Lord of the Mysteries - Chapter 1330

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Chapter 1330: Chapter 1330 - Moving in 

Chapter 1330 Moving in

Alfred felt the room temperature plummet when he heard his squire .

An indescribable chill invaded his body, freezing his blood and bone marrow .

When the liner stopped at Utopia Port, he had expected the worst situation to happen—Utopia was the headquarters of some cult, and that everyone there was a dangerous lunatic .

But now, the truth was even worse .

Perhaps Utopia never existed!

At that moment, Alfred was unusually thankful that he was no longer the noble scion he was when he left Backlund . He had accumulated a great deal of experience and had thus, not really entered Utopia Harbor .

Under the gaze of the adjutant and squire, the major general paced back and forth with a solemn expression . He calmly instructed, “Draft up a telegram and report to MI9 about what happened in Utopia .

“At the same time, request the local official Beyonders to immediately take action and contact the captain to list down all the people who entered Utopia Harbor . If necessary, pay each of them a visit and confirm if there are any problems . ”

“Yes sir!” his adjutant immediately stood at attention and saluted .

After the adjutant walked out of the study, Alfred said to a squire, “Bring up the typewriter from downstairs . I want to write a detailed report . ”

His plan was to first use a telegram to report the key information to the brass and not delay the initial actions necessary . Then, he would reveal more details with a confidential document and provide more information for the military brass to make a decision .

Wendel walked into a second-class carriage with one hand on his top hat and the other carrying a suitcase .

He wasn’t even thirty years old . His sideburns were deep-black and his brown eyes were calm . He didn’t have any unique features that anyone could remember, but he exuded comfortable vibes .

A few months ago, he was still a Feynapotter intelligence officer who was active in Desi Bay, and had contributed greatly . Now that he was a Sequence 7 Beyonder, he was part of MI9’s internal affairs department .

Today, his goal was to send a confidential document to Backlund and personally hand it into the hands of MI9’s director .

After sitting down, Wendel bought a newspaper from the paperboy and leisurely read through it .

This was just a superficial act; in reality, he began to use his Beyonder powers to illustrate portraits of the passengers around him, remembering all their characteristics, making meticulous and perfect preparations for any accidents that might happen later .


The steam locomotive was chugging forward as the scenery outside sped past the windows .

A few hours later, Wendel cast his gaze out of the window with some anxiety . The sky was already filled with dark clouds, and a storm was about to descend .

This meant that the steam locomotive would stop at a station ahead of time to tide through the storm . It might only continue its journey the next morning, and not reach its designated location .

In Wendel’s opinion, this would undoubtedly lead to more risks due to a deviation in his expectations .

However, it was beyond him . He couldn’t change the weather like the Sea God, who was promoted by the Rorsted Archipelago’s new government .

The only thing he could do was pray to the Lord of Storms .

Reality proved that praying was useless most of the time . By the time the sky turned dark, the station in front of them had already sent a light signal to get the train to slow down and stop .


The steam engine whistled again, and the train slowed down . Finally, it stopped at an unfamiliar platform .

In the next second, near the steam-powered train’s head, the mechanical door opened . The train conductor stood at the entrance and shouted to the staff on the platform, “What happened up ahead?”

“Heavy rain . Visibility is zero!” the white-sideburned employee answered loudly .

Just as he finished speaking, a muffled thunder sounded, causing everyone to tremble as they sensed the incoming storm .

“Damn it!” the train conductor cursed . “Which station is this?”

As it wasn’t a normal stop, he didn’t really know which station he was at . After all, the schedule he was in charge of didn’t stop at every station in the past .

“Utopia! It’s a small station! You can arrange the rest yourself!” the staff shouted and ran towards the other end of the platform with the glass lantern in hand . “I have to give the train behind a signal!”

The train conductor had no doubts about the staff’s attitude because this was a normal dispatch process . Otherwise, an accident between two steam locomotives would happen .

He could even be certain that the other staff members of the Utopia Station had already sent a telegram to the other stations to warn them .

Of course, they must’ve received a telegram to learn of the area ahead being enveloped by a heavy storm .

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“Utopia…” Wendel repeated the name in a low voice, not finding any useful information in his mind .

Of course, he didn’t think too much of it . This was because there were many unknown steam locomotive stations in the entire Loen Kingdom . This was a manifestation of the country’s overall strength .

The train conductor looked at the dark sky and muttered a few words before using the newest megaphone to speak to the passengers on board .

“A storm is coming . The train will stop at Utopia station until eight in the morning tomorrow . ”

He estimated the storm to continue the entire night .

“You can stay in the carriage, or you can exit on your own accord to head into the city to look for an inn . Tomorrow, simply show your ticket stub to board the carriage again . Remember to be on time . ” The train conductor gave the passengers two choices .

