Lord Shadow - Chapter 263

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Chapter 263
And then he touches the node as a holographic projection of Sina appeared .

'Azief, the fleet has started to move to Earth . I think you should join them . The World Government and the Republic has already mobilized their Battlestar to the Moon . Say the word and our Battlestar will follow them'
Azief hearing this nodded .
At the same time all over the world the satellite of the World Government, The Republic, and even the League of Freedom was alerted about the approaching huge fleet
The image was also transmitted to Azief .
He saw the fleet image near the Moon . He moved and he appeared outside the room and was about to take a flight to the Moon .
But he stopped . He looks at his right seeing nothing . But it was not like he was seeing the empty hallways .
His Divine Sense envelopes all the area around Pandemonium and when he sense that energy he of course reached out .
That is why he stopped .
It was then he recognizes a familiar energy .
At first he was happy since he immediately knows who this is . But then his expression turns into an expression of rage .
He sense another energy that is malevolent and he shouted
'Who dares touch my brother!'
Killing intent spreads out from him causing a dark red aura blasted off from him causing the room to fall in disarray .
His feet create an energy charge as the hallways tiles cracked and exploded into dust almost immediately .
Azief jumps out from his Palace breaking the roof of the Palace, alarming everyone as the pillars of the Palace shakes and the ground beneath it trembled like an earthquake is starting .
Tremors could be felt all around the area of the castle freaking the heck out of the merchant in the open market near the Palace .
The Keeper of the palace and the people nearby the Palace were all shocked .
They were shocked but that did not mean they didn't know what to do if such cases happens .

After the last mishap where the keepers of the palace have no information about the ambassadors, the Head Keeper of the Palace lay down protocols what to do in certain unexpected circumstances .
It was almost immediately that these shocking matters were reported to the Three Army on the border .
Azief on the other hand rush towards the ocean .
And what he saw make him felt weird and perplexed .
He was seeing two purple lightning bolts seem to be tangling with each other creating vortex of spiraling water tornado around the sea .
With his eyes Azief could see things more clearly than other people even though that two lightning is moving faster than the normal eyes could see .
Azief immediately recognizes that woman .
'The alien!'
Azief thought about the picture he saw before as his eyes narrowed and then it only took him a second to respond .
Azief closes his eyes and then opening it he charge to that thing, lightning boom exploded as he broke the sound barrier, and the clouds behind him dissipates as thunder bolts started roaring in the sky .
On the distance the people that is watching this battle is not only limited to those mayors and lords around the coast near the site of battle .
But there was also the expert in seclusion in Pandemonium and other outside forces that is looking at this battle .
And then they all heard it . It was like the sky was breaking apart and the whole seabed howls, trembling in fear .
A large explosion sounded on the sea, the force of that impact was so powerful and loud, as shockwaves from wind squalls that spread out to the four directions killing any sea monster unfortunate to be in the range of disaster .
The impact forces the sea water to explode bringing a large tsunami heading to Pandemonium .
This shocked all the people on the coast and it appears like a great disaster is about to befall the continent as thirty feet waves is about to crash into the shores of the continent and devour the cities whole
'ARGHH! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!' The first to run was the merchants and then there were the crowds who were stomping each other to run to safety .

