Lord Shadow - Chapter 265

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Chapter 265

The moment Azief body crash with that alien the impact of their collision shatters the space and created a large explosion in the sea, causing a tsunami to be produced and throws the entire seabed into chaos .
Underneath the seas, tornadoes and explosion fills the entire seabed, killing many monsters and gigantic sea serpents .
Those sea monsters all exploded from within, their innards exploded out from their eyes as their blood color the sea in variety of colors
Azief punch that woman face and that punch causes all the things around him to darken and to experience the passage of time .
The sea water suddenly disappeared, or to more accurate it reverted into gas their state before they became water .
That punch itself was bolstered by ten percent of by his physical power .
The woman face distorted, her cheekbones were crushed, all of her teeth were grinded into dust and purple blood spurted out from the woman mouth .
The water around her exploded upwards and the water around Azief vaporized as the heat generated from his fist causes the water around him to condense into gas .
The moon above his head seems to shine his light on him making him appear divine and the stars seems to provide Azief with an almost unlimited supply of power .
However even though anyone should have their head exploded after that punch, the fact that woman head is still intact is an amazing feat .
Azief only sneer in mocking disdain
Then Azief heard it . It was a faint voice and garbled with the water tornado around them and the rushing tsunamis behind them but Azief could hear it nonetheless .
[Analyzing target]
[A high level organism detected . A trace of pure Eternian bloodline detected . High level target . Changing objective]
[Replicating . Replicating failed]
[Analysis . Certain abilities could be copied . Starting copying]
[Source of power: Unidentified]
Azief did not see her eyes that seems to be full of matrixes, runes of the Asgardians, and hieroglyphics but he could sense a weird energy
He did not know how to explain the feeling he felt when he was feeling the energy . But he certainly didn't like the feeling
[Detected: a trace of Eternian source energy . Need further analysis . Opening the Encyclopedia of the Known Energy of the Universe]
[Unidentified . Conclusion: probably using an independent source of energy . Fight and gain information . Stopping automatic mode and change into independent mode . Using reserve energy to heal injury taken]
Then the woman body exploded with energy as her wounds and her broken bones heal almost immediately .
Her crushed face reform back and she look at Azief with a smile on her face . It was more like an excitement .
Her expression was like when Sina found an exotic herb .
She breathed normally underwater just like Azief .
She lean her neck on her left side and look at Azief with her blue eyes that is clear from any symbols or runes like before .
She looks at him with excitement and a little bit of curiosity . It puzzled Azief .
'What are you? What is your purpose here on Earth?' Azief ask . Thanks to the World Orb the aliens understand his word .

The alien seems to be organizing things in her mind as she seems dazed for a while before she answers
'What an interesting organism this creature called humans . You were the closest being to them . Could it be the answer of the Universe could be found here? ' she then smiles and laugh a bit .
And then she answer
'I have many purposes but one of them is to retrieve back my memory . For some reason I think this world of yours is not as simple as my race describe it'
Azief then said
'Why attack my friend?'
'I smell a familiar scent on him . He reminded me of a woman clothed in white lightning . '
Azief ponders for a while . He did not understand . He shakes his head and then asks another question .
'Is any of your purpose would endanger Earth?' His voice was calm but it was also severe and there is a killing intent in that voice
The woman smiles but she did not say anything . Her silence is very telling . Azief smiles back but his smile was terrifying
'So be it' he said . Before he even moved the woman moved first . She already detected that killing intent .
It reminded her of the Asuras that inhabited the Demonic Realm and their Killing Heart .
'Take my attack!' She shouted as she moves in a lightning speed incorporating Will Speedster abilities as she punch towards Azief .
Azief just look at that punch with mockery apparent in his gaze .
Azief might have been at least intimidated if she was some Divine Comprehension being but even though she talk big she at least need to have the ability to back it up .
Now, Azief didn't even fear Divine Comprehension leveler with his finger being imbued with the power of the Six Sabers
Around her, purple lightning covered her entire body, her speed of the punch causes an underwater tornado mixed with thunderstorm to be formed .
The power of the storm is sweeping the Sea monster on the seabed to be brought high into the surface .
Azief smiles and just clench his fist .
The space shattered around his fist and the wind around his knuckles pulsate with divine power .
A powerful energy bursted out from him that causes the water around him to spirals and not touch him, not even a trace of water could be found in his black cape .
Around him a vortex of nothingness spirals out of control .
His killing intent screamed toward the Heavens, shaking the firmament and part away the night clouds .
His aura breaks through the skies and opens up the atmosphere causing the night sky to turn bright .
Azief disdain using the Will of the World against such weak creature .
Even though she seems powerful with the Laws of Time around her going crazy and her punch that seems to be boosted by her speed look formidable and powerful Azief was confident of his strength .
The clouds in the skies pour down rain as the golden light that bathed Pandemonium grew brighter .
An isolated sky appears above Azief head .

