Lord of the Mysteries - Chapter 1005

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Chapter 1005: 1005

Chapter 1005 Fourth Movement

Wearing a monocle, Amon, who wore the appearance of Enuni, didn’t seem like an infiltrator or assailant . Instead, “He” appeared like a visitor as “He” eagerly mentioned all the preparations “He” had done, as well as Arrodes’s origins .

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“He” paused before “He” could finish “His” sentence . Dwayne Dantes opposite “Him” had turned into a dirty gray rat .

The rat raised its right claw, pressing at its eye .

At the same time, in the garden of 160 Boklund Street, with his thin and cut, black-haired, brown-eyed face, Gehrman Sparrow appeared in the middle of a bunch of roses .

Back when Amon was saying something highly enticing, “He” had secretly split off a Worm of Time in an attempt to invade Klein’s body in order to Parasitize him . However, Klein had been on high alert the entire time . He detected this attempt via the changes in his Spirit Body Threads, so he rapidly created a marionette at the critical moment and swapped locations!

Silently, Amon, who looked like a mixed-blood youth, appeared in front of Klein .

Behind “Him,” a twelve-ringed transparent worm fell from the third story and returned to “His” body .

And at that instant, the earthworms in the garden’s soil, the insects in the woods, the rats in the shadows all crawled out, either swarming towards Gehrman Sparrow and Amon or were fleeing from this region .

The main reason why Klein had patiently listened to Amon was to use that time to create marionettes!

To a Bizarro Sorcerer, they were only complete with their marionettes!

Amon still wasn’t in a rush to take action . “He” pinched the monocle embedded deep in “His” eye socket and looked around, saying with a smile, “Your actions often expose your problems . To a master of deceit, everything that you did was enough for me to detect your weakness .

“In such a tense and dangerous situation, you actually chose to convert rats, insects, birds, and earthworms into being your marionettes without considering your servants . What does this tell me? It says that you have outstanding moral standards . You still view yourself as human and are unwilling to harm them .

“Upon grasping this point, even if my avatar is inferior to you, it’s still easy to break you down . You wouldn’t even be capable of dying even if you wish for it .

“Ah, right . You can stop your attempts at secretly controlling my Spirit Body Threads . This is because you’re controlling the Spirit Body Threads I stole . They belong to your butler, your maid, and your coachman . If this continues, I’m afraid you will feel a deep sense of guilt . ”

Even Spirit Body Threads can be stolen? No, it’s more like grafting… Klein’s expression froze slightly as he terminated his control of Amon’s Spirit Body Threads .

He had been patient, allowing Amon to drone on with his drivel, mainly doing so because he was secretly trying to turn Amon’s avatar into his marionette .

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To a Bizarro Sorcerer, battles like this, where he stalled for time and exerted his influence in secret, should’ve been something he was best at and something he enjoyed the most . Unfortunately, he had encountered Blasphemer Amon, the current pinnacle existence of the Marauder pathway . Even if he was only facing an avatar, he could do nothing about “Him . ”

Klein actually suspected that Amon’s words were a ruse, but he wasn’t able to see through it . He didn’t dare take the risk .

During such times, he needed the help of a Spectator!

“For you to say so much, I doubt it’s solely to think of the means to Parasitize me, right? You should know that, before severely injuring me, it’s very difficult to Parasitize a Bizarro Sorcerer who can see Spirit Body Threads,” Klein calmly said as he wore Gehrman Sparrow’s face .

Amon immediately chortled .

“You’ve finally noticed it . ”

“You’re trying to steal my destiny?” Klein swapped locations with a marionette once again, constantly making his actual body appear in different corners of the garden .

“No . ” Amon shook “His” head, keeping “His” hands in “His” pockets while leisurely saying with a smile, “If a magic mirror like Arrodes is willing to listen to your instructions and deliberately ingratiate itself towards you, it means that you aren’t as simple as I imagined . I’m not a Beyonder of the Tyrant pathway, so I wouldn’t be so rash as to directly steal your destiny . Heh heh, I suddenly have a feeling that directly replacing you would result in something I don’t wish to see happening . ”

“How did you know Arrodes is ingratiating itself? Flora Jacob’s destiny shouldn’t have something like that . ” Klein appeared on a tree .

His different marionettes continued changing their locations .

Amon pulled out one hand and pinched “His” chin and said, “Didn’t I say why? I spent time to gather information and seek out the source . Oh, I went to the Church of Steam and had a chat with Arrodes . It wasn’t too frank, and it was willing to be tortured by me rather than reveal your true origins . Unfortunately, that was inside the Church of Steam; otherwise, I would’ve directly Parasitized it and learn of everything . ”

Even living Sealed Artifacts can be Parasitized? If Arrodes strictly abided by the rules, based on its answers in the past, “He” isn’t too sure of my actual situation and only has certain guesses… Klein’s eyes widened . Just as he was about to say something, he heard Amon laugh and say, “You really don’t seem to be in a rush . What are you waiting for?

