Long Live Summons! - Chapter 361.1

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Chapter 361.1

LLS Chapter 361 Part 1 – Since that is the case, you guys should just die .


When the Silver Fox discovered there was a strong enemy in the surrounding, on the contrary, Yue Yang felt that the strange Holy Beast that was following him had suddenly left .

It left to the south east direction .

When Yue Yang was feeling confused about this, suddenly, the Ox-head party leader Li Ao’s Black Iron Wrist Protector and the Golden Elf Lin En’s Precious Stone ring lighted up in red at the same time . Both of the red lights pointed towards the south east direction . The two people shouted at the same time, “There’s someone requesting help from the south east direction!”

“Quick!” The Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie slapped Yue Yang’s shoulders hard, signalling to him to follow her . She rushed to the front, wielding her giant axe .

“Oink oink, quickly, saving others will give us twice party points . ” The four Orc girls also rushed forward dauntlessly .

“…” Yue Yang felt that this kind of saving others are pain in the ass .

They might not even be able to guarantee their own life, let alone save others .

The monsters here, the moment they go berserk, they were definitely not monsters that this party could defend against .

Of course, saving others might be the good culture in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower . This point, he couldn’t use a human’s perspective to differentiate right or wrong . Yue Yang recalled the Silver Fox who had been baring its teeth and signalling that there were enemies surrounding them and followed behind the big loli elf Bao Er . He could enjoy a nice view for one, looking at her round little butt covered with her tight pants, it was quite seductive . For another, he could also help the innocent and enthusiastic Bao Er, who was the weakest one in the party, in case an emergency happened .

On the way, Yue Yang discovered that countless monsters were gathering on the south east direction, including the flying beasts in the sky .

After walking for half an hour, a thick scent of blood pervaded the air, spreading throughout the forest .


Beside them, beasts would come an go at times, but they completely ignored Yue Yang and the others . It was like they had gone berserk . They rushed forward, as if there was some kind of thing that was summoning them .

After walking for another ten minutes, there was a swamp and a lake up front, and they came into a wide clearing . On the south east direction, at a tall mountain peak in front, countless Green Dragons swoop down continuously, releasing their dragon breaths and attacking the human warriors with flames .

The countless number of beasts rushed towards the battlefield, recklessly charging towards the ten over human warriors who had formed a defensive circle to protect themselves .

The ground was filled with the corpses that the human warriors had killed .

Fresh blood covered the whole ground .

The river of blood flowed towards the lake, staining the clear lake water red…

Yue Yang did not need to look to know that these people were not in danger at all .

There were two Innate Rankers in the party, and the weakest amongst the party members was a Level 7 [Overlord] . A few Green Dragons wouldn’t give them any difficulty at all . As for the beasts on the ground like Forest Wolves, Forest Boas, Falcons and so on, they were completely just throwing away their lives . Quantity would never bring difficulty to two Innate Level 3 Rankers . Furthermore, these two had artifacts on their hands . One of them held a Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear while the other clasped a Curse Ball . The Curse Ball had the ability to increase the party’s strength and weakened the forest beasts’ power . It would be weird if they were defeated in this battle!

Yue Yang didn’t understand why they would sound a distress call . Could it be that there was a stronger Holy Beast amongst the beasts?

On the high cliff, there was a silver figure guarding in front of a cave . Only this giant Silver Dragon had the power to resist the two Innate Rankers, albeit with much difficulty .

However, even if it had the support of the Green Dragons around it, Yue Yang didn’t think that it would be able to endure the deadly combination of the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear and the Curse Ball combo… Especially the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear, it was a stronger weapon than the Dragon Slaying Dagger that Yue Yang had .

More accurately speaking, they were Gold-ranked weapon designed specifically to kill giant dragons .

Legends said that ten thousand years ago, there was a talented boy with a mediocre appearance called Tai Yue . With a fated meeting, he fell deep in love with a beautiful dragon girl, who reciprocated her love .

Their incompatible love had angered the Golden Dragon King .

The Golden Dragon King angrily imprisoned the dragon girl, but she escaped very quickly and eloped with her lover Tai Yue to a deserted place, living in seclusion . The Red Dragon Prince who secretly loved the Dragon Girl was once Tai Yue’s best friend, so he gained Tai Yue’s and the Dragon Girl’s trust . Other than the Red Dragon Prince, no one else knew about their location . Even the Dragon Girl’s escape was planned by the Red Dragon Prince .

With regards to the Red Dragon Prince, the Tai Yue husband and wife were extremely grateful . They viewed him as their benefactor .

However, the truth was that the Red Dragon Prince was burning with jealousy because the Dragon Girl had fallen in love and became his best friend’s wife . He was intent on destroying the two people’s happiness .

Under his report, the Golden Dragon King very quickly dispatched the Royal Dragon Guard to capture Tai Yue and the Dragon Girl .

The Red Dragon Prince notified Tai Yue immediately, and requested him to create a weapon that could kill the Golden Dragon King for him . He would personally kill the strongest Golden Dragon King and put an end to this tragedy . Hence, Tai Yue, who was an expert in making weapons, personally created a Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear as the Red Dragon Prince’s weapon . As for himself, he created a Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear to protect him and his wife from the Royal Guard’s attack .

After killing the Golden Dragon King, the Red Dragon Prince informed the Dragon Girl and told her that Tai Yue, her husband, was the one who did it .

The Dragon Girl mistakenly believed the Red Dragon Prince and started to interrogate her husband .

Tai Yue who had the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Sword hung on his waist couldn’t explain himself, he could only confess that the Golden Dragon King was killed by a weapon that he created .

