Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 867

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Chapter 867: 867

Of the four drawings located in the corner of this cultivation room, three were completed, and one was unfinished . At the same time, they were of different complexity . Xue Ying naturally chose to study the easiest diagram which he could vaguely understand .

'This uncompleted absolute art belongs to the void aspect . ' Xue Ying looked at the substantial array diagram which contained countless strands dancing about . The array diagram became more complex and exquisite at certain areas, 'This first drawing… requires deep knowledge and understanding of the void . Fortunately, I am a Voidwalker . Even the majority of Primal Chaos realm giants can't beat me in this aspect . '

That was the truth .

Several Primal Chaos realm giants cultivated the devour-class system . Some reached their realms using the bloodline cultivation system, and some belonged to the ancient cultivation system . Their understanding of the void was shallow . The reason why they could tear through the void in the sacred world and form a time-space tunnel was that their law domain could form a miniature cosmos! Under the domain of this 'miniature cosmos', they were able to grasp the void pretty well, allowing them to achieve this step . It was not because of their deep understanding of the void .

But it was different for the 'Voidwalkers' . This lineage cultivated and absorbed the primal chaos void energy . The "Walker's Hidden Secret" was also a cultivation technique that had a deep perception of the void . The more one cultivated in it, the deeper one's understanding of the void and the higher his control over it .


These four drawings which Monarch Nine Cloud left behind might have a huge requirement, but Xue Ying was able to understand them .


'It perceives the void from a different direction?'

Xue Ying felt astounded the more he perceived it, 'It looks at the void from an entirely opposite perspective from the Voidwalker system?'

The Voidwalker system took on a holistic approach and control towards the void .

And the diagram in front… was about dissecting the void and to research into the 'smallest' part of what the void is composed of .

'The smallest component of the void?' Xue Ying pondered .


He was also observing the void .

A seemingly empty space in front of his eyes was being magnified under the observation of his eyes . Gradually, moving energy particles started forming in the void . This was the World Energy which pervaded all spaces . This energy was constituted from minute particles just like rice that made up of porridge . They were densely located at every single part of the void .

'Magnify . ' Xue Ying began scrutinizing even deeper in the structure .

"Hua . "

The particles that were previously densely populated had become as big as planets in his eyes . There was a considerable distance between each particle .

'Even bigger . ' Xue Ying stared at that empty space between the particles . According to the profound mystery of the first diagram left behind by Monarch Nine Cloud, it was all about studying the smallest composition that made up the void .

'Mn?' Xue Ying was doing his best to scrutinize, yet he could no longer permeate deeper than this point . If not for his extremely high attainment in the void, he would not even have reached this stage .

'It seems that I still have to rely on the profound mystery of this diagram . ' Xue Ying conscientiously started comprehending this diagram .

. . .

Time seemed to pass really quickly as he studied the picture .

Xue Ying did not know how long, but many array diagrams were starting to float in his eyes . They were growing more mystical .

"Hua . "

Through the observation of Xue Ying's eyes, the space between the many particles representing the World Energy might seem huge and seem empty, but at this moment, this hollow region was being magnified . Actually, instead of saying that it was his eyes that were observing it, one could say that after comprehending the diagram, the senses of his soul had become sharper . Using his soul to scrutinize was similar to using his eyes to see .

At this moment, the space between the particles felt boundless . Xue Ying could faintly discern a blurred existence in between them .

It was like a great black cloth!

The essence of the void was this piece of black fabric?

'Not right . '

'I haven't comprehended deeply into this diagram . Clearly, my dissection of the void isn't thorough enough . ' Xue Ying continued studying . At this moment, he felt excited because he could faintly feel that he was touching on something which he had never known before .

He felt enthusiastic .

Xue Ying was putting all his effort into researching and comprehending this .

He did not know how long it had been…

And how many times he had reached a bottleneck . Xue Ying had decided to study the Walker's Hidden Secret and further his understanding of the void before continuing his study of this first diagram . Unknown to him, he had already reached the 40th level realm of Walker's Hidden Secret, and any further improvement from this point was tough . Breaking through the 40th level to the 41st level . . . was a qualitative transformation into the Primal Chaos realm . Thus, the array diagram of the Walker's Hidden Secret had a leap in the degree of profoundness too .


Because his understanding of the void was deep enough, coupled with his great comprehension ability and the first diagram from Monarch Nine Cloud guiding him along with his surging enthusiasm, Xue Ying had finally done it . He had fully comprehended this first diagram .

"Hong . " Just like an ordinary mortal who had gotten binoculars that enabled him to see further, Xue Ying's control of dissection towards the void had become deeper after he comprehended the first diagram .


The minute particles of the void contained a space in between that felt blurred and seemed to be like a great black cloth . At this moment, under Xue Ying's observation, this black cloth was rapidly becoming clearer . Furthermore, it had been magnified by more than 100 million times . Soon, Xue Ying was able to discern many black particles . These black particles formed layers of the great 'black cloth' .

The layers of great black cloth were stacked on top, forming the core of the void .

'Mn?' Xue Ying vaguely understood with a single glance .

The technique of teleportation and tearing out a time-space tunnel actually relied on these innermost 'black cloth' . It's just that in the past, Xue Ying did not know the intrinsic reason why he could do so . Just like those Primal Chaos realm giants, they were purely relying on their 'miniature cosmos domain' to force their way through the void . Even Xue Ying previously had relied on his holistic control of the void to teleport through it . Even if one comprehended the void passage using the laws and profound mysteries, it was merely understanding how to control the laws and profound mysteries . But they had never truly discovered—the so-called laws and profound mysteries were actually activating these 'black cloth' .

'These black particles . ' Xue Ying was observing the black particles which formed the black cloth .

Under his observation, every single black particle was many times bigger than a watermelon in the ordinary mortal eyes .

These black particles were not solid . Instead, they were spherically condensed from a black fog . At the center of the black fog contained a pitch black hole that was like a passage leading to an unknown place .

'Where does the hole in these miniature black particles of the void lead to?' Xue Ying felt suspicious and nervous at the same time . He was clear how difficult it was to actually observe these 'black particle holes' . The difficulty of this first diagram left behind by Monarch Nine Cloud was not any less than the Dark World's second style 'Sky Punishment Edge' .

Voidwalkers had excellent control and understanding of the void, yet Xue Ying was forced to use the 40th level of Walker's Hidden Secret as the foundation! Furthermore, only after the monarch left behind a complete diagram cultivation technique was Xue Ying able to comprehend it after more than 60 million years .

'Let's have a look where this leads me to . '

Xue Ying extended his senses into the hole of the black particles .

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