Long Live Summons! - Chapter 439

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Chapter 439

Chapter 439 – Yue Yu is sick?

Translated by: Last, Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko


Their deep kiss lasted for a while, both unwilling to let go .

Yue Shuang, who was watching them for quite a long while at a distance finally clapped her hands and cheered, “Haha, brother and sister Luo Hua sitting on a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!”

Fourth Mother quickly pulled her away, “Yue Shuang, don’t make such a ruckus . What do you know of adult matters? Let’s go, mom will make you a delicious glutinous ball soup…” If it was at normal times, Yue Shuang would definitely cheered out loud . She was someone who would never be able to resist the temptation of food . However, right now, she actually tried to struggle free from her mom and dashed towards her brother, shouting, “Brother, I also want a kiss!”

Luo Hua City Mistress felt a little embarassed, her face had turned red .

Even Yue Yu turned her head, she didn’t know how to resolve this situation .

Yue Yang, however, had a thick skin and didn’t care so much about Yue Shuang’s words . He carried Yue Shuang up and smacked a kiss on her apple-red cheeks, fulfilling her wish for a kiss .

“Brother, I want a kiss like sister’s, on my mouth!” Yue Shuang puckered up her lips . She felt that her brother’s kiss was lacking and wanted more .

“It’s all your fault!” Luo Hua Cit Mistress was so embarrassed that she wanted to hide inside a hole . She hid behind Yue Yang and pinched his waist, using this as a pretext to hide her embarrassment . If no one had pointed it out, she wouldn’t mind Yue Yang’s hugs and kisses . But after Yue Shuang made a ruckus about it, let alone Fourth Mother and Yue Yu, even the servants who were trying to hide their smiles around her knew about the kiss . This made her so embarrassed that she hung her head low . Yue Yang laughed out loud and smacked a kiss on Yue Shuang’s lips, “Shuang-er, good girl, brother will reward you a big powdered fruit!”

As a piece of powdered fruit appeared from Yue Yang’s storage ring, the little girl’s attention was immediately diverted .

Yue Shuang immediately received it and hugged her brother . She gave Yue Yang a sloppy kiss on his face and then jumped back to show off to her mother, “Mom, look at this, brother gave me a powdered fruit as a reward! Powdered fruit is extremely sweet, if you don’t believe me, you can try a little…”

Seeing her naive and adorable antics, everyone couldn’t help but feel happy .


Yue Yang reached out his hand towards Luo Hua City Mistress . After an embarrassed pout from her, she reached out her hand and placed it on his palm .

Fourth mother nodded when she saw this . Yue Yang and Luo Hua really suited each other, they were a pair matched in the heavens .

She then looked at Yue Yu who was lowering her head, as if she had something to say to her . However, in the end she stopped herself from saying anything . She carried Yue Shuang and said to Yue Yu, “I have made delicious glutinous rice ball soup today, everyone, let’s eat them together!”

“Sure! Like Yue Shuang, I also love eating glutinous rice ball soup the most!” Yue Yu seemed to be afraid that others would be able to read her thoughts, she immediately took Yue Shuang from Fourth Mother . As she teased her sister and followed Fourth Mother, she sneaked a peek towards Yue Yang and Luo Hua . When their eyes accidentally met, she immediately said, “You guys have just met each other again . Take your time to catch up with each other, I will leave some glutinous rice ball soup for you!”

“If brother doesn’t come soon, I won’t leave a single drop for you, I will finish them all!” Yue Shuang made a face to Yue Yang playfully .

“Isn’t she cute? Do you want to make one of our own?” Yue Yang whispered towards Luo Hua City Mistress .

“You…” Luo Hua City Mistress’ face immediate turned beet-red . She hurriedly looked around to check if anyone had heard Yue Yang . She could only calm herself after making sure that nobody heard him, then she immediately hit her lover, “Big pervert, what are you saying in broad daylight!”

“Great, then we can discuss this at night . ” Yue Yang didn’t have “embarrassment” in his dictionary .