Wendel looked at the passengers inside the second-class carriage and pondered for a few seconds before carrying his suitcase and walking out of the train .

It wasn’t that he couldn’t handle the harsh environment that wasn’t conducive for good sleep . When he was an intelligence officer, he had been through plenty of hardship . He was only relying on his professionalism that the sealed carriages, which were limited in space for passenger movement, weren’t as safe as a single room in an inn .

Of course, he could also stay up all night, but this would definitely affect his condition tomorrow . Clearly, he still had a long journey tomorrow .

After exiting Utopia Station, Wendel got on a rental carriage by the side of the road and said to the carriage driver, “To the municipal square . ”

In the Loen Kingdom, there would definitely be a cathedral and a hotel near the municipal square .

“Sir, are you planning on going to the hotel?” the carriage driver asked as he made the horse turn around, seemingly capable of getting along well with anyone .

“Yes . ” As a Sequence 7 Beyonder, Wendel didn’t hide it .

In his opinion, as long as he lived in the city center while overseas, he could easily find a group of helpers with his status, and his strength was enough to support him in completing this task .

“The best hotel in Utopia is Red Boots . Are we going there?” the coach driver asked in a suggestive tone that all men knew .

If he didn’t have a mission, Wendel wouldn’t mind pleasuring himself . However, he could only shake his head without any hesitation .

“I want a quiet hotel . ”

“Alright…” the coachman replied disappointedly . “Let’s go to the Irises Hotel . No one will disturb you there . ”

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As the carriage advanced, Wendel cast his gaze outside the window to observe the situation outside .

Perhaps it was because the storm was about to arrive, the people on the road were all in a rush . Even the paperboys looked down .

A very small city… Wendel came to a preliminary conclusion from the lack of a track carriage .

He only saw one trackless carriage . This meant that most of the areas in Utopia could be reached on foot in an adequate amount of time .

Just as he had expected, in less than ten minutes, the rental carriage stopped at the entrance of the Irises Hotel .

Wendel paid the fare and rushed into the hotel before the rain fell .

He heard pattering sounds behind him just as he entered .

After checking in and putting down his luggage, Wendel rested for a while . He kept the confidential document close to him and went to the restaurant on the first floor to enjoy dinner .

He cautiously didn’t have any alcoholic beverages and asked for a cup of “Fizzling Ice Tea,” which was supposedly a local specialty, and a fried pork chop drenched in apple juice .

As a former intelligence officer of high society, Wendel didn’t have much expectations for dinner this time, but he was surprised by the meal .

The pork chop was fried in a succulent and juicy manner that gave off a strong fragrance . The apple juice that was poured on it had a slightly acerbic texture that washed away most of the cloyed taste . The Fizzling Ice Tea was refreshing and especially delicious…

When he foot the bull, Wendel nodded at the medium-build waiter and said,

“Please send my compliments to the chef for giving me the pleasure of this wonderful dinner . ”

The ordinary-looking waiter smiled and replied, “That wouldn’t be an issue .

“In all of Utopia City, our chefs are the best . ”

Wendel didn’t chit-chat and quickly returned to his room to make some arrangements to prevent others from sneaking in .

Then, he fell asleep without any hesitation .

He used a relatively safe period of time, which any possible enemies would find unsuitable for taking action, to sleep and pass the time late into the night .

After an unknown period of time, Wendel was suddenly woken up by an intense argument .

He snapped open his pocket watch to take a look and realized that it wasn’t even midnight .

It’s from next door… A woman’s voice… A man’s voice… Wendel sat up and listened carefully .

Initially, he suspected that it was a man and woman flirting, but later, he realized that it was too intense . Some of the items were even thrown onto the wall .

A quarrel turning into a fight? Just as Wendel mumbled, he heard the shouting, cursing, and screaming of a woman .

Beating a woman? As a Loen gentleman, although Wendel believed in the Lord of Storms and discriminated against women, it didn’t stop him from thinking that men shouldn’t be violent towards women .

After two seconds of consideration, he decided to knock on the door and remind his “neighbors” to take note .

At that moment, a tragic cry rang out .

This was obviously from a man!

Thud! Something heavy fell to the floor .

Wendel’s brows twitched as he sharply caught the scent of a criminal case .

He stood up, put on his coat, and went to the room next door . He bent his fingers and knocked twice .

A few seconds later, the door creaked open, and a beautiful woman with long, wavy hair appeared in front of Wendel .

Her hair was in a mess, and her face was ghastly pale . Her light-green clothes were stained with blood, and she was holding a dagger that was dripping with blood .

The lady in her early twenties stammered for a while before speaking in a dreamy tone, “I killed someone…”

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