Lord Shadow - Chapter 4

Published at 21st of September 2018 07:40:34 AM
Chapter 4

It was night and Azief is almost asleep when he hears a sound . Alert, Azief quickly woke up and then he peek at the first floor .

He swears he heard a sound from the first floor . By now, most of the people around the area has been dead or been eaten .

The moonlight shines brightly . Night like this, Azief unusually went to go drink coffee with his friend Nizam, talking about redundant thing .

And when he goes back at night he will look at the stars . Azief is not usually sentimental . Life is harsh, education is harsh and the country is harsh .

Not knowing what to do after getting out fresh from college, not getting any calls from any company, and with no great prospect, Azief sometimes just blanked out in some days asking does all this means something?

To get married in his country, the dowry he has to pay for the bride family must exceed RM10, 000 .

Ten thousand ringgit! Azief wanted to shout to such family . Are you marrying your daughter or selling her!

Then they look at your education level, your job, what is your annual income, how could Azief compete .

Living in this kind of society makes him feel like he feels useless .

He couldn't even make a thousand every month; his salary is six hundred ringgit how could he even dream to marry . If he could not marry why even bother searching for a girlfriend .

It will distract him finding money .

Then a roar bring him back to his present moment

Azief is quite lucky in that the beast did not detect him here and no humans discover him there .

It was dark but he could see with the aid of the moonlight . Then he heard the noise again and this time his eyes gazed towards the first floor .

Then he noticed something is moving from the cover of the corpse . Then outside he could hear people moving . He turns his gaze to the window pane .

Then Azief look outside and then he gasped in shock . The corpse that has been bitten is mutating into half human, half beast, almost like that liquid thing in Prototype .

One person has a cat leg with human face . But not all of them managed to merge with the beats . Some become like a zombie .

Then something nagged in the back of his mind .

'Wait a minute!' Realizing what he forget Azief quickly jump from the stairs and reach to the covers .

He could see Ah Seng corpse is beginning to move .

'I'm not going to wait . Sorry Ah Seng . ' He already sees what happens to the other corpse . And he is sure as hell; the same thing is going to happen to Ah Seng corpse .


Without hesitation Azief drive his dagger to the corpse head, and the blood seep through the covers not staining Azief clothes .

Yeah, and who says watching zombies movies wouldn't profit him! Strike the brain and the zombie is dead .

Then a light shine down on Azief body .


'Put 2 to strength, two to agility and three to stamina . '

Azief then could feel his body is getting stronger and his body getting light and feel a rejuvenating energy in his body as his fatigue slowly dispersed .

A skill book dropped from the corpse, the golden coins, and a glove .

'I'm lucky' Azief said to himself as he sat on the corner exhausted, his stamina dropped by one point .

That stab is using half his strength and the body of the zombie is quite sturdy . Not all like he imagined .

Azief thought it would be kind of liquidy . If that thing really gets up Azief really thinks he will be too scared to stab the corpse .

He then checks the glove .



Bonus: Strength + 2

Stamina +2

Quickly Azief equipped it .

And he feels he is getting stronger . Now as he sits in the corner he is thinking how he is going to go home .

He could not stay here all the time or he is going to starve . And additional 3 points? Is there some achievements?

If I do it faster than anyone else, do I get some additional rewards? Is there some ranking I don't know about? He thinks to himself .

Outside he could hear people walking but Azief now knows it is not really people that are walking but their corpse .

Zombies . Mutated sapiens… . No…zombies Azief decided . I'm going to call the corpse zombies . Or do I want to call them stiff?

They give quite the experience . And they move slowly . If he make precise blow to the head, he could easily overpowered a zombie .

But he has to wait . Why?

Because when he looks earlier there is still one large beast prowling the area, their boss Azief thinks .

Azief thinks that when the beast leaves, they leave one of them to guard the area . Kind of like a guardian…or a dungeon boss .

It looks really similar like the alien in Alien, down to the green fluid around the mouth . Would it also have face sucker or something like that?

'Haish'… . he could not wait that long . He get up and take one of the chocolates in the counter and eat it slowly and trying his hardest not to make a sound when he is chewing .

Chocolates . Can't live just by chocolates .

But he can't charge outside either . Charging outside mean he wants to be eaten . He might not be a genius but he is not an idiot .

Then he hears the sound of crumbling bricks .

Azief went back to the second floor and look through the windows, seeing something that resembles a badger is wildly punching on buildings and structure, destroying little shop and buildings .

