Long Live Summons! - Chapter 299

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Chapter 299

LLS Chapter 299 – Blood Bath, Struggles, Victory


Chapter 299 – Blood Bath, Struggles, Victory
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Kill her!”

At the Yue Clan Castle, two Demon Generals and two Zi Jin Kingdom’s Generals rushed towards Yue Bing and surrounded her .

This kind of strange situation where demons and humans joining forces together to attack a girl was a sight that would probably not be seen in a hundred years . At first, neither of the Demon Generals nor the Zi Jin Kingdom Generals wanted to join forces . Instead, they tried to find their own opponents to fight . However, they soon discovered that the Demon Legion had suffered serious losses under a girl’s plant-category beast’s attacks . If they allowed her to continue her slaughter, all of the demon monsters that came out from the teleportation gate would probably be completely annihilated .

The two Demon Generals and two Zi Jin Kingdom Generals had no other choice but to join forces and attack her .

However, even after that, Yue Bing still managed to control her Treant Defender and continued to massacre the Demon Legion .

After her brother’s considerate teachings, Yue Bing was no longer the young widow who could only be bullied by others . She was as unrelenting and courageous as ever, but her combat power and confidence had increased hundred folds .

“[Tree Thorns]!”

Yue Bing stood inside her barrier and ordered her two Treant Defenders to slaughter the Demon Legion .

Countless sharp tree thorns started springing up from the ground and surrounded the whole group of demon monsters, injuring everyone . Some of the smaller demon monsters were impaled by the tree thorns and died immediately on the spot . Some monsters with bigger bodies were only injured on their legs .

Those with quick reactions had flown to the sky before their legs were impaled .

However, no matter how small their injuries were, as long as the tree thorns cut their skin, they would immediately die on the spot .

This was because the tree thorns were imbued with the [Antiaris] poison . This was an ability that Yue Bing had acquired at the Scorpio Temple, the reward from Scorpio Temple when her [Intense Poison] Inherent Skill had levelled up . Low-levelled monsters wouldn’t be able to resist the Antiaris Poison even if they had some poison resistance abilities . As for the Zi Jin Kingdom soldiers, needless to say, they were instantly killed .

Arrows and fireballs rained down and smashed onto the two Hundred Years Treant Defenders’ bodies in succession .

Everyone knew that plant-type beasts were weak to ice, fire and thunder-type attacks . Amongst them, fire-type attacks were the easiest to launch, especially when the Demon Legion were more proficient in fire-type attacks, even more than dark-type or poison-type attacks .

When the flames ignited on the Hundred Years Treants’ bodies, Yue Bing remained calm and summoned the “Green Light Tree Demoness” .

Green Light Tree Demoness possessed three kinds of special skills: [Regenerate], [Green Rush] and [Spirit Root] . When she released her green light ball that increased the strength of the Treant Defenders, those flames on their bodies disappeared and leaves started to spring out from their bodies . She had greatly increased the attack power of the Treant Defenders, making them bigger and their leaves lusher .
A Demon General suddenly charged forward, regardless of the situation, intending to pin his enemy down and give his comrades more time to charge a huge fireball .

Yue Bing quickly flew out from within her barrier .

The current Yue Bing was not only a summoning master, she was also proficient in combat skills .

Before the Demon General manage to attack, he had already been knocked down to the ground by Yue Bing’s whirlwind kick in the air .

“[Coiling Roots] . ” Yue Bing pointed at the Demon General and immediately, countless tree roots and vines sprung out from the ground as the two Treant Defenders bound the Demon General with their roots . The Demon General struggled to free himself relentlessly, but suddenly, countless tree thorns sprung up from the vines, impaling the Demon General to death immediately . After the Green Light Tree Demoness released [Spirit Root] and powered up the two Treants, their giant roots penetrated deep into the Demon General’s body and absorbed his life force forcibly to replenish the energy that they consumed .

The whole battle had not last even half a minute, but the Demon General, who was ferocious as a tiger and healthy as a horse before had now turned into a dried up corpse that had their energy absorbed dry .

The rest of the Demon Generals didn’t even dare to save him, afraid that they would end up with the same tragic fate .

Countless demons threw their fireballs, creating a sea of fire .

However, as far as Yue Bing, the seasoned fighter of hundreds of battles, this heavy rain of fire was only equivalent to a drizzle . She jumped high from the Treants’ shoulders and flew through the rain of fire, landing right on top of the head of the demon who kept throwing those fireballs .

She stomped the demon monster dead, then smashed it flat with the giant arms of her Treants . The whole earth was shaking violently, even the houses at a far distance was swaying uncontrollably .

The demon monster that was smashed had become a meat paste .

