attacks were all useless to Yue Bing, a summoner who owned a Halo Shield and two Bronze-ranked Level 5 beasts protecting her .

However, a few moments later, they started to retreat slightly and reorganize as they waited for Yue Bing’s Halo Shield to end . When it had ended, they continued to attack again like madmen .

Fatty Hai’s Halo Shield could only stand for ten minutes .

Yue Bing had really hoped that her brother could come back right at this moment . With her brother here, all these mercenaries would retreat . However, at this time, Yue Yang was still underground, looking for the Volcano spring .

Fatty hai’s Halo Shield disappeared very quickly as it reached its limit .

Under the blindness of temptation and benefits, countless mercenaries started to crawl up, filled with killing intent as they swore to capture Yue Bing .

In the sky, countless flying beasts were continuously circling around and launching attacks on them . Some sinister mercenaries who were riding on these flying beasts had even used crossbows to rain arrows down onto their body… In order to protect Yue Bing, whose spiritual qi and mental power had been severely depleted, Ye Kong exploded . He first summoned his strengthening-type beast, the King Kong Demon Ape, to strengthen his body . Then, he summoned the strong Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle and used its almost unbeatable defense to protect Yue Bing .

Ye Kong unleashed his [King Kong’s Rod Technique] which had greatly improved in power after Yue Yang’s pointers . Furthermore, with the support of the strengthening-type beast King Kong Demon Ape, his attacks utterly decimated the legion of mercenaries .

However, after an hour, Ye Kong collapsed to the ground, unconscious, having spent too much energy .

The Li Clan brothers’ power were weaker than Ye Kong’s . Although they have also acquired Yue Yang’s pointers, they didn’t improved very much . Furthermore, they couldn’t display their maximum capabilities fighting against a swarm of people .

After all, their beasts were too weak, hence they couldn’t provide much support to them .

After losing the Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle’s protection, the Li Clan Brothers could only bitterly fought against the sea of mercenaries for 15 minutes, before they were pushed down by the tsunami of mercenaries down the mountain cliff . Although Yue Bing had hurriedly saved them, they were gravely injured and had difficulties breathing . Seeing this, Yue Bing, who had a strong heart, didn’t curl up in fright . Instead, her power exploded .

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Yue Bing summoned her grimoire again . When she summoned the Hundred Year Old Treant Defender this second time, it swept its trunks wildly and pushed all the mercenaries and beasts down the mountain cliff .

A part of the mountain walls had actually collapsed due to the Hundred Year Old Treant Defender’s multiple heavy and sharp attacks .

A dark, deep precipice was revealed after the mountain walls collapsed .

There were mercenaries in front and a cliff behind .

Yue Bing was caught in a desperate situation .

When the mercenaries saw this situation, they became even more insane and motivated, charging forward with a power stronger than before .

With both her body and mental completely exhausted, and with the addition of the mental strain from the dire situation she was facing, even Yue Bing couldn’t endure such despair anymore .

After bitterly fighting for ten minutes, Yue Bing couldn’t endure it anymore and dropped to the ground .

Before she collapsed to the ground, she cried out “Brother…” loudly .

Her loud scream echoed throughout the whole mountain .

At this time, Yue Yang was still at the Volcano fighting a deadly battle with the Marquis of Zi Jin . He completely didn’t think that his sister would fall into such a dire straits, to the point that she had fainted, waiting for his rescue .

Fortunately, Hui Tai Lang, whom Yue Bing sent to seek Yue Yang previously had returned .

It had fought countless battles with numerous Fire Red Ants and went through countless of tunnels in the Ant Hole . However, it still didn’t manage to find its master, and in the end, could only return back with nothing… Seeing that there was only Fatty Hai who was left standing amongst the party, Hui Tai Lang completely exploded . The dark demonic flames on his body ignited and soared up high to the sky . Like a Demon King descending, a tornado killing machine, it immediately killed the hundred over beasts and mercenaries that were climbing upwards…

An hour later, there were more than 300 people and 500 beasts killed with its sharp teeth and claws .

