Lord of the Mysteries - Chapter 473

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Chapter 473: 473

Everything around him was like an illusion . The colors were saturated and superposed as they quickly receded .

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As soon as Klein came to his senses, observed, and experienced this wonderful passage, he felt Mr . Azik’s hand which was holding his hand tremble slightly .

Before he could even react, he felt a strong sense of weightlessness . His body couldn’t help but plummet as he even began spinning .

The colors of red, yellow, white, and black around him faded rapidly, and Klein fell, hitting the solid ground hard . The impact left his head spinning and his internal organs churning .

Mixed into his vision were bits of golden stars as his vision was restored to normal . To his left was a bottomless dark valley that resembled the legendary Devil Abyss . On the right was a gray stone wall that continued to extend upwards, as if supporting the entire region .

There was no sun, no clouds, and no fog . Some light came from the luminescent moss growing in different places, and darkness and heaviness were the primary tones of this “world . ”

Klein pushed himself up with his left hand and nimbly jumped up . He found that the ground beneath his feet consisted of properly paved stone which could accommodate two horse carriages traveling in parallel . It was definitely not naturally formed .

One end of the road spiraled down into the dark crevices, while the other led to the top . From time to time, it was possible to see the domed hallways and halls inside the walls .

Klein raised his head, but he couldn’t see the highest point . His vision was completely blocked by the gray stone wall .

Suddenly, he had an epiphany . He and Mr . Azik had “fallen” underground, into the ruins of an ancient civilization .

Is it another area, or are we still near Backlund? As soon as Klein thought about it, he heard Mr . Azik say in a low voice, “Leave here first . Head up . ”

Ah? Before Klein could understand the meaning behind his words, he saw a flash of light from the side, instantly forming an illusory door that opened outwards .

The door seemed to be made of bronze . It wasn’t real enough, but it was unusually heavy . On the surface, there were countless strange patterns and indistinct symbols .

With a creak, a crack appeared in the door . Pale, bloody arms reached out from the crack, one after another . In addition, there were also greenish-black vines with baby faces and sleek tentacles with protruded eyes .

It’s very similar to the effect of Miss Sharron’s mystical item… While he was in thought, Klein noticed that the arms, vines, and tentacles were no longer as crazy as before . They had calmed down and stuck to the ground, completely unlike their former appearance of madly pulling a Sequence 6 Zombie into the door .

Immediately after, the gap between the doors widened, and a human figure emerged from it .

The figure wore a pure black clergy robe, and his facial features were clear and distinct like an ancient, classical sculpture .

His hair was dark gold in color, his eyes were dark blue, and he had a high nose bridge . He wore a bonnet which was popular with the elderly, and his sideburns were somewhat gray in contrast to his middle-aged appearance .

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Looking at the figure’s completely lifeless eye, Klein suddenly recalled the name of the person who had just arrived .

Ince Zangwill!

The former archbishop who had directed the Tingen incident and dealt heavy damage to the Nighthawks team, as well as being the owner of Sealed Artifact 0-08!

Almost at the same time, Klein turned around and, following Mr . Azik’s instructions, fled towards the top of the road .

He knew full well that being a Sequence 6, he would only serve to be a burden and distraction in a clash between demigods .

In this race for time, false modesty and pretentious words were unnecessary . They would harm both him and his companion!

Tap . Tap . Tap .  As there was nothing he could ignite underground, all Klein could do was grit his teeth and run as fast as he could . While running, he heard Azik’s calm, gentle voice .

“Run all the way out of here .

“Don’t worry about me . I’ve recalled a lot of things, and I know that I once remained in a particular Sequence for a very long period of time . That Sequence’s name is Undying . ”

Tap . Tap . Tap .  Klein circled around the cliff and entered a dark domed corridor . The walls on both sides were engraved with mottled murals .

At that moment, he heard a dignified and hoarse voice reverberate from where he previously was .

“Teleportation is prohibited here!”

A figure had arrived beside Ince Zangwill without anyone noticing . He was floating in midair in defiance with the laws of physics . He wore a gorgeous gold mask .

And Ince Zangwill didn’t attack immediately . Instead, he glanced at the bend where Klein’s figure had disappeared .

Sequence 4 Nightwatcher of the Church of the Evernight Goddess’s pathway could grant a certain amount of bad luck to others, but Ince Zangwill, who had just silently “blessed” Klein, realized that things like Klein slipping and falling into the ravine didn’t happen .

Not only that, Ince Zangwill seemed to be hallucinating as well, as he saw a thin, grayish-white fog .

Without having the luxury of time to think, he withdrew his gaze and cast it back to Azik Eggers .

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Tap . Tap . Tap… Running at full speed, Klein suddenly stopped in his tracks . His spiritual intuition told him that there were people ahead of him⁠—Beyonders! They were most likely the guards here!

After contemplating for a bit, he reached out with his left hand and wiped his face . At the same time, crisp sounds emitted from his body as his body grew seven to eight centimeters taller .

