Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 1169

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Chapter 1169: 1169

Blood Sacrifices were huge affairs .

Just like in the past when ‘Ardent Fire City was Blood Sacrificed’, the three religion masters from Black Devil Great Lake were all watching through the Heaven Observation Mirror . Southern Cloud King, Fan Tian Chong, and experts from various superpowers would also watch the battle through their Heaven Observation Mirror when they received news of it .

It was the same this time–the Blood Sacrifice of Fu Jun City had attracted the attention of several superpowers .

For instance, there were experts from the six great ancient nations that were responsible for tracking all huge events happening in the Great Land . Experts from other bigger organizations were similarly paying close notice to them .

“It is that mysterious person . ”

“He has appeared again, wiping out another team from the Eight Silk Island . Does he have some vengeance against Eight Silk Island Master? Why did he target Eight Silk Island?”

“Mn, there must be some vengeance between both parties! It can’t be so coincidental for this expert to appear in both cities that had been sent for a Blood Sacrifice, and for that mysterious person to be so ruthless, wiping out all people from the Eight Silk Island . ”

Various organizations were watching and discussing among each other from afar . At this moment, everyone was quite calm and casual about it .

Because they knew that ‘Dao of Void’ experts were famous for being exceptionally good at escaping! They believed that this mysterious person would definitely flee after killing all devils from the Eight Silk Island .

“Eight Silk Island Master is here . He seems mad . ”

“What? He did not run?”

“They are fighting! They have begun fighting!”

An uproar rose from those watching the scene!

Two final realm experts fighting were much rarer than Blood Sacrifices!

“Hurry up and report to the King!”

“Hurry up and report to His Majesty God Emperor!”

The entire Realm Heart Great Land was alarmed by this affair . Many unparalleled existences like World Extermination God-Emperor, Realm Beast King, and Moonflower King were even personally watching it through the Heaven Observation Mirror!

“Interesting . ” Realm Beast King sat on his throne with good food placed on the table before him . He was currently watching the battle projected on the floating Heaven Observation Mirror while eating the food in big gulps, “It seems this mysterious Dao of Void expert isn’t afraid of revealing his moves once they began battling, allowing others to deduce his true identity? Even if this is an expert from one of the six great ancient nations, given the devilish personality of Eight Silk Island Master, he might take revenge by wantonly massacring in the ancient nation!”

“They truly began fighting?”

“Aren’t he afraid of revealing his identity?”

Various powers were puzzled .

Previously, wiping out those weak devils with a single large-area technique would not easily reveal the identity of the user .

But when one fought against an expert of the same level, he would certainly reveal many more of his techniques .

“Does Monarch Flying Snow have vengeance on Eight Silk Island Master?” Emperor Summer was watching bewilderedly, “But if he fought, he would definitely reveal his techniques . Even though he requested us not to leak the news regarding the ‘Void Fire Lotus Flower’, and nobody would be able to guess who this mysterious person is since Monarch Flying Snow has recently broken through . But Monarch Flying Snow should not keep hiding undercover forever right? In the future when he decided to enter the Realm Heart God Palace or enter the Broken Teeth Mountain Range, he would ultimately reveal his techniques! And it would be easy for others to discover his hidden identity . ”

Emperor Summer could not understand it .

Few were qualified to rule a place as a tyrannical great devil .

And every one of them had techniques that allow them to survive against unparalleled existences! Hence, even though unparalleled existences were powerful, they were helpless against those great devils since they could not be killed! If they were to shed all pretense of cordiality, even if they killed the subordinates under the great devils, they would not care!

Devils were just selfish!

“What exactly is Younger Brother Flying Snow planning to do? Even if he chose to save those ants, there is no need to battle against Eight Silk Island Master right? It was fine if he acted once, but if he continued behaving and moving out against the devils, he would ultimately reveal himself . ” Sky-Rending Great Paragon frowned as he watched the projected scene through the Heaven Observation Mirror .

Currently, those from the Summer Wind Ancient Nation who knew Xue Ying was that mysterious person included the three unparalleled existences and Sky-Rending Great Paragon .

As Xue Ying requested for it during the previous transaction, the three unparalleled existences and Sky-Rending Great Paragon naturally did not reveal it outside .

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But Dao of Void experts in the Realm Heart Great Land that had reached the power of this ‘mysterious person’ could be counted with one’s fingers .

And in the future when Xue Ying used his real identity to battle, it would be easy for others to deduce who he was!

“It is slightly foolish . Or maybe he disregards the death of his clan? That’s right too since he reincarnated into this world, and shouldn’t have that much emotional attachment to the Ying Shan Clan . ” Sky-Rending Great Paragon watched silently .

