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Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 1290

Published at 17th of January 2020 10:15:28 PM

Chapter 1290

Xue Ying’s expression changed slightly . He merely wanted to carry out a transaction . Furthermore, the conditions he provided was incredibly good too! In order to prevent the other party from getting resentful, Xue Ying even deliberately transmitted under cover to prevent it from leaking to others .

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“Zhi ya . ” The pavilion doors opened .

A green-robed female attendant came out . This female attendant gave Xue Ying a look with a frown: “This God Monarch, the auction is currently still in progress . Please do not disturb the VIPs inside the pavilion . ”

Xue Ying gave the pavilion a glance before leaving .

This female attendant watched Xue Ying off before returning to the pavilion .

Inside the pavilion .

There was currently a figure garbed in loose black gown . He was covered in green scales with a warped scaly face . He looked relatively ugly and had a pair of amber eyes that were filled with killing intent . He coldly stared at that green-robed female attendant who walked in . Even though the female attendant was filled with deference, she remained calm . They were attendants of the Heaven’s Will Pavilion . Even though they had to treat their VIPs with respect, the VIPs did not dare to act against these attendants .

“That God Monarch Azure Cloud has left . ” The female attendant reported .

“Hmph . The Heaven’s Will Pavilion should have kept the information of all VIPs participating in the auction a secret . How did he find out that I am the one who bought those three scriptures earlier?” That black-robed figure growled . His amber eyes glared at the green-robed attendant .

In reply, the green-robed female attendant said solemnly: “God Emperor, the reputation of my Heaven’s Will Pavilion is unquestionable . We are located in practically every city across the Divine Realm, and have never revealed information on our VIPs . As for the reason why God Emperor’s information got leaked to the God Monarch, it should be because the God Monarch has some methods of tracing your identity . This is totally unrelated to my Heaven’s Will Pavilion! So I pray for God Emperor not to mention this doubtful matter which implicates the reputation and honor of my Heaven’s Will Pavilion . ”

The black-robed figure snorted and did not say anymore .

He was clear about how much emphasis the Heaven’s Will Pavilion placed on their reputation . Why would they leak any private information then? And even if they did, it would not happen so quickly .

‘A God Monarch?’ The black-robed figure looked down at the auction that was currently happening . Though at the same time, many thoughts flashed through his mind, ‘The strength of the God Monarch is weak . He should not be able to trace me down . There should be a God Emperor behind his back . Unless there is another God Emperor other than the Tyrant Blood Brothers who is also chasing after me?’

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Those amber eyes of that black figure were filled with slight suspicion .

‘Damn! No matter what, I have gotten the . With reference from this cultivation scripture, I believe I will be able to refine and control the Black Gold Pearl soon . By then, could the Tyrant Blood Brothers handle me?’ The eyes of the black-robed figure flashed with coldness, ‘Hmph hmph, regardless if another God Emperor has targeted I, Bu Ya, the person who has the final laugh will still be me . ’

Even though he had this thinking, the eyes of the black figure still became colder . It was clear that he was feeling pressure . After all, he was not clear how powerful the God Emperor behind that ‘God Monarch Azure Cloud’ was .

Usually, most who cultivated their Chaotic Origin bloodlines were not good at tracing down a target . Of course, there were some incredibly terrifying God Emperors who were quite good at tracing a target down! ‘God Emperor Bu Ya’ felt that such an existence should not be scheming against him because he would obediently give in if the other party ordered him to .

‘I believe the God Emperor behind this person called God Monarch Azure Cloud should not be so much stronger than me! At the most, he specializes in tracing . ’ God Emperor Bu Ya thought .

But little did he know that Xue Ying, as a cultivator of laws and profound mysteries, had tracing capabilities comparable to some late stage God Emperors .

Returning to his pavilion .

Xue Ying went to his seat before the long table . He took in a cup of wine . The female attendant by his side immediately poured more wine for him .

‘That person who successfully bidded for the three original scriptures including the should be a madman . ’ Xue Ying was starting to feel frustrated . He felt that the other party was too ‘drastic’ . Nonetheless, Xue Ying did not know that the other party was ‘a bird frightened by the twang of a bow’ . Xue Ying went over sincerely to conduct a transaction, yet the other party felt he was ‘revealed’ . As a result, that God Emperor was alarmed and uneasy .

Of course if the God Emperor was calm, he would definitely trade with Xue Ying .

But a ‘bird frightened by the twang of a bow’ would definitely increase his guard against any forms of threat!

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‘In the end, I failed to acquire the after participating in the auction of Heaven’s Will Pavilion this round . ’ Xue Ying felt slightly disappointed . He flipped through the scroll stipulating the order of treasures appearing . After all, an auction at this level would not happen frequently in the Divine Realm .

It’s just that most of the treasures in this auction were greatly attractive to natives of the Divine Realm; they were not that appealing to Xue Ying!

‘I shall take this then . ’ Xue Ying marked down a treasure .


