Lord of the Mysteries - Chapter 1039

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Chapter 1039: 1039

Chapter 1039 Hope

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A bolt of lightning streaked across the deep, dark sky, illuminating the entirety of the City of Silver . However, it didn’t last too long, and it soon disappeared into the darkness, returning the world to its pitch-black state .

After Derrick Berg opened his eyes, he immediately got off the bed and dashed for the door .

He slowed down his pace as he walked, his expression clearly conflicted .

How should I mention the Creator’s relic to the Chief? Directly tell the Chief that an item has caught my eye? No, no . Although, according to Mr . Hanged Man, the Chief has a tacit understanding towards such matters, I can’t be too direct… Derrick was always a thin-skinned youth . Even when his parents were alive, he seldom made requests for items .

He paused in place, seriously trying to recall the discussions with Miss Justice, Mr . Hanged Man, and the rest of the Tarot Club members, hoping to imitate them and find a reasonable excuse .

After simulating the possible developments all day, Derrick bit his lip and decided to be direct .

Carrying Thunder God’s Roar, he pulled open the door, entered the streets, and headed for the twin towers that was north of the city .

Along the way, many City of Silver residents came out of their houses, wearing smiles as they gathered at the training field .

This period of time was the harvesting season for Black-Faced Grass, a “festival” for the City of Silver to offer sacrificial offerings to the Creator . It was also one of the rare days when people could feel happy deep down in a darkness with harsh survival conditions .

Seeing cMdren who were skipping about and adults wearing Black-Faced Grass amulets and rings while hearing their discussions and singing, Derrick’s heart calmed down as his footsteps grew firmer .

Coming to the spire of the twin towers, he passed the message and met the Chief of the six-member council, Colin Iliad, in a particular room at the top of the tower .

This Demon Hunter was messy and grizzled as always, having not put effort into combing it . The wrinkles on his face were rather deep, leaving behind either deep or distorted old scars . His light blue eyes were deep with experience as though they could see through a person .

After Derrick saluted him, he nodded and said, “How’s your grasp of the Priest of Light potion?”

This was referring to the spirituality convergence and the corresponding familiarity with the various theurgical spells .

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Derrick answered in a frank manner, “Almost grasped it . ”

Yes, there’s no rush . The other members of the expedition team have yet to make preparations . They still need a certain amount of time, just like Lovia . She’s gathering and searching for the ingredients needed for her advancement . ” Colin Iliad gave a casual mention .

Indeed, Elder Lovia will also participate in the expedition to the Giant King’s Court… She’s trying to become a demigod? Derrick was taken aback as he asked without hiding anything, “Elder Lovia has the subsequent potion formula?”

This was a problem that had plagued this Shepherd Elder all this time, preventing her from becoming a demigod for years .

Yes . ” Colin gave an affirmative answer, but he didn’t provide an explanation .

He instead asked, “Is there something this time?”

Derrick turned anxious when he heard this . He didn’t make a request, but rather directly said, “Your Excellency, I discovered a relic of the Creator . It corresponds to the Sequence 4 Unshadowed of the Sun pathway . ”

The tall and muscular Colin in a linen shirt narrowed his eyes as the look in his eyes changed .

Those complex and indescribable emotions made Derrick freeze on the spot, causing him to momentarily forget what he was about to say next .

Amidst an indescribable silence, Demon Hunter Colin said in a deep voice, “Relic?”

Derrick’s pupils constricted as he realized that he accidentally mentioned something of great significance .

He had felt pained that the Creator had been eaten for a very long time, knowing that “He” had completely fallen, never to return again . This made him develop the illusion that it was common sense .

Faced with the Chiefs question and gaze, Derrick fell silent, momentarily at a loss for an explanation .

He hesitated for a few seconds and finally opened his mouth with great difficulty .

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“Yes, relic .

“The Kings betrayed the Lord…”

He subconsciously used the term the ecclesiastic at Afternoon Town had used in referring to the Kings of Angels .

Colin looked at Derrick, his light blue eyes seemingly losing focus temporarily .

This Demon Hunter remained silent for a long while, and after nearly a minute did he calmly say, “Got it . ”

His voice subconsciously turned deeper . He didn’t ask where the relic of the Creator that Derrick had discovered, or what it looked like and what its use was .

His eyes regained their depth as he didn’t continue the topic . Instead, he said, “You’ve already become a Sequence 5 . You have the right to know what holy Sealed Artifacts the City of Silver has . Once you’re able to converge your spirituality and fully grasp the theurgical spells, I’ll give you the corresponding information and take you to the place where they’re sealed .

“If you have an affinity with one of the holy Sealed Artifacts and can reduce its negative effects, you can wield one . ”

The affinity he mentioned here referred to the similarity between Derrick’s psyche and the remnant High-Sequence Beyonder’s psyche mark on the Sealed Artifact . It could reduce the terrifying negative effects by deceiving it to a certain degree .

