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Lord of the Mysteries - Chapter 1272

Published at 10th of June 2020 03:15:06 PM

Chapter 1272: 1272

Chapter 1272 “Spring

The King of Space-Time, Beacon of Destiny, Embodiment of Sefirah Castle, Dominator of the Spirit World, Lord of the Mysteries… So the “Mysteries” mentioned by the ancient sun god refers to the Lord of the Mysteries… Klein silently repeated the titles as he felt the trauma in his heart increase .

He immediately thought of a question and hesitated before saying, “Based on what I know, a long time before the last civilization ended, The Celestial Worthy of Heaven and Earth for Blessings had already appeared . ”

After the Seven Lights exchanged looks, the thin Yellow Light Venithan, who was translucent like other spirit world creatures, sighed and said, “We weren’t aware of that . When the previous civilization came to an end, the Seven Lights from before had been wiped out when the Oldest One awoke . We were the pure lights that were born from the spirit world during the First Epoch .

“However, we have some guesses about ‘the great ruler above the spirit world . ’ Perhaps this can answer your questions . ”

Klein perked up and wore an attentive look .

Yellow Light Venithan continued, “We suspect that some of the Great Old Ones that were active in the First Epoch were Outer Deities who had been directly attracted to this planet . Some of them came alive as sefirots . In other words, some Great Old Ones were equivalent to the Oldest One—embodiments of the different personalities ‘He’ split into .

“Whatever separates will definitely converge, and whatever converges will definitely separate . This description isn’t limited to Beyonder characteristics, but also refers to the Oldest One ‘Himself . ’ As most of the sefirot and characteristics are from this supreme existence, there are natural inclinations of convergence . And the Oldest One is the amalgamation of all the contradictions in the Universe . Once the sefirot and characteristics are gathered, it will almost certainly separate . ”

Is this the crux and origins of the law of convergence of Beyonder characteristics? The Genie is an unlucky Outer Deity who got attracted to this world, only to encounter the Lord of the Mysteries? Klein nodded slightly and didn’t interrupt . He patiently waited for Yellow Light to share “Their” guesses .

Dressed in a lemon-yellow robe, Venithan glanced at Klein and said, “Perhaps the Oldest One had already had an inclination towards separating while asleep . Therefore, ‘His’ mind was split into different parts . ‘He’ used different titles to secretly interfere with the real world and prepare for the separation that was bound to happen once ‘His’ body woke up . For example, God Almighty or the Celestial Worthy…”

A reasonable guess; it can explain many of my doubts… Klein immediately felt enlightened .

He deliberated and said, “In other words, you believe that ‘the great ruler above the spirit world’ was a part of the Oldest One . To a certain extent, ‘He’ is equivalent to the Oldest One?”

“That’s right . ” Orange Light Hilarion gave an affirmative response before comforting Klein . “Based on the present situation, the great ruler is also the same as the rest of the Oldest One . ‘His’ will and powers have faded over time . Your Excellency, regardless of you being ‘Him’ or not, it doesn’t hinder you from putting up a certain level of resistance . Keep what’s left of your humanity, and reach a particular balance with ‘Him . ’ Heh heh, separation is inevitable . ”

What kind of consolation is that? Klein couldn’t help but lampoon .

Then he realized a problem:

Since the Oldest One dissociated into different parts, the mental imprint in the body of a High-Sequence Beyonder of the corresponding pathway should also belong to the different Great Old Ones .

If the Primordial One which awoke in the ancient sun god’s body is the God Almighty as described by the Seven Lights, then who would it be when the Primordial One’s mental imprint begins eating at me?

The answer to this question was very obvious . Without needing to think, Klein could answer it:

The Lord of the Mysteries, the Dominator of the Spirit World, the Celestial Worthy of Heaven and Earth for Blessings!

In other words, it wasn’t that the Celestial Worthy of Heaven and Earth for Blessings hadn’t left any traces as he had previously believed . “He” had already awoken in Klein’s body!

F*ck… Klein’s entire body turned cold . He inexplicably experienced what the ancient sun god previously felt .

At that moment, he was very worried that, one day, he would unknowingly become another person, becoming the resurrected Lord of the Mysteries, the Celestial Worthy of Heaven and Earth for Blessings .

However, an awakening of this level is similar to what other angels have encountered . It’s not as strong and irresistible as I had imagined it to be… This is because I’m different from the ancient sun god . I wasn’t born with the status of an angel, or even in control of a Uniqueness . I advanced step by step, and I was able to complete the digestion in different stages? If that’s the case, I have to thank the grayish-white fog that sent the “curtain” into the Forsaken Land of the Gods . Perhaps, this involved the help of a particular, or several existences… Yes, that’s still not right . I’ve already become the owner of Sefirah Castle . There’s no reason for the corruption and contamination I suffer to be the same as other Sequence 2 angels… Klein secretly shook his head . He didn’t raise the corresponding question to the Seven Lights .