The Dragon Girl walked away in anger, and Tai Yue was killed by the furious Royal Dragon Guard who wanted to take revenge on their king… In the end, the last blow was delivered by his good friend the Red Dragon Prince, with the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear that he created . He immediately died on the spot . When the Dragon Girl who came back after calming herself down saw her husband’s corpse, she was devastated . Then, she finally realized there was something wrong and investigated privately . When she saw that the Red Dragon Prince possess a Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear, she finally understood everything .

The remorseful Dragon Girl was unable to take revenge, so she pinned all her hopes on her son, who was still inside her womb .

When Tai Yue’s child grew up, he was more outstanding than his father . At the same time, he inherited his mother’s beautiful features . Other than creating an extremely sharp Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger, he had also studied Transformation Technique with a Ranker called Wu Xiang . Tai Yue’s son pretended to be a beautiful girl and approached the Red Dragon Prince who had became the Dragon Race’s King . He successfully assassinated him . Just as the furious Dragon Race was about to tear Tai Yue’s son into pieces, the Dragon Girl appeared and lamented her tragic story to her people . She then took her husband’s Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Sword which was on the Red Dragon Prince’s waist and committed suicide . Her sacrifice for love shocked the entire Dragon Race . In the end, the Dragon Race released Tai Yue’s son, who was heartbroken an inconsolable .

The story was passed on generation by generation . After such a long time, nobody knows if the legend was true .

However, the Yue Clan descendants in the Soaring Dragon Continent looked up to Tai Yue’s son, the strong man who created the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger to avenge his father . They regarded him as their ancestor and chose Yue as their surname!

This was the story that the old man Yue Hai told Yue Yang after he had gotten the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger .

In Soaring Dragon Continent, other than the Yue Clan, other clans would probably have already forgotten the legend . Maybe the Royal Library of the Da Xia and Tian Luo Kingdom would record a few sentences of this story in a thick history book .

No matter what, the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear, Dragon Slaying Sword, Dragon Slaying Dagger were the three weapons in the Dragon Slaying Collection . Other than the three weapons, there were also the Red Dragon Armour, Tai Yue’s gloves, Dragon Girl’s necklace and Dragon King’s Crown . All these artifacts were the items that were passed down in legends . The later generations grouped them into a set . Inclusive of the Dragon Slaying Spear, Dragon Slaying Sword and Dragon Slaying Dagger were grouped into the Revenge Set . Of course, because the legend was passed on for too long, the Revenge Set slowly turned into the Dragon Slaying set after some time as the Dragon Slaying-part was easier for the later generations to remember .

With the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear, Yue Yang felt that those few low-levelled Green Dragons would definitely die under the two Innate Rankers’ attacks .

He didn’t understand, such a strong party, why would they call for help?

These people definitely had the power to handle the monsters in Jadeite Forest . Why are they still calling for help?

However, when the flock of a hundred Green-spotted Wyvern, Yue Yang’s heart twitched… Here, everywhere around was magic crystals . He couldn’t spoil the balance of the environment, but in order to save people, it should be okay if he take some magic crystals, right? Furthermore, it was not like he killed all the dragons here . The monsters that that party killed won’t be able to resurrect anyway, it would be a waste if he didn’t pick those magic crystals up .

Yue Yang flexed his hands and prepared to clean them all up .

Of course the most important thing was to collect magic crystals . He couldn’t care less about other people’s life and death . Furthermore, there were two Innates supporting the party, it would be difficult to die even if the party members wanted to .

On the other hand, the strongest amongst the party members that came to their rescue, the party leader Li Ao, was actually weaker than the weakest of the group of humans . If they really joined the battle, their lives might even be in danger…

“These bunch of despicable, shameless humans are really too evil . Humans are definitely no good!” The Ox-head girl roared furiously .

“Hey, hey . What’s happening?” Yue Yang didn’t understand . Why were they angry when they saw that the humans party that they hurried to rescue were currently winning? Were they actually jealous? Or was it because this Ox-head girl was as kind as Buddha and couldn’t bear to see the ground drenched in blood?

“They are Dragon Hunters . ” The handsome elf guy Lin En suppressed his anger and explained remorsefully .

“What?” Yue Yang still didn’t understand .

“Idiot, Dragon Hunters are a kind of barbaric, bloody job . They have completely lost their conscience and are addicted to massacres . Although they say that they are Dragon Slayers, they actually do all kinds of bad things . They will kill whatever monsters they see, clearing everything like a locust epidemic destroying one whole pasture of land . The Jadeite Forest is the place for the Green Dragon and Blue Dragon to rest, but these Dragon Hunters have used some kind of secret method to trick the Warrior Guild Quest Office and came here . They slayed the dragons and plunder the dragon crystals… We can’t just sit still and do nothing, we must punish these evil humans severely and butcher them!” The big loli elf was so angry that she clenched her teeth . She almost shot out the arrow on her bow .

“Don’t, you are not their match . ” Yue Yang hurriedly stopped her .

“Do you think what they are doing is right? Couldn’t you see the bloodbath on that battlefield?” The Ox-head girl seized Yue Yang’s collar .

“That, my opinion doesn’t matter here . The most important thing is that you guys are far from becoming their match . ” Yue Yang told them the truth .

“They are a party of fifteen, and the strongest ones are Innates . Four of them are Level 8 Intermediate Emperor, six of them Level 7 Advanced Overlord and the weakest amongst them are three Level 7 Beginner Overlord . Everyone of them are higher levelled than Lin En and I . This battle looks difficult, we might be completely annihilated . ” The Ox-head party leader Li Ao looked extremely serious this time . It was the first time he spoke so many words .

“You guys are not really going to fight with them, right?” Yue Yang was shocked when he heard him . Wouldn’t this be a case of throwing an egg into a rock?