It finally came to the 32nd item .

“This divine spear is also known as the ‘Golden Fire Divine Spear’ . It came from the Golden Sacred Clan . ” The silver-robed old man, God Emperor Yan, pointed to a spear floating before him . The spear was in a resplendent golden color . The head of the spear was also covered in blood inscriptions, “I believe everyone knows of the Golden Fire Divine Spear . It was once refined personally by the Chaotic Origin Ancestral God of the Golden Sacred Clan . When this spear pierces a target, the target would feel as if he is burned alive . The damage and destruction done is huge . Haha, there is not much I have to say about this divine spear . The starting bid is 50 Chaotic Origin Crystal Jades, with every minimum bid increment being a piece of Chaotic Origin Crystal Jade . Let the auction begin!”

“51 Chaotic Origin Crystal Jades . ”

“52 Chaotic Origin Crystal Jades . ”

At that moment, several callers immediately bidded .

The Golden Fire Divine Spear seemed to have a huge origin . It was personally refined by the Chaotic Origin Ancestral God behind one of the three great royal clans, ‘Golden Sacred Clan’ . Nonetheless, in reality, the experts of the Divine Realm understood that the Chaotic Origin Ancestral God had refined a large batch of weapons for his descendants . Of which the ‘Golden Fire Divine Spear’ was considered a relatively ordinary one .

According to rumors, the ‘Golden Sacred Clan’ had a team of experts that were practically equipped with a Golden Fire Divine Spear each . When they teamed up together, they could execute a terrifying combined attack .

It was not bad for a cultivator to wield the Golden Fire Divine Spear, though only most early stage God Emperor would treat it highly .

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So what if the weapon had a bigger origin? Experts cared more for a weapon that would boost their strength .

“58 Chaotic Origin Crystal Jades . ”

“60 Chaotic Origin Crystal Jades . ” Xue Ying also called out his price .

After he made his bid, there were no longer any more bids .

This Golden Fire Divine Spear naturally reached his hands . In reality, there were quite a few standardized weapons Golden Sacred Clan circulating outside . Rarely would these weapons exceed the price of 60 Chaotic Origin Crystal Jades .

‘Those with huge quantity’ would have a more stable price .

Only those that were slightly rarer, where it was hard for a second copy to appear, would have a price that could hardly be determined . It was even possible for this weapon to be sold at a price at a factor of its value .

Very soon .

That Golden Fire Divine Spear was sent into the hands of Xue Ying .

“Mn . ” Wielding this Golden Fire Divine Spear, Xue Ying could feel that it was as heavy as a 500 kilometers mountain in the Divine Realm . Xue Ying rapidly refined it . He permeated his consciousness into every single part of the spear . Refining this spear might seem easy, yet it was truly profound . After all, it was a weapon refined personally by one of the three great Chaotic Origin Experts in this Divine Realm . Even if it was a standardized weapon, it was still extraordinary .

After casually refining the divine spear, it became lighter in his hands . Xue Ying then examined the spear once through: ‘This spear seems to be refined with Chaotic Origin Sand as well?’

His other Chaotic Origin Weapon, the ‘Azure River Spear’, was made practically with Chaotic Origin Sand as its main component . Furthermore, it was a deliberately simplified version created by Yuan . Even though this divine spear contained much lesser Chaotic Origin Sand, and the materials used are relatively ordinary, it was still a weapon refined by a Chaotic Origin Expert . Judging solely by the toughness of this spear, the ‘Golden Fire Divine Spear’ did not seem any weaker than his Azure River Spear . It’s just that this spear did not boost his control of the Chaotic Origin Energy as much as the Azure River Spear did .

Xue Ying nodded slightly . He revealed a smile: ‘No matter what, this Golden Fire Divine Spear is tough enough to withstand all forces from existence lower than the Chaotic Origin Lifeform . Furthermore, once the spearhead pierces into the enemy, it’ll release a drastic destructive energy and is also a great deal of help to me . ’

With a divine spear in his hand, Xue Ying was able to fully utilize his spear techniques .

Quite a few Dao of Void techniques he had were best used with a spear .

The auction lasted for more than half a day . Finally, it was the final item and also the prime treasure of this auction .

“The final treasure also marks the end of this auction . ” The silver-robed old man God Emperor Yan chuckled, “Haha, I believe many God Emperors are becoming impatient . I believe everyone should know that there are only slightly more than a thousand innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms in the entire Divine Realm . Some are even protected by experts like Hidden Willow Valley Master and Heaven Protecting Religion Master . Hene, every corpse of innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms are incredibly precious . The final piece of item auctioned is also the corpse of an innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform . ”

Saying that, he waved his hand, causing the space above to distort . Within the distorted space projected a floating corpse .

In the Divine Realm, various parties would fight and kill one another . It was normal for Ascendants and natives to kill one another . They would even hunt down those low-graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms for the same purpose of climbing to a higher level .

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