Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 1248

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Chapter 1248: 1248

A sword also appeared in the hands of Great Emperor North River . He slashed out, causing a stream of river to form . This river surrounded and protected both Xue Ying and Great Emperor North River .

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And as Supreme Shi Fa suffered from the illusory realm, it could be seen that his slap had been affected by it–it became much weaker and slower . Nonetheless, it still made Xue Ying feel threatened .


This slap was accompanied with the descend of endless darkness, causing the sword river created by Great Emperor North River to distort . Great Emperor North River immediately brought Xue Ying to a retreat!

Over at those places where the palm and sword river clash, the endless dark aura transformed into tiny snakes that tunneled in! These snakes seared under the obstruction from the sword lights, turning smaller and smaller until they were fully consumed . Nonetheless, there were still some tiny black snakes which reached Xue Ying . Great Emperor North River angrily roared and slashed out, successfully breaking apart from the darkness albeit barely .

“Supreme Shi Fa, you can’t stop us . ” Great Emperor North River shouted .

The shockwave generated from the clash of both parties shot out in all directions . It also rushed up onto Xue Ying’s body, causing him to feel breathless . His skin even started tearing apart, and waves of pain assaulted his senses .

“Brother Flying Snow, you can’t even resist against this?” Great Emperor North River transmitted over to Xue Ying . He could not stop the full-powered strike from a Supreme completely . Nonetheless, just the shockwaves alone were sufficient to cause Xue Ying’s body to break down . This was something ordinary Kings from the Death Destruction Clan and Natives could easily withstand from .

“I am ashamed . ” Xue Ying felt helpless . He was simply too weak and had to use his body to resist against the attack . Even though his fleshy body was considered formidable among cultivators, and his capabilities at dissipating force were quite amazing too, he could hardly compare with the Natives who had Chaotic Origin Bloodlines, much less with those from the Death Destruction Clan . The fleshy bodies of members from the Death Destruction Clan were way stronger than that of those part of the Natives .

Supreme Shi Fa stopped .

He stood on a piece of black leaf watching silently . The surrounding was in a complete mess . Quite a few flowers had even been destroyed from the remnant force . Nonetheless, Supreme Shi Fa did not care . Those flowers would bloom over time .

“Your luck is truly good . ” Supreme Shi Fa said with a muffled voice .

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“It is Brother Flying Snow who has good luck . ” Great Emperor North River laughed . The previous exchange gave him confidence . It appeared that Supreme Shi Fa only had approximately 70% of his original strength left! Even though he was much stronger than Great Emperor North River still, this slight advantage made it hard to determine a victor even if they fought for more than 100,000 years to a million years! Furthermore, he still had ten god generals with him .

Those god generals were deliberately chosen from the 36 God Generals, and were the strongest . Under the influence from the illusory realm, the subordinates of Supreme Shi Fa could not do anything to them .

“I can’t stop you all . ” Supreme Shi Fa nodded and admitted, “But there is only one Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet . How are the two of you planning to divide it?”

Xue Ying exchanged glances with Great Emperor North River .

How should they split it?

“Brother Flying Snow, we are both currently tied to the same ship . None of us can leave . ” Great Emperor North River transmitted, “Only by working together can we leave safely . ”

“Monarch Flying Snow . ” Supreme Shi Fa lightly landed on a piece of black leaf . He said: “Given your current strength, there is no meaning for you to visit the Snake Tooth Corridor . After all, you haven’t even reached the final realm! How about this, we can do a trade . Give up on this North River and pass the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet to me . Tell me what you want and I’ll do my best to help you accomplish it . ”

This was still the first time one of the five Great Supremes gave this promise to Xue Ying .

“North River . ” Supreme Shi Fa looked at Great Emperor North River once again, “Even though this Monarch Flying Snow is under your protection and you can kill him anytime, hearsay he has countless avatars . Killing these few avatars of his won’t affect him at all . As for the ‘Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet’, without Monarch Flying Snow’s help, do you think you can escape out of my Shi Fa Island? For the sake of this Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet, I am willing to throw wind to my reputation, summoning all my subordinates to deal against you! By then, you would not only lose the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet, you would lose your life too!”

The expression on Great Emperor North River became uglier .

Right .

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If Xue Ying chose to help Supreme Shi Fa, Great Emperor North River would indeed encounter a tremendous danger . If this was during a normal occasion, the Supreme would feel disdainful from teaming up against him .

But the ‘Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet’ involved a chance to enter the Snake Tooth Corridor . To the five Great Supremes, it meant a chance to break through and become a Chaotic Origin Lifeform . That was also the reason why these Supremes would choose to be unscrupulous and pay no heed to their reputation!

“Brother Flying Snow, you must not believe in Supreme Shi Fa . ” Great Emperor North River transmitted over, “Unless you do not know about the personality of those from the Death Destruction Clan? They are erratic, and deep in their bones are all the traits a devil can have!”

