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Long Live Summons! - Chapter 300

Published at 18th of August 2016 01:30:36 PM

Chapter 300

LLS Chapter 300 – Level Up, Collecting Loot, Yue Yang’s Return

Shiro: Uhh, some of you might notice that I sometimes use Zhi Jin Kingdom then I used Zi Jin Kingdom, Marquis of Zhi Jin/Marquis of Zi Jin, Great Emperor of Zhi Wei/Great Emperor of Zi Wei . The correct one is actually ‘Zi’ not ‘Zhi’, but I’ve always thought it was Zhi… Gonna change it from this chapter onwards… And YAAYYYY! 300 CHAPTERS!

The battle finally ended . Fatty Hai, Xue Tan Lang and Prince of Tian Luo’s summoning grimoires shone with the level up glow one by one .

The colour of the glow in their grimoires were all different .

Fatty Hai’s summoning grimoire glowed with a green light, Xue Tan Lang’s with blue light, and Prince of Tian Luo’s with white light . Amongst them, the weakest and lowest-levelled one but also the fiercest and bravest in the fight, Fatty Hai, received the greatest reward . His Iron-skinned Rhinoceros ranked-up from Bronze-ranked Level 4 to Silver-ranked Level 4, and it evolved from Iron-skinned Rhinoceros to Silver-horned Rhinoceros . If it levelled up and ranked up one more time, it would be able to evolve into one of the rarest beast in the world, equal to the Lightning Mammoth in strength, the [Diamond Rhinoceros] .

This evolution was very meaningful to Fatty Hai . His Rhinoceros could finally stand on stage .

Iron Rhinoceros would usually stay as Iron Rhinoceros its whole life, but as long as it could evolve into Silver-horned Rhinoceros, it would have 99% chance of becoming a Diamond Rhinoceros . Hence, Fatty Hai really couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear with this evolution .

Although he was seriously injured and was in so much pain that he almost couldn’t stand, this battle was completely worth it!

Ye Kong and the Li Brothers were completely jealous of him .

They didn’t possess summoning grimoires, hence they wouldn’t be able to gain experience and level up during battle . They also didn’t have the ability to receive the rewards for the level up from the Ancient Laws . For example, Fatty Hai’s Iron Rhinoceros had not only evolved into a Silver-horned Rhinoceros, it also gained a new ability, [Steel Bones] . Ye Kong was so jealous that he almost drooled .

The difference between owning a grimoire or not lies in here .

Xue Tan Lang didn’t reveal the reward for his level up, he continued to maintain his cool guy appearance . However, the joy that couldn’t be concealed in his eyes was obvious for everyone to see . Seems like he got quite a nice reward .

Prince of Tian Luo’s element-type beast, “Skyfire Meteor” had levelled up too . However, it was a Gold-ranked beast in the first place, hence it didn’t evolve .

Amongst the people, the one that levelled up the most was neither Xue Tan Lang, nor Fatty Hai… It was Yue Bing .

Her Hundred Years Treant Defender had evolved into Thousand Years Treant General after levelling up .

It had levelled up to Silver-ranked Level 5 from Bronze-ranked Level 5 . Thousand Years Treant General was much bigger than Hundred Years Treant Defender, and it also looked more human . It also possessed Ancient Tree’s Heart . Ancient Tree’s Heart was extremely important for Treants, because as long as their Ancient Tree’s Heart was intact, a Treant would never die . The Thousand Years Treant General had not only gained higher combat power, it had also gained stronger life force… Treants’ evolution path was Treant Warrior, Hundred Years Treant Defender, Thousand Years Treant General and Ten Thousand Years Ancient Tree King .

Yue Bing’s Treant was only one step behind from possessing the Ten Thousand Years Ancient Tree King, that no one else in this world had .

With the Tree’s Heart, it marked the start of the Treant’s ability to evolve more human-like, and become a Holy Beast .

Qian Qian, Luo Hua, Yue Yu and the others had all levelled up to different extents . Amongst them, Xue Wu Xia who killed Innate Rankers Kai Yang, Luo Wei and also killed HUndred Transformations Demon Elder, acquired the greatest rewards .

