Lord of the Mysteries - Chapter 1326

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Chapter 1326: 1326

Chapter 1326 Successful “Mass“

Regarding the matter of praying to Mr . Fool, Baldur raised both hands and feet in agreement . He didn’t have any intention of pressing Bonn .

He prayed for more than a minute after waking up in the morning and before sleeping at night . He would thank Mr . Fool for bringing the pure sunlight, delicious food, and a life of no despair .

“Alright, I’ll prepare the ingredients for today first . ” Baldur smiled as he nodded at Bonn .

A few minutes later, he brought many bags of ingredients into the kitchen, as if he was carrying a few rolls of curtains .

At this moment, Bonn found a chair and sat down . He sincerely prayed to Mr . Fool .

“The great ruler who controls the spirit world, The Fool that doesn’t belong to this era, I wish to be blessed by you . I hope that you can fulfill my wish of escaping from my deformity…”

In the cathedral on Philips Street, in several areas in Bayam, in the New City of Silver, and the New Moon City that was located in a forest, prayers echoed softly simultaneously .

The extremely self-conscious Xin, Rus, and company vaguely guessed that Mr . Fool was planning on granting such a wish . As they prayed, their bodies trembled, unable to control themselves .

They yearned to be like normal people .

They were also looking forward to the bustling and lively Bayam . They yearned for the grilled fish made from a secret recipe, the candy factories, and delicacies from all over the world . They yearned for a life to drink, chat, sing, and dance .

In the ancient palace above the gray fog, The Fool Klein, who was sitting at the end of the long bronze table, saw bits of pure light light up one after another, forming a majestic sea of stars in front of him .

The prayers overlapped and echoed inside Sefirah Castle as ripples appeared .

Klein closed his eyes and took it in for a few seconds . He raised his right hand and bent his middle finger, rapping the edge of the long mottled table .

An invisible force spread out like waves on the surface of water . It surged into every prayer point of light and landed on the residents of Moon City .

Xin suddenly felt something and raised her hand to touch the middle of her face .

The next second, she felt her nose .

Almost instinctively, Xin stroked that position several times from top to bottom before she believed she had grown a nose and was no longer deformed .

She instantly closed her eyes, bent down, and pressed her forehead to the ground . She couldn’t help but praise Mr . Fool .

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The praises around her grew louder and louder, becoming more and more uniform .

Rus’s eyes separated; Bonn’s eyes became symmetrical; and in Moon City, every deformed person, or those who were ugly because of the traits they inherited, had broken through their original restrictions and their bodies were transforming towards a state of normalcy .

At this moment, be it in New Moon City, the New City of Silver, or Bayam, they heard the bell of the cathedral ring .


The ethereal gong of the bell reverberated in the hearts of everyone in Moon City . It rang in the ears of every person who heard it, as though it could cleanse their souls and bring them the most genuine feelings towards life .

The tears that Xin, Rus, and company held back finally flowed out . They felt their minds and bodies turn tranquil, no longer having a speck of dust tainting them .

They subconsciously raised their heads and cast their gaze towards the source of the gong . They discovered that it came from beyond New Moon City, an unknown distance away from where they were .

A miracle… A thought suddenly popped into the minds of the Moon City citizens .

In the new City of Silver that was connected to them, Waite Chirmont and company cast their gazes into the distance and cast their gaze towards Bayam .

The gong came from there .

“Praise Mr . Fool!” They mumbled at the same time as they pressed their right palm to their left chest .

In Bayam City, Bonn adjusted his postures with Baldur who had tears streaming down his face . They faced Philips Street and towards the cathedral that belonged to Mr . Fool . They listened attentively and gratefully to the holy chimes from Heaven .

However, above the gray fog, The Fool Klein was somewhat astonished and confused .

The sudden chiming of the bells wasn’t within his plans .

He then turned his gaze to The Fool’s cathedral at 16 Phillips Street .

Almost at the same time, he used the prayer lights to see the tall bell tower that was attached to the cathedral . He saw a young man wearing a pointed hat and a classic black robe standing at the top of the bell tower .

This youth was holding a black bell hammer and was striking the bell repeatedly .

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As if sensing the gaze from above, the youth stopped . He lifted his head slightly and adjusted the crystal monocle on his right eye .

At the same time, his smile widened .

“…” Klein nearly cursed .

At this moment, his eyes glazed over almost in an unconcealed manner . He didn’t understand why Angel of Time Amon would suddenly appear and seriously strike the bell of his cathedral .

Klein was actually mentally prepared for Amon’s and Zaratul’s possible arrival . This was because there were just too many people in the City of Silver and Moon City . There was no way they could secretly integrate with the outside world .

