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Published at 7th of November 2019 01:27:44 PM

Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Stay with me, I’ll spare you .

Though the dense atmosphere was weird, there was no strange sighthing up to the fifth floor .

Feng Chuge moved around then set her foot on the stairs, ready to go down—-

But at that same moment, there was a strange smell in the air and the temperature plummeted in an instant .

Then a deep voice arose .

“Is this a place you can get in and leave as you wish? Since you’ve come in, just remain inside and stay with me!”

The low, hoarse voice whizzed through the dense air, hurtling towards Feng Chuge’s eardrums .

The current seemed to have become stagnant all of a sudden, making it difficult to breathe .

Listening to this voice, Feng Chuge heightened her vigilance .

Meatball stood straight and was even more agitated .

“Who? Is it interesting to play ghost?” Since it’s a man who can speak to people, Feng Chuge doesn’t believe he’s a beast!

“Little girl, you are quite bold!” The gloomy voice revived… . . “I like the heart of courageous people best!’

“Husssshhh -” A gust of wind swept through .

The luminous pearl in Feng Chuge’s palm was suddenly flung away and rolled into a distance .

The scope of the luminous pearl’s brightness was minimal . In a moment, Feng Chuge was enveloped by the darkness .

When the eyes can’t see, the other senses are specially sensitive .

Feng Chuge can clearly sense the source of the sound and the movement of the other party .

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Her eyes narrowed into slits then widened suddenly .

In the dark, Feng Chuge could see a vaguely visible pair of bright eyes .

Feng Chuge could make out a gasp sweeping through her ears followed by a looming momentum that was hurtling from the top, directly at her .

She dodged and jumped back to avoid the attack .

“Oh, not bad, you were able to escape . ” That same voice fell right in front of her .

A hint of praise mixed with hidden meaning could be heard .

He blinked and his red eyes flashed .

“Lessen dressing up as God and playing the devil!” Feng Chuge retorted .

“Little girl, do you know who I am? You dare to talk down to me!”

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Feng Chuge stared straight into those red eyes and scoffed . “The legendary monster that has been suppressed in the demon tower? Hey, I don’t think so . At most, it’s the night owl that hasn’t had a good rest for so many years . Looking at your eyes so red, does your family even know?”

Her taunting stimulated a series of red flashes —

“Hahaha… Interesting, so interesting . Little girl, stay here to accompany me, I will spare your life!”

“I’m not a night owl… . ”

“Humph – -” The red eyes blinked . “In that case, let me count to ten . If you can get away from here, I’ll let you go . f you can’t, stay here . Otherwise, I will kill you-“

In the darkness, he couldn’t make out Feng Chuge’s expression .

Then his deep voice rang once more .

“Ten… Nine… Eight…”

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Feng Chuge knows that he isn’t a simple being . Whether he’s human or a beast, it was not a wise to keep him engaged .

As he started counting, she held her breath and vanished down .

Her speed was lightning fast, but when she reached the iron doors, she discovered that the entire entrance had already been locked .

The demon tower’s doors could only be opened outside . She has no other way .

As the doors were cast in thousands of years of basalt iron, it was indestructibl .

Those of formidable strength, when face with these iron doors, they would feel powerless .

The counting was already down to “two . ” Calling for someone outside was already too late .

A cold glint flashed across Feng Chuge’s eyes . Her figure flit across the space and headed into another direction… . .


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