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Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 1244

Published at 23rd of November 2019 03:20:08 AM

Chapter 1244: 1244

Xue Ying understood . After reaching the final realm, what was next would be to advance forward to the ‘Chaotic Origin Level’! Old Monster Stone for instance, was wholeheartedly focusing on his Dao path to ‘have a breakthrough with his strength’ . Limitless City Master had his own path . He planned on analyzing the Supreme Law by observing the law of order! And by participating in the affair to kill Undying Underworld Emperor, it would significantly affect his Dao path .

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It would make his Dao path 1,000 to 10,000 times harder . Hence, Limitless City Master would definitely not be willing to do it!

‘Breaking the Dao path’ of any expert would definitely cause the other party to go mad!

“City Master, this is where you are wrong . ” Xue Ying did not give up . Instead, he shouted, “Do you think your Dao path is the right one? No, it is wrong . ”

“Wrong? Oh, where am I wrong?” Limitless City Master took the initiative to ask .

“Soul… is the foundation of cultivators . ” Xue Ying solemnly explained, “And does City Master know what the deepest desire of the soul is?”

“What is it?” Limitless City Master felt curious . This white-robed young man standing before him was the one who walked the furthest down the Dao of Soul in the history of Realm Heart Great Land .


Xue Ying softly declared . He could not forget the joyful cheer let out by those sentient beings after they were saved from being enslaved by Sacred Master . It was the cheer of freedom! Souls were born to be free .

“Every soul desires to be free . ” Xue Ying explained, “They desire freedom . They desire to transcend . By continuously cultivating, only then could one be able to jump out of the cage and become a Chaotic Origin Lifeform . And you, City Master, you are afraid of breaking the law of order . You remain cautious so as to prevent from getting polluted by karma . You are like an observer watching carefully by the side, yet you do not know that you have unknowingly become a protector of the ‘law order’, becoming part of the law . ”

“We are all simply a manifestation of the Supreme Law . ” Limitless City Master shook his head .

“We have been nurtured and manifested from the Supreme Law, but we aren’t part of the Supreme Law . The Supreme Law is our cradle . We ultimately desire to jump out of this cage!” Xue Ying stared at Limitless City Master, “If you resigned yourself to being part of the law, and that you dare not influence the law on a large scale basis, then it would be impossible for you to transcend . ”

“What you said is logical . ”

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Limitless City Master shook his head, “But I have my path! There’s no need for you to convince me anymore . ”

Xue Ying became silent .

He did not feel willing .

But he understood that an existence who had broken through to the final realm and was still growing, would definitely not be easily convinced .

Unless he had met all sorts of issues during his cultivation! Only by reflecting upon it would he alter his Dao path . It was useless for a bypasser to convince him otherwise, especially when Xue Ying did not understand the City Master’s Dao path at all!

Flying Snow City .

“No wonder the weaker cultivators find him the warm and gentle . Even though the regulation in his Limitless City is strict, as long as order is maintained, nothing would happen . ” Xue Ying shook his head, “To turn himself into an observer of the law of order, he is not willing to participate in worldly affairs . It is natural for him to be transcendental . This personality… indeed makes him the weirdest . ”

He could understand the other party more now that he found out about his Dao path .

Compared to this Limitless City Master, Eternal Night Primogenitor, Extreme Night Primogenitor, Ancestor Fan, Emperor Summer, Undying Underworld Emperor, Towering Sky King, Moonflower King and others were more realistic . They had their own likes and dislikes .

“What should I do?”

“Without his help, nobody could locate Underworld Emperor . ”

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“Unless I have to ambush and kill him directly?” Xue Ying did not find it too possible . Undying Underworld Emperor would definitely escape once he found out that things were amiss . To prevent the other party from escaping? This possibility could be ruled out! After all, the profound means Undying Underworld Emperor had were way beyond what the native World Masters could achieve .

Just as Xue Ying was distressed over the matter, the avatar he left at Starlight World received the transmission from Great Emperor North River .