Some people who were truly rich and important quickly crush their Teleportation Orb and disappeared in a flash of light probably appearing in other parts of the continent since only high quality teleportation Orb would enable one to travel far away and that kind of Teleportation orb is not many
People on the coast started panicking, screaming and running away .
The mayor seeing such huge and tall wave of water coming for their cities could not even move either because of disbelief or fear .
'It's over' The mayor mumbled in his residence seeing the huge block of water that is rushing to his city
But even as it seems that all hope seems to be lost, a horn bugle sounded like it was a signal .
It was then seven black robed men flew out from a portal and landed on the coast as the waves are furiously rushing to the coast .
'Activate the Formation . No delays . ' They talked to each other and they all nodded in agreement .
Seven black robed men jump away from each other and then form a circle .
In other part of the continent in the north, south, west, and the east a squad of seven people dressed in dark clothes all appear on certain area and they all form a circle .
Then they pointed to the ground and shouted
'Activate formation'
All these people shouted as energy from their body emanates out, their life energy surging to below the surface of the ground and then they screamed to the sky
'Sky Bearing Formation'
The word echoes through the entirety of Pandemonium
The sky above Pandemonium shines with golden color and then rains of golden light showers the continent as a protective barrier surrounded Pandemonium from coast to coast, protecting the entire continent .
The soil and the land itself seem to glow with divine glow emanating a boundless energy that calms the masses .
All of these four teams of black hooded men separated by a thousand miles all coughed up blood .
Their vitality was expended almost immediately, their young skin turns wrinkly like Time was taken from then, their life force was devoured .
In another part of the continent, Sasha looks at all this matter playing with coldness in her eyes . The black hooded men were the people in the Shadow Guards .
Sasha herself is in an undisclosed location overseeing the internal threats that could flare up now that the Death Monarch is outside Pandemonium .
Her eyes were severe as she spit to the ground
'Now, let see if those rats dares to take this moment to do something . I will make sure they would regret it if they dares shows their head . '
This is one of the emergency measures that Sasha and Azief outline .
In case of disaster or emergency where he was not present Sasha were to assess the threat to the continent and eliminate it .
While she was not an assassin, there was a lot of assassin that is working under her . She did not worry about Death Monarch .
After all if there is a thing that could defeat him that already spells dooms for her and for the world . So it is pointless to worry about Death Monarch .
She only needs to do her job .
On the other hand, in this undisclosed location she is assessing threats and sending her subordinate to destroy it before it has the chance to sprout .
Meanwhile as the Shadow Guards activated the formation on the Heavens above, the dark sky was opened by force and with it the protection of the world was bestowed upon Pandemonium .
The land glows with bluish aura, might and domineering .
A pressure emanated out from the entire continent as one could see vein-like lines connecting all over the continent .
This is the Sky Bearing Formation . The Sky will protect the Continent if the caster could bear the Price .
Each time it is used it will only last for five minutes before the protection ended unless you put a stop to the protecting dome shrinking
All of the high echelons of Pandemonium are aware about this Formation .
Another explosion sounded, shaking the skies .
Then from the Western border, a golden carriage flew to the sky, the wheel is a ring of fire carried over by four golden color bronze horses .
It is a beautiful Greek woman armored to the teeth .
She pointed her spear high to the sky and she shouted
'I will bear it!'
The aura of a Goddess emanates out from her, distorting the winds and changing the course of the clouds .
She flew upward her spear pointed to the Sky defiantly and valiantly
Then her spear collided with an invisible obstacle and she stopped, as the impact causes her hand to feel a bit numb .
It is the boundary between Heaven Protection and now it is slowly decreasing, the huge large dome of protection that was enveloping the island is now slowly shrinking down .
The Sky Bearing Formation is one of the formations from The Ring of Grand Formation that Azief possesses .
It could even endure the attack from Divine Comprehension levelers if put to the test . But it uses Life Vitality as for the first qualification .
This was alleviated by linking the energy mines to the formation etching that was hidden underneath the very soils of Pandemonium .
And for the second one, the people had to bear the might of the Sky to make sure the protection would last a long time .
The longer you bear it, the more Life force the formation would take from the person or things that is bearing the Sky .
It was truly like Atlas bearing the sky, full of suffering and pain .
In the sky, surrounded by the clouds, moonlight shining over her, standing in her flying golden carriage, she look even more majestic and even more heroic .
Her golden horse is neighing as they could feel the pressure from the increasing force of the heaven pushing down on her .
Athena arms that is holding the spear seems to bulge with stressed veins because of the pressure and her forehead is full of cold sweat .
'We will accompany you General!' A valiant shouts sounded from below as Athena eyes frowned but she was not angry .
Then flying to the sky with riding the Pegasus, her Myrmidon Army all uses their hands to bear the invisible barrier between Heaven and Sky .
Many of them were red in the face and some of her soldier immediately coughs blood the moment their hand touch that invisible pushing force .

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