Lord of the Mysteries - Chapter 599

Published at 7th of October 2019 02:15:07 PM

Chapter 599: 599

Chapter 599: Dragon Might

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The brass bullet traversed past half the bar, flying straight for Wormtongue Mithor King’s body .

But just as it was about to hit him, Mithor’s brown eyes suddenly turned dark .

The bullet made a turn, and its trajectory was thrown upwards slightly as it accurately hit a glass cup filled with golden beer .

Amidst a loud noise, the glass instantly shattered, splashing beer everywhere .

At the same time, Mithor grabbed a cup from a customer, extended his arm, and threw it at Klein .

What’s the point of that? Klein only dodged slightly to allow the glass cup to miss him, shattering onto the wall .

At this moment, Wormtongue Mithor immediately lunged forward and rolled, heading for the entrance to the basement . He attempted entry in order to get help or escape via a secret path .

He had initially confirmed that the unknown and crazy adventurer was the assassin, who had disguised as Helene and boarded the Black Death, targeting Vice Admiral Ailment Tracy .

Furthermore, his series of actions, which had nearly succeeded, told him that in a one-on-one situation, he wasn’t a match for him!

This was a powerhouse at the pirate admiral level!

Tap! Tap! Tap! Klein quickly chased after Wormtongue Mithor .

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He was fast and agile . Despite being inside the chaotic bar, he didn’t step onto anyone .
Seeing that the bouncers in the basement were coming with revolvers in hand and how Mithor King was about to enter the basement with bouncers in the bar approaching, Klein didn’t hesitate . He suddenly clenched his left hand .

The black glove was instantly covered with dense dark golden scales . His dark brown irises turned pale and became vertical .

Right on the heels of that, an invisible wave surged outwards with him as its epicenter .

In the areas where the wave passed, the customers who were holding their heads down turned limp or trembled . The military contact, Oz Kent, also clearly lost his sense of reason, as though he had encountered the most terrifying thing in the world . All he wanted to do was to escape .

The bouncers who had approached were no different . Extreme horror gripped their hearts as they ran around aimlessly, making the situation turn even more chaotic .

Clang! Clang! Clang! The bouncers in the basement threw away their weapons, either running to a corner and shrinking into a ball, or they were trembling on the spot, their crotches rapidly turning moist .

Wormtongue Mithor felt as though he was struck by lightning . In his fear, he began running in circles at the entrance .

This was a Psychiatrist’s Awe, also known as Dragon’s Might or Mass Chaos!

This was Klein’s only crowd control Beyonder power!

At this moment, Klein’s rapidly approaching figure didn’t stop . In a few steps, he had arrived beside Mithor .

In that instant, a scene suddenly surfaced in his mind . Mithor, who looked to be lost in extreme horror, suddenly raised his head and swung his right fist over, aiming straight for Klein’s head .

Without any thought, Klein fully trusted his Clown’s intuition for danger . He immediately bent down and turned his body sideways .

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Almost at the same time, Wormtongue Mithor suddenly raised his head . His brown eyes were dark and clear, without any sense of muddleheadedness .

At some moment in time, he had shaken off the effects of Dragon’s Might!

This was something that exceeded Klein’s expectations .


Mithor’s muscles bulged as he bent his back and threw a punch that resembled a cannonball . However, he didn’t hit his expected target and instead hit the wall of the entrance .


The spot where his fist connected threw up pulverized bricks . Quickly, a huge hole that seemed to be covered in a “spider-web” appeared . The entire bar seemed to shake .

The power of the punch was far stronger than a revolver’s bullet!

But at this moment, Klein had already flashed behind him . His body straightened up again as his glove seemed to be covered in a layer of gold .

His brown eyes lit up with two flashes of lightning as they shot out like bullets .

Interrogator’s Psychic Piercing!


Mithor King let out a shrill cry, but he didn’t fall to the ground . He rolled as he grimaced in pain, holding his arms to protect his head .

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He soon magically recovered from the pain of Psychic Piercing, but he felt ice-cold metal at his forehead . He saw the cold and thin adventurer pull the trigger .