“Monarch Flying Snow, I am prepared . It is time for us to move . ” Great Emperor North River transmitted over .

“Time for us to move? Good!” Xue Ying immediately acknowledged .

He could only put aside the matter of killing Undying Underworld Emperor temporarily and ponder through what other good ways there were .

First, he would help Great Emperor North River out . After all, he had promised the other party .


North River World .

Xue Ying arrived at the palace hall .

“Brother Flying Snow . ” Seated at his throne waiting, the green-robed ‘Great Emperor North River’ stood up when he saw Xue Ying enter . There were other god generals in the palace hall too–a total of ten of them . They were also the top ten god generals within the 36 . Most of the time, they were usually noble and free . This time for all of them to be summoned over, this showed how grave and important this matter was to Great Emperor North River .

“Great Emperor . ” Xue Ying smiled, “Are you done preparing?’

“I am!”

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Great Emperor North River said high-spiritedly, “Brother Flying Snow, shall we set off now?”

Xue Ying nodded: “I wonder where are we going? Which of the three Great Supremes are we targeting?”

“Supreme Shi Fa . ” Great Emperor North River replied .

Xue Ying nodded . Supreme Shi Fa was considered relatively strong between the three Great Supremes of the Death Destruction Clan . But he was similarly savage and ruthless, and was absolutely a huge devil . Perhaps it was because he had been born from death, Supreme Shi Fa found that bringing death to other beings was a form of ‘charity’ . Hence, he liked doing so . He would frequently descend on a Native World before conducting a ceremony . After which, he would grant all living beings on that world ‘death’ .

Supreme Shi Fa felt that this was benevolence . This was doing a favor for everyone .

To the many Natives, they felt it was too frightening! Even Xue Ying considered this to be an absolute innate devil!

“In the past, even though I’ve visited the Shi Fa Island before, I was still forced out without even seeing the Supreme himself . This time, only with Brother Flying Snow do I have the confidence of entering . ” Great Emperor North River chuckled, “This is a huge favor that I’ll certainly remember . After we return from Shi Fa Island, I’ll definitely not treat Brother Flying Snow badly . ”

“Let us go on our expedition before saying anything else . After all, the other party is a Supreme . ” Xue Ying said . Any one of the five great Supremes were not easy to deal with .

“Alright . Go, let us set off!”

Great Emperor North River laughed .

He walked with Xue Ying side by side, with the other 10 god generals following behind . They tore through the void and left the North River World .

Shi Fa Island .

Since this island was occupied by a Supreme, it was naturally ranked in the first three of all sky-floating islands in Broken Tooth Mountain Range in terms of land mass . Here, opportunities and danger came hand in hand . This island was way more terrifying than the island occupied by one of the 13 Emperors, ‘Emperor Yan’! Just a single ‘Supreme Shi Fa’ was intimidating enough .

“Sou sou sou sou sou sou!”

A total of 12 figures descended directly on this Shi Fa Island .

Even though Shi Fa Island was vast and huge, it was paved with many stone roads . These stone roads intersected at many locations, and were all over the island .

Xue Ying was inwardly stunned when he saw it . Even though he had been to many sky-floating islands in the past, the other islands were incredibly primitive . Only at the clan-ground did he find the architecture to be more unique! One had to know that the worlds cultivators lived in contained various delicacies, styles of building, city layout… they were varying! But the sky-floating islands had been comparatively primitive .

‘This Supreme Shi Fa is indeed a Supreme . He has at least done some simple construct in this sky-floating island . ’ Xue Ying thought .

Supreme Shi Fa, according to the intelligence, existed amidst reality and illusion .

His enemies would silently die without knowing .

He had the strangest way of killing his enemies compared to his peers .

The 12 of them had not started moving–they just landed on Shi Fa Island–when a faint black light shot out from the stone road by the side on the 12 of them .

“We have been discovered . ” Great Emperor North River lightly chuckled .

“North River, you actually dared to intrude on our Shi Fa Island!” Accompanied with a furious roar, a huge figure in black armor appeared . He wielded an enormous black lance as he stood in midair .