Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 975

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Chapter 975

"Now that we understand they how they came out–by relying on void-ification, we have to think of ways to stop it . " Ancestor Sorcerer frowned and shook his head, "It was said that Monarch Nine Cloud of the past had a technique that could unravel this . I could achieve the same result for a short period when I use my absolute technique too, but it is almost impossible for me to apply it over a large area like the 'spatial barrier' . "

Blade Emperor and Void Primogenitor nodded .

The spatial barrier was too immense . It surrounded the Lost World Corridor, the inner region and outer region . It completely sealed everything within .

Given how vast it was… Monarch Nine Cloud could actually employ his technique into an array covering the entire area . It's a pity that he died . Ancestor Sorcerer and the others did not know how to seal 'void-ification' over such a huge area .

"It seems we can only target their individual weaknesses . " Ancestor Sorcerer said .

"Mn, now that one died because of his weak soul and willpower, it should be the case for the other too . " Blade Emperor nodded .

Xue Ying said: "During my interrogation, I obtain knowledge that the one who died had just emerged and was only at the peak of the eighth level . His soul and willpower should be amongst the bottom of all peak eighth level golden-armored Destruction Devils . " That was the case . The reason why General Mo Gu was so strong had been due to the pampering of the 'kings' . His soul and willpower were comparatively weaker .

"And the other who has the shadowless talent has long reached the ninth level . " Xue Ying said, "It will be much more troublesome dealing against him by targeting his soul . "

Even Xue Ying was not confident of doing it .

Xue Ying was able to deal against ninth level golden-armored Destruction Devils who were weaker in their heart . But those with strong willpower could maintain consciousness under his illusory realm . For instance, that single-horned golden-armored Destruction Devil was able to keep his consciousness in the presence of Xue Ying's technique . It was also highly probable for the other golden-armored Destruction Devil who had the shadowless talent to maintain his consciousness under Xue Ying's illusory realm . With that, he could easily escape .

"Dong Bo, you should be the best in techniques targeting the soul . " Ancestor Sorcerer shook his head, "I might have similar techniques, but I do not study the soul . "

Blade Emperor and Void Primogenitor turned silent .

It seemed…

That no Cosmos Gods specialized in dealing against the soul .

"We do not have techniques that target this problem directly . " Ancestor Sorcerer said, "What we can do is to rely on some crude method to increase the difficulty of penetration using void-ification . The moment we confirm their positions, World Ancestor should be able to break their technique . "

Xue Ying faintly understood that Ancestor Sorcerer required time to perform his absolute move that could unravel the void-ification technique . Comparatively, World Ancestor might be able to do it in an instant . Hence, it was more appropriate for World Ancestor to act .

"Oh right . " Xue Ying said, "I've also interrogated, getting knowledge that there are a total of 11 'kings' in the Destruction Devil race . Actually, there have been 15 kings in history, and four has died in total . Currently, the strongest of the kings is someone called Emperor Jun . "

"11 kings?" Ancestor Sorcerer, Blade Emperor, and Void Primogenitor's expression changed .

"They actually concealed such a formidable strength . " Blade Emperor asked next, "Dong Bo, are you able to find out how many golden-armored graded lairs do they have?"

"I've asked before . This is also a secret amongst the Destruction Devils, so they aren't sure either . It should not be many . " Xue Ying answered, "I reckon not more than 10 . "

. . .

This was the biggest harvest the cultivators had .

The cultivators were able to find out the true strength of the Destruction Devils! They also knew of the method the Destruction Devils employed to bypass the spatial barrier . Xue Ying had even killed one of the two Destruction Devils with the shadowless talent .

And on the other side .

The Destruction Devils were all furious .

"The identity of General Mo Gu has been revealed . We only have one with the shadowless talent left–General Fu Qian!"

