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Published at 24th of September 2019 10:00:27 AM

Chapter 71

With this in mind, a speck of doubt flashed across Achen’s eyes… .

“Who the hell are you?”

The old man made no response, but extended his arm and shook the bottle instead .

When Achen saw his movements, he turned his head to Feng Chuge, “Woman, give me 12 silvers . ”

Feng Chuge stepped forward, looking at that sloppy attired old man and couldn’t help but frown .

Is this person playing dress up?

How could there be such coincidence?

“Little Chen Chen… . Beware, he might be a con man…”

Achen slightly narrowed his eyes, “He shouldn’t be . ”

With Achen’s insistence, Feng Chuge gently shook her head . Just 12 pieces of silver .

She shouldn’t hurt this little child’s fragile heart for the sake of 12 silvers… .

For some truths, she will slowly educate him later .

“Zilan, take out 12 pieces of silver . ”

Zilan was still somewhat reluctant, convinced that this old man was a swindler .

If they were really to give money, it’d be better if they would give it to someone who was really in need than to this liar .

But now that the lady has spoken, she could only fish out the money…

When Achen handed the silver to the old man, a few flashes of bright lights flickered across the old man’s eyes . He beamed, “Take one pill every full moon . Within three months, you will see the results . ”

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When his words fell, the old man stuffed the silver into his arms, turned around and continued wobbling away… .

Achen took the bottle that was shining through the bright lights . His brows creased but nobody knew what he was thinking about .

On his side, Feng Chuge snatched the bottle .

She opened the lid and took a sniff of the medicine inside . The bottom of her eyes lit up strangely .

This medicine… . The formula was very similar to the one Achen asked her to refine .

If she were to say any difference, there were others that constantly mix which made her unable to distinguish the components… .

Her eyes flew to the back of the old man who was walking away in astonishment .

At this moment, the old man has arrived at a corner and veered to the right completely vanishing in their line of sight .

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“He isn’t a con man . ” Achen crossed his arms on his chest and with deadpan face coolly stated .

Feng Chuge cracked a smile and handed the bottle back to Achen .

“Little Chen Chen, tell sister . In the end, what is this medicine for? He mentioned that it dispels regression… . What is that?”

She had always had this feeling that there was something wrong with Achen . What it was, she couldn’t point it out .

It was only when that old man rambled something about regression did Achen decide he must buy this antidote .

Achen didn’t explain anything and just hid the bottle in his arms . “You’ll know later…”

With that, Achen glanced at Feng Chuge again, “Woman, let’s go back… I’m hungry . I still have to wait for you to cook!”

“Didn’t you just eat a load of food at the banquet?” The corner of Feng Chuge’s eyes twitched as she asked .

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“But, I’m still hungry . ”

“All right . It just so happened that Biluo had gone to find a new cook… . ”

Feng Chuge still wasn’t finished but was interrupted by Achen, “I only want to eat what you cook…”

“…” Feng Chuge staggered . “My cooking isn’t delicious . ”

Achen looked up to Feng Chuge with a pair of big bright eyes, both of which were flashing dolefully .

“Feng Chuge… Do you have the heart to see your Achen go hungry? Do you have the heart to let your little Achen turn skinny due to hunger? Do you have the heart to… . ”

“Stop!!” Feng Chuge stopped him from his tirade .

“I’ll cook…” Feng Chuge helplessly agreed .

Achen’s pair of innocent little are the ones she couldn’t stand the most… .

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