Luo Hua City Mistress’s face momentarily reddened alluringly as hot air seemed to rise from her lowered head just like a young wife . She followed beside Yue Yang while counting the grass on the ground . At this moment, her heart beat rapidly . After her previous happy experience, she naturally understood her lover’s words and the secret meaning behind them, so much that her body thirsted for her lover’s embrace . She had continuously thought about him, but right now was not the best time . It would be best if they returned into the Grimoire World first because that place was their love nest… Luo Hua City Mistress half cuddled Yue Yang and pulled him along like gentle water .

Her intoxicated eyes rose steadily from time to time, sneaking a peek at him .

No matter how many time she did this, it was not enough .

The Sickly Beauty, who had received the news, also came out . Naturally, she also gave Luo Hua and Yue Yang the opportunity to be alone . If Princess Qian Qian, Xue Wuxia, Yi Nan and Yue Bing returned, it would be hard for them to find time alone . Sickly Beauty completely understood this point, so she came out from the Grimoire World . On the surface, she pretended to nag at Yue Shuang, saying that she shouldn’t leave her homework halfway . However, the truth was that she wanted to leave Luo Huo City Mistress and Yue Yang in their own world .

Impatient for nightfall, Yue Yang hurriedly freed himself from Yue Shuang’s entanglement and carried Luo Hua City Mistress in her arms .

Luo Hua City Mistress pretended to struggle a bit and in the end complied with Yue Yang and returned inside the Grimoire World .

In their lovers world, they kissed for a long time, again and again, passionately .

It seemed as if they wanted to let out all their longing through their lips . In a passionate moment, she tightly hugged her lover, as if she wanted to merge together with her lover .

Before Yue Yang realized it, Luo Hua City Mistress had became a flawless beauty . Her skin was incomparably white and flushed with pink as if she was about to pass out .

Under Yue Yang’s hot kiss, she whispered on his ears: “Scoundrel, I missed you…”

Inside the room, spring filled the air as their love blossomed with burning passion .

The yearning lovers felt each other endlessly .

The Bloody Queen Red, who peeked from faraway, blushed furiously . Her heart jumped like drums and her watery eyes lit up with comprehension . Every time she looked, she secretly nodded her head as if trying to learn and remember something . Moreover, on the other side, the quietly watching Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man was showing confusion . Her eyes exuded with puzzlement and could not understand what was happening .

She was even not as clever as the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen . If the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen wasn’t soundly asleep on her flower bed, she would be the number one of the Guardian Beast who loved to watch Yue Yang make love .

As for the Earth Fire Spirit, she was completely uninterested in this . She completely did not understand Yue Yang’s actions .

In the path to evolving into a humanoid form, she was still far from becoming a Holy Beast .

Sometimes, level and strength did not represent everything .

On the second day, Luo Hua City Mistress, who finally released her yearning, had clearly became more beautiful . Her entire person shone with radiance that even made Yue Shuang shout: “Sister is so pretty!” . Compared to her, Yue Yu did not know what to do and seemed to be a bit downcast, as if she had not slept well .

“Princess Qian Qian said that she will be a bit late . Bing’er is also currently learning from Grandma Wu Teng . What does San’er plan to do?” Fourth Mother notified Yue Yang: “If you have the time, you should go to the Fifth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower to look for Yue Qiu’s inheritance!”

“Okay!” Yue Yang originally planned to research Ghost Genius Yue Gong’s restored battle dolls . However, Yue Qiu’s inheritance was also important .

“You should all go . You don’t need to accompany me . With Shuang-er besides me, I should be fine . Wu Hen, Luo Hua and Yu-er, you should all go with San-er!” as Fourth Mother spoke, Yue Yu was astonished . She looked at Fourth Mother unbelievingly and asked: “Do I need to go too?” Her implied that Sickly Beauty and Luo Hua City Mistress were Yue Yang’s wife and they would definitely make love on the way . How could she fit in with them?

“…” Sickly Beauty and Luo Hua City Mistress did not understand . Could there be any deeper meaning in Fourth Mother’s words?

“I shall not be concerned with you young ones’ matters anymore . Do whatever you want!” Fourth Mother glanced at Yue Yu and did not explain anything . She picked up Yue Shuang and left .