By the time his left palm left his face, he had turned into a single-eyed middle-aged man with dark golden hair and a high nose—Ince Zangwill!

Recalling the other party’s demeanor, Klein used an illusion to change his clothes before quickly walking around the corner and entering a large hall .

There were four guards in dark black armor, their gazes keen .

Klein’s face was calm as he walked over . He deliberately spoke in a hoarse voice and sternly said, “Someone has sneaked in here . I’m looking for him .

“Did you discover any clues?”

The leader of the guards first examined him before lowering his head and saying, “Mr . Zangwill, nothing happened here . ”

“Okay . ” Klein nodded slightly, walked past them, and left the hall .

During this entire process, although he remained highly nervous with his back drenched in sweat, he appeared to be calm and reserved . He looked no different from Ince Zangwill, be it his appearance or his aura .

Relying on his Faceless powers and his running speed, he quickly passed through three checkpoints and arrived at the end of the building .

There was an illusionary door formed by pure ghostly-blue light . Apart from that, it was completely sealed shut .

Although he was worried about the demigod battle between Mr . Azik and Ince Zangwill, Klein remained hidden in the shadows outside the room . He patiently spied for a while and found that someone had passed through the ghostly-blue light while another person had used it to leave .

He noticed that those who left had to show something that looked like a badge before they could get permission from the four guards to enter the door of light .

I don’t have time to wait for the next person with a badge . I can only take the risk… The battle over there could end at any moment… Even if doesn’t, the search order will be sent over here quickly… Klein quickly made his decision, once again walking into the room with the likeness of Ince Zangwill .

“Something has happened outside . ” He had no confidence in mimicking the former archbishop’s voice, so he could only express himself with deliberate hoarseness as an indication that he had experienced an intense battle .

The guards who were left confused by the news didn’t react until Klein approached them . They reached out their hands to stop him .

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“Mr . Zangwill, where is your pass?”

“Don’t waste any more time!” As he spoke, Klein pulled a badge from his pocket and thrust it into the man’s hand .

This calm performance made the rest of the guards relax .

The moment the guard who had received the “pass” looked down, Klein suddenly lunged forward!

Just as he landed on the ground, he quickly did another roll and went straight through the ghostly-blue door!

Only then did the guard realize that the badge in his palm had rapidly faded, turning into a piece of paper .

On the top left of the piece of paper, there was a rather commonly seen blessing recently: “Happy New Year!”

The abyss-like crevice was filled with an illusory, pitch-black liquid . Moreover, the surface of the water was still bubbling without stopping, and many pale-skinned arms were wildly extending outwards .

Ince Zangwill had a general idea of Azik’s standards, and he was neither surprised nor afraid, for he had a demigod to help him at the moment .

What worried him the most was another problem . 0-08, which was forcefully developing the story, could backfire on him at any moment .

At that moment, he swept his gaze past the corner of his eye and was shocked to find that the quill, 0-08, had left his pocket without him realizing it . It was floating in front of the gray rock wall, fervently writing lines of words .

“… In a fierce battle, there would always be a variety of accidents, such as Ince Zangwill’s belt snapping and having his pants drop . ”

The ghostly-blue light filled Klein’s eyes, constructing a passageway that overlapped with layers of light between the deep darkness and the roaming invisible creatures .

Klein didn’t bother to observe his surroundings as he scrambled to the end of the passage .

He stood up, straightened his clothes, restored Ince Zangwill’s stern expression, and stepped into the rippling screen of light .

After a moment of being mentally adrift, he found himself in another room, which was also occupied by quite a few guards .

“Something went wrong underground, keep an eye out . Do not allow anyone entry,” Klein calmly instructed, walking towards the door at an unhurried pace .

“Yes, Mr . Zangwill!” the guards replied respectfully .

At this moment, the guard from before passed through the ghostly-blue light and shouted loudly, “There’s a problem with that Zangwill from before!”

Everyone turned to look at the door, but Klein was nowhere to be seen .

Tap . Tap . Tap .  The guards immediately split up into several groups to search in every direction for their target and notify their companions . The scene momentarily turned rather chaotic .

One of them had just rounded the corner when he saw Ince Zangwill’s back .

Subconsciously, he pulled out his sword that coruscated with lightning and performed a forward cleave .


The figure floated away weightlessly and became a splintered paper figurine .

At the same time, two loud bangs could be heard . Pale golden bullets passed through the visor that wasn’t pulled down and accurately hit the guard’s head .

Before he could even cry out, the guard collapsed to the ground with a thud, convulsing .

Klein stepped out of the shadows in the corner and expressionlessly slipped the revolver back into his underarm holster .

After burning the paper figurine, he quickly dragged the guard to an empty room and changed into black armor, switching his appearance to the fallen guard .

Then, he picked up the lightning sword and left the room, closing the wooden door behind him and running forward in a “panic . ”

He was going to notify every guard along the way that there was a problem with Ince Zangwill!