The badger has other badger following him . They are as tall as 7 feet and very powerful, each punch destroys half the shop .

The other two is not as strong as the one is punching . The other one dig the shop with its sharp claw, searching for what Azief don't know .

'Fuck!' As Azief realizes something . The first is the infantry . Now the seeker . They are seeking humans .

I thought they were idiots . Who thought even this beast has this kind of coordination?

Thinking about this Azief is sweating . One building takes the badger about 15 minutes to search and destroy . One little shop takes them less than 10 minutes .

'I'm going to die . Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!' he cursed .

And the badger is careful not to get caught up in the debris . One of them was unlucky enough and gets crushed by one of the building debris .

If not for the other badgers, that one badger would already be dead . So they also help among their peers . Azief observed .

Solidarity . That's bizarre .

Then slowly they worked their way back to the shop where he is hiding . His face is going pale .

'Is this how it is going to end?' he asks himself .

Should he try to make a run? He looks outside and he found that impossible .

He can't .

With the badger and that huge beast in the elementary schools and with the mutated sapiens out there, just nearby his shop marching like an aimless zombie in Walking Dead, he would be eaten .

Is he the only one around Joy Park who is still human? Because it is beginning to look like it .

Slowly, and slowly the badger is making their way to the shop . The badger work systematically .

They were like a demolition expert . They didn't care about the mutated sapiens only destroying buildings .

Azief then sit down and take a bite of a chocolate candy and already give up .

'So here is where I'm going to die . ' He is giving up because the badger has already destroyed the shop beside his .

'Hmmm . What a worthless existence . I am young, virgin, poor and now I have to die being a zombie! This is not fair! I lived according to the rules . I pay taxes, I don't break the law, I did good . Okay I may not do good much, but I do not do evil either . To die like this-' and then Azief feel the shaking of the building .

He closes his eyes . Nothing comes to mind . Usually when people is going to die, life flashes through their eyes, or at least the important moments, or a face .

There is nothing but the darkness resulted from him closing his eyes . No flashes, no people, no moments .

He never truly lived, he discover at that moment . His routine is the same, internet, reading books, working .

With so little money, and so little friend, he never goes anywhere .

He never did anything crazy, or idiotic, fearing to break some laws, always fearing something .

If not the law, people . If not people, the future . If not the future, the present . He always fears something .

Always that one something, Always the almost but not quite .

He was about to say his prayer when suddenly the shaking grew more powerful . Quickly Azief open his eyes back and then he realized this is not the badger doing .

This is a very powerful earthquake .

The items in the candy shop all fall from their racks, the counter shakes on such ferocity that the glass panes shattered while Azief was brought forward and almost fall to the first floor if not for his quick grabbing of the railings .

What Azief don't know is that right now the World Orb is creating a super continent, combining the nations and continents all over the world .

Usually when a super continent is formed it takes millions of years and usually it is preceded with a great extinction, volcanoes spurted its fiery lavas, creating mountains, plates of the earth moves resulting in terrifying disaster but the World Orb can change realities and time .

All it takes to combine all these continent only produce a little shakings all over the world, with a little but a few seconds, without damaging the world as so much but a quake .

But this was enough to create a miracle for Azief at this moment and for some others lucky people all around the world .

Azief looks outside and could see the streets jutted out, showing the solid hard ground, building crumbled by itself and then one of the buildings opposite Azief hiding place drop itself to the badgers that is coming to his hiding place and at the same time crushing the zombies around the shop .

And the shop beside Azief hiding place is also dropping itself to his hiding place . All the building falls like a nice set of dominoes .

At that time he made a decision .

'An opportunity . ' He gets up from his kneeling pose and said

'Thank you god' And smirking he jumped out from the window of the second floor and landed outside with a thud .

He feels some pain but no bones are broken . And it's not like the second story is too high from the ground . The candy shop is not situated in the mall, just a normal shop .

'I guess it does work a bit like a game . '

Thank god he put many of his stats toward strength . And now he looks around the area of his sight and when the dust settles he smiles .

'Easy prey' he smiles coldly .

Why does he say that?

Because in front of him now, he could see three badgers is struggling to get out from the debris and about a 100 zombies that have their bodies cut into two, some only have half of their bodies, crawling to get outside the debris .

'Be strong or perish right?' he said looking at the moon .

'I guess I'm lucky' and he takes out his dagger .

'HEHEHE' he laughed .