When it returned to the cliff and stand guard in front of Yue Bing, it was filled with wounds and lacerations, fresh blood dripping from all over its body . It was like a rain of blood, dripping onto the cliff .

It, who was a Silver-ranked Level 4 beast, had killed countless Level 5 beasts, and even a few Level 6 beasts . All the mercenaries who came from the Hope Town and the powerful warriors hiding amongst the crowd had used every single means they had . Hypnosis, contract, temptation, ice and thunder, but they completely couldn’t stop its onslaught . In the end, they were massacred by Hui Tai Lang instead, thrown below the cliff . However, the endless surge of beasts who attacked it relentlessly finally subdued Hui Tai Lang with numbers . In the end, Hui Tai Lang miserably lost to numbers .

Although it continued to kill the beast on the mountain cliff and guarded in front of Yue Bing, it had already reached its limits and did not even have the energy to continue to stand .

“That two-headed dog is finally done for, let’s go!”


“Whoever gets the Golden Ant Egg will be rewarded 1000 gold . ”

“Kill them and take revenge for our fallen brothers . Whoever first reach the mountain will be rewarded with that girl . Charge!”

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Against those mercenaries who were rushing up the mountain like ants, Hui Tai Lang furiously gave a loud howl, “Awoooo!”

Just as Hui Tai Lang was struggling to stand up and was about to give its all one last time, a fat hand suddenly patted its head . “Why are you so anxious? Nobody has died yet! When did I ever tell you to show off your loyalty here? Watch this carefully, there’s still this Master Hai, you know? If I, Master Hai, couldn’t endure it anymore, you’ll have to carry Yue Bing and jump down that cliff! You must not let Yu Bing fall into those mercenaries hands! Also, as for Ye Kong and the others, you have to free them from their suffering . There are only men who die in wars, not men who kneel as prisoners of wars!” Fatty Hai tore the upper portion of his clothes and shouted with a twisted expression, “You imbeciles, didn’t you guys want the Golden Ant Eggs? Fight for it then!”

He then threw Ye Kong’s and his bags down the mountain, causing the mercenaries to kill each other as they tried to snatch the bags .

Flesh and blood flew all over the place . Countless mercenaries died from each other’s blades .

In the midst of the chaos, the bags had been torn into shreds .

However, other than food and clothes, there were no Golden Ant Eggs inside at all…

The Mercenary Commanders all started to suspect if the Golden Ant Eggs were actually hidden by Fatty Hai . A lot of mercenaries harbored deep hatred towards Yue Bing, Ye Kong, Li Clan Brothers and Hui Tai Lang, who have killed hundreds of people . This party had almost killed all of their brothers . They had already went crazy a long time ago . No matter what, they had to destroy this party . The Mercenary Commanders were willing to fight to the bitter end . They felt that other than themselves, they should definitely not even leave a single person alive . Only those who survived would have a chance to acquire those Golden Ant Eggs . Hence, other than themselves, they wouldn’t let anyone off!

Spurring, encouragement, commands, rewards and promises were all spewed out from their mouths, with the goal of motivating the mercenaries who have fought the battle for countless of hours without winning .

Their purpose was to leave all these cannon fodder to die and acquire all the loots and rewards to themselves .


The mercenaries climbed up ferociously without caring for their lives, they had long since gone insane from the massacre .

At this time, Fatty Hai had not even summoned his summoning grimoire yet . Instead, he took out a piece of dark crystal, then mumbled a long summoning incantation .

Dark light permeated the air, as if night had enveloped the whole sky .

“Rooarrrr!” A roar that sent chills down everyone’s spine blasted from within the darkness, echoing throughout the mountains .

There were also countless loud booming sounds from the mountain .

In the middle of that dark light, there was an ugly, frightening monster that made people feel like vomiting and trembled with fright at the same time . It suddenly appeared in front of the mercenaries . It had an enormous head, shoulders and a gigantic body . Its arms which were as thick as tree trunks and as hard as steel . Its dark claws were even sharper and longer than daggers . On that ugly monster’s face, there were extremely sharp fangs, growing long down the monster’s mouth .