At such a close distance, even though Psychic Piercing’s effects could only be maintained for a second, it was enough for Klein to raise his right arm and place the revolver’s barrel at Wormtongue Mithor King’s head!


Mithor King’s pleas shrank back from his half-agape mouth and into his throat as a picture seemingly formed of blood and white material appeared on the wall behind him . it was melancholic, fresh, and messy .

The luster in his eyes vanished as Mithor collapsed backward, leaning against the wall before sliding to the ground .

At noon on the 1st of February 1350, Wormtongue Mithor was hunted .

Klein glanced around at the chaotic bar and closed the door to the basement . He chained the door with the existing chains and forcibly made a knot .

He bent down and dragged Mithor King down a few steps, but he didn’t directly enter .

As he was wary of enemies who might suddenly charge out from inside, he opened up his palm and aimed it at Wormtongue Mithor’s corpse from above .

He had no qualms about Grazing the Black Death’s third mate . He believed that he was definitely someone with heinous crimes to his name . Firstly, he was once a subordinate of Vice Admiral Hurricane Qilangos, and the deceased pirate admiral had once massacred an entire ship . He was a rather coldblooded person . It was simply obvious from what the Red Glove Nightmare inside Creeping Hunger had encountered . Secondly, Mithor was working for Vice Admiral Ailment, which was equivalent to working for the Demoness Sect . It was unknown how many cases of human trafficking he had been involved in .

Creeping Hunger restored its thin human skin appearance as his palm cracked open, producing two bloodshot eyes .

In an instant, a biting cold wind stirred in the entrance’s passageway to the basement . It constantly spun around Wormtongue Mithor’s corpse, slowly outlining a blurry figure with short eyebrows and deep eye sockets .

Black but undull points of light rapidly surged out of the corpse, combining with Mithor’s Spirit Body . All of them were injected into Creeping Hunger, where an empty finger was waiting for it, forming a connection with the surroundings to a certain degree .

Creeping Hunger first went from a black color with a sinister and noble vibe before returning to its original state as it suffused its desire for flesh and blood .

Klein silently diverted his senses to it for a few seconds and was pleasantly surprised that the powers he received were rather useful . Although there were only two, they were much better than the previous three he had obtained from the Zombie Sequence!

At this point, he learned that the Mid-Sequence Beyonder was a Sequence 6 Baron of Corruption from the Lawyer pathway . One of them came from a Baron of Corruption and the other came from the Sequence 7 Briber .

The former was Distortion . By distorting the target’s words, actions, and intent, he could formulate a certain order that provided himself with an advantage, so as to achieve the goal of restraining and influencing his opponent .

The latter was Bribe, which was one of the various powers of a Briber . More accurately, it would be Bribe—Weaken .

The premise behind using this power was to give the target a certain item, then for a certain amount of time, greatly weaken the target’s attacks, defense, and control over him .

Give the target a certain item? His act of throwing a cup of alcohol was considered a Bribe? As expected of the Black Emperor pathway . It finds loopholes in “order” while it appears domineering… It’s no wonder my Dragon’s Might and Psychic Piercing powers weren’t as effective as I imagined them to be on Mithor . Even my bullet’s strength was reduced . I thought that shot would’ve blown his entire head up… Klein came to a realization .

At the same time, he understood why he had involuntarily flown towards the Black Emperor where King of the Five Seas, Nast, was . It was because Nast had distorted his intent to proceed forward, making it impossible for him to stop .

Not bad at all… Klein lowered his head to steal a glance at Wormtongue Mithor’s corpse before he went down to the basement .

He was trying to find some food for Creeping Hunger .

It was unknown whether it had to do with him throwing Creeping Hunger above the gray fog repeatedly, but Creeping Hunger wasn’t as crazy anymore . It seemed to be able to bear with its hunger; therefore, Klein wasn’t in a hurry . He slowly proceeded forward so as to be careful of encountering any accidents .

Before long, he saw Strongman Ozil leading his subordinates over . There were Beyonders and gunmen, and their numbers were sizable!

Klein’s expression remained stoic as his black glove was covered in dark golden scales once again .

His irises turned light in color as they suddenly turned vertical . Invisible waves instantly surged forward .

Psychiatrist’s Dragon’s Might!