The other demon monsters weren’t able to escape too, they were completely trashed left, right, up, down by the two Treant Defenders . A demon monster who had an especially tall and big physique was even raised by those treants and smashed onto the nearby castle walls . “Boom!” It crashed onto a house below and was buried alive in the blocks of bricks . When Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others were still fighting desperately, Yue Bing had already charged into the teleportation gate . She was an unstoppable force, advancing forward like a hot knife through butter .

The ferocious, evil demon monsters were completely defeated under her hands .

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Yue Bing and her Treants started attacking the teleportation gate . The moment the surrounding demon monsters started attack them, they were immediately killed on the spot with Yue Bing’s deadly [Antiaris] poison .

Waves and waves of demon monsters charged forward, replacing those that was killed . Very quickly, they became a wall of corpses around Yue Bing .

Seeing the situation, the fake Yue Qiu immediately abandoned Fatty Hai and Ye Kong, the two tenacious opponents . He released one of the moves in his <> technique, the [First Slash: Earth Splitting Slash] right towards Yue Bing .

Yue Bing’s figure flashed and she beautifully dodged it completely .

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At the same time, a large amount of tree vines and roots quickly sprung from underneath the fake Yue Qiu’s feet, twining around his legs in a flash .

The fake Yue Qiu spun his blade and cut the tree roots away . However, just a moment after he regained the freedom of his body, Yue Bing had already kicked at Yue Qiu’s chest, with a speed so quick that completely shocked the fake Yue Qiu . Fatty Hai was yelling “Be careful!” from afar as the fake Yue Qiu stood back up and charged forward again, a black light beam suddenly shooting out of his forefinger straight at Yue Bing’s forehead .

In that crucial moment, Yue Bing dodged the deadly attack at the last second by bending backwards .

Taking advantage of the situation, the fake Yue Qiu charged forward with an unbelievable speed… Yue Bing somersaulted back continuously to avoid his sword, making the fake Yue Qiu pierce into empty air . He furiously threw her a kick, treacherously attacking Yue Bing’s back .

Yue Bing’s body was hit and she flew over ten metres away . She crashed into some demon monsters and was almost smashed by a Demon General’s hammer .

However, Princess Qian Qian had arrived in a flash and swung her great sword at the Demon General, saving Yue Bing right in time .

Ye Kong and Fatty Hai was completely furious and went berserk, their eyes were red like a hungry wolf’s . They didn’t care about their safety and charged forward .

Even when sword blades pierced into their body, they didn’t care at all .

Fatty Hai and Ye Kong used the special skill they used to fight against Kai Yang of the Seven Great Bears just now . This was a skill that Yue Yang had patiently created for them, it was the most effective skill to use against an opponent that was hard to be defeated or who had high agility . The fake Yue Qiu’s blade had sunk deep into Fatty Hai’s shoulders, until his bones, and Ye Kong’s chest was also pierced through from front to the back . However, the two people completely disregarded the consequences and charged forward, unafraid of death . Their hands wrapped onto the fake Yue Qiu’s arms as they pushed the fake Yue Qiu down to the ground .

The fake Yue Qiu released his Qi and injured the two internally . Blood dripped out from their mouths .

But Fatty Hai and Ye Kong continued their tight grip, not loosening them at all .

The Li Brothers arrived and managed to pierce their Dual Arrow Blades onto both of Yue Qiu’s leg in the chaos .


A large amount of Qi exploded as Yue Qiu screamed out in pain, blasting Fatty Hai and Ye Kong away . However, before he had the time to jump away, the Li Brothers abandoned the weapons in their hands and charged forward like a hungry wolf too, gripping his legs like an unbudgeable chain . The fake Yue Qiu rained down his fists on them, beating the Li Brothers body to the point that their Ant Soldiers’ Armors broke to pieces and their ribs shattered . However, the Li Brothers still gritted their teeth and held on, gripping at Yue Qiu’s feet like giant claws . They wouldn’t let go even after Yue Qiu’s ferocious rain of attacks .

“Die, you piece of impostor trash!” Fatty Hai roared violently with a body full of wounds as he gripped Yue Qiu’s back in his deathly grip . He twisted his two legs on Yue Qiu’s hips and locked Yue Qiu’s throat with his arms .

“You are seeking death!” The fake Yue Qiu elbowed Fatty Hai in his ribs, almost breaking every rib he had . Fatty Hai spat out a mouthful of blood .