What kind of monster was this? No one had ever seen it before .

However, this frightening monster could actually speak in human language . Its bloody mouth opened and resounded with a human-like voice, “Haven’t you seen handsome guys before? You guys all deserve to die, go and die right now!”

“Is this a person or a monster?”

“It seemed like a Behemoth, but I have never heard of a Behemoth that could speak! This doesn’t seem to be a strengthening-type beast . What kind of weird being is this?”

“Quick, kill it!”

The mercenaries hurriedly rushed over . Although they were many in numbers and countless mercenaries reinforcements kept coming from Hope Town to increase their numbers, fear and panic still filled the air .

The creature that the mercenaries thought was a Behemoth raised its pair of claws and jumped down from the mountain . With just a slash from its claws, a level 3 Wild Bull King’s head was immediately swept away .

Countless of attacks and rocks were aimed on it’s body .

However, the frightening Behemoth was simply in pain and not injured in the slightest . Instead, it became more furious and crazed as it gave a loud howl, slashing its claws right in the place where there were the most number of people and caused a bloody massacre…

Two hours later .

After that frightening Behemoth monster used its utmost effort to kill hundreds of beasts and hundreds of mercenaries, it finally fell under the rain of attacks from the mercenaries . Just when a few dozens mercenaries were about to surround and behead it, suddenly, that ugly Behemoth sat down on the ground and started to spout human language again, “This Young Master don’t want to play with you guys anymore, this Young Master is tired . Let me go back and rest up for a while!” From within the crowd of mercenaries surrounding it, it charged and slashed forward, carving a bloody pathway out, in hope of being able to return back to the mountain… Arrows poured down on the Behmoth’s back like a heavy rain .

Within the arrows, there were some enormous arrows that wounded the Behemoth greatly . These arrows were shot by strong warriors who were hiding in the crowd .

The Behemoth looked like it had turned into a porcupine, its back was filled with arrows .

It had thoroughly exhausted its strength and had no more power to climb up the mountain cliff .

In the end, it struggled to embed its claws deep into the cliff’s walls, and just like that, it hung there suspended, 5 metres right below Yue Bing’s body, not even moving a slightest bit .

No matter how the mercenaries shot its body with rocks or arrows, it only swayed a little at the most and did not have any other reaction anymore .

Maybe the Behemoth’s blood had already been squeezed dry, maybe it had already died long ago!

Hui Tai Lang stood up and howled towards the sky in pain .

“Awoo…awoo…” Its sad and shrill voice echoed throughout the whole mountain .

“The Golden Ant Eggs are now ours! Brothers, charge forward and snatch those Golden Ant Eggs! Whoever reach the top of that mountain cliff first will be rewarded a hundred gold! Whoever can find the Golden Ant Eggs first will be rewarded a thousand gold!” Almost every single mercenary group leader put out the same kind of reward .

And hence, chaos and disorder exploded once again .

The mercenaries that were as numerous as a swarm of ants all climbed towards the mountain .

A lot of people fell halfway through the mountain into mid-air as they were either killed by a sword or shot by an arrow…

The few mercenaries who managed to climb up didn’t even bother to find the Golden Ant Eggs, they first attacked the mercenaries nearest to them .

Hui Tai Lang didn’t bother with the mercenaries who started to kill each other the moment they climbed up . Instead, it moved Ye Kong and the Li Clan brothers to Yue Bing’s side . After it arranged them in a line, it miserably howled out with sadness, as its blood and tears dropped to the ground . It then bit at Yue Bing’s collars and fling her body to its back . And then, it reached out to Ye Kong’s throat .

Before it carried its mistress and leapt towards the deep abyss, it wanted to free its comrades from their suffering and prevent them from becoming prisoners of wars .

Just as it was baring its fangs and was preparing to open its mouth, from the canyon far away, a purple coloured meteor shot through the sky, flying towards them furiously…