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Published at 24th of September 2019 09:59:53 AM

Chapter 102

He just looked up and stared piercingly at the blue clad woman in the field .

For a long time, his eyes overflowed with murderous intent…

……… .

The second test started right away… .

On the second round, the four people with the highest combat power would be eligible to enter Yuntian Academy .

Combat power wasn’t exactly on the same level as spiritual power .

Combat power was the level of combat displayed when one was facing a real enemy . It was linked to spirituality, mentality, physical fitness and so on .

Because of this, Yuntian Academy didn’t directly choose the top four based on their spiritual power .

This test was supervised by the old man himself .

The slightly blessed old man scrutinized the eight people on the field with a smile .

Then he slowly stroked his long beard .

“The rules of our college cannot be violated . Today we must choose four out of you, which means that the remaining four must be eliminated . Take heed of my words today . If you win, naturally, you will be enrolled in Yuntian College . On the contrary, if you were taken down by chance, you shouldn’t be discouraged . Being knocked down doesn’t mean your strength is too weak . Since you passed the first round of test, it shows everyone that you are all extremely young talented juniors . It’s just not your time to enter the college yet!”

The old man continued, “The second round of test is more focused on combat skills . That being said, we’ll pick eight people from the college who are of equal strength as you . Whoever survives the longest represents the strongest in combat . Have I made myself clear?”

The moment the last of the old man’s words fell, Feng Chuge and the rest nodded in unison .

Upon seeing this, the old man chuckled deeply .

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He turned around and slowly walked to the side .

He reached out his hand and swept a glance at the stand .

His line of sight swept through the mose noisy side at the edge .

When he stepped up, the crowd who were busy chattering instantly quieted down .

“You…and you… Get down!” The old man pointed to two people and said .

Feng Yuanhang and the people around him were stunned…

“It’s seems that you’ve said the most, and you probably the least . Among the eight, you will be joining the second round of testing and stand one-on-one with them . I’ll talk to you about the rules later . ”

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The few men who asked Feng Yuanhang to be their bridge widened their eyes .

They are testing, too??

Doesn’t that mean… they can get close to their goddess?

In a hear beat, they scrambled down the steps .

Feng Yuanhang was stumped for words for a second . Then his eyes glinted . An unidentified raging emotion emerged from the bottom of his eyes .

He looked up and straightened up, then followed the others down .

His strength was slightly higher than the others . He deliberately sped up and was the first to reach the venue and stood in front of Feng Chuge…

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Someone followed close behind him . When he saw Feng Yuanhang already standing in front of Feng Chuge, he lamented, “I say, Yuanhang . Why did you walk so fast? Ah, so you were afraid of others picking on your sister! But rest assured, no matter who goes up against her would treat her nicely . ”

Feng Yuanhang heard the man’s assurance, but he never moved his eyes which were fixed on Feng Chuge . His father’s letter has said that Feng Chuge has stirred world-shaking changes in the Feng Family…

Feng Chuge opposite him was just standing there unaffected .

Her hands were crossed on her chest, while a brow was cocked askance at Feng Yuanhang .

The murder lurking behind the man’s eyes couldn’t escape her eyes .

Thinking of the man’s name in front of her, Feng Chuge’s amusement heightened .

What enemies on a narrow road, indeed… .

Feng Yuanhang… .
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