Long Live Summons! - Chapter 697

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Chapter 697: 697
C697 - Shock! The power of War God Guard!

The Extreme Fire was the string, the Extreme Frost was the arrow, and the Purple Lightning was the power .

When Yue Yang shot out this arrow with younger dragon lady as his bow, not to mention the enemies, Gu Deng and Wo Gua, even Raging Flames on the ground were shocked .

Man-made bow?

What kind of strategy was this? Although Raging Flames had seen many strange ways to fight in the Heaven Realm, she had never seen anyone who fought with a bow like Yue Yang! Wo Gua and Gu Deng’s eyes twitched when they saw this . They could not imagine the damage this arrow would do to their bodies . Before Yue Yang could shoot with his bow, Wo Gua had already run away, ignoring the sense of loyalty and abandoned Gu Deng .


An arrow that tore through the sky and split the earth .

Even space was split open by this terrifying arrow . It was even faster than light and unstoppable as it shot out .

It easily shot through Wo Gua who had combined several powerful warbeasts and his Six-Armed Giant Demon!

An arrow pierced through the chest from behind .

Wo Gua’s body slightly trembled, he still couldn’t believe that he was hit by the arrow . He could not feel any pain . He could only feel his body turning lighter, as if he had lost something . He looked down at his chest and discovered that there was a huge, transparent hole in his heart . The beating heart and the other internal organs had completely vanished after one arrow .

“Impossible!” Wo Gua’s thick lips trembled as it clumsily shivered . “I have the protection of the Six-Armed Giant Demon . It’s impossible for an arrow to pierce through my body!”


Gu Deng roared madly .

He exploded forth with the strongest power in his life . He overdrawn himself to the limit, and even his life potential, which he had never lightly used before, was completely burnt .

In an instant, he had risen to the peak of the fourth level of the Heaven Stage . At the highest speed, his strongest psychic power was infused into the Cyan Moon Blade in his hand, chopping towards Yue Yang like a lightning bolt .


He knew very well that if he kept his distance, he and Wo Gua would be able to easily shoot by a human bow . The only hope for survival lay in close combat . He had to fight in close combat so that his opponent could not pull away and use human to draw the bow . Gu Deng used all his energy, hoping to inflict severe damage on his opponent, and then escape from this unit world . Judging from the endless attacks from his opponent, this time he and Wo Gua had met a tough opponent . Not to mention victory, it would be extremely difficult for them to escape!

“Sword of the Wings!”

When Yue Yang raised his right hand, the War God Guard ‘Yao’, the elder Dragon Lady with a solemn expression .

Her entire body was attached to Yue Yang’s right arm, her arms tightly wrapped around him . Her legs were taut, and her entire body formed a straight line . In the blink of an eye, although she was in human form, she had successfully transformed into a human-shaped sword .

The Innate Invisible Sword Qi Yue Yang had infused into her body increased a hundredfold .

Even if Yue Yang couldn’t fully utilize her augmented strength, the Innate Invisible Sword Qi that shot out from her legs was still at least a hundred meters long .

Gu Deng, who was chopping down with all his might, seeing this terrifying scene, couldn’t help but be scared out of his wits . Yue Yang confidentially brandished his sword and slashed forward . It was not even a battle skill, unlike his previous technique of slashing mountains and rivers . It was just an ordinary casual slash . The entire sky was cut in half by this sword strike . The space cracked, forming a hundred-meter-long fissure that rumbled like thunder .

The platinum level Cyan Moon Blade was infused with Gu Deng’s full strength and spiritual force .

It glows .

Under the attack of War God Guard with sword, it was even more fragile than wood bark, easily breaking into two halves …

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Upon seeing the sword slashing down on his head, Gu Deng dodged it with his greatest reaction the moment he was hit . Because his body had changed direction too quickly, his waist had almost been broken when he had turned . He, who was attacking with all his might, suffered a huge backlash . His internal organs were severely damaged, and fresh blood spurted out of his mouth . However, Gu Deng didn’t care about any of this . What he was afraid of was that his opponent had almost instant-killed him with a single sword strike .

