Long Live Summons! - Chapter 303

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Chapter 303

LLS Chapter 303 – The Old Fox becomes an Innate


His hot lips felt like electricity tingling on hers as the room was filled with the sound of her short breaths and the thumping of her heart that couldn’t be stifled .

Yi Nan felt like she was in a dream .

It was beautiful, yet indistinct .

It didn’t seem real . When she remembered the kiss again, she still couldn’t believe that she just had her first kiss . It feels like that scoundrel had stolen her first kiss before she even managed to realize what was happening . The memory that she was left with was as hazy as a dream, it was indistinct and unclear . She could remember the feeling yet she couldn’t remember the process . She couldn’t remember when he started kissing her, and she couldn’t remember how she had reacted .

Her whole memory was only filled with his gentle, yet domineering kiss .

At first he was extremely gentle, his lips only touching hers lightly, gently and softly marking her lips with his . When she felt the friction between their lips, it felt like a jolt of lightning was coursing through her body . Then, his kiss turned bolder, as he spread her lips and entered her mouth, sucking onto her tongue and refusing to let her go…

Yi Nan felt like she was extremely clumsy compared to him . On the other hand, he was extremely well-practiced and skillful, kissing her to the point that she was unable to breathe .

She was intoxicated the whole time . Yi Nan could only remember feeling extremely good during the kiss . She felt an unexplainable wonderful feeling .

As for whence Yue Yang had pulled her into his embrace, she couldn’t remember at all .

“Greedy bastard!” Yi Nan thought about how he had continued to kiss her for a long time, not giving her time to rest at all . Even when her lips had become swollen, he still continued to kiss her while his naughty hands touched her body brazenly . If it weren’t for the fact that the Vice Principal had come and Yue Bing warning them with [Heart Telepathy] from outside, he would probably still be holding her and refused to let go! When she thought about how he had demanded a mile after getting an inch, she really wanted to bite him . That greedy fellow, if she had not stopped him, he would have sneaked his hands inside her clothes…

“How does it feel to be kissed?” When Luo Hua City Mistress saw that Yi Nan had been staring blankly ever since she returned to her room, looking extremely smitten, as if her soul had flown to ninth clouds and above, she became a little curious . Do kissing really felt that good?

“We, we didn’t kiss . ” Yi Nan refuted immediately .

“Really?” Luo Hua City Mistress saw that Yi Nan’s lips were obviously swollen . She secretly felt that it was really funny . Looks like Yue Yang had kissed her too hard, otherwise her lips wouldn’t become like that . Of course, she wouldn’t expose Yi Nan . She would rather not embarrass Yi Nan, who had proposed to betroth herself to Yue Yang, further . Yi Nan shyly shook her head, as she looked down, not daring to look at the other girls .

When she remembered the intoxicated feeling that she felt when she was kissed just now, her heart immediately felt sweet and warm .

He finally kissed her .

Although she didn’t do ‘that’ with him, at least she could be sure now that she was in his heart, she had always been in her heart…

In another house, Yue Yang and the old fox were discussing secretly . They didn’t want the contents of their conversation to be known by the girls, so that they wouldn’t be worried .

“How’s the Feng Clan now?” Yue Yang asked about Fourth Uncle’s Matter . Before Yue Yang went to the Yue Clan Castle, they had heard news about the kidnapping of Fourth Uncle and Miss Feng . The kidnapper was extremely quick, the Feng Clan did not manage to react at all, they didn’t even see the figure of the kidnapper . Yue Yang thought that this was the Thousand Goblins Sect’s doing, because the Thousand Goblins Ssect wanted to rescue the Thousand Goblins King that was sealed inside the Heaven Stairway .

Fourth Mother was the key to opening the Heaven Stairway, and the only one that could be used to threaten her was Fourth Uncle and Miss Feng, who was pregnant with their child .

The reason for the Thousand Goblins Sect kidnapping Fourth Uncle was definitely because they wanted to force the secret of unlocking the Heaven Stairway out from Fourth Mother .