In other words, the City of Silver and Moon City would definitely be known to the various Churches and secret organizations . Under such circumstances, be it public or private proselytizing, it wouldn’t affect any future development . Therefore, Klein silently agreed to the City of Silver’s attempts to proselytize the faith of The Fool . This was preparation for him to have more anchors for his advancement to Sequence 1 .

Due to this premise, he was prepared for Zaratul, Amon, and other hidden enemies to come to Bayam . He even hoped that they would do so .

Here, Klein, who had the status and level of a King of Angels in Sefirah Castle, was able to fully display his home ground advantage . As for the City of Silver, it also had Grade 0 Sealed Artifacts . It could completely resist Amon and take down Zaratul .

Compared to his main body suddenly encountering a prepared enemy elsewhere, or the discovery of his marionette city, this was undoubtedly a better choice .

However, Amon’s current actions confused Klein . He didn’t understand what the God of Deceit wanted to achieve .

16 Phillips Street, inside The Fool’s cathedral .

The archbishop-on-duty, the City of Silver’s six-member council’s Elder, Derrick Berg, also looked up in astonishment at the stained glass .

Rays of sunlight shone inside, allowing Derrick to read one scene after another .

As the black bell hammer fell, the tremors of the bell gradually stopped .

I didn’t arrange for someone to strike the bell… Derrick frowned .

As a member of the City of Silver, as a demigod in the Sun domain, he had a sharp intuition and knew that something must’ve gone wrong .

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However, the strange ringing of the bell didn’t bring any accidents . Besides the ringing, everything seemed normal .

As Derrick observed the surroundings with the help of his Unshadowed Beyonder powers, he quickly considered whether the bell had any symbolic significance in mysticism .

After eliminating the possibilities, he suddenly recalled the Holy Bible of The Fool made up by the City of Silver .

There was content related to the striking of bells!

It was used to describe the relationship between Angel of Time Amon and Mr . Fool to confirm “His” true status .

Towards that sentence, Derrick was still against it because he knew that Blasphemer Amon wasn’t Mr . Fool’s Blessed . Their relationship wasn’t even harmonious, and was actually hostile .

However, the lies he made previously had convinced the other members of the City of Silver’s six-member council . They believed that Angel of Time Amon was the first entity appointed by Mr . Fool to cast down the light for the people of the Forsaken Land of the Gods . It was because “He” had Parasitized Derrick, which had resulted in the subsequent changes, all the way until hope descended .

Derrick had wanted to explain, but he was embarrassed . That would only bring up too many lies, making him lose his image with the other Elders of the six-member council and citizens of the City of Silver . It was just like Miss Justice had said before, a social death .

Finally, he chose to delay any actions, hoping that Mr . Fool would take a look at the Holy Bible . If there was anything inappropriate with the descriptions, “He” would definitely send a divine revelation to change the views .

To his surprise, Mr . Fool didn’t say anything and silently agreed with the contents of the Holy Bible .

Could it be that Amon is striking the bell? Derrick was momentarily dazed as he found it too unbelievable .

He hurriedly lowered his head and began praying, reporting this matter to Mr . Fool .

Above the gray fog, inside Sefirah Castle .

Before Klein could eliminate Amon, the other party suddenly turned transparent and transformed into a beam of light before vanishing from the bell tower .

What does this fellow want? If “His” father is the Emperor and not the ancient sun god, then I can reasonably suspect that “He” is striking a death knell for me… As Klein checked if there were any Amons lurking in the bodies of the City of Silver and Moon City citizens, he analyzed Amon’s motives without any clue in mind .

Just as he was about to use divination to seek clues, Derrick completed his prayer .

…Holy Bible, Holy Bible? The corners of Klein’s mouth twitched as he summoned from the junk pile the Holy Bible that the City of Silver had sacrificed to him .

Previously, he had only flipped through a few pages, but he was too embarrassed to continue reading it . He took on a position of burying his head in the sand .

Of course, he wasn’t careless in this aspect . He was still extremely cautious . He used divination inside Sefirah Castle to confirm that the Holy Bible wouldn’t bring him any harm .

With this premise, he allowed the City of Silver to use this Holy Bible .

He slowly took a deep breath and reached out his right hand . He flipped the scriptures page by page .

His facial muscles began to twitch, and the corner of his lips uncontrollably parted .

Klein flipped faster and faster . Finally, he saw the last page .


Klein suddenly closed the book and threw it back onto the junk pile .

After this miracle in Moon City, yes, the potion has mostly been digested . The marionette city will have to step onto the stage of history… Klein observed his condition without expression and nodded indiscernibly .

Ever since he had gained preliminary control of Sefirah Castle, he could receive digestion feedback from the real world .

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