“You are the one who will die!” Ye Kong didn’t have time to find his pike weapon, he simply took a stone and smashed it hard on Yue Qiu’s head . When the fake Yue Qiu was disoriented for a few moments, he gripped at Yue Qiu’s right arms tightly . The fake Yue Qiu ferociously pummeled at Ye Kong’s ribs with his left hand, causing his blood to splatter everywhere . However, Ye Kong gritted his teeth and continued to twist at Yue Qiu’s right arms, pulling at it with the power of his whole body . Prince of Tian Luo who was initially refined and dignified had become a little crazed right now . He had never fought with Ye Kong and the others before, but seeing that Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li Brothers, four people, were still unable to hold the fake Yue Qiu down, he yelled out in fury and quickly flew over to help them .

He clamped down the fake Yue Qiu’s only free limb, his right arms and together with Ye Kong, Li Brothers and Fatty Hai, he twisted the fake Yue Qiu’s body and smashed his head to the ground .

Fatty Hai’s nose was broken, fresh blood continued to flow out .

As the five people finally succeeded in suppressing the fake Yue Qiu, his body suddenly changed in appearance, and he turned into a demon monster that was covered in burning flames . His height was more than five metres, and his strength was powerful beyond compare . Fatty Hai and the others weren’t able to stop him even with the strength of five people .

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In the sky, a meteor-like shadow appeared .

Yue Bing raised the Giant Pike that Ye Kong had thrown away just now and smashed it hard on Yue Qiu’s head .


She was blasted away by the fake Yue Qiu’s Qi .

“Let me do it!” Princess Qian Qian abandoned the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder she was fighting and released the power of the White Tiger within her . Her Sword Qi exploded as her great sword slashed down with a power that could destroy heaven and earth . The fake Yue Qiu who had turned into a demon monster suddenly spluttered a ray of light beam from its mouth and broke Qian Qian’s great sword into two .

Princess Qian Qian was beyond furious . She used the half of her great sword to smash at Yue Qiu’s head repeatedly .

The Hundred Transformations Demon Elder’s claws charged forward, prepared to rescue Yue Qiu .

Behind her, a blast of wind as cold as the Arctic wind blew .

There was a Giant Snowman who was about to ambush her .

However, faster than the Giant Snowman, Xue Tan Lang who had frozen the fake Third Young Master into ice had attacked her instead… The Hundred Transformations Demon Elder avoided Xue Tan Lang’s attack and counter-attacked, slashing at Xue Tan Lang’s chest with her claws . She almost clawed out his heart…

“Newbie, this level of coldness means nothing . I’m not someone a newbie like you can handle, you are still young and immature, you should learn this point!” The Hundred Transformations Demon Elder then moved as fast as lightning . Xue Tan Lang was completely not her match, especially after he had used up his strength to defeat the fake Third Young Master . He was immediately beaten black and blue by her, he almost had no chance of retaliating . When the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder turned around, she found that her ally, the fake Yue Qiu, was in a dangerous situation . Princess Qian Qian and Yue Bing was smashing his head with their weapons… Although a demon’s head was more durable than a human’s, if his head was smashed repeatedly like that, it would definitely shatter .

“Unless I die, forget about going there to help . ” Xue Tan Lang gritted his teeth and attacked . He knew that he was not the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder’s opponent right now, but as long as he had the ability to delay her for a minute, that fake Yue Qiu would definitely die .

“Go away, just scram!” The Hundred Transformations Demon Elder punched him repeatedly at Xue Tan Lang’s chest .

She couldn’t kill him in such a short time, so she decided to send him flying away with punches and rescue her ally first .

Suddenly a sound that sounded like ice breaking resounded from her back . A deadly, biting cold wind that penetrated straight to her bones blowed at her as a voice resounded, “If he’s not your match, do you think I can be your match?”

The Hundred Transformations Demon Elder turned around and found Xue Wu Xia, whose mouth was dripping with blood standing right behind her, glaring at her coldly . She was so shocked that she shivered as she shouted in alarm, “Where’s Marquis of Zi Jin? Did you kill him?”

Xue Wu Xia shook her head and wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, “I only killed that slut called Luo Wei… If you don’t mind, I can send you off to accompany him in his journey in afterlife . If you like eunuchs, I think he would be quite compatible for you . ” As Xue Wu Xia spoke, the Bloody Queen Red descended to the ground from the sky and let out a loud, mournful Banshee Scream…

The Hundred Transformations Demon Elder felt like her eardrums were about to burst . Her head blanked as a shot of unbearable pain coursed through her head .

The Reaper Mantis’ giant scythes slashed down like lightning, clamping down on the Hundred Transformations Demon Elders’ body . As for the Golden Beast flying in the sky, it turned into a sharp sword and landed on Xue Wu Xia’s hands . Swinging the beautiful sword magnificently, she quickly slashed across the Hundred Transformations Demon Elders’ neck .

At the same time, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man jumped from the high sky and kicked hard at the fake Yue Qiu’s chest, immediately knocking his demon’s body away .