The old fox had gone to the Feng Clan to see the situation, he sighed, “The Feng Clan didn’t lose anything . It’s just that the Clan Master was extremely saddened . He didn’t have any other wish, he only wanted you to give your best and save his grandchild inside Miss Feng’s belly . ”

If Yue Yang had enough time, he would probably be able to heal the poison affecting Fourth Uncle and Miss Feng . Especially now that the Qilin girl could teach him about it .

However, Fourth Uncle and Miss Feng had been kidnapped by the enemies .

He thought that Fourth Uncle and Miss Feng’s lives were in danger, even the baby inside Miss Feng’s belly was also in danger . If the Thousand Goblins Sect was unable to acquire the secret to the Heaven Stairway, there was a high chance that they would kill their hostages . Of course even if they managed to get the secret to the Heaven Stairway, there would still be the possibility that they would kill their hostages… They had no other way other than finding the enemies’ hidden lair and rescue the hostages before the enemies could react… If the poison in Fourth Uncle’s body was not treated, even though they managed to rescue him out, it would be hard to save his life . Yue Yang really did not dare to pass the news to Yue Bing, he chose to hide it from her at this moment . He would explain it to her at the right time .

“What about Fourth Mother?” Yue Yang asked about Fourth Mother’s situation .

“Before the Night Empress went to explore the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, she had sent someone to fetch Fourth Mother . Right now, your Fourth Mother and little Shuang-er is inside the Mirage, they are very safe . She has heard about Fourth Uncle’s situation, and is greatly saddened . However, she said that you should just concentrate protecting your sister . She told you not to be impulsive, be careful so that you will not fall into the enemy’s trap . ” The old fox patted Yue Yang’s shoulders and nodded, “I also think that way . ”

“Don’t worry, I know what to do . ” Yue Yang felt that he would fight with the Thousand Goblins Sect sooner or later . He definitely shouldn’t avoid this battle .

“Seems like there’s some kind of medicine smell…” The old fox smelled the Martial Arts Pill smell the moment he finished relaying the important news .

“Seems like the eighth Innate in Da Xia Kingdom will be born soon…” Yue Yang gave a jade bottle containing the Martial Arts Pill to the old fox . When the old fox heard him, his hands trembled a little as he received the bottle . Pulling the cork and smelling the smell inside, he smelled something that reverberated straight to his soul .

His old face immediately turned emotional, his eyes turning red .

He carefully held the jade bottle, afraid that the precious object in his hands would shatter .

After observing the pill for a while, the old fox suppressed his emotions and nervously asked, “Have you successfully created it? This pill’s power seemed to be very condensed . Aren’t you lacking the Snow Lotus Root? How did you manage to finish creating it?”

Yue Yang smiled secretively, “You don’t need to know . I have finished making the pill, and it’s also Seventh Rank!”

The old fox looked at Yue Yang with unbelieving eyes, asking him in surprise, “Seventh Rank? Can Martial Arts Pill be Seventh Rank?”

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Yue Yang spread his hands, trying to indicate that this was merely child’s play to him . He looked arrogant like hell .

If it was in normal times, the old fox would definitely knock his walking stick on his head . But this time he actually nodded, full of joy, feeling that his arrogant demeanour was cute and justified . He nodded and smiled from ear to ear, “Good boy, look at your wonderful accomplishment! Is it really a Seventh Rank Martial Arts Pill? It’s so precious, I don’t even know if I would be able to take it . Seems like I have to prepare myself well… to a brat like you, I’m not going to say thanks . This Martial Art Pill, I will gladly accept it!”

Grandma Wu Teng was not present, otherwise Yue Yang would give the last pill to her, to cure the grave disease that she had been enduring for many years .

Princess Qian Qian called the Ascetic Practice Saint so that he could help the old fox reach the Innate Realm .

Although Yue Yang was also an Innate, he was an exceptional case . His experience of becoming an Innate would not be of help to the old fox .

Furthermore, Yue Yang couldn’t let anyone know about his Innate Invisible Sword Qi . The unique innate skill belonged to him alone .

