Lord of the Mysteries - Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Old Neil's Lack of Money

Old Neil rubbed his temples and said, "I believe we have a general idea of why the three of you engaged in a mass suicide . That notebook is also now purportedly in Ray Bieber's hands . Furthermore, the matter has already been exposed . Regardless of whether you are alive or dead, it will hardly influence any subsequent developments . I think—I believe that the surreptitious existence or mysterious power that caused all of this will not pay you any special attention . It's just like how you would not pay attention to the ants on the ground . Heh heh, as long as you do not try to make Him recall you .

"And our arrest warrant for Ray Bieber will quickly reach the Secret Order . They will also be able to guess that it is related to the Antigonus family's notebook . Believe me, for a secret organization that has been in existence for more than a thousand years, it has many channels of information . Therefore, their focus will be diverted to Ray Bieber's whereabouts, in a bid to find the notebook before us . They will not, nor is it possible for them to harass, stalk, or deal with you .

"Lad, congratulations on stepping out from the shadows of the past . What follows will be a brand-new journey filled with sunlight . "

Klein nodded when he heard that as he said in a happy and relieved manner, "I hope so . "

Having transmigrated here, he had been enveloped in uncertainty . Now, it felt like it had finally dissipated . . .

However, Klein was still feeling uncertain because the notebook seemed to be tied to him in a certain manner . It went to the point of him bumping into remnant clues coincidentally from a normal mission of rescuing a hostage .

He was afraid that there would come a day when a delivery man would send him a parcel, only to realize that it was that Antigonus family notebook after opening it up!

Let's hope everything will go as Old Neil described . . . He silently prayed .

When Old Neil heard his reply, he immediately scoffed .

"You don't seem to be a devout believer of the Goddess . At this moment, shouldn't you be drawing the sign of the crimson moon at your chest and say—may Goddess bless us?"

"Mr . Neil, you don't seem like one either . A real devotee would not say 'what follows will be a brand-new journey filled with sunlight . '" Having been studying mysticism under Old Neil, Klein had established a decent friendship with him, so he did not stand on ceremony to return a sarcastic remark .

Both of them locked eyes and chuckled with great rapport . At the same time, they tapped their chests four times .

"Praise the Lady!"

At that moment, they heard the grinding sounds of machinery as the main door to Blackthorn Security Company opened .

The elegant Mrs . Orianna with her fashionably coiled hair stepped into the reception hall with a light-green dress .

"Good morning, Mr . Neil . Good morning, Klein . " She held a small leather handbag as she greeted with a smile . "It's another fabulous day today . A pretty good day . "

"Good morning, Orianna . You are still as beautiful as ten years ago," replied Old Neil with a chuckle .

Orianna's eyes turned to slits as she upturned her face .

"Mr . Neil, the way you praise is still as infuriating as ten years ago . "

She enunciated the words 'ten years . '

"Is that so?" Old Neil looked at Klein, confused . He wore a perplexed look .

Never mention anything that will remind the ladies of their age . . . As a keyboard warrior that knew a little of everything, Klein instantly understood what had peeved Mrs . Orianna . He smiled lightly and said,

"Good morning, Mrs . Orianna . You are as beautiful as always . "

"Thank you, our outstanding Khoy University graduate . " Orianna smiled with a nod before saying, "That old butler has already paid the mission's commission . According to Captain's rules, half of it will be used as additional funds, while the other half will be split between you and Leonard . But since you aren't a formal member, you can only take ten percent of the half . Come over later to sign for it . "

"How much did he pay?" Klein asked happily while also feeling the pinch .

"200 pounds . This was what he said back then—'Lord, the esteemed Storm! I never imagined or believed that this was resolved just like that! This is even harder than us having a dream! Why is your security company so unknown? It's an insult to the entire industry!'" Mrs . Orianna mimicked the old butler's southern accent .

Klein thought seriously for a few seconds before saying humorously, "This is just too unfair for those kidnappers . "

Two Beyonders had resolved the problem quickly using methods that could be described as easy and pleasant . . . This is like an adult bullying a few kids while in full combat attire . . .

"They were just too unlucky . They must have lost the protection of the divine," said Orianna with a soft laugh . "I told the butler that we were only lucky . One of our informants happened to see the kidnappers bring the child into the hideout . Therefore, do not have too much hopes for us . We really are just a very ordinary security company . "

Typically speaking, the more you emphasize something is ordinary, the more extraordinary it is . . . Klein lampooned with a smile . He watched Mrs . Orianna walk through the partition and enter the accounting room .

Old Neil puckered his lips by the side and said enviously, "You really are a lucky lad . You haven't joined us for long and you've encountered a job worth 200 pounds . "

"Is that very rare?" Klein asked in puzzlement .

Prior to this, he was either studying history or mysticism, or wandering aimlessly outside, hoping to find clues with his spiritual perception .

"According to Orianna's accounts, we might not encounter a single job an entire week . And most jobs are worth less than twenty pounds . " Old Neil rubbed the moonstone by his wrist and sighed .

Following that, he looked at Klein with anticipation .

