Lord of the Mysteries - Chapter 556

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Chapter 556: 556

A question? This strange radio transceiver is a little interesting… Danitz cleared his throat .

“You can ask, but I might not answer . ”

Hehe, you think I’m the kind of adventurer or archaeologist who ends up killing himself because of curiosity? Danitz thought with both caution and pride .

It took a few seconds for the radio transceiver to produce its clickety-clack again . An illusory piece of white paper was spat out with red words on it: “Do you have a secret crush on your Captain?”

… No! Don’t speak nonsense! Who? Who told you that? Danitz’s face instantly reddened .

He felt at a loss to have the secret that had been buried deep in his heart for so many years revealed so suddenly . He was embarrassed and ashamed at the same time and subconsciously wanted to deny it .

But at the same time, he was also shocked and confused as to how this matter had been discovered by an outsider . He had never told anyone, and he had kept this secret very well hidden!

Danitz opened his mouth, forced a smile, and said, “What a silly question, I refuse to answer!”

The radio transceiver produced its clickety-clack and spat out more white paper .

“Then let’s change the question .

“If you really don’t like her, who can endure such dry and boring lessons? Isn’t that right?”

“No! It’s because I’m not strong enough to beat her!” Danitz blurted out, his expression twisted .

The clacking of the radio transceiver became increasingly brisker and the words on the illusory white paper increased .

“A lie .

“Let’s change the question .

“The type of female you like is beautiful, powerful, mysterious, intelligent, and someone who is able to step over you, right?”


Danitz’s lips quivered as he felt as though flames were seemingly rising from his body and smoke was billowing from his head .

At this moment, he felt his state of mind explode . It was as if someone had stripped him naked and tossed him into a busy street .

Subconsciously, he looked around in panic, searching and avoiding the gazes that might be cast on him .

Then, he saw that the bedroom door had opened at some point . Gehrman Sparrow stood there quietly in his white shirt which hadn’t been tucked in and his rather loose black trousers . It was unknown how long he had been watching .

“You, when did you come out?” Danitz stuttered, his face blank .

Please tell me that you just opened the door! He prayed inwardly .

Klein walked over to the radio receiver that had become paranormal and answered calmly, “From the beginning . ”

As a Seer, how could I not have sensed the strange activity outside? Even in my sleep, I’ll still have my spiritual intuition… Klein chuckled inwardly .

Danitz’s face instantly turned ashen . He turned his body in a half-circle and rushed toward the radio transceiver that seemed to be possessed by an evil spirit, in a bid to rip up the illusory white paper with the three questions .

But his hand went through the words without him grabbing onto anything .

A scarlet-red fireball formed in his palm again as he thought of blowing up the damn radio transceiver .

At this moment, Gehrman Sparrow’s cold gaze swept over him .

… Right, this is his… Danitz froze, looking at Gehrman Sparrow step past him and stop in front of the unusual radio transceiver .

Arrodes… How did it connect to this radio transceiver? It said it sensed a familiar but unique aura which is about to dissipate . Is it referring to the aura of the mysterious space above the gray fog?

This radio transceiver was placed above the gray fog for a few days . Although it didn’t show any abnormal signs, it still came into contact with the aura . And because of its own functions, it temporarily received information from the spirit world, and this was subsequently discovered by Arrodes, the magic mirror, that seems to know a lot?

Wait, what kind of question was that… I’m Gehrman Sparrow; I’m a cold, crazy adventurer . I’m a professional… I-I can’t laugh out loud… Klein suppressed the corners of his mouth and secretly took a deep breath .

Danitz stole a sidewards glance, like a prisoner by the gallows waiting for the noose to be released .

Seeing no change in expression from Gehrman Sparrow, he was slightly relieved . He was glad that the person who had watched from the side was a madman and not a normal human being . He wouldn’t have any interest in such matters .

If it were any other pirate, I would be too embarrassed to return to the Golden Dream . No, I would be too embarrassed to adventure out at sea! He looked with hatred and fear at the radio transceiver, at the demon who called itself Arrodes .

He heard the clacking again and saw a new piece of white paper spit out from the radio transceiver . There were two neat lines in Loenese: “Your loyal and humble servant, Arrodes, is honored to follow in your footsteps once again, constantly at your service . ”

… This isn’t the same evil spirit as that Arrodes from before, right… Danitz’s face twitched, and he suddenly felt that whatever happened tonight was surreal .

Klein, who went through great difficulty to stifle his laughter, keenly caught onto a problem . Arrodes wasn’t here in person and had likely used the spirit world and the radio transceiver’s “special function” to send messages remotely . Therefore, when Danitz refused to answer the first question, it was powerless to punish him and could only ask another question .

That’s interesting . In the future, I’ll just need to place the radio transceiver above the gray fog for prolonged periods of time, and I’ll be able to make it turn into a unique item that receives spirit world information from ghosts? Unfortunately, by the law of conservation of Beyonder characteristic, even with the augmentation of the gray fog’s aura, its extraordinary abilities would dissipate bit by bit, eventually returning to normal…

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Yes, to maintain an ordinary item’s extraordinary traits without the use of Beyonder characteristics, there’s another method according to my knowledge in mysticism; that is to carve the honorific name or true name of an angel, or even a deity in a language that can stir the powers of nature onto it… This would be equivalent to borrowing the target’s mysticism and power . Of course, the premise is that “They” agree… I can’t do it myself . At least, the piece of paper that I previously used as my bank’s passcode in ancient Hermes hasn’t undergone any abnormal changes…

For real deities, I only know the true name of one; Primordial Demoness Cheek… If I get “Her” honorific name, together with “Her” true name, what will happen when I engrave them in ancient Hermes onto the radio transceiver? Will it release viruses? Will it appear more aesthetically pleasing in an industrial sense, mesmerizing those with fetishes…

Yeah, the outcome with the greatest possibility is that when carving the honorific name and true name, the powers of the Primordial Demoness will descend, sucking everything dry… This is an extremely, extremely precise supernatural direction…

Strange thoughts flashed through Klein’s mind until Arrodes greeted him .

Perfect . This is a magic mirror that can answer questions… Klein’s heart skipped a beat . He turned his head to the side and said to Danitz, “Go out and guard the door . ”

“… Alright!” Without any hesitation, Danitz rushed to the door .

He was afraid that the demon named Arrodes would ask him new questions!

When Danitz entered the corridor and closed the door behind him, Klein turned to the radio transceiver which was connected to the magic mirror, Arrodes, and said in a low voice, “I have some questions . ”

“This is my honor . Can I address you as Master? The great existence above the spirit world?” White paper spat out of the radio transceiver amid clacking sounds .

You’re too obsequious and too shameless… Why do I have a nagging feeling that there’s a problem… Klein pondered a little and said, “You can use any form to address me . ”

“Yes, Master!” Arrodes used an exclamation mark . “What’s your question?”

“Where can I find mermaids?” Klein asked directly .

Amid clacking sounds, the radio transceiver answered: “To the east of the Gargas Archipelago, sail the sea route for a week and there’s a chance of meeting mermaids . However, the mermaids there are all believers of the Evernight Goddess . ”

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This is a little amazing… It’s within expectations, but it’s also surprising… Klein realized that his previous speculation had turned into reality in a way he didn’t expect .

Arrodes continued to “type”: “If it bothers you, you can continue heading east, but it will be very dangerous . That place is no longer a real ocean, but the ruins of the war of the gods . Of course, you definitely wouldn’t mind that . ”

Who said that… I was still imagining that with the Sea God Scepter, I would have the chance of entering even the most treacherous of seas . Now, you are telling me it’s a sea evolved from the battlefield of gods… Indeed, there was a war of the gods in ancient times… The time when the Creator reclaimed the ancient gods’ authorities? Klein didn’t make comment as he watched Arrodes make the radio transceiver produce more words .

“In addition, there are reared mermaids in the Church of Evernight’s headquarters, in the Cathedral of Serenity, as well as the Sleep Cathedral on Dinos Island . ”

In addition to the Holy Cathedral, there are mermaids on Dinos Island as well? The former is too dangerous . They have Grade 0 Sealed Artifacts and powerhouses at the level of angels . The latter can be considered . Transform into a Nighthawk or a bishop and sneak in to listen to the singing and consume the potion… That’s not right, the Church rears mermaids to target Faceless Beyonders, so how can they not be on guard against this point… I have to think of another way… Klein was about to ask the second question when he saw a new sheet of white paper come out of the radio transceiver .

“Great Master, I must abide by certain rules . You must answer a question of mine in exchange . ”

Answer your question? Klein raised his eyebrows slightly and waited for Arrodes to ask the question . He decided to acknowledge this servant depending on the situation .

Amidst the clacking, Arrodes used words to spell out a question: “What are you planning to have for breakfast today?”

Nice question… Klein calmly replied, “Depends on what the inn offers . ”

“A perfect answer!” Arrodes was almost short of giving a round of applause .

Without waiting for Klein to speak, it continued to type: “The aura above the spirit world is about to disappear . I await the next opportunity to be at your service, great Master . ”

After the illusory piece of paper was spat out, the radio transceiver stopped and lost its gloomy feel .

How many days would it take above the gray fog before I can contact Arrodes again? I’ll ask it for the method to remove the mental corruption of a Beyonder characteristic the next time… Yes, this method should be used prudently . Arrodes can use the special connection after the radio transceiver is tainted by the aura . Those who are stronger and more terrifying than it might be capable of doing so as well… If I keep doing this, maybe one day I’ll get a telegram from the True Creator or the Primordial Demoness… Klein’s mind raced as he noticed the hidden risks .