The Ascetic Practice Saint and the Scholar, the two Heavenly Imperial Guardian, arrived . They first selflessly taught the old fox about their own experience, then used their own Holy Beasts to guide the old fox and help him absorb the Martial Arts Pill, so that he may overcome his bottleneck and reach the Innate realm . Yue Yang, Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress and the others all listened to the two senior’s experience, especially Xue Tan Lang, Prince of Tian Luo, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others . They were extremely focused listening to the Ascetic Practice Saint and the Scholar’s experiences, because to them, becoming an innate was a wish that they had longed for since forever… Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian and the others could use [Body Fusion] with Yue Yang and receive his teachings . Improving together as a group, there would be no problem for them to be Innates .

However, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others had no such possibility . They would have to depend on their own cultivation to break through the Innate realm .

Right now, the Ascetic Practice Saint and the Scholar’s teachings were still very early for them, but at least, they would possess some theoretical knowledge about this .

After eating the Martial Arts Pill, the Ascetic Practice Saint and the Scholar assisted the old fox together with their Holy Beasts .

Little by little, they helped to absorb the power inside the Martial Arts Pill .

After meditating for one whole day and night, the old fox finally managed to absorb all the power inside the pill . Slowly breaking it down, he pushed it to all parts of his body and break through the Innate Realm .

With two Holy Beasts’ assisting him, together with the Gold-ranked Level 7 Guardian beast ‘Space Dimension’ that he owned himself, the old fox finally managed to reach a whole new level . His inner power burst out . The Ascetic Practice Saint and the Scholar pulled out their power and retreated ten metres back, leaving the rest of the process to the old fox .

As long as he could break through the bottleneck, he would step into the Innate Realm and levelled up to become an Innate .

If he failed, then he might not be able to become an Innate anymore in his life .

The power in the old fox’s body exploded, dispersing like a hurricane . The wind from the shockwave almost blew Ye Kong and Fatty Hai away .

The old fox’s body glowed with a golden light as his power burst out to the maximum .

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However, even after quite a while, the old fox was still unable to break through . The Ascetic Practice Saint and the Scholar were nervous for him… If the old fox failed to open the door to the Innate Realm and reach a breakthrough in his cultivation during this maximum outburst of his power, he would not be able to become an Innate . But they were unable to help him at all at this stage, otherwise they might affect his mental health and hasten his failure . The old fox’s face was shining in gold, his hair and his beard floated in the air as his clothes waved with the wind . Drops of golden light started to appear on his Guardian Beast and his summoning grimoire . However, he still had not reached a breakthrough yet .

He was about to fall back to the ground . Yue Yang couldn’t bear it anymore and decided to help him .

He didn’t care about the consequences anymore . He was going to fail anyway, he should just try to help him in this last moment!

According to the situation that he saw with his Level 5 Divine Vision, Yue Yang condensed Innate Qi in his hands and channeled it into the old fox’s blood channel acupoint on his back . Yue Yang’s Innate Qi linked the flow of Qi in the old fox’s back that was obstructed previously . Yue Yang then pressed onto the old fox’s Bai Hui Point on his forehead and channelled Innate Qi there too, helping the old fox who was about to lose control of his mind to recover .

When the old fox’s mind finally focused back, the aftermath of his obstruction struck his body and he vomited a mouthful of blood .

His body swayed as if he was about to collapse to the ground .

The old fox had lost control of the energy flow in his body, but Yue Yang had managed to link them up again easily, with a skill that was much better than the old fox’s . He finally managed to break through the Innate Realm .


A loud explosion resounded .

Yue Yang was completely blown away, thrown into the air .

Golden light started pouring out of the old fox’s forehead, his summoning grimoire and his Guardian Beast . Interweaving together with each other, they formed a huge light pillar, rising up twenty metres high to the sky . For a long time, the light didn’t dissipate . This phenomenon, was indeed the sign of a warrior breaking through the Innate Realm . As for the light pillar, it signify the potential of the Innate Ranker that had just levelled up . Everyone was different .

Normal Innate Rankers would only emit a light pillar that was ten metres tall .