"If you encounter any similar jobs in the future, remember to inform me . "

Upon hearing Old Neil's words, Klein suddenly felt a strange feeling arise in him . Therefore, he asked directly, "Mr . Neil, you seem to be lacking in money . How much do you get paid a week? If you aren't comfortable telling me, just ignore my question . "

Old Neil leaned back into the sofa and chuckled .

"This isn't something that needs hiding . I've been here for so many years . At present, I will obtain salaries from both the Church and the police department every week; a total of twelve pounds . "

"A weekly salary of twelve pounds?" Klein blurted out in surprise .

A weekly salary of twelve pounds with fifty-two weeks a year, that meant more than 600 pounds a year!

Back when he read the Tingen Morning Post and Honest Paper, they had mentioned that high-profile lawyers only earned 800 to 1000 pounds a year . And those were the best lawyers!

As for the managers of Benson's trading company, they only earned six pounds a week . That was already quite a decent job .

"Yes, such a salary is actually quite generous, and we do not need to pay any taxes," added Old Neil with a smile .

Klein had heard from Benson that one had to pay E-type taxes when their weekly salaries exceeded one pound . In other words, the government and corporate employees had to pay 3% of taxes if they earned one to two pounds, 5% for two to five pounds, 10% for five to ten pounds, and 15% for ten to twenty pounds, capping at 20% for those above twenty pounds .

Other than that, he also read of four other kinds of taxes on the newspapers . A-type was related to land, housing, and other earnings from material items . It included property and rent . B-type was a tax paid by farmers . C-type was a tax on profits from bonds, funds, and equities . D-type was commercial, finance, or professional income .

"It's something admirable . " Klein echoed Old Neil .

"However—" Old Neil shook his head . "Such a salary is insufficient for Beyonders like us who have to frequently study the hidden mysteries, practice and attempt rituals . "

"Aren't materials obtainable via application?" asked Klein in puzzlement .

Old Neil scoffed .

"There's a limitation to it . At times, we have to give a sufficient legitimate reason . If you want to learn more and experiment in the field of mysticism, you can only spend your own dime to buy materials . It can be bought internally or at underground markets . "

Klein jolted in surprise as he immediately asked, "There are Beyonder materials that are sold in underground markets? I thought the Churches would not permit their existence?"

He was lacking in means to obtain materials!

With him having a mysterious organization in its nascent stages, he could not always have them settled via the Nighthawks, right?

"There's no way to control such matters . Yeah, from the viewpoint of mysticism, all beings are sentient with their spirits and they stem from the same source . The materials we use are not limited to those extraordinary creatures . It also comes from ordinary animals, plants, and minerals . For example, the poison hemlock, gold mint leaves, and night vanilla in the bottle of Seer potion; they are items we can encounter frequently in our daily lives . They might not have any extraordinary characteristics, but they have special characteristics . Through concoction and blending, they will derive certain effects . Therefore, this is not a trade that the Church can ban," explained Old Neil in detail .

Without waiting for Klein to say a word, he continued, "Besides, it's not only the core of extraordinary beings that are of use . For example, the Lavos Squid . Apart from its blood, its eyeballs, skin, and tentacles are pretty good materials . Unless the Church captures it entirely with its own manpower, to completely corner and control any outflows would be a tremendous financial burden . The lower the grade of the extraordinary material, the more it is so . They can only do their best to prevent the more special materials from flowing out . "

Old Neil suddenly laughed . "There's another important reason . It's better to know of an underground market than not knowing of it . Under the premise that secret organizations have not been fully eliminated, this is a pretty good strategy . Besides, it can help us obtain materials we are lacking . Of course, with the existence of such markets, contraband items will appear . As long as it's not something ridiculous or overly dangerous, we will turn a blind eye to it . At most, we would use them to enrich our vaults . "

"Is it because the few large Churches put each other in place, so no one can take excessive action?" Klein guessed .

Old Neil acknowledged tersely but did not elaborate .

"I'm a Seer . In the future, I'll definitely need to practice and will need more materials . Mr . Neil, can you take me to the underground market to have a look?" Klein requested with a valid reason .

Old Neil appeared to be placed in a difficult position .

"In fact, those guys who are active in those places are mostly not Beyonders . Some of them might be aristocrats that like mystery or rich people who have inclinations towards mysticism . . . Uh, alright . I have a thirty pound bill that needs paying soon . It wouldn't be convenient for me to head over there for the time being . "

"Alright . . . " Klein never expected the reason to be Old Neil's owing of money .

Moments later, he said with deliberation, "Mr . Neil, do you need me to lend you money? I just earned a commission of ten pounds . "

"Haha, there's no need . I'll be able to settle it . " Old Neil patted the sofa and slowly stood up . "Sigh, age is truly an enemy that biological creatures can't fight . I'm exhausted from last night's watch . Yeah, revise what I've taught you later this morning . Read more documents . Tomorrow, I'll teach you the foundations of ritualistic magic . "

"Alright . " Klein got up and bade him farewell by taking off his hat .

When Captain Dunn did not return at noon, Klein pretended that he was still searching for the notebook as he roamed the streets again .

Having earned ten pounds, he no longer needed to wait for the next disbursement of the funds . He could head directly to the Divination Club!

Cogitation and Spirit Vision have been occasionally producing murmurings and illusions . It made him eager to begin 'acting . '

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