All the girls decided not to disclose how much they have levelled .

All the demon monsters from the Demon Abyss had been completely annihilated .

The elite soldiers from Zi Jin Kingdom had mostly died in the battle . The few who survived chose to surrender, while others who were afraid of punishment chose to commit suicide .

The Yue Clan members who sided with the fake Yue Qiu chose to surrender, and most of the clan members and generals who opposed the fake Yue Qiu and was imprisoned were all released . They immediately started to clean up the mess, healing people and putting out fire, saving their land .

Yue Clan guards like Lin Miao and Lin Lei who chose to follow Yue Yang in a heartbeat were seen as heroes now!

Even the branch families brothers had called them ‘Big Brother Lin’ when they saw them . Their close relatives, for example their cousins, raised them up to the air excitedly . They felt that the Lin Family’s status in the Yue Clan would be raised in the future . When Yue Yang, the Innate Ranker, took back the control as the Yue Clan’s leader, the Lin Family would definitely grow more prosperous… Some of the clan guards who didn’t manage to surrender in time lowered their heads in guilt . The clan guards who participated in killing the demon monsters were still better off, at least they had proven their loyalty at the last minute . Those who resisted until the end, even though nobody started to arrest them, they still stood at the side quietly, awaiting their time to be captured and punished .

Everyone was members of the Yue Clan, who was right and who was wrong, who was loyal and who had betrayed, it was obvious for everyone to see .

Someone wanted to take advantage of the chaos and switch sides?

That was completely impossible!

When the two elders were released from the prison and saw how badly the Yue Clan Castle was damaged, the number of Yue Clan members lying dead on the ground, they couldn’t help but to shed their tears… This battle was definitely the greatest calamity that the Yue Clan ever faced . Fortunately, under a situation where it was impossible to win, Yue Clan had managed to overcome it .

Because there was the Yue Clan juniour, Third Young Master Yue Yang, who had miraculously turned the tides around .

With his own strength, he had killed a number of Innates and repelled the Great Emperor of Zi Wei, Shun Tian and the shadow that they suspected was the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader . He had even pursued the Green Summit Sect Leader Duan Mu Long Cheng and killed him in the Demon Abyss .

If he had not come to the Yue Clan Castle, the Yue Clan that had never fallen in the past thousands of years would probably be trampled to the ground .

“Right now, we only need to wait for brother to come back . ” Yue Bing knew that they would have to settle the matters with their clan, but she hated to manage the matters of their clan . Furthermore, she didn’t know how to . On the other hand, Yue Yu had gone to the Castle’s main courtyard and comforted the elderlies, women and child who were frightened out of their wits . There were a few demon monsters who had invaded into the courtyard, but they were killed by Second Uncle Yue Ling and Ninth Master Yue Feng . Hence the Yue Clan’s elderlies, women and child were all safe .

“It’s alright, your brother will definitely return safely . ” Xue Wu Xia wiped away the blood staining Yue Yang’s face softly, comforting her with a gentle voice .

“Woof . ” Hui Tai Lang gave the best reaction, it was the first to ran out the door amongst the Bloody Queen, Thorny Flower Demoness and the others .

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Their master had returned .

It could sense Yue Yang’s unique, one and only kind of Qi .

The Bloody Queen and Thorny Flower Demoness could also sense his Qi, but they were slower by a moment . Following behind Hui Tai Lang, they all flew over ecstatically .

Forget about them, even Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others who were seriously injured and was in the midst of being treated struggled to get up and ran out, wanting to welcome Yue Yang’s return personally .

The blood-soaked Ascetic Practice Saint and the Scholar accompanied Yue Yang as they stepped into the main door . They looked like they had just drowned in blood . Wounds lacerated all over their skin, but their expressions remained calm and unperturbed, as if the wounds on their skin was others’ not theirs . There were even a glimpse of pride on their faces . This was because after paying such costs, they were finally able to kill the two Heavenly Imperial Guardians of Zi Jin, who were at the same rank as them .