Warriors who don’t possess true Innate strength, and levelled up because they were power levelled by someone else, such as Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan from the Thousand Goblins Sect, Kai Yang, Tian Quan and Yao Guang from the Seven Great Bears, their light pillar would only be around five metres high . They would definitely not go over ten metres .

Since the old fox’s light pillar was twenty metres high, he would definitely be a very strong Innate Ranker with an outstanding potential .

Of course, no one would ever be able to compare to Yue Yang, the abnormal guy . Nobody knows how high Yue Yang’s light pillar was when he became an Innate . It had soared up beyond the clouds, no one could see the ends of it even hundreds of kilometres away . It was so high that no one could estimate the height .

If not for the fact that Yue Yang had so much potential, he wouldn’t have shocked the whole world .

Fortunately nobody had seen it, otherwise Yue Yang wouldn’t be able to level up more before troubles come knocking at his door .

“Not bad, you have unexpectedly emitted a twenty metre tall light pillar when you become an Innate . This potential means that there is a high chance that you will be able to reach Innate Level 5 . Seems like the Kingdom of Da Xia will be able to gain another Heavenly Imperial Guardian . ” The Scholar and the Ascetic Practice Saint was extremely happy . Not all Innates could become a Heavenly Imperial Guardian . Only an Innate Ranker who had reached Innate Level 5 could become a Heavenly Imperial Guardian . Only then would his abilities be powerful enough to protect the country .

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“The thing that made me happiest is that little Yue Yang seemed to understand how to guide the flow of power at the dangerous point at the end, helping his teacher to reach Innate . ” The Ascetic Practice Saint was very happy .

He was not the only who could see that, even Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others all could see this point .

Even though the old fox had almost failed when his body floated into the air .

It was Yue Yang who had pulled him back to the right path, guiding him to release his power once again and break through the Innate Realm . . Although Yue Yang only helped him for a few seconds, the quality and the help that he provided was much more meaningful than the Ascetic Practice Saint and the Scholar who tried to help the old fox initially for one whole day and night .

With Yue Yang’s help, looks like the chances of the others failing to breakthrough the Innate Realm would be low .

The old fox looked to the sky and roared as the Guardian Beast [Space Dimension] beside his body turned into shards of transparent glass, revolving around the old fox body as it shot out countless mysterious lights . Seems like it had also levelled up .

As the old fox’s roar died down, the shards of [Space Dimension] condensed into a ball and returned back to the grimoire .

At this moment, the old fox had finally finished breaking through the Innate Realm .

The old fox who was floating in the air slowly descended down . He looked at Yue Yang with tear-stained eyes then hugged him tightly, the student who had time and time again perform miracles for him . With his help, he had finally managed to bid goodbye from his status as an ordinary warrior and stepped into the Innate realm, becoming a true Innate Ranker .

“Congrats, teacher . ” This was the first time Yue Yang called the old fox teacher .

“Yes, yes . ” The old fox patted Yue Yang’s shoulders . He was so emotional that he couldn’t say anything else .

Ascetic Practice Saint and the Scholar also congratulated the old fox for becoming an Innate . Although the old fox was only Innate Level 1, with his potential, his power would definitely be on par with the two of them in the future . Furthermore, the old fox’s Inherent Skill was the extremely rare [Space Dimension] . They believed that their teleportation technology would improve greatly with the old fox’s help .

Looking at Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Li Brothers, Xue Tan Lang and Prince of Tian Luo’s envious eyes, Yue Yang smiled slightly, “Train hard, I believe you guys can also become Innate Rankers soon!”

With one sentence, Ye Kong and the others immediately became fired up with fighting spirit .

The Innate Realm was right before them, how far could it be?

With Martial Arts Pill and Yue Yang’s advice, coupled with the Ascetic Practice Saint and the Scholar’s assistance, how far could it be before they become an Innate Ranker? Look at the real-life example, the old fox . The only thing they need was just one thing, their hard work in training!

In this way, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others convinced themselves that they still had a chance .

Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian looked at each other . They didn’t say anything, but they knew that the two of them would be the ninth and tenth Innate in Da Xia in the future .