He tried to lift his right hand and found it oddly detached from his arm .

It fell to the ground with a thud .

It turned out that at the same time the Cyan Moon Blade had been severed, his arm had also been severed!

Gu Deng’s eyes bulged as he stared at the severed arm, which was slowly oozing out blood . His expression was as terrifying as if he had seen a ghost … He hadn’t felt any pain . He didn’t even know he was hurt .

The might of a single sword strike was actually this terrifying!

Looking at Yue Yang in the sky, Gu Deng felt completely powerless .

How could he be match for such an enemy? No matter how many powerful warbeasts he had, how could he compare to the twin sisters who could transform into humanoid weapons?

Even Yue Yang himself found it hard to believe, not to mention Gu Deng and Wu Gua and the other people . Now, he hadn’t even used 100% of their power, and it can reach this level of force . If he used 100% of their power, or with their bodies, condensing Black Guizang, White Shuanghua Sword and Chixiaolian Sword, then, what kind of force would it reach? It was just the beginning, but he hadn’t even officially unleashed his power yet . He’d already been defeated Wo Gua and Gu Deng who were at the peak of Heaven Stage level . If he went all out, one wouldn’t even be able to escape death even at the fifth or sixth level of the Heaven Stage!

With the War God Guard ladies and the comprehension of Chixiaolian Sword, Yue Yang suddenly had an impulse to challenge the Lionheart King .

Or perhaps, he could challenge a powerhouse of the Lionheart King level .

With such a powerful divine weapon in his hands, could he fight against the Lionheart King?

Yue Yang was not sure, but he was a little excited . He felt that he could at least give it a try . Before this, he did not have the confidence to do so!

The War God Guard ladies flew up and wrapped their arms around Yue Yang’s waist . Their bodies stretched backwards and their four wings spread out, as if Yue Yang had four dragon wings . At this moment, his flying speed was ten times faster than Yue Yang’s fastest speed . It wasn’t a teleportation, but can also ignore the distance between them . Just as the thought of chasing arose in Yue Yang’s mind, he was astounded to realize that himself was already flying behind Wo Gua .

What he was doing was stretching his legs .

The war god guard ‘Yao’, the elder Dragon Lady, tacitly slid down and wrapped her arms around his right leg, turning herself into a part of his body . Her power increased a hundred times from her body, and with the kicking intention of Yue Yang, her legs bombarded the shell of Wo Gua’s head .


Wo Gua flew a thousand meters away, creating a deep sand hole that was a few meters deep . Like a meteor, it smashed a huge hole that was a hundred meters in radius .

Wo Gua, whose chest had already been penetrated, was immediately severely injured .

Wo Gua struggled a few times, but could not immediately stand up .

“…” When Yue Yang saw this, he felt a bit embarrassed . In fact, the force of the kick was not very strong, but with the help of elder Dragon Lady, who was a Humanoid Divine Soldier

, it actually caused severe damage to Wo Gua . Two deep footprints appeared on his huge head, and the skull also showed fragmented state . If Yue Yang struck with his full strength, this peak fourth level heaven stage Wo Gua’s entire head would explode .

Gu Deng sank to the ground .

His spirit could no longer support his body . Facing such an enemy, he couldn’t defeat it, nor could he be able to escape . He truly didn’t know what to do!

Raging Flame opened her mouth, but she could not close it for a long time . She knew that Yue Yang’s warbeast was a monster, but she never thought that even these two normally rare and powerful female Dragon Ladies would be this terrifying .

Yue Yang knocked down Wo Gua and no longer used the War God Guard Ladies to attack Gu Deng .

Instead, he summoned the Bloody Queen Red, the Spirit of Heaven Fire, and the Reaping Mantis to join in the battle .

He suppressed the excitement in his heart as he continuously tried to use the two Divine Weapons of the War God Guard Ladies to form the three moves: Black Gui Zang, White Shuang Hua and Chixiaolian .

He felt that there was a lot of inspiration in this battle .

He hoped to grasp it and further study it .