They were all Heavenly Imperial Guardians, but Da Xia’s Heavenly Imperial Guardians were stronger .

The scars on their bodies now served as prove for having defeated the Zi Jin Heavenly Imperial Guardians .

Of course, they were a little embarrassed standing next to Yue Yang who was completely uninjured, but they had already known from the beginning that this brat was an abnormal existence, so they didn’t feel very bad .

In reality, it was not that Yue Yang was not injured .

He had actually suffered serious injuries, but they had all been healed by the Nirvana Flame, so they couldn’t be seen anymore .

The Ascetic Practice Saint and the Scholar knew that Yue Yang had fought with Duan Mu Long Cheng, Shun Tian and the others… but they didn’t know that he had also fight against the Great Demon Kings Baruth, Ha Xin, Ou Gen and two Lich Kings Grun and Mafa . Otherwise, they would probably be so shocked that they have a heart attack . Actually, above everything else . Yue Yang had also managed to rescue the sealed, airheaded Qilin girl who had a bad sense of direction . He had even seen the twin Phoenix sisters who were hidden inside another world in the Divine Grimoire .

When the Qilin girl barged into the world inside the Divine Grimoire, she had been kicked out by the twin Phoenix sisters . Afterwards, the twin Phoenix Sisters had accepted her and allowed her to enter the world inside the Divine Grimoire .

Yue Yang had also realized his dream kidnapping the Qilin girl with a bad sense of direction .

Initially, he had even wanted to negotiate it with the two Phoenix sisters .

However, the two Phoenix sisters were still young, even younger than Xiao Wen Li . They couldn’t even speak, but when Yue Yang tried to align his thoughts with them, he felt some kind of dizziness as if his head was heavy and his feet was light . Nirvana Flame engulfed his whole body, and he felt as if he was about to explode . With his current abilities, he wouldn’t be able to communicate with the two Phoenix Sisters . Of course, this was also because the two Phoenix Sisters were still unable to control their own abilities .

Yue Yang only tried to sense a little, but he had managed to understand a lot . With the help of the Qilin girl who had a bad sense of direction in ‘translation’, he had managed to understand quite a lot of things .

For example, he knew that the Phoenixes and Qilin were all kindhearted Immortal beasts . They have a kind disposition, and they were also very intelligent . They possessed the purest “Natural Hearts”, so they would not initiate an attack on their enemies at normal times, unless those enemies posed as a danger towards them .

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Hence, if not for some people who harbored evil intentions towards Yue Yang, in normal situations, they would not have come out to fight .

As for their origin, the Qilin girl was also unable to tell where the two Phoenix sisters had came from . However, she determined that Yue Yang was their ‘dad’ . She even felt that Xiao WEn Li was also his ‘daughter’, she didn’t care about the difference in their races at all . This made Yue Yang felt really speechless . Furthermore, the Qilin girl liked Xiao Wen Li a lot . She felt that the little lamia loli had a better temperament compared to the two Phoenix Sisters . Xiao Wen Li didn’t have any objection with regards to her entering the world inside the Divine Grimoire . Furthermore, she wouldn’t be like the two Phoenix Sisters who had kicked her out .

The Qilin girl didn’t know that Xiao Wen Li true feelings was that as long as the she didn’t try to fight for her dad’s attention, she was fine with anything else .

Yue Yang was eighty percent sure that the Phoenixes eggs were inside the Universal Pouch that the Old Daoist Priest had left him . However, he didn’t know how they hatched afterwards .

Maybe the Heavenly Sword Goddess had given it to him… He shouldn’t care about this too much right now, because in the end, the Heavenly Sword Goddess would be his first wife no matter what . With her managing his household, Yue Yang would feel at ease . He felt that if that was the case, he could simply enjoy his blissful sexual life and leave all the matters to the Heavenly Sword Goddess to manage . If he had problems internally, he would ask his first wife Heavenly Sword Goddess to solve it . If he had external problems, he would ask his second wife Xue Wu Xia to solve it .

Phoenix Fairy Beauty promised to meet Yue Yang at another time, then waved her hands and left .