In the City of Silver, there wasn’t a lack of common Beyonder characteristics and ingredients . Furthermore, everyone knew the acting method . The only thing preventing them from advancing was the rituals . At times, without a potion formula, it didn’t stop a Sequence 8 from advancing to Sequence 7, or Sequence 7 to 6 . As long as one had advanced correctly via consuming potions the previous time and had completely digested it, if one was willing to take the risk, they could attempt to directly consume a Beyonder characteristic to advance . The chances of success weren’t too low, but from Sequence 6 to 5, without the help of a ritual, the chances of success were very low .

Therefore, in the City of Silver, there were a lot of Sequence 6 Beyonders, but Sequence 5 and up became rare . It was a level that earned serious considerations .

Why did the Chief suddenly mention this… He means that I can choose a holy Sealed Artifact to exchange for the Creator’s relic . I haven’t even mentioned this yet… Yes, I’ll first offer the information to Mr . Fool and see which item will please him… Derrick was stunned for a moment before he came to a realization . He nodded heavily .

Yes, Your Excellency . ”

He didn’t say anything else as he bade farewell and prepared to participate in the harvest .

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Demon Hunter Colin watched his figure disappear as he slowly walked to the window and cast his gaze at the altar near the training field .

There were already many people gathered there . They were circling the Creator’s altar, and they were using ancient dances to please the deity . Others were singing praises of the mighty existence .

They had obvious smiles on their faces, their eyes brimming with hope and anticipation . It was as if the Creator would return if they held on for a few more years, and all hardships would come to an end .

Such expectations had been repeatedly shattered in the past two to three millennia, but it rose up, again and again, to support their hearts in resisting the despair and burdens .

Colin Iliad stood by the window and watched intently .

Backlund, Bdklund Street-

After returning from above the gray fog to the real world, Klein’s heart felt heavy .

Emperor Roselle’s diary page allowed him to understand the secrets of the Spectator . He understood how dangerous it would be for him to continue investigating the king . Even with the Church of Evernight and the Goddess’s blessings, it wouldn’t be completely safe .

It mainly has to do with the Goddess’s digesting of the Death pathway’s Uniqueness . “She” won’t be able to descend for quite a long period of time… I hope the Lord of Storms and the God of Steam and Machinery can react in a timely manner at the critical moment… Regardless, with Ma’am Arianna, Will Auceptin, and Pallez Zoroast, even against a King of Angels, it isn’t an outcome that spells certain doom . Even if I were to die, “They” still have a chance of grabbing my corpse… The longer I hold on, the higher the odds of my survival will increase… Klein relieved his stress by making a self-deprecating comment .

Previously, above the gray fog, he had already decided the focus of his investigation . It was to pursue Saintess of White Katarina and Demoness Trissy whose current Sequence was unknown . As for Hvin Rambis, as long as he didn’t take the initiative to contact Miss Justice, he wouldn’t try to seek him out; otherwise, he might encounter an accident he couldn’t fend off .

On the one hand, I’m waiting for Miss Judgment’s feedback, and on the other hand, I should try to see if I can find Vice Admiral Ailment . By using their blood connection, I can try to lock onto the Saintess of White . This isn’t too realistic . The three Churches will definitely come up with this method, so the Demoness Sect will definitely counter this… I’ll later get Danitz to search for items related to Vice Admiral Ailment, and I’ll use the gray fog’s ability to interfere and screen… Yes, I’ll also ask him about Anderson . This isn’t too pressing . The Unshadowed Crucifix is still being experimented with… Klein retracted his thoughts and got out of bed .

He had already used the gray fog’s suppression to bind Unshadowed Crucifix and the mystical item, Broken Finger, together . He wanted to see if the Beyonder characteristic would be purged .

After resting at home for a while, Klein changed his clothes and went out with his valet, Enuni . He planned on praying at Saint Samuel Cathedral before visiting the Loen Charity Bursary Foundation .

This valet wasn’t actually the Winner, but Qonas Kilgor . The real Earl of The Fallen had been turned into flesh with the Flower of Blood and was hiding inside the Earl of The Fallen’s stomach .

Backlund’s weather these days was often gloomy . The gas lamps lining the two sides of the road had yet to be lit up, but the houses on both sides of the street had already been lit up .

Klein watched all of this expressionlessly . He rode his carriage from Boklund Street to Phelps Street . He first headed to Saint Samuel Cathedral to pray before he wore his top hat and cane and walked to the Loen Charity Bursary Foundation .

As he approached the door, he heard a ringing sound . He saw Miss Audrey riding a modified bicycle which didn’t have a horizontal bar and was rather exquisite . She had come out from an alley .

She was wearing a plain white dress and a pair of black leather shoes . Her blonde hair was tied up as her green eyes were peeled on the road . Sitting on the seat harness behind her was a golden retriever who could maintain her stability no matter how much the bicycle shook .

Upon noticing the elegant gentleman with white sideburns, Audrey smiled brightly and greeted in a cheery tone, “Good morning- Mr . Dantes . ”

“Good afternoon, Miss Audrey . You seem to be in a good mood?” Klein watched as she hit the brakes and used her foot to support herself .

Audrey pursed her lips as her smile brightened a little .

“You’re right . I am indeed in a good mood . After riding this for a while, all my troubles have disappeared . ”

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