A shaft of light is piercing though the dark clouds and the storms shining over Azief figure .
And this time gushing out from his body is a divine power that could cow all creations . Then from all corners of the Pandemonium Sea a terrifying mighty pressure appears .
A golden figure appears in the sea, encompassing the entire sea of Pandemonium .
This not only shocked the people of pandemonium, it also shocked the foreign forces that is seeing that golden figure
This is not the Will of the World .
This is the projection of Azief will manifested into the real world .
Azief was tempered by the Six Sabers and experience four lives living a life where he was the supreme expert of each generation .
His Willpower while it could not be compared to a Sovereign Willpower it has barely reached the minimum of Sovereign Willpower .
But that in itself is terrifying
After all there is still yet a Sovereign in this world but his Willpower alone is powerful enough for him to create his own Will that could be projected like the Will of the World .
This is a Will independent from the Will of the World .
All of Pandemonium shook in this instant, the seabed seems to be vibrating and tremors fills the entire Sea as if there was an Immortal God floating on top of the continent, encompassing all beings in the world and pressuring it .
The pressure of the Sky Bearing Formation lessened almost immediately the moment Azief Will come into being .
It was like even the Heavens was forced to acknowledge this Willpower that almost transcends the Heavens
That Immortal God look at the struggling Athena trying to push back the Heavens and saw the huge depression of Pandemonium land as the Heavens pushed down on the black staff
He only smirks
He takes a step and he appeared in Pandemonium, his body passed through people like he was a ghost .
His gigantic golden apparition uses his index finger and pointed to the invisible boundary between Heaven and Earth .
Then a sound of something cracking could be heard in the starry skies .
The protection barrier suddenly expanded, widened and lengthened
It shocked everyone . The reason why they were shocked is because the barrier was pushed to the top by that simple motion of Azief finger .
'My lord! Thank you!' Wang Jian shouted
Wang Jian immediately lengthened his staff to follow the new boundary line of the protection barrier and his staff lengthens infinitely until it reached a staggering height of one hundred fifty feet .
Athena was relieved as she landed on the ground; her injuries were healed by Azief Life Giving Finger .
Azief is not only fighting with the alien woman but also have the power to control his Will projection to help his subordinate .
It might look easy but Azief Will projection right now is not only unstable but it is also being pressured by the Will of the World forcing his Will to slowly dissipate .
It is the Heavens .
But Azief knows . That the one people called Heaven Will is merely the Will of the World . Azief scoff .
If this was before he did want to try to follow the Way of the Heaven training in accordance to the Heaven Way .
But now?
He sees the deception of the Heaven and when he saw the deep blue sky on top of his head, he just scoffed at it .
The future he saw for his Path… . . the Will of the World will not stop him so he would rebel against it!
In the center of Pandemonium however, after the many thing that is happening only an idiot would not know something terrible is happening outside .
They saw how the dark night sky turns golden and saw a gigantic pillar of black holding down some powerful force and heard the sound of large waves crashing even though they were not in the coast area .
They heard the screams of Sea Monster; their shrieking fills the night sound, their ringing of their shouting reaches to the sky .
And when they saw the gigantic golden figures of the Death Monarch floating on top of Pandemonium like his entire being encompassed all of Pandemonium, they prostrated to the ground .
Seed Formation leveler could at least maintain some dignity by at least just kneeling .
They don't want to do it but it was as if their bodies were pushed down by some inviolable energy .
But they all know that this intent was something that not many could resist .
Sina who is in her workshop look at the intent and beside her was a man holding her waist, channeling energy to make sure she did not succumb to the pressure .
This man was young, handsome and dashing . He is wearing a silver robe and sports a long straight hair that reaches his shoulder .
He looked at the distance with his green eyes and he was clearly shocked .
On his feet, serpent slithers adoringly . On the trees near the workshop, black raven perched on the branches it like it was their home
This person is Loki .
