Lord of the Mysteries - Chapter 1423

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Chapter 1423: 1423

Chapter 1423 In Modern Day 21

Looking at the young man with bright red eyes, I snap to my senses . The first thought I have is:

What a waste of a handsome face!

After two seconds, I become somewhat worried .

Is this guy mentally challenged, or just simply mental?

Is he the type of person who easily loses his way to the point that a missing report pamphlet is handed out the very next day?

No, he answered me very fluently just now . He looks fine on the surface… Perhaps he’s just bad with directions? Woah! How can someone like this be allowed outside the house on their own? I hesitate for a moment before asking, “Do you have your family’s number? Do you need to give them a call?”

The man’s expression instantly turns extremely ugly, giving off the feeling that he wants to bury his head in the ground .

“There’s no need!” he answers firmly . “It was just a mistake . A mistake . I wasn’t focused, as I was thinking about other problems . ”

“There’s no need to explain,” I immediately respond .

Trying to explain it just shows your attempts to hide things… I add inwardly .

Following that, I stand up, turn around, and point at the end of the road .

“Follow this path to the crossroads, then turn right, understand? Turn right . ”

I move my right arm as I face the same direction as him .

The man gloomily says, “I’m not a juvenile .

“I’ll concentrate this time . There definitely won’t be a problem!”

I ignore his emphasis and instead remind him, “If you encounter any more accidents, you can look for the police . ”

I originally wanted to mischievously say “Mr . Policeman,” but since he has already said that he isn’t a juvenile, I’ll just forget about it .

However, is this guy living in some stage play? His choice of words are quite literal!


Using the term “primary school student” would be more down-to-earth!

The man falls silent for two seconds before taking a deep breath .

“Thank you . ”

“You’re welcome . ” I suppress my urge to make a joke .

After watching this guy walk far down the road, I sit back down and enjoy the barbecue .

I have to say that meat kebabs have to have fat in order to be delicious . Otherwise, they need to be marinated . Otherwise, it would definitely be dry, woody, and tasteless .

In this aspect, chicken skin is definitely the type of food that can take up the challenge . In my heart, it’s better than pork belly .

However, the chicken skin’s quality is hard to guarantee . Some barbecue stalls use the kind that were frozen for god knows how long . As for the one I chose, I can be quite certain of its standards .

I bite down on a piece of condiment-infused chicken skin that’s been coated with grease . Combined with a mouthful of pineapple and the chilling taste of beer, I find this summer evening simply wonderful in a way that cannot be described .

This pineapple beer isn’t bad . It’s refreshing and quenches my thirst… I’m completely engrossed in the food to the point that I even neglect my phone .

Meat, chives, eggplant, and an iced beverage . As I take in this assortment of delicacies, the food in front of me decreases .

Phew, nice… I rub my belly in satisfaction .

In the next second, I start to have regrets .

No, I have to control myself! What if I get fat!?

In the near future, I can only indulge myself once a month—no, once a week .

While I’m in a dilemma, I look up and see a figure .

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He’s wearing a three-piece attire that isn’t suited to proper nightlife . He has two bright red eyes .

Almost at the same time, the figure seems to sense my gaze . He turns his head and casts his gaze at me .

Me: “…”

Him: “…”

Why the f**k are you back?

Don’t tell me that you got lost?

The man stands by the roadside, neither advancing nor retreating . He seems to be embroiled in an intense inner struggle .

Uh… I look around, but I don’t see any patrolling policemen .

I hesitate for a moment before standing up and walking towards the man .

I’ve already paid for the barbecue when the kebabs were delivered, so the lady boss doesn’t stop me from leaving .

“Why don’t I take you there?” I don’t mention the fact that he’s lost .

As a person, one has to know when to joke and when not to .

The man’s expression changes . After a few seconds, he whispers, “Alright . ”

“Let’s go . ” I turn and lead .

“Thank you…” The wind nearly scatters his voice from behind .

As I walk along the road to the crossroads, I casually chat .

“Which country are you from? You speak pretty good Mandarin . ”

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“I’m a minority . ” The man hesitates for a moment before replying .

“Oh, no wonder . Which ethnic group are you from? How should I address you?” I’m enlightened .

The man walks to my side and falls silent for a moment before saying,

“My surname is Bai[1] . My name is Ailin . ”

“It’s a nice name, just a little feminine,” I tease .

To be honest, a superficial joke like this definitely doesn’t match the sarcasm in my heart . I’ve already given Bai Ailin a feminine nickname in my mind:

Lin Lin, or Lyn Lyn .

Bai Ailin ignores my joke and walks forward before turning left .

“Wait . Wrong . That’s wrong . Over here . ” I quickly correct him .

You really are a primary school student!

Bai Ailin immediately turns around and follows me to take the right turn .

I don’t look at his face, and I don’t say a word . I give him time to calm down, lest he gets angry .

To be honest, who gave him the courage to come out in the middle of the night to look for a hospital with such a terrible sense of direction?

Couldn’t he just get a taxi?

Or let his parents accompany him!

After turning right, it’s only a fifty to sixty-meter walk . The hospital appears before us .

“This hospital isn’t big . This is the inpatient building . If you go straight ahead, you’ll see the Emergency Department and the outpatient building . Do you need me to bring you there?”

“No need, I’m just going to the inpatient building . ” Bai Ailin is visibly relieved . “Thank you . ”

As he speaks, he takes out a simple brass key from his pocket .

Strange… People actually use a key like that in this day and age? In actuality, it just appears like that on the surface . It’s essentially a smart key? I don’t probe further and wave .

“Goodbye . ”

After walking for a few meters, I look back worriedly, only to find Bai Ailin gone .

I can no longer see him on this road . It’s as if he vanished into thin air!

The hospital’s side door didn’t open either!

Could he have fallen into the sewers? I look over and realize that the manhole cover is fine .

Perhaps he used the key to open the door and enter… Heh heh, the old man guarding the side door must be asleep, right? I shake my head and stop thinking about this .

I head all the way home . I find myself feeling a little thirsty thanks to the barbecue, so I take out a cup from my room, open the fridge, and pour the cold water that has been chilled the entire day into the cup .

This is a habit of mine during the summer . Before I head out in the morning, I boil a pot of water, pour it into the large container, and place it in the fridge . I can then drink it after work .

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp… I drink two glasses in a row and finally feel fine .

After pouring another glass, I saunter back to my bedroom and sit at the computer table .

As I sweep my gaze, I suddenly sense something amiss .


The black notebook I bought this afternoon is laying open .

I remember that before I went out for barbecue, it was clearly closed . Besides, I didn’t open the windows for fear of mosquitoes!

[1] Literally “White” in Chinese