Lord Shadow - Chapter 264

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Chapter 264
The protection barrier is slowly shrinking back but because of their effort the progress of the deterioration is halted .

Athena eyes did not relax her vigilance instead she become even more cautious and then she felt it in her heart and her entire body .
Danger is approaching . She then without hesitation shouted to her men
'Be careful! It is coming!'
Then like the Heavens wanted to laugh at the fragility of mortals, the pressure suddenly multiplied .
It was like an explosion as the mighty force hit the soldiers and Athena . Many falls down from their horses and fall down to the ground unconscious .
Thankfully in the ground there were also the Security Department waiting for them and immediately heal them with their magic or by using the pills of the Genius Alchemist
Athena was still in the sky, bearing this enormous pressure, the veins in her hand exploded and her internal organs roiled, her energy become unstable .
Her finger cracked and her arms were broken . But she still bears it . She endures the pain as her teeth seems to be grinded as she grit her teeth to endure the pressure
'ARGHHH!' Athena shouted to the sky
'I will not give up this easily!'
She looks at the dark clouds overhead and smiles even as blood fills her mouth because of the pressure .
Her golden spear is cracking in many places and almost seems like it was on the verge of breaking .
'Do not falter, Athena!'
A shout sounded from the southern region that shocked the remaining people in the clouds enduring the slowly descending heaven power .
Even now, the dome of protection around the continent is slowly shrinking as tsunamis after waves of tsunamis crash towards the protection barrier .

Azief meanwhile is engaging in battle on the sea while his subordinate is trying to maintain the safety of the continent .
Even the monster on Pandemonium could sense something wrong as they hide in their habitats
Dust blows up from the Southern border as a person fly out to the sky wearing his body armor with the Ruyi Jingu Bang on his hand pointed toward the sky .
'I will help you Athena!' The man shouted boisterously and valiantly, his voice seems to be imbued by some calming effect .
It was Wang Jian the Southern Suppressing General . Below his feet is white cloud, the effect of his Cloud Walking Boot .
It boost his speed as he was seen rushing to the sky, wind below his feet propel the clouds beneath his feet to go faster .
His War God Gold Chain Armor shines brightly even though the sky was darkened .
He then hurls his staff, the magical Ruyi Jingu Bang to the invisible barrier .
While it is invisible to the eye, people of Wang Jian caliber could of course sense that majestic and boundless energy .
'Enlarge and bear the weight of the Heavens!' He shouted as his staff enlarges itself to become a black pillar of sixty feet in height
The most magical sight was seen all over Pandemonium, a gigantic pillar that prop the Heavens .
The staff was like a pillar that forces the Heavens to stand still and the protection of the Sky Bearing Formation stabilized .
Not far behind a legion of swordswomen follow him .
Fairy of Stars riding her sword also appears in the lead of those swordswomen not long after Wang Jian rush to the sky, her swords encircle her like a ring of protection
Looking at the sixty feet pillars that halted the deterioration of the formation was something shocking .
Wang Jian aura of a Great General in the world spread out and his Disk appears behind him like haloes bolstering the soldiers in the Sky

Right now they were surrounded by the blue aura of Wang Jian and it fills the soldiers in the sky with newfound strength .
They all seem to be bathed by golden light that makes them appears like Celestial soldiers of Heavens .
Wang Jian Disk is the Disk of Overlord .
It boosts his soldiers abilities and in turn they will boost him . It was a perfect fit for Wang Jian who fought people with his soldiers .
The unceasing waves of tsunamis and disaster that is happening in the Pandemonium Sea hits the barrier and yet it did not able to enter the cities around the shores
The mayor that is around the coast and the people in the cities heaved a sigh of relief .
They were all sweating in fear but seeing that barrier protected them from the mighty crashing waves fills them with feeling of gratitude and awe .
But they also realize that the barrier is shrinking .
And noticing this matter the people quickly moves farther away from the barrier .
Some warrior saw the soldiers and the Two Great generals of Pandemonium on the sky pushing back the shrinking barrier .
They put two and two together .
On the ground people are screaming, crying, holding their children and running away .
In such tragedy, heroes would undoubtedly appear
So, of course some powerful people jump out from the crowd and push the barrier on the ground .
At first it was only one .
But then one more joins . Then three more arrived beside them, pushing the invisible barrier with a smile on their face .
Then four more and then it multiplied until hundreds .
All over the continent of Pandemonium, all around the cities near the coast, one could saw warriors, hunters, magician, all kinds of people uniting together to push back the barrier, to prevent it from shrinking .
Their arms broken, their mouth spurted blood, but their eyes and clear and full of defiance . Death Monarch is not the only heroes of this generation .
They all hope that this barrier will stand until the Death Monarch finishes his battle .
No one blamed him .
What is there to blame? It is not he that provokes people to come attacking . Something must have happened .
And in this world where would one found such a person like Death Monarch who possess such huge lands but do not interfere much with their daily lives
He is not a womanizer, do not have weird fetishes, he do not engage in torturing its people or manipulating them .
After all for a powerful person like the Death Monarch there is nothing he couldn't do by himself .
The Death Monarch rarely comes out form his Palace and rarely orders anyone to do anything .
No one suffers his tyranny because he rarely exercises his power over his people .
Even the people of Pandemonium sometimes doubt that the Death Monarch consider them his people .
But if there is one thing they acknowledge is that under the large shadow of the Death Monarch, their lives have been peaceful and prosperous
These people keep pushing while at the same time praying that barrier would hold .
If not, the impact of the Death Monarch battle would probably cause indescribable damage to Pandemonium .
Death Monarch might not care about the cities in the coast but the people in those cities cares .
It is hard to call a place home in this chaotic era of change . But many people here have considered Pandemonium as their home .
Peace and prosperity and the safety from monster invasion make many people that settled in Pandemonium after the horrific Weronian War begins to think of Pandemonium as their home .
They look at the large amount of water being held back by the barrier and they could not help but gulp in fear .
Because, while the waves impact is nullified by the barrier and the formation, the waves keeps on coming, unceasingly, continuously .
The battle in the sea must be terribly impactful for such disaster to befall the coast
It takes long to describe what happened since the moment Azief charged the alien, but it was only just a few seconds since the moment Azief charged that alien for Sasha to order the activation of the formation .
Then Wang Jian and Athena cooperated with each other to stop the dome of protection around them from shrinking .
Sasha, Wang Jian, Athena all is trying to lengthen the protection of the formation as long as they can because they know of one fatal weakness s of this formation .
It was the fact that they could not create another Sky bearing Formation unless they are not above sacrificing innocent lives .
This Sky Bearing Formation is activated by using the energy mine that the army found and connected with the formation etched all around underneath the soil .
This takes not only one or two formation master and Arrays experts to achieve but thousands of formation master and arrayist .
It is why when the formation was activated the entire continent of Pandemonium glowed .
Of course since the entire continent is not yet fully explored this formation could not shows its full defensive capabilities
On the other hand, the Flying Berserk Cavalry General Freya is coming out from Pandemonium as she battled the Sea Monster that is attempting to butt their head with the formation thus increasing the pressure of the Heavens toward Wang Jian staff that is acting as the pillars that halted the Heavens .

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