Raging flame rushed to the side of Gu Deng . Seeing his dejected look, he hesitated for a moment, but didn’t launch an attack . Instead, she cautiously watched him, occasionally sneaking a glance towards Yue Yang, who was constantly meditating on new realms .

The defeat of the master seriously affected the will of the warbeast . Black Demon, Crazy dancing grass, Nighthawk and other warbeasts’ morale fell . The Bovine Bat and the Steel Tooth Sand Spider had the urge to escape . As to the Star Scorpion, it simply betrayed . With its low level of intelligence, it definitely would not follow a weakling that was on the verge of death . Moreover, Wo Gua contracted it by brute force, which was not what it wanted . Actually, the moment the Star Scorpion summoned by him, it had the urge to immediately defect and attack the momentary owner . However, due to the tense battle situation, it did not take any action .

The weakest flea jumped out of the sand hole .

The sand hole was no longer safe . The Spirit of Heaven Fire threw themselves into it, almost burning it to death .

In Capricorn Palace, the Bloody Queen Red received a special skill called ‘Sheep Transformation’, which is the reward of Capricorn Guardians in the zodiac sign .

It was a pity that this Demonic Technique had extremely strict restrictions . Initially, it could only transform a warbeast gold level 6 into Sheep Transformation, but its actual effect was not even comparable to the Bloody Queen Red’s Banshee scream and the lash of pain . As the Bloody Queen Red became Dacred Beast and will be Divine Beast this special ability was also improving, but it was very slow .

Right now, as long as a warbeast below Level 8 Gold is not a heaven stage warbeast, the Bloody Queen Red can be used to transform into a sheep .

She rarely used this highly restrictive stunt .

As soon as the banshee screamed, she immediately made the enemy faint . It was more appropriate to coordinate with Yue Yang’s attack .

Now that Yue Yang didn’t participate in the battle, the other side had another flea that bounced around, which made people sick of it . The Bloody Queen Red became angry and spent a lot of spiritual energy to activate her special ability .

The flea hopped through the air, turning into a black goat .

The Reaping Mantis, who had been chasing for a long time, swooped down at high speed . Before the black goat could react, it immediately used its sickle claws to lock it in .

He opened his big mouth and began to eat .

The black goat cried out incessantly, but this was unable to reverse the fate of its death … Even if it was only a flea, it would still die if the Death God Mantis were to catch it, let alone become a goat . The second unlucky one was the Quasi-Heaven Nighthawk . On top of its head, the Bloody Queen let out a shrill screech . The Nighthawk fainted on the spot and directly fell from the sky .

The Bloody Queen Red, who was holding the Gold Dragon Slaughtering Dagger, struck with all her might .

The Dragon Slaughtering Dagger pierced deeply into the Nighthawk’s eye, piercing through its skull . Even the hard magic crystal was stabbed through in a second … Its death sobered Gu Deng up with his body shuddering . Seeing the situation deteriorating, he felt that he had no hope of surviving . With a loud shout, he pounced towards Yue Yang who was studying how to condense the Gui Zang and Shuang Hua Swords on the body of the War God Servant ladies .

Self explosion!

He would rather die than let this powerful enemy to leave the unit world .

With such a young man in Tong Tian Tower, his master was impossible to obtain any treasure from the Gods’ Ruins!

“He’s simply courting death!” Raging flame had long been wary of Gu Deng’s attack . After several heavy punches, she knocked him to the ground and grabbed him by the legs, throwing him far away like a giant throwing a chicken .

“Don’t kill him for now…” Yue Yang was forced to stop studying . After a moment of thought, he decided to return to the tomb chamber and see how the Giant big loli was faring . Aren’t the Mahe Precious Elephant and the Earthquake Dragon very arrogant? Now let’s test the power of theWar God Guard ladies’s Humanoid Divine Soldier and see if they can still be pulled up! Yue Yang kicked Wo Gua that was struggling to stand up and threw him a hundred meters away, making him fall back to the ground .

The War God Servant ladies, one on the left and one on the right .

Accompanying Yue Yang, they returned to the tomb .