Xue Ying went silent .

Great Emperor North River became even more anxious .

He desired to acquire the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet, yet he was worried about losing his life .

‘This is so mysterious . ’ At this moment, Xue Ying held on to the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet . He could feel waves of fluctuations coming from it . After sending his consciousness into the droplet, he could even feel an illusory realm within . It was a ‘Thousand-Eyed World’! An incredibly mysterious world!

‘Is this the reason why the Bewilderment effect from the gray eyes and the Slaughter effect from the golden eyes could coexist?’ Xue Ying pondered over it . Being a great expert in the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm, he was very clear about this fact . For instance, the first killing technique he created using the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm could cause enemies to fall into oblivion .

And the essence of the first killing technique was an illusory realm which was used to engulf the enemies! It would pull the souls of enemies into this illusory realm .

As for the golden eyes, Xue Ying had memorised many illusory realm structures of them too . He even had an avatar accompany the number one god general under Great Emperor Shamanic Wind, ‘God General Stone Light’, to explore and find more gray and gold eyes . Hence, he was constantly memorizing more illusory realm structures of those mysterious eyes .

And by consolidating what he had learned of the illusory realm structure from the gold eyes, Xue Ying had a rough idea of how his second killing technique would be .

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But the first killing technique could not be used simultaneously in dealing against an enemy with the second killing technique .

Because both killing techniques were based on an illusory realm!

One illusory realm was used to bewilder the enemy .

And another illusory realm was to extinguish the enemy .

Both illusory realms were vastly different .

And the soul of the enemy could only be pulled into an illusory realm . He could no longer enter a second illusory realm after entering the first . Those two illusory realms were conflicting! Nonetheless, when he was still a level-one Cosmos God, when he had yet to fuse the five branches from the Dao of Mirage together, the techniques he learned were much cruder and simpler . For instance, a Bewilderment technique would only contain the Bewilderment effect . And the ‘World’ simply encompassed and Illusory Realm . And ‘Slaughter’ meant a killing technique targeted at the soul! Hence, they could be used simultaneously .

Reaching the current strength of Xue Ying, a single technique of Mirage and Illusory Realm encompassed many profound mysteries . He ‘World Lineage’ had already been fused into the technique . Only then could it be so terrifying .

Hence, an illusory realm could not be used at the same time with another .

‘So it seems . ’ Xue Ying was personally experiencing this Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet .

There was a faint illusory realm in this Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet .

And this world perfectly fused the Bewilderment Illusion from the gray eyes with the Slaughter Illusion from the gold eyes .

‘This Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet is incredibly useful to me . ’

‘The gray eyes and the gold eyes gave me a preview of two different paths . ’

‘And this Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet is able to fuse both different paths as one . That is also the true killing technique the terrifying Chaotic Origin Lifeform has . ’ Xue Ying concluded . How frightening was it to fuse two great killing techniques as one? When the enemy was resisting against the Bewilderment effect, their heartforce would suffer from a huge drop . And precisely at this moment, another soul attack would come, causing the enemy to most likely suffer from a grievous injury . An injured soul would be more taxing if it was used to resist against the Bewilderment effect once again .

Both techniques were complementary .

‘The Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet is incredibly important to me . But if I were to be its sole owner? I doubt Supreme Shi Fa would agree, and neither would Great Emperor North River as well . ’ Xue Ying thought, ‘Even if I temporarily agree with any of them during this dangerous situation, they would still kill me once we leave the island . ’

‘Supreme Shi Fa is a member of the Death Destruction Clan and can’t be trusted . As for Great Emperor North River, he could possibly be trusted . ’

‘But I can’t own it . I can only negotiate with him?’

Xue Ying’s thoughts raced through the different scenarios .

He was quite curious about the Snake Tooth Corridor too .

But he temporarily did not have a strong desire to enter! Firstly, he rather hoped to enter the final realm first . Only then could he save some of his loved ones and good friends before his hometown Origin World entered Great Apocalypse . Secondly, it was the ‘Illusory Realm’ inherent in the Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet that was more important to him . Risking his life in the Snake Tooth Corridor? He would wait until he reached the final realm before even considering that .

“Great Emperor North River, do you really wish to have this Thousand-Eyed Water Droplet?” Xue Ying transmitted over .

“Honestly speaking, I desire to have it . ” Great Emperor North River’s heart started racing . He looked at Xue Ying, transmitting back, “My path of cultivation is just one step away from reaching grand perfection in the Emperor Realm . But I am the youngest among all Great Emperors and have never entered the Snake Tooth Corridor before! If I could enter, perhaps I might be able to break through to become a Supreme . Nonetheless, if Brother Flying Snow wishes to have it, we can definitely have a good talk over it . ”