Lord of the Mysteries - Chapter 1334

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Chapter 1334: Chapter 1334 - Night With The Moon

Chapter 1334 Night With The Moon

MI9’s office building was located on Bellotto Street in West Borough, and it was an inconspicuous three-story building .

The entrance didn’t show any signs of its identity . It simply hung a door sign: “9”

The core of this office building was underground, and above it was for the clerks . Of course, most of the Beyonders who were under MI9 wouldn’t go underground for no reason . The environment there wasn’t good, and the atmosphere was oppressive . It was possible that an accident could happen due to the failure to watch over a Sealed Artifact .

Xio was now the deputy team leader of the “National Security and Counter-Espionage Team . ” She was in charge of a rather small-scale Beyonder team, responsible for handling espionage cases regarding Intis in the greater area of Backlund .

“There’s a mission here . ” Her superior, MI9’s deputy director, the team leader of the National Security and Counter-Espionage Team, Lieutenant General Pantek, picked up a document and handed it across the desk opposite him .

“Is it very urgent?” Xio received it and asked cautiously .

Lieutenant General Pantek was a typical Loen old man with a case of severe hairline recession . He picked up a white porcelain coffee cup and took a sip .

“Not at all . It’s quite low-risk .

“In fact, this mission will be sent to all members, hoping that someone will be able to complete it by luck . ”

This description was out of Xio’s expectations, but she didn’t open the dossier on the spot and directly replied, “I will inform my team members . ”

Xio returned to her own room after leaving Lieutenant General Pantek’s office .

When she threw herself into her seat, she seemed to have hidden herself .

Xio quickly browsed through the documents in her hand and roughly understood why the deputy director said that .

The Utopia that needed investigation didn’t seem to be anywhere in the Northern and Southern Continent, nor were there on any of the known islands in the Five Seas .

In the past two weeks, many people had entered the so-called Utopia, but the way they entered was completely different . Some entered from the Berserk Sea’s Sonia Sea waters, arriving by a terrifying storm . Some were midway on a railway that led from Desi Bay to Backlund . Due to a heavy storm, they had been delayed and stopped at the city . Others were in Sivellaus County, and they entered because they were lost…

Up to now, no one has been affected by the damage or mentally influenced… It’s no wonder Deputy Director Pantek said that the danger level is very low… Also, there’s no way to conclude the rules regarding the case, making it difficult for one to find the true location of Utopia . Therefore, there’s no way for them to send people in to investigate . Yes… I can only tell all members of the situation, and hope that one of them will chance upon Utopia and carefully gather information in secret when they are there… Xio put down the documents in her hand and stood up regretfully, preparing to inform the Beyonders under her .

She was regretful that the mission was so difficult that she almost couldn’t see hope . This made her unable to accumulate more merit points .

In the past half-year, Xio had been very busy every day in order to deal with the pending apocalypse . As she dealt with MI9’s matters, she completed all the missions Mr . Fool had given her, so as to accumulate contributions on both sides and exchange for the formula and Beyonder characteristics of the Imperative Mage formula and Beyonder characteristic, to fulfill the wish of becoming a demigod .

And up till now, Xio was still lacking a little on both fronts, especially in MI9 . If she didn’t make any significant contribution, Xio couldn’t see any hope .

If not for the generous salary from MI9 and all kinds of benefits that came with it, and how she could rely on her status and identity to monopolize a large amount of information so as to help her complete the missions given by Mr . Fool, Xio yearned to resign and become a bounty hunter again . That way, she would have more freedom .

I can ask about this case at the next Tarot Gathering . Perhaps Mr . World will have some clues… As Xio thought, she pushed open the door to the room where her team members were .

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After assigning the Utopia mission, Xio specially instructed, “If the situation isn’t right, even if you have the chance to enter Utopia, you can give up immediately . The town of unknown authenticity hasn’t shown any danger . Perhaps it’s because it hadn’t been triggered . ”

After busying herself for a while more, Xio finally ended her day in exhaustion . She returned home before half-past seven, and she had dinner with her mother, her brother, and Fors . She enjoyed a limited amount of relaxation .

At midnight, she washed up and walked to the bedroom window . She grabbed the curtain and prepared to draw it .

During this process, Xio naturally cast her gaze outside and discovered that the crimson moon in the sky had already turned bigger at some point in time . Furthermore, the color had clearly deepened as though it was flowing blood .

Blood Moon… Xio suddenly turned her head and looked next door in concern . She was a little worried about her good friend’s condition .

However, she quickly recalled that Fors was a Sequence 4 demigod and no longer feared the effects of the full moon ravings .

