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Lord of the Mysteries - Chapter 580

Published at 28th of September 2019 02:20:13 PM

Chapter 580

Klein slowly turned his head and shot a glance at Danitz .

The pirate with a bounty of 5,500 pounds immediately shut his mouth and clamped up . It was as though nothing had happened .

After confirming that Helene boarded the liner without issues, he turned around and walked to the side of the carriage . He pretended to casually ask, “Did you hear the conversation?”

“No, no . A little, just a little…” Danitz shook his head as he gave a hollow chuckle .

Klein nodded slightly and said, “You have to remember; otherwise, it’ll be easy for people to see through you . ”

“See through… me?” Danitz raised his hand and pointed at his nose and said blankly .

Klein said without changing his expression, “She’s from the Sauron family . She has anti-tracking Beyonder abilities . Together with her ticks and behavior, it can be confirmed that she’s a Sequence 7 from the Hunter pathway, Pyromaniac . She’s very similar to you, and you’ll be able to do a good job acting as her . ”

“Me? I won’t do! I won’t be able to disguise myself like her! I’ll be identified with just a look!” Danitz jumped in fright .

Klein held back his laughter and said in a deep voice, “I’ll lend you Creeping Hunger . ”

“… No, no! I have no experience in such matters . I won’t be able to fool Vice Admiral Ailment’s subordinates!” Abnormally nervous and horrified, Danitz declined the mission .

To him, this was an extremely embarrassing and dogsh*t matter . Only a pervert or a madman would complete it without any qualms .

Klein nodded in agreement and said without an expression, “Indeed, you are rather stupid . ”

Danitz forced a smile . “Yes, I’m very stupid . ”

Klein didn’t say a word as he walked past Danitz and opened the door to the carriage .

Danitz followed him with his eyes when he suddenly saw Gehrman Sparrow’s hair turn red .

He blinked his dull eyes and saw the man’s facial contours turn soft and his eyes turning emerald-green . His lips turned thin as they pursed, making him look frail and insecure . He had a masculine beauty and looked identical to Helene who had just left .

“…” After watching Gehrman Sparrow enter the carriage, Danitz turned his head back as the corners of his mouth twitched .

He was silent for a few seconds before he muttered silently, What a madman . He changed into a woman without any hesitation!

I have to say that Helene looks pretty good when disguised as a man .

This Beyonder power sure is useful . If I can receive an item like that and figure out what Captain’s ideal type is, then I can make the corresponding changes and make her fall in love with me .

But in that case, would the person that she falls in love with still be me?

Danitz found himself pondering over philosophical questions until he heard a cough from the carriage behind him .

He snapped to his senses and drove the carriage away from the harbor . He planned on making a huge detour before circling back .

Inside the carriage, Klein wasn’t as calm as he appeared . Although Helene was in male clothes, allowing him to temporarily not bother about the most embarrassing parts, he still felt quite embarrassed to have his face change into a woman’s while squeezing out breasts . This left him feeling down and awkward .

Sigh, a Faceless’s change in appearance is very easy . The difficult part is apparently the mind . To act as a good Faceless, I’ll have to cross many mental blocks . If I don’t, then I’ll have to spend a great deal of time to act as a real person for many years . My identity has to be recognized by everyone as I fully immerse myself into that character until I almost treat it like it’s real… This is more challenging on my bottom line . It’s crazy and warped .

To speed up my progress, I have to overcome a certain number of obstacles .

Klein pulled out a suitcase from under the carriage’s seat . He rummaged for some cloth and clothes before replicating Helene’s disguise .

He could’ve gotten Danitz to act as Helene and borrow the mystical item with the Faceless Beyonder characteristic from Justice for a few days without a problem .

However, that meant that there was a high chance of Danitz facing Vice Admiral Ailment Tracy directly . Without the Clown’s powers, it was almost impossible for him to hide it from her, putting his life in extreme danger .

It was impossible for Klein to make others bear such huge risks for his own matters; therefore, he could only challenge himself and do it himself .

Soon, he looked identical to Helene . Under the black top hat was a handsome androgynous face with soft and pronounced contours . His emerald-green eyes looked as beautiful as gems .

He adjusted his build, making himself shorter by a few centimeters and narrowing his shoulder width . His frame shrank and he looked like he had lightened significantly .

His current appearance quickly surfaced in Klein’s mind with his Clown powers .

It’s still not bad . There’s not much to it… Perhaps it’s because I’m not in female clothes, so it doesn’t feel much different from turning into Gehrman Sparrow, Danitz, or someone else . I just look prettier and have some discomfort in my chest… If I look like that on Earth, I wouldn’t have needed to worry about not having a girlfriend, he mocked and consoled himself as he curled the corners of his mouth .

What looked like a normal action on Gehrman Sparrow now looked pitiful and sorry .

F**k ! Klein cursed silently as he quickly adjusted his state of mind . Bit by bit, he immersed himself into the state of true acting .

With the passage of time, he discovered that the resistance he had had lessened significantly . Following that, he felt relaxed and calm as though the potion had harmonized itself further .

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And that meant that the speed of his digestion would speed up .

It really is useful… Klein said silently as he got up and took four steps counterclockwise . He went above the gray fog and once again confirmed the danger level of his upcoming operation .

After returning to the real world, he switched to using Helene’s voice and deliberately suppressed it .

