Lord of the Mysteries - Chapter 1424

Published at 22nd of November 2020 03:40:05 AM

Chapter 1424: 1424

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Chapter 1424 In Modern Day 22

Without the window being opened, the notebook flipped open by itself?Did someone enter my room?

Or rather, is it a paranormal incident?

Erm, there’s a ghost following me. It’s normal to have paranormal incidents…

In that second, countless thoughts flash through my mind.

At the same time, I see a monster drawn on the page of the open notebook.

The monster is humanoid, but it’s made of tiny squirming worms.

This sounds very bizarre and terrifying, but in reality, it feels nothing of the sort. This is because this drawing is very simple and crude. It resembles the random scribbling of a kindergarten child.

No way? Some brat entered my room? A relative of one of my flatmates? As I think about it, I pick up my notebook and flip through it quickly, searching for other traces.

After flipping through two pages, I see lines of text:

“My drawing expertise is really bad.

“The main problem isn’t me. I was once called a master artist.

“War is art! War is aesthetics!

“It’s like I’ve had a dream that I often had. The dream is filled with such strange languages.

“I’m such a decadent fellow!

“We really are women!”

These lines of text weren’t that difficult to read, but the things written down look very chaotic. It gives me a headache as I instinctively stop reading and close the notebook.

There’s a problem with this!

This is like an incantation for dark magic!

I’ve experienced quite a few things in the past two days. I barely managed to calm myself down as I cast my gaze towards the window.

On the glass window, the blonde female ghost that looks like she’s cosplaying appears.

“Do you know who did it?” I ask in a suppressed voice.

“It was done by an evil spirit,” the female ghost replies with an ethereal voice.

Evil spirit sounds more advanced than some spirit or poltergeist… As a modern youth who has played many foreign games and watched some foreign television series, I think the name sounds pretty cool.

“Er… Is an evil spirit more powerful?” I ask after some deliberation.

The female ghost nods her head in agreement.

“Will this be more troublesome?” I think of asking Madam Daly to exorcise the ghosts again, but I’m also worried that she won’t be able to deal with ghosts at the level of evil spirits.

“I’m also an evil spirit,” the female ghost says simply.

“…Okay.” I don’t know how to respond.

“W-what’s that evil spirit’s intention behind scrawling in my notebook?” It takes me a few seconds to recall the main purpose of my question.

The female ghost shakes her head.

“I don’t know.”

“…” I open my mouth and change the topic. “How should I address you?”

I can’t just keep calling her female ghost, right? That’s not polite.

“Sharron.” After the female ghost says that, her figure gradually fades and disappears from the glass window.

Seeing that she’s very calm and composed, I’m relieved. I tease myself, It’s a huge incident. There’s no use panicking. Just focus on sleeping!

Then I wash up and go to bed. It ends up being an uneventful night.

The next morning, I wake up on time as usual. I laze in bed for ten minutes and take my time to leave the house. On the way to the bus stop, I buy a burrito that can virtually wrap everything.

With the burrito in hand, I take the bus and arrive at the company. I sit in my seat, then I get some water from the water dispenser and get down to eating breakfast.

Sigh, if I hadn’t treated myself last night, then I should be having a cup of sweet soy milk.

Thinking of sweet soy milk, I associate it with the new product that has just been released at the store I frequently buy from.

Salted soy milk!

This seems to be the unique way to eat in a few places. Soy milk with soy sauce added to it!

I don’t know what it tastes like… I eat my breakfast seriously and start preparing for work.

At this moment, Rozanne, who is almost late, rushes in with a huge bag in her hand.

“Here, have some beverages. My treat,” she says to everyone in the office.

She’s a lady with good personal relations. Including me, most of the people stand up and surround her.

“What beverages are there?” I ask casually.

Rozanne puts down her bag and hands the bag to everyone.

“Aiya, I bought a lot of bottles to get what I wanted.

“They all have different flavors.

“Sigh, if you’re alive, then you should have a gambler inside you!

“Come, let’s see what I picked.”

What in the world is she talking about?… I’m beginning to doubt Rozanne’s ability to express herself.

However, I still understood the last sentence. I quickly reach into the bag and take out a beverage.

I wonder what flavor it will be? Just as I have this thought, I see a familiar bottle design.

It’s a bottle formed by twisted snake-like patterns!

This is very similar to the Assassin beverage I drank before, but the color is a little different!

It was black before, but now it’s blue!

“…” I quickly turn the bottle around and see the name on the front:


“Aren’t you going to drink it? You don’t like this? Why don’t you drink this last bottle instead?” Rozanne points at the last bottle in the bag, puzzled.

The beverage bottle is like a ball of extended flames. It’s very cool.

“No, I’m just thinking, I’m thinking…” I subconsciously refuse, searching for an excuse.

As these thoughts flash through my mind, I blurt out, “I’m wondering if I should match it with some snacks!”

As I speak, I take out the snack that was given to me by CEO Huang’s non-blood-related granddaughter, Cattie Huang.

That small bag of dried mushrooms.