“Do you not know that my pathway’s Sequence 2’s name is Trojan Horse of Destiny? Although I’m only an ordinary avatar, I do have some powers that I can use, such as tinkering with your destiny, making certain errors appear for a certain period of time . For instance, no one will notice it no matter how much you cry for help .

“Heh heh, that also means that, even if you were to trigger the Evernight Emblem in your hand, you will only be able to get the effects of Concealment, and you will not be able to transmit your intentions of seeking help, regardless of your prior agreements . Also, even if you were to shout for help or create an explosion, the pedestrians and servants in the room wouldn’t be able to hear a thing .

“This is the reason why I was talking so much . For an ordinary avatar, certain matters take time .

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“Alright, it’s your turn to answer my question . ”

Klein didn’t answer as he kept switching positions with his marionettes . However, Amon kept appearing in front of him as they continued their “conversation . ”

At this moment, he made one of his marionettes ask, “Since you’ve already completed the controlling of destiny, why aren’t you taking action?

You also seem to be waiting…”

Before this Gehrman Sparrow who was a thin “paper figurine” could finish his sentence, there was a strong gust of wind from afar .

Leonard, in a black trench coat and a black silver-inlaid cane in hand, flew to Boklund Street!

Klein, who had appeared to Amon’s side, immediately said, “This is what I’ve been waiting for!”

As he said that, he triggered the Evernight Emblem that he had been clasping tightly .

Simultaneously, he snapped his left hand’s fingers, igniting the tallest tree in the garden, making its scarlet flames soar into the sky .

And this huge, obvious bonfire, that would’ve been noticeable at a glance from across the street, was noticed by no one, be it the maids wiping the windows on the first story or the pedestrians strolling beneath the Intis parasol trees . Even in midair, Leonard Mitchell ignored this scene, rushing for 39 Boklund Street at high speeds .

And at this moment, Pallez Zoroast’s slightly-aged voice sounded in this Red Gloves’s mind:

“Turn back . Head to Unit 160 . ’

Although Leonard was puzzled, his experienced self didn’t ask why when it came to supernatural matters . He immediately swung the direction Word of the Sea pointed and changed directions .

In the garden of 160 Boklund Street, Amon raised “His” head as “He” pressed the crystal monocle on “His” right hand, chuckling .

“This is also what I’ve been waiting for . ”

“He” ignored Gehrman Sparrow as his smile grew obvious . He continued speaking in irresistible delight, “To be able to discover the abnormalities of fate in this region…

“It’s ‘Him; Pallez!”

As “He” spoke, this Blasphemer changed “His” actions and adjusted “His” monocle .

At this moment, a strange gloom fell over the entire street . It was as though the entire place had been separated from reality, turning into a secret .

In the activity room of 39 Boklund Street, Hazel looked out the window and muttered in puzzlement, “Is it about to rain?”

This wasn’t anything important, so she retracted her gaze and reached out her hand onto the three-layered tray for high tea .

Then, she saw her father, Member of Parliament Macht, strangely open his right palm .

Glimmers of light condensed out of thin air, forming into a crystal monocle in his palm .

Macht then wore this monocle on his right eye .

This… Hazel had already sensed something amiss as she frantically looked at the others in the room .

Her mother, Ma’am Riana, took off the accessory on her nose and wore a monocle that she had taken out of somewhere . The servants standing beside her all took out a similar monocle and wore it on their right eye .


Hazel stood up instinctively as she retreated repeatedly, toppling the chair over in the process .

This sound alarmed everyone in the room . Macht, Riana, and the servants turned their heads to look at Hazel .

Bit by bit, a smile suffused the comers of their lips .


Hazel broke down as she let out a shrill scream .

This scream passed through the house and through the garden, drawing the attention of the pedestrians on the streets . At this point, Amon had already lowered “His” right hand from his monocle . Looking at the figure in midair,

“He” said with a smile, “Pallez, it’s already 1350 of the Fifth Epoch . The technique of relying on the gathering of avatars to raise one’s level is already outdated . ”

Behind “Him,” Klein didn’t waste any time as he reached into his pocket as though he was drawing a gun while he made Creeping Hunger turn transparent . A transparent book condensed in front of him .

However, Amon simply raised his hand and the glove vanished .

However, along with the human-skinned glove’s disappearance, Gehrman Sparrow also did .


Landing in Amon’s palm wasn’t a glove but a rat, a rat that had died after becoming a marionette .

On the other side of Amon, Klein, who wasn’t wearing a hat but was wearing a shirt and vest, appeared . He then threw out the item he had previously taken out, and he threw it at his target .

It was a paper crane .

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