"There were even golden-armored Destruction Devils captured alive this time . They were the protectors of General Mo Gu and knew about the talent of General Mo Gu . Hence, this shadowless talent must have been revealed . "

"From now on…"

"We must not start a war so readily . "

"We've all been to the cultivator's world . It is time for us to wait in the Lost World Corridor patiently . Let us wait until we get another devil with the shadowless talent before inciting another war . We can't afford to lose General Fu Qian . "

"It is all because of that Dong Bo Xue Ying again . "

"Damn . "

"Everyone, calm down . Endure for a longer period . We would become stronger over time and will have an overwhelming advantage against the cultivators . At that time, there is no need for us to bypass their barrier so sneakily . We can simply besiege the spatial barrier . "

"Mn, we can only endure for now . "

The Destruction Devils modified their strategies rapidly . They only had one with the shadowless talent left, and they could not afford to lose him .


Great Void Heaven Temple .

The Mirage Palace Hall cavern-dwelling occupied a huge area . This was after all one of the 13 palace halls within the Great Void Heaven Temple .

"Formidable, truly formidable . " Void Primogenitor sat there scrutinizing the golden scaled armor that was hung . Void Primogenitor exclaimed in admiration as he inspected the armor . He had after all attained the pinnacle of the void . Hence, his knowledge of the profound mysteries inherent in this fine golden scaled armor was the deepest .

Ancestor Sorcerer had also sent an incarnation over . He was there inspecting the armor thoroughly, frowning and shaking his head occasionally .

Xue Ying was also researching by the side .

"The limit of void-ification?"

Swordmaster and Forefather Tian Yu were both inspecting it too .

Even Devil Mountain Primogenitor sent his incarnation over . He sat by the side drinking while inspecting the armor . Clearly, many Cosmos Gods desired to have this 'pinnacle of void-ification' technique because ordinary attacks would lose effectiveness once they learned it in addition to their soul at the Cosmos God strength . Even Sacred Master would have a hard time killing them .

But achieving the pinnacle of void-ification was difficult . Even Gu Qi had not reached the grand perfection stage . Previously, only Monarch Nine Cloud and Void Primogenitor had succeeded, which went to show how high the demand was on one's attainment of the void .

And this scaled armor seemed more simplified, bringing newfound hope to the Cosmos Gods .

"Too difficult . Too difficult . " Devil Mountain Primogenitor shook his head . He continued drinking .

Xue Ying was instead experiencing a great deal from this .

After all, he was a Voidwalker and had reached the 50th level realm . He also had the four-diagrams absolute art created by Monarch Nine Cloud . In terms of the foundation on the void aspect, only Void Primogenitor who was present currently had attainments above him . The other Cosmos Gods could not compare with his current understanding .

. . .

The group of Cosmos God incarnations stayed here studying the armor whereas Xue Ying went back to his own cultivation room after finishing his round of research .

He closed the door to the cultivation room . With the techniques of Great Void Heaven Temple and Xue Ying's personal illusory realm technique, none were able to spy on anything inside .

'I haven't checked through the spoils of war this time . ' Xue Ying waved his hand . This time, of the six Destruction Devils, four were dead, and two were temporarily locked in Great Void Heaven Temple . Naturally, he seized all the treasures and easily refined over them . Xue Ying began pouring out all the items .


A large number of items appeared continuously . Fortunately, being one of the hall masters, this cultivation room occupied a considerable area that was several kilometers long . It could be used to deduce techniques too .

'These are items belonging to the cultivators . They should be taken from the cultivators after the Destruction Devils killed them right?' Xue Ying felt kind of frustrated when he saw these . Very soon, he removed all the items from the storage treasures . Xue Ying had even discovered many cultivators imprisoned in them–and they would be given their freedom back .

"Hong long long~" As the items were brought out, they clashed against each other, letting out booming sounds and piled up into a tiny mountain .


As it quietened, Xue Ying's vision landed on a particular area of this tiny mountain . It was clearly empty, yet it was currently propping up other items . Furthermore, Xue Ying had absolute control over his surrounding, and was able to hear the slight clashing sound from this 'empty area' .

'It is transparent and can't be seen? Furthermore, even my domain is unable to perceive its existence?' Xue Ying walked over with shock . As he got closer, that item which was initially transparent and could not be seen became clearer . It was a scarlet plate with profound characters imbibed on it . The profound characters easily gave off the meaning–

'Realm Heart Order', these three words!

Realm Heart Order . It was something truly mystical . Only when one obtained its approval could he see and obtain it . Otherwise, it was impossible for the person to see it despite it being located right in front of him .

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