Various sides were watching the battle through their ‘Heaven Observation Mirror’ .

The puzzling thing was that this mysterious person remained on the losing end despite engaging in the battle without withdrawing .

At a wilderness about half a trillion kilometers outside Fu Jun City, both parties were exchanging moves extremely quickly .


The incredibly fat Eight Silk Island Master extended both his hands . One hand turned into a sky curtain that covered the heavens, and the other hand appeared from deep underground as if it represented the earth .

One up and one down .

And at the center of the two incredibly vast palms, a black maelstrom started forming from the collapse of space .

The endless force was exerted on the body of Xue Ying .

“Myriad Untouchable Technique . ”

The surface of Xue Ying’s body was covered in layers of space . He was currently trying his best to withstand against this heaven-defying destructive force . “Peng peng peng”, the layers of space exploded and broke apart this cage, diverting the incoming force into the higher dimension .

‘This technique is still slightly lacking . How should I improve it to reach grand perfection?’ Xue Ying executed his , discovering the flaws and pondering over how he should do to improve it .

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In the past, he had always been comprehending in closed-door cultivation .

Only during life and death battles, especially when he did not understand the absolute moves of the other party’s Dao path, would it reflect the flaws of his techniques more glaringly . This allowed him to understand which path of improvement he should head towards . It was significantly helpful to his cultivation .

“Peng . ” The remnant force from the black maelstrom struck on Xue Ying . With a flash, Xue Ying’s entire body became just like a thin piece of art, silently withdrawing far away .

“You only know how to dodge? With this little strength of yours?”

Eight Silk Island Master held the upper hand on all areas . He suppressed Xue Ying entirely .

Xue Ying, though, was on the disadvantaged end . Nonetheless, he did not get injured at all!

“Hahaha…” Xue Ying guffawed . He understood that continuously displaying the would cause the other party to suspect if he was a ‘final realm expert’! Because Xue Ying had not displayed any techniques making use of the profound mysteries from the ‘Dao of Void final realm’ . He had no choice! Without relying on external strength, Xue Ying could not exert this power .

Since he had yet to comprehend it, how could he use it?

The only way he could rely on was the top-graded secret treasure, ‘Void Fire Lotus Flower’ .

“After reaching the final realm in the Dao of Void, a step further would be utilizing the Chaotic Origin Energy . I am merely experimenting with some of the cruder techniques making use of Chaotic Origin Energy yet you could not injure me at all . That’s fine . Since you want me to display my true power, then I shall satisfy you!” Xue Ying’s laughter reverberated across the world . He abruptly sent out a fist .

And the Void Fire Lotus Flower he had with him was activated .

This technique integrated the with the Void Fire Lotus Flower . In the past, before he dealt with Black Sovereign King, Xue Ying had thoroughly comprehended the Void Fire Lotus Flower, perfectly integrating it with his own Flying Snow Combat Technique . That caused his strength to soar by a few times!

“Hong hong hong~”

When Xue Ying punched out, an enormous illusory fist appeared in front of it . This illusory fist covered half the world . This fist contained many layers of illusory fist and was flooded with Chaotic Origin Energy .

Eight Silk Island Master’s expression changed when he saw it . He growled before sending out a fist too .

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Final realm experts in the Dao of Strength felt disdain for dodging .


Both fists .

The fist of Eight Silk Island Master was filled with an abyss of force . And Xue Ying’s strength carried numerous worlds and was flooded with Chaotic Origin Energy .

At the moment when both fists clashed, the entire world shook, causing many pitch-black holes to appear . One could see the higher dimension from here .

And the surging force blasted out in all directions .

This frightening shockwave was felt by all Cosmos Gods across the Realm Heart Great Land .

“Pu . ”

Eight Silk Island Master was forced back from the impact . He even spat out fresh blood from the attack as countless spatial pockets were transmitted onto the plump flesh of his . In the end, some injuries were formed on his body .

It was only after a while did he gain his bearings, and that was when he looked at the distant white-robed male with astonishment .

This power was honestly insane!

“Don’t you want to see my true strength? Haha, I specialize in the Dao of Void, and what I specialize most is in avatars . This is just the power of an avatar of mine!” Xue Ying’s laughter shook the world . One could see the surrounding space of that white-robed young man distorting–one by one, similar white-robed males started appearing until a total of nine of them were present . They stared at Eight Silk Island Master with a frightening glare .

The expression of Eight Silk Island Master paled . He could not even fight against one of them, yet there were nine?