To him, this was one of his core secrets . He definitely couldn’t let other existences know what his current state was like .

He raised his right hand and placed it to his mouth . He coughed lightly .

“I roughly understand . ”

After chatting with the Seven Lights, Klein stood up and bowed .

“Thank you for your answers . ”

“It was our pleasure . May Your Excellency return to the throne of the great ruler above the spirit world as quickly as possible . ” The Seven Lights stood up at the same time, giving him a warm response .

Are “They” trying to curse me? Klein teased himself as he politely sent away the seven pure lights .

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Following that, he activated “Teleport” once again, and returned to a secluded alley in Backlund .

Pressing his top hat on his head, Klein strolled down the street .

The first thing that caught his eye was the crowd of all kinds of people and the hustle and bustle that formed a heatwave .

Some people were wearing linen clothes, sawing down abnormally tall trees in groups of about four people . Some of them formed a team, busy repairing the streets and houses that didn’t suffer too much damage . Some held Desi pies and sweet ice tea in their hands, rushing past him, as though they were rushing to their workplace . Some of them rode cargo carriages, carrying food, meat, and vegetables, all heading in different directions…

Although most of these people wore simple clothes with plenty of visible stitches, and there were still signs of numbness and pain on their faces, the vitality their bodies exuded seemed to interweave into a light of hope before Klein’s eyes . They were tenaciously brimming with life .

They were like grass that tried their best to tear through stones after a cold winter .

Klein slowed down his steps and gazed deeply at the bustling scene .

Although he hadn’t seen the tragedy in the later stages of the war, he had learned plenty from Miss Justice and Leonard . Furthermore, he had previously been traveling in the even darker and more repressed Forsaken Land of the Gods . It was inevitable that he felt some uncontrollable emotions .

Spring had arrived .

Klein’s expression gradually relaxed as the corners of his mouth curled up .

He walked through the streets and alleys that were rebuilt after the war, and he walked all the way to Saint Samuel Cathedral in North Borough .

The square was filled with potholes . The workers were doing the first round of cleaning . A small flock of pigeons had returned and landed in this once-familiar area .

Klein looked around but didn’t find any hawkers . All he could do was use historical projections as food and scatter it across the floor .

As the pigeons flew over, he crossed the square and entered the cathedral where the bell tower was being repaired . He sat in the front pew of the prayer hall .

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Looking at the Sacred Emblem that was the crimson moon surrounded by stars, Klein took off his hat and clasped his hands . He closed his eyes in this tranquil environment .

He gradually calmed down, feeling as if he was really praying .

At this moment, Leonard, with much longer black hair and darker green eyes, walked down the aisle in a black trench coat and red gloves . He came near him and sat on the pew two spots from him and began praying .

In the absolute silence, Klein opened his eyes, stood up, put on his hat, and walked past Leonard .

When he reached the door, Leonard slowly got up and followed behind .

One after the other, they arrived at a corner of the square not long after .

Leonard looked at the few pigeons on the ground and seemingly mumbled to himself, “I’m already a high-ranking deacon of the Nighthawks . In another two days, I’ll return to the Holy Cathedral for some studies, as well as obtain a corresponding Holy Artifact . ”

In the final stages of the war, he advanced at the frontlines to Sequence 4 Nightwatcher .

“You don’t seem to be too happy . ” Klein, who was standing beside Leonard, didn’t turn his head as he looked at the pigeons .

Leonard laughed self-deprecatingly .

“I have no right to be unhappy .

“I was just thinking that the battle of gods ended so quickly, and the result was unexpected . Does it mean that the previous defeat and the difficulties that everyone suffered were nothing but bait?”

“Before today, I shared your views . I was also puzzled and frustrated, but now, I’m a little lost . This might have been… a necessity . ” Klein didn’t hide his feelings .

Leonard fell silent for two seconds before looking down at the pigeon that was prancing around him .

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“That’s what Old Man said too…”

Without waiting for Klein to say another word, he turned his head and glanced at his former colleague .

“You’ve become an angel?”

Pallez Zoroast had told him that what Klein had done previously was perhaps to prepare for his advancement to an angel .

“Yes . ” Klein nodded slightly . “But there isn’t any glory or power in this . Only pain, curses, and responsibility . ”

“Why?” Leonard subconsciously asked .

Klein didn’t reply immediately . He looked down at the shadow by his feet and turned to walk out the square .

After a few steps, he turned his back to Leonard and muttered to himself, “You should still remember that sentence .

“We are guardians, but also a bunch of miserable wretches that are constantly fighting against threats and madness . ”

Leonard was taken aback . After a few seconds, he turned to look at Klein, but all he could see was Klein’s back which was just about to disappear around the corner of the street . He was wearing a half top hat and a black trench coat .

With a whoosh, the pigeons on the ground flew up into the light-blue sky .

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