Azief did not even sense his existence even though he was at Pandemonium all this time .
Loki himself knows that it is lowly became harder to hide from Azief know that Azief is becoming stronger but Loki still have his own tricks .
But looking at that giant apparition Loki for the first time in a long time was shocked .
Azief has formed his Willpower intent . It is clearly far off from a Sovereign Intent but this is remarkable enough .
In the moment Azief unleashed his energy, all of this happened in a moment .
Azief clenched fist is generating so much energy one could hear the space around him screaming and cracking before breaking completely .
Then Azief sneer and said
'You are not worthy of me using my whole power!'
Then he unleashed his punch . The sky above cracked immediately and the apparition of his intent also punch toward the sea
The moment Azief unleashed that punch it was like the entire world might was within that punch of his .
The entire block of water around Azief immediately turned into gas condensed into the atmosphere as the punch powerful force landed onto that woman .
Just before that punch landed into her that woman eyes flash blue and three of her triangle mark in her forehead glows before her body collided with that punch .
Azief did not hear that woman scream but he did catch that woman seems to be smiling before she turns into an atomized dust .
The space time fabric around the collision site became unstable before Azief Will Intent on Pandemonium disappeared .
But the divine light from Azief is still emanating from him, that illuminated the dark seas causing all the sea monsters in the seabed to quickly retreat as if being shined on by that light bring them extreme pain .
Azief uses his Divine Sense and scan the entire Sea
Sensing no life energy from that woman anymore Azief thought to himself
'So, it is just a weak creature . ' He closes his eyes and scans the sea once again . But there was nothing . Then he remembers there is still the fleet on the moon .
Azief opens his eyes and then look at Will in the distance . With one spurt of his speed, he arrived on a region of the sea .
Will was standing on water and he nodded, the speed generated by his body making be able to stand on water .
Will look at Azief and then he said
'Let us talk in your territory'
Azief nodded and then they both race each other to the island, one speeding through water in the ocean while another was traversing through the dark clouds of night .
As Death Monarch and the Purple Speedster have leave the ocean, suddenly on the bottom of the sea a spiral seems to appear in the deepest part of the sea .
Around the spirals Laws of Time were reversed .
Then coming out from the spiral is a woman with five triangle mark on her forehead . Three of it was dim and lost its luster and shine .
She was weak and seems to be experiencing extreme fatigue . But her eyes were full of excitement .
She was panting, green sweat coming out from her pores .
'I need to avoid that person until I regain my power . I could only analyze twenty percent of his power . And his bodily cultivation is not something I could attain in a short time . The only thing I could analyze was his technique . And what is the hell with that finger? Thankfully he did not use it against me . '
The woman is the alien woman that fought Azief . Her body right now was no different than a dead body as it emanates no signs of life force .
'I guess that curse works out in my favor after all' she said as she let the waves of the sea to bring her away
Meanwhile, when all of this is happening on Earth the World Government and the Republic is initiating first contact with the fleet and they set their meeting to be on Earth a week from now .
They were to show no sign of entering Earth atmosphere in that period of a week or Earth will saw it as an act of war .
There was also a dark eye looking over at the battle on the ocean . Surrounded by Laws of Destruction, that person smirks as his gaze never leave that alien woman
He was standing on a hill on a different part of the world but his eyes could still see that battle .
'I didn't think I would meet you here, Sithulran . I thought that curse was enough' This person then laughs
'Fate…or is it destiny?' He asks to no one in particular .
Then that man walk away from the hill as he keep thinking about what had happened today and whether it would disrupt his preparation to help his Master descend
That night, all over the world, explosive news after explosive news was reported .
No one was able to sleep tight that night . Another period of change is coming .
So here it is the new chapter . A long, long chapter . The battle might be just a mini battle for Azief but he did not know he just provoke a very powerful enemy that is still growing

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