Then, her strong fists smashed onto the fake Yue Qiu’s head like a meteor .

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At this time, the fake Yue Qiu’s defense had been completely broken, causing him to vomit a huge amount of blood… He roared loudly and struggled, sending Fatty Hai, Ye Kong, Li Brothers and Prince of Tian Luo flying away . Just as he was about to get up, the Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle and Lightning Mammoth came onto him and crashed onto him with all their strength, breaking all of Yue Qiu’s bones . The fake Yue Qiu collapsed down to the ground in pain .

Fatty Hai, Ye Kong, Prince of Tian Luo and Li Brothers was afraid that this fellow would still not die, hence they had also charged forward and clamped his body down .

The fake Yue Qiu who had turned into demon monster didn’t stop struggling with all he had, but he had reached his breaking point .

After Yue Bing’s, Princess of Qian Qian’s and Barbarian Cow Shadow’s consecutive attacks, his strength, mental and body had all crumbled down .

Hui Tai Lang charged forward and clawed out his demon heart with its sharp claws . In the end, Princess Qian Qian with her White Tiger power and mighty Sword Qi, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Li Brothers and Prince of Tian Luo all managed to break a part of Yue Qiu’s body, successfully dismantling him to a few pieces .

The fake Third Young Master who had just broken his frozen state was frightened to death and tried to escape . He only cared about watching his back in case Xue Wu Xia and the others will notice him . He tried running away with light steps, but he didn’t realize that standing on top of a palace wall, the Thorny Flower Demoness was watching his surreptitious actions . Countless thorny flowers sprung up from the ground under her orders . Before the fake Third Young Master could even scream, he was already swallowed inside a thorny flower . He struggled with all he had inside, but it was all futile . He only had one bad outcome, and that was to become a flower’s fertilizer…

Xue Wu Xia didn’t participate in killing the fake Yue Qiu . Instead, she raised the Golden Beast who had turned into a sword and break the Demon Abyss’ teleportation gate .

Seeing the current situation, the two generals from Zi Jin Kingdom committed suicide in hopelessness .

The Demon Generals still wanted to lead their army and attack, but Luo Hua City Mistress released the [Aurora] in her hands and instantly killed a huge number of demon monsters . Even the Demon Generals were reduced to ashes .

The newly promoted Hundred Eyes Demon Elder from the Thousand Goblins Sect had been turned into a lunatic by Yi Nan’s Spirit Mirror . He attacked his comrade Hundred Claws crazily, then exploded himself, killing his comrade and himself in the process . The only one who couldn’t kill her opponent was Yue Yu . Her opponent was Hundred Wings, but with Yue Yu’s current abilities, the battle would only end up as a tie at the most . She was even at a disadvantage . Fortunately, Luo Hua City Mistress had been keeping an eye on her, hence she didn’t suffer from any serious injuries .

Yue Yu was also someone who specialised in healing skills . Her current fighting abilities were only acquired after training with Yue Yang for the past few days . Furthermore, her ‘Tsunami’ was also better-suited to fighting in water . Her opponent was the Hundred Wings Demon Elder who kept flying in the sky, of course she would be at a disadvantage .

However, Hundred Wings didn’t a stand a chance to the Bloody Queen . Before he escaped 2 kilometres away, the Bloody Queen had managed to catch up to him .

With a whip of the Bloody Queen’s Flame Whip, the Hundred Wings Demon Elder’s wings shattered to pieces and he fell to the ground .

Bloody Queen swooped down, and as she let out a deafening ‘Banshee Scream’ to knock Hundred Wings unconscious, she stabbed her Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger and Silver-ranked Eye Destroyer Dagger deep into Hundred Eyes’ heart and forehead, killing him instantly .

When Yue Yang returned from the Demon Palace back to the Yue Clan Castle, the great battle had all come to an end .

As he surveyed the surroundings, he found that everywhere looked disastrous .

The Yue Clan Castle was engulfed in smoke and almost all the buildings in the surrounding had crumbled flat to the ground, still burning in flames… Corpses scattered all over the ground and blood flowed everywhere . Yue Yang was even worried that they had been defeated during the fight at the beginning, but he suddenly heard a burst of joyful cheer from the Yue Clan Castle . He even heard Hui Tai Lang’s unique howl . Yue Yang felt at ease immediately .

This battle was finally finished .

It was an extremely arduous battle, but the cheers could prove one thing . In the end, they had gained victory of the great battle!

Xiao Wen Li floated out from his body and obediently hugged Yue Yang’s leg . Her small body tried to support him soundlessly, that no matter what, during battles or normal lives, she would always accompany him by his side .

She would forever be by his side .