In the room next door, Fors was lying in bed, taking in the Blood Moon outside . As she endured the pain of her head being pricked by needles, she heard Mr . Door say, “Although going from Sequence 3 to Sequence 2 is indeed a qualitative change, going from an incomplete Mythical Creature to a real Mythical Creature, I believe that Sequence 4 to Sequence 3 has a qualitative change as well . It can even be said that Sequence 3 is the best level in a Beyonder pathway .

“At this level, there is no need to rely on external forces to resist the madness and the inclination towards losing control . There is no need to endure the torment every second and minute . They will also possess Beyonder powers that completely exceed that of an ordinary person . They will be more godlike than they are human . Furthermore, they can obtain a small number of anchors and stabilize their mental state .

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“If not for the fact that most Sequence 3 Beyonder’s don’t have long enough lives, with it being difficult for them to live to more than 500 years old . I believe there won’t be many saints who have the motivation to advance to an angel…”

“Yeah, yeah . ” Fors nodded, indicating that she had already understood .

At the same time, her forehead twitched slightly and she yawned secretly .

She was already a little accustomed to the pain from her direct conversation with Mr . Door .

Mr . Door continued, “The Apprentice pathway’s Sequence 3 is Wanderer . This means that the spirit world can no longer trap you . You can enter the cosmos, travel the astral world, head to different planets, and see true dead silence, true barrenness, true magnificence, and completely different civilizations .

“Only after experiencing it for yourself will you understand how insignificant the world you live in is…”

Mr . Door briefly explained “His” experiences as a showcase of the magnificence and beauty of the cosmos, displaying the stateliness and charm of different civilizations .

This made Fors fall into a trance . If not for the sharp throbbing pain in her head still reminding her, she would have even forgotten that the speaker was a dangerous King of Angels .

“As long as you help me escape, I’ll give you the potion formula and Beyonder characteristic of a Wanderer and help you complete the ritual . Of course, this can be paid in advance . ” At the end of the full moon ravings, Mr . Door gave another promise .

“It really makes me look forward to it,” Fors marveled sincerely .

When Mr . Door’s voice gradually weakened and disappeared, Fors suddenly pulled out the pillow at her waist and lay down .

In less than three minutes, she fell asleep in peace .

To her, the vast cosmos was indeed filled with charm . However, it also contained the danger of being corrupted just from knowing about it . She had no motivation to explore it .

“I’ll consider it after touring all the places in the Northern and Southern Continent and the Five Seas…” In her sleep, Fors muttered almost silently to herself .

At that moment, the blood-red moon outside the window had already faded . It returned to a light crimson color and wasn’t full .

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A huge blood-colored moon hung on the edge of the cliff, illuminating the swamp below .

The swamp was dark red and constantly bubbling, as though lava was boiling at the bottom of it .

At a glance, there was no end to the swamp, like a vast ocean .


A stone fell from the edge of the cliff and into the swamp .

In the next second, a bubble appeared and silently burst, producing a blood-stained infant .

The baby staggered, swam towards the cliff, and attempted to climb up .


The stone beneath Emlyn White’s feet shattered as he fell off the cliff and into the swamp .

This Sanguine Earl suddenly jolted awake from his dream . He looked around in horror and confusion .

After confirming that this was his room, where there were many extremely familiar dolls of different sizes, Emlyn slowly exhaled and said to himself with a rather solemn expression, “That dream wasn’t simple . ”

As a Shaman King, he had a good understanding of a dreamscape .

Could this be the so-called divine revelation? But I didn’t receive any revelations… Emlyn thought for a few seconds but couldn’t come up with an answer . Then, he decided to ignore the problem and prepare to ask Father Utravsky when he had the time .

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The incomplete moon that had its blood-red colors faded illuminated the garden of the Cathedral of Waves .

Alger reached out his hand to grab the note “delivered” by the gale and read it .

“Verdu is looking for a pirate ship or a smuggling ship to Bansy . ”

Bansy Harbor had yet been rebuilt, and there were no liners from all over the world that headed there . Verdu, who treasured his limited “Teleportation” opportunities, could only rely on extremely normal methods .

Head to Bansy? Alger immediately frowned .

He knew what Bansy meant, but he didn’t understand why Verdu wanted to go to Bansy .

There should be nothing there!

No, even if the Church has leveled Bansy, there’s still something abnormal about it . Furthermore, the Church didn’t investigate what problems Bansy had hidden in the past… As a cardinal, Alger was qualified to read through some confidential documents, including the records of the actions that the Church of the Lord of Storms had done when dealing with Bansy .

In addition, he had also learned more from Mr . Fool and The World Gehrman Sparrow .

After some thought, Alger quickly came to a decision . He planned on getting his Shadow Guard to arrange a pirate ship for Verdu .

In this aspect, Alger knew many key people to aid him . It didn’t need him to show his face in person or use his name .

Of course, smuggling ships in the Rorsted Archipelago were often equivalent to pirate ships .

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