If she didn’t leave, the Ascetic Practice Saint and the Scholar would feel extremely nervous . Their hands were sweaty, their heartbeat increased, their temperature rises… This was not because she had enticed them, but it was because she was the infamous Tian Fa, the demoness from Demon Palace who killed without blinking their eyes . She was Da Xia and Tian Luo Kingdom’s thousand years arch-enemy .

The good relationship between Yue Yang and Tian Fa didn’t mean that the Ascetic Practice Saint and the Scholar would let their guards down towards her, let alone see her as a friend .

Hence, after the Ascetic Practice Saint and the Scholar finished their battle, Tian Fa had given Yue Yang a small smile and immediately left .

Yue Yang’s return had hastened the Zi Jin Heavenly Imperial Guardian’s death .

Although Yue Yang didn’t join the fight, the Zi Jin Heavenly Imperial Guardians immediately thrown into disorder when they saw his return . They immediately lost their will to fight . The Ascetic Practice Saint had used this chance to unleash his ultimate move and finished his opponent . Then, he went over and helped the Scholar and worked together to defeat the other Zi Jin Heavenly Imperial Guardian . In the end, they gloriously returned to the Yue Clan Castle and announced their grand victories .

The old fox had also secretly teleported over .

There wasn’t a single scar on his body, but his contributions to this battle was only second to Yue Yang .

This was because he had made use of his teleportation ability and changed the destinations of all the Demon Abyss’ teleportation portal to Da Xia and Tian Luo to his own experimental Battlefield of Death . Without any Innate Rankers to disturb his plans, he had secretly maintained the safety of the two capitals all on his own .

The old fox’s Spirit Qi was completely depleted, and he was tired to death . His complexion was pale white as he teleported to the Yue Clan Castle . Raising his walking stick, he walked over to Yue Yang and was prepared to knock it on Yue Yang’s head .

This was because this rotten idea was Yue Yang’s idea .

Although it was very effective, if not for his abundant experience and the fact that he had break through a new level in his teleportation ability, the old fox felt that he would most probably die due to the depletion of his Spirit Qi… Thinking about it, he still feel some lingering fear until now . However, before he managed to knock his walking stick onto Yue Yang’s head, Yue Bing had ran towards her brother with tears all over her face, rushing into his embrace .

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Of course, she was crying because she was happy .

Seeing his brother return, Yue Bing felt that a huge burden in her heart had been lifted .

Her brother was her sky . Without her brother, she wouldn’t be able to imagine what would happen to her mother, sister and herself .

The Bloody Queen, Thorny Flower Demoness and Barbarian Cow Shadow all rushed to welcome their master, hugging him tightly .

Hui Tai Lang happily snuggled against Yue Yang’s legs .

This special position was it alone, nobody would snatch it from it .

Unable to hug Yue Yang and not daring to do anything to the two Innate Rankers, the Ascetic Practice Saint and the Scholar, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai was forced to hug the old fox instead .

They raised him up and threw him into the air as they cheered .

However, due to their exhaustion and injuries, their arms were too weak to catch the old fox who was thrown into the air when he fell back to the ground .

“Pow!” The old fox pitifully crashed to the ground hard, almost fracturing his back . It was so painful that he screamed out miserably .

“In this battle, we have completely defeated our enemies and achieved a grand victory . History would definitely recorded your names . You guys had created a miracle that wouldn’t happen twice . The safety of the kingdom, Yue Clan Castle were all safeguarded because of your hard work!” The Ascetic Practice Saint raised his arms and praised Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the other juniors who were soaked in blood .

“Victory, yayyy!!” The Yue Clan Castle who had almost became ruins resounded with a deafening cheer . Everyone cheered out as much as they wanted, feeling proud of the victory that they have achieved this time .

Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress, Yi Nan and Xue Wu Xia all stood at the side, away from the crowd as they quietly watched Yue Yang .

Their expression were filled with softness and tenderness .

They were all worried about his safety .

They all wanted to hug him tightly too, welcoming his return . However, at this moment, they would give way to his friends and clansmen who were all cheering for him…


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