She did not say it, but her attitude was very clear . She hoped that Yue Yu would also go find Yue Qiu’s inheritance that he left behind for his son .

Luo Hua City Mistress, Sickly Beauty and Yue Yu were all exceptionally intelligent, but at this moment they could not understand Fourth Mother’s intention . They looked at each other in confusion but didn’t voice it out, then they looked at Yue Yang . At this moment, Yue Yang was also confused, but he was also good at pretending to be confused, so he laughed: “Maybe she meant that if there are treasures, we should split them among us?”

Yue Yu’s hands tightly clenched under the desk, showing that she was mentally conflicted .

She bit her lips: “I am feeling a little unwell so I won’t go with you guys . ”

Sickly Beauty and Luo Hua City Mistress looked at each other and tried to advise her at the same time .

Yue Yu’s eyes reddened, and she still shook her head . She pretended to smile and waved her hand: “You should not worry about me . I am only a bit sleep deprived because of the Black Hell army’s attack against Da Xia . I was only thinking too much, so I did not sleep well . Resting for two days should be enough . ”

She get up and quickly returned to her room .

Luo Hua City Mistress lightly hit Yue Yang: “This is not good . Quickly think of a plan . If Princess Qian Qian knew about this, she would definitely think that we bullied her!”

When he heard her, Yue Yang perspired profusely: “This matter is not related to that tigress Qian Qian . Don’t think too much about it . ”

“You should go look at her . Since she is not feeling well, you should go check on her . ” Sickly Beauty suggested .

“…” Yue Yang sweated . As for where Yue Yu was unwell, Yue Yang guaranteed that it was completely unrelated to her body! However, Sickly Beauty’s words did not imply to look at her illness, but to go and comfort Yue Yu . At the very least he should talk to her once and calm her panicked mind .

The question was, Yue Yang felt that the more he talked to Yue Yu the more painful it would be for her .

Luo Hua City Mistress and Sickly Beauty returned inside the Grimoire World to continue finishing the construction for their love nest .

Yue Yang hesitated for a while and in the end walked in front of Yue Yu’s room .

He lightly knocked .

After a while, as if she knew that Yue Yang was outside: “Xiao San, I’m going to sleep . I am fine, so you can go back!”

Yue Yang simply opened the door and entered . Surprised, Yue Yu got up from the bed and angrily shouted: “Why did you come in? I already told you that I am going to sleep . You are not even a kid anymore, why are you always so frivolous? I am really fine now, I am only a bit tired . Everything should be fine if I rest a little, you should go back and accompany Luo Hua more…” She spoke out as she got up to push Yue Yang out of her bedroom .

“You lost weight . ” Yue Yang seriously looked at her and noticed that she had lost a lot of weight . Moreover, this was not because of yesterday’s ordeal but it had already been like this for a while now .

“What do you mean “you, you”, you are so disrespectful, call me big sister!” Yue Yu pretended to be angry .

Yue Yang sat himself down on a chair, and Yue Yu unhappily rolled her eyes and lied back down on her bed . She did not say anything for a while, so Yue Yang did not know what she was thinking of .

Yue Yang stood up and Yue Yu slowly looked over: “Are you going to leave? Then, then close the door on your way!”

When she saw that Yue Yang was not about to go out, but approached her and sat down on her bed instead, she immediately panicked and sat up: “Don’t sit here…sigh, you… just obediently sit there, I’m truly fine . Xiao San, I simply don’t want to go… If I go I wouldn’t be of any help and will only be a burden . Moreover, Luo Hua and you had not seen each other for a long time, you should accompany her more . ”

Gently, Yue Yang helped Yue Yu to lie down and tucked her in .

Yue Yang reached out and lightly patted her beautiful hair: “Rest well . Don’t think too much about it . The matter is not as bad as you think!”

Yue Yu dodged Yue Yang’s gaze and her cheeks flushed .

As if used to his actions, she explained: “No, I did not think too much . Quickly go back, I truly want to rest!”

Yue Yang went out and lightly closed the door .

Listening until the sound of his footsteps disappeared, Yue Yu covered the pit of her stomach and sighed .

Suddenly, she patted her forehead: “Don’t think about it, don’t think about it anymore!”