“Head to Pier 6 at the harbor . ”

Danitz didn’t find anything amiss, but he suddenly came to a realization after changing directions . He couldn’t help but tremble .  It’s like the real person… I wouldn’t be able to distinguish him if the day comes where he transforms into Captain to fool me…

After a while, the carriage reentered the harbor and went to the liner which Helene was originally meant to board . But it didn’t truly approach it and had instead circled around to a nearby warehouse .

Danitz jumped off the carriage and knocked on the warehouse’s door, according to a prior agreed pattern .

Out came a group of dock workers who were clearly of native blood . Following that, they made way .

After confirming that there wasn’t anything amiss, the bald member of the Resistance, Kalat, came out on a wheelchair .

“Where is she?” he looked at Danitz as he asked .

Through Helene’s matter, Danitz had successfully established communications with the Resistance .

Danitz laughed mischievously .

“In the carriage .

“She’s been drugged with medicine that makes her lose her strength . Its effects will last another ten hours .

“Remember, I want 70% of the thousand-pound reward . ”

Kalat raised his right arm and waved it . Immediately two thin members of the Resistance got onto the carriage .

“Boss, it’s that woman,” they soon poked their heads out and said in the tone of a local gang .

“Take her down . Our mission is to protect her,” Kalat emphasized again .

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Helene, who was disguised as a male, was helped down from the carriage with two soldiers supporting her on either side of her

With his control as a Clown, Klein pretended to be weak in the knees as he staggered .

He was soon moved to a room among the Bayam populace . At the same time, Kalat instructed a local gang member, who believed in Sea God, to find Strongman Ozil and tell him that they had found the target . He was to bring 1,000 pounds in exchange for the woman . As for Danitz, he had returned to the inn to await the news .

At noon, Ozil replied saying that he couldn’t be sure if the person was the real deal and had planned on sending a person over to confirm things .

Kalat agreed to his request .

Closer to the evening, a figure appeared outside the house .

He was a man wearing pantaloons and a jacket . He was Loenese and was dressed in the style of a native . He had short brows, about half of the average person’s . His brown eyes were recessed, and his face looked cut .

Kalat pushed himself on a wheelchair and appeared by the door . After seeing the man, he said in a heavy voice, “Mithor King?”

“Should I be honored that you actually know me?” The man laughed .

He was originally a captain of one of the pirate ships under Vice Admiral Hurricane Qilangos . After Vice Admiral Ailment Tracy took over the crew, he took on the role as third mate of her flagship, the Black Death . His nickname was Wormtongue, with a bounty of 5,400 pounds .

Kalat didn’t reply as he wheeled himself to make way .

Mithor entered a nearby room after being led by a gang member . Inside, he saw Helene sitting by the bedside in a gentleman’s outfit . Her eyes were darting about and glaring at him . Her teeth bit down on her lip as she looked furious and fearful while having feelings of despair and obstinacy .

“It’s her alright . However, I can’t be certain because she’s wearing thick makeup . It’s hard to tell what a woman really looks like once they don thick makeup . Wipe her face clean for me . Hey, why didn’t you cuff her? Don’t you know she’s dangerous?” Mithor surveyed the area and took two steps back in a guarded manner .

“She’s been drugged . She doesn’t have much strength and hasn’t resisted . But since you asked…” Kalat lifted his chin to a Resistance soldier .

The soldier found a pair of cuffs and walked over . After pulling Klein’s hands back, he cuffed him .

Klein continued wearing mixed emotions like before, trying hard to act like he was struggling despite having a lack of strength .

Then, another gang member got some water and wiped his face with a rough towel .

Thankfully, most of the makeup in this era isn’t waterproof… Klein began changing his face’s contours as the towel covered his face .

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Before long, Mithor saw Helene’s moist face . She looked extraordinarily frail and beautiful in this state . Her emerald-green eyes shot out with intense hatred and a look of perplexity .

Unfortunately, she’s Captain’s… Mithor’s throat moved .

As a man and a pirate, he often fantasized about Vice Admiral Ailment Tracy and red-haired Helene falling into his embrace at the same time, but of course, it was only his imagination .

The way he looks at me is disgusting… Klein nearly puked .

Although he knew that it was targeted at red-haired Helene and had nothing to do with him, he couldn’t help but feel goosebumps .

In that instant, he got to know the real him a little deeper . He knew what things he couldn’t accept at all .

“It really is her . ” Mithor turned his head and said to Kalat, “This is your reward . ”

He threw the tiny leather bag in his hand over to him .

Kalat did a brief inspection and threw it to his subordinate . He pondered for a second and said, “We still need your help . ”

“No problem . Seek out Ozil when needed . ” Mithor pointed to red-haired Helene in the room and asked, “I’ll take her away, right?”

“Yes . ” Kalat made way once again .

Klein didn’t wish to be helped by Mithor as he pretended to have regained some of his mobility while stumbling out .

Mithor was afraid of Vice Admiral Ailment Tracy, so he could only hold her by her shoulder and lead her to the carriage parked outside .

The carriage left the city and came to a private harbor . Mithor led Klein, who was disguised as red-haired Helene, onto a fishing boat which had been long prepared . Under the cover of the night, they left Bayam .

After about an hour, they saw a ship docked under the shadow of an island’s cliff . Fluttering in the wind was a